White and blue kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The kitchen is the center of attraction in every house and apartment. Hardly anyone would dare to challenge this truth. A place where everyday and festive food is prepared, where a family gathers, and sometimes receives guests, should have a special aura. Let’s try to figure out how to make the interior of this important room hospitable and non-banal.

The layout of the kitchen interior should take into account the color scheme of the room and the kitchen set. To decorate the kitchen in blue tones at first glance seems to be an extreme solution, the owners are afraid that the room will turn out to be too contrasting or dark. Some associate the combination of white and blue in the kitchen exclusively with the framework of the marine theme and reject this option in advance.

Our task is to show that such a combination in the interior of the kitchen can have many original options. Sometimes the interpretations of designers are so amazing that a person ceases to understand why he previously refused such an opportunity?

Psychological impact of white and blue colors

The white color in the interior is one of the traditional ones. White color can cause people who are accustomed to practicality, a feeling of sterility, fears that they will have to constantly monitor cleanliness. But there are aesthetes who are ready to choose the white option, without any shades.

Traditionally, white is one of the basic colors in the kitchen interior. It is perceived as clean, objects are more clearly visible against its background. And it is also able to reflect light and make the room visually more spacious. If you choose a white set against the background of white kitchen walls and ceiling, the boundaries of furniture will become more ephemeral, and the space of the room will visually expand.

Blue – it is believed that purposeful and self-confident people will choose it. But many people associate this color in the kitchen exclusively with the border on the plates. In fact, such shades in the interior are a large number of possibilities for using different styles. Preference for such shades is noted in people who are prone to constancy and calmness. This can depress active people who are constantly hungry for movement and action.

Shades of blue in the kitchen will promote relaxation, literally “cool” the room, which will be a nice bonus in hot weather. The features of these shades are a positive effect on the work of the stomach and intestines, the weakening of allergic reactions, pressure reduction. This color should not be abused if you knowingly have poor performance. Good news for those who follow the figure – it has been proven that this color can dull the feeling of hunger. Taking food in such an interior, a person eats less than in an interior where a warm palette of colors reigns.

Who would like a kitchen interior in white and blue tones?

The blue and white color scheme has many fans among people of different ages.

Young people will like simplicity, democracy, the ability to use modern materials. For middle–aged people, it is an opportunity to relax, to feel that there is a stable foundation in life. The older generation may prefer the blue color for its harmonious combination with natural materials and calm energy.

Blue is conservative, the color causes a desire to maintain order, adhere to stability and algorithms.

When combined with white, you can use several shades of blue – in intensity, using clear or blurred transitions.

Alternating white and blue colors, you can easily zone the kitchen space, highlighting the dining and working areas.

This combination of colors is good for families with young children, they will be more calm and diligent in the kitchen. Blue is liked by children, being associated with the sky, the sea and other pleasant things.

Interior design style

What styles are best used in the design of a white and blue kitchen?

Despite the established stereotypes, white and blue cuisine is not only Provence or Mediterranean design.

In fact, there are much more possibilities:

  • Classic style – blue color is used for furniture facades. White walls, turquoise set, curtains in warm shades, tale or linoleum in terracotta shades or with imitation wood, wooden furniture will perfectly balance this cold range.
  • Empire – when luxury is needed, blue and white colors are complemented by elements in the color of gold.
  • Loft style – white brick and blue gloss, light stone will be an original combination.
  • Hi-tech style – plastic for surfaces is actively used here, and the white color is complemented by chrome. A dark blue color with contrasting white accessories and an abundance of metal in the design will be good here.
  • Eco-styles: Scandinavian, Dutch, boho – here the blue color is more often embodied in ceramics, glass, tile painting, enamels.
  • Art Deco pleases the owners with elegant decor, inlay, spectacular details.
  • Greek and Mediterranean – here the designer’s inspiration is often embodied in painted surfaces, craquelures, patina.
  • Minimalist style – a white-blue combination seems to be created for this style. Add a little pink, green or brown. It can be a tabletop, chairs or an apron.
  • Scandinavian style – of course – you can’t do without cool shades of white and blue here. Warmth will be added by sunny shades on the apron, for example.
  • A blue and white Provence or country style kitchen will definitely require the addition of green, brown, terracotta, as well as cute rustic accessories. In the blue-white space, you will feel like on the sunny beach of the sea or a village river.

This noble combination is good because it does not limit your imagination in any way. It will fit into any interior.

You can choose the intensity of the shades according to your preferences – muted or bright ultramarine.

White color in the kitchen can be embodied in different materials:

  • ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware;
  • natural and artificial stone;
  • solid wood, laminate, MDF;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • in paint, enamels, plasters.

White and blue colors in the kitchen can be embodied in various materials:

  • in ceramics;
  • artificial and natural stone (minerals with the presence of cobalt);
  • plastic;
  • painted wood;
  • decorative MDF.

Designers use decor with traditional techniques when decorating, and stylize interesting motifs so that they harmoniously fit into the existing interior.

The use of a drawing in white and blue in the kitchen

In addition to the facades of the kitchen set and household appliances, colors can be brought into the interior due to an apron, textiles and kitchen accessories. Moreover, both white and blue colors can dominate.

In the second case, the option is good for warm regions, when the kitchen windows face south and west. In the summer months, such a kitchen will feel cool. But on the north side it is better not to take a lot of blue – the room will “freeze”, it will become psychologically uncomfortable.

The easiest way is to bring blue color due to the upholstery of the kitchen corner, chairs or other textiles – denim and matting are very democratic, practical to use and at the same time painted in pleasant shades. Some housewives purposefully hold blue textiles for the summer months to cool the atmosphere.

Ceramic elements are increasingly used in kitchens: tiles, mosaics, panels.

Advantages of the light blue and white kitchen

A cozy and beautiful kitchen is the dream of any hostess. Comfort is associated with warm tones, but we want to draw your attention to the cold blue color, which is not used so often in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, it is very attractive because:

  • It has a calming effect.
  • Creates a feeling of spaciousness and freshness.
  • The cleanliness that this shade carries is absolutely necessary in the kitchen where food is being prepared.
  • Cold shades are very useful in a hot room near a heated stove.
  • Reduces appetite – just a godsend for those who watch their figure.

Turquoise color.

Light blue color is associated with the sea, air, sky. The combination of white and light blue visually expands the space – and this is so important for a small kitchen. And a large kitchen in this version looks fresh and original.

All shades of light blue and white

Many people believe that a light blue and white palette can resemble a hospital ward, and therefore is inappropriate in the kitchen. And in general, cold shades are not suitable for the kitchen. Let’s risk challenging this statement. There will be no feeling of hospital rest if you combine colors and shades correctly. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

To begin with, let’s talk about some rules of harmony:

  • combine cool shades with warmer ones;
  • furniture should also balance the color scheme;
  • the floor in this case is preferably dark, and it is more practical for the kitchen, but there are exceptions.

The kitchen in light blue tones can be made cozy and stylish if you choose the right color scheme.

Provence style.

The light blue color has many shades – from light blue to cornflower blue. In the kitchen, this cold shade can be warmed up with orange, green, brown, pink. The white color also has warm tones: beige, ivory, cream.

The light blue and white kitchen are perfectly combined with metal surfaces. Accents of golden or lemon color will look very impressive in such a kitchen. The combination of light blue and green is usually a classic. Green potted plants in a light blue and white kitchen will always look exquisite.

Nuances of kitchen decoration in white and light blue tones

In your light blue and white kitchen, some color should be dominant, and some should play a supporting role.

  • If white color dominates (walls, kitchen set), then it is better to choose warm shades of white (by the way, this way you will get rid of the association with hospital rest).
  • Cream walls and beige furniture – then you can add light blue furniture.
  • You can “warm up” the kitchen, decorated in the dominant light blue color, with wooden furniture. The tree will bring warmth and comfort to the interior.
  • Pink accessories will also be relevant. The avant-garde combination of light blue and red colors in the kitchen is a very bold decision, but it is not without appeal if you are not afraid of experiments.

Selection of kitchen furniture in light blue and white tones

One of the main tasks in interior design is the right choice of furniture. In the kitchen, this is primarily a set. In shape, it can be straight, L-shaped or U-shaped – it all depends on the size of the kitchen.

If the walls are white, then the light blue facades should be muted-matte. If the walls are made in light blue tones, the facades can be white and glossy. Glossy light blue color is acceptable only in some styles, for example, avant-garde and high-tech.

The countertop is the main working attribute in any kitchen. It is important to choose not only the material, but also the color correctly.

Turquoise shades.

When choosing, observe the following conditions:

  • It must necessarily repeat the color of at least one kitchen element, be it facades, floor, or apron.
  • It can contrast with an apron or facades, but this contrast should not look gaudy.
  • To match the tabletop, you can choose wallpaper, curtains and other decor. The reverse is also possible – you select a countertop to match the wallpaper.
  • It is more practical to choose a light-colored countertop, no matter how strange it may seem. Light models are easy to care for, and all crumbs and drops are perfectly visible on dark ones. The most versatile countertop colors are white or gray.

As for other furniture (tables, chairs), it can play the role of accents, bring variety and enliven the interior.

A white-light blue kitchen can effectively smooth out the lack of small spaces. It will not only visually increase it, psychologists say that such a palette is soothing. Your kitchen can become not only a place of creativity, but also a place of relaxation.


A few words about lighting. Of course, it performs not only a practical function.

The blue and white palette is associated with space and air, and a lot of natural daylight will harmonize with the environment in the best way. Choose the lamps according to the chosen style.

Try to “warm” such a kitchen with lighting. Avoid cold fluorescent or halogen lamps. If you are decorating the kitchen in the style of country, classic or modern – hang a beautiful chandelier. Hi-tech or minimalism – use spotlights or LEDs of warm shades.

Blue and white kitchen is a favorite classic by many. This is elegance, naturalness and freshness. This combination has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Against this background, any colors and shades look very advantageous.

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