Green kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Do you know which color is the most attractive for a person? Well, of course, green!

It is associated with nature, herbs, trees, life, spring, youth. It helps to relax the body and calm thoughts, but at the same time improves concentration, leads to achieving a good result in work, is considered a symbol of prosperity and growth.

Kitchen in green design.

Its different types are used in color therapy to relieve stress and get rid of negative emotions, to treat headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia, as well as to lower blood pressure.

In design, this color is good for its versatility, as it is suitable for use in any room from the hallway to the bedroom. But today we will talk about the kitchen in a green style.

Tips for decorating the kitchen in green tones

Green is loved by designers for its versatility. Its various shades can belong to both warm and cold scales. If the windows of the apartment face north or west, give preference to warm options; and on the south – on the contrary, choose cool ones.

Let’s look at how the variations of green look in the interior. Examples and photos below.

  • Yellowish is suitable for small or poorly lit rooms, it will help add sun and comfort.
  • With an admixture of blue – it looks great in spacious and bright rooms, visually “cools”.
  • Light green is quite dangerous, as it can cause irritation in large quantities. Use it as an accent.
  • Emerald – deep and noble – is good as a background for the design of a luxurious interior.
  • Olive – expressive, but not annoying. Helps to create a calm “home” atmosphere.
  • Khaki is considered neutral, and the mood of the kitchen in this coloring will depend on the chosen accents.
  • Herbal is bright, active and cheerful, but its excess can make the room too colorful.

Green color in the kitchen interior.

You can use the entire greenish spectrum in different ways, creating interesting color combinations with furniture, appliances and accessories. But designers advise using no more than two shades at once. At the same time, it is not necessary to decorate the walls and furnishings in similar colors, focus on one thing.

Using these rules, you can easily create a harmonious image of a kitchen in green colors:

  • Start with the selection of furniture – a set, a table, chairs, a sofa – they will play the main role. After that, you can think about finishing the rest of the space.
  • Beware of using bright colors on large areas — after a while the brightness can be annoying. But they will be good as accents.
  • Small kitchens do not like gloomy colors. Prefer light colors, for example, light green walls and white furniture.
  • If green is conceived as a basis for the kitchen, make a choice in favor of its calm variations. And make the ceiling, floor, countertop neutral, for example, white, gray or beige.
  • If the room is spacious, experiment with dark green shades: emerald, malachite, jade, bottle. The main thing is to complement them with light colors of about 50/50.
  • As an accent, green is also good. Try to make them an accent wall, apron, chairs, textiles, photo frames.

Color combination

Monochrome kitchen in green tones is a bold idea that has the right to life. But if you don’t like it, consider combining it with other colors to create the most attractive and cozy space.

The combination of green with other shades in the kitchen:

With white

The classic combination is simple, but at the same time spectacular. The greenery on a snow-white background seems even fresher and juicier. Together they create a visual sense of lightness without overloading the room. Use the rule: the brighter the green, the more you need to complement it with white to create a visual balance.

With gray

A balanced union that creates a spectacular and stylish atmosphere. The main thing is to combine them correctly, choosing calm ash tones for dark green and vice versa. It is not worth adding additional color accents to such a room, make a variety due to the gradient of the main colors.

With black

Black is an ideal addition to saturated malachite, coniferous, bottled. Their combination will lead to a luxurious result, although such a kitchen may seem a little gloomy to someone. To harmonize the situation, add lighter details.

With red

A contrasting and catchy tandem that will annoy calm and measured people. Use it only in spacious and well-lit rooms. Burgundy, rowan, scarlet and brick shades will look the most successful.

With orange

The green-orange duet improves mood, improves appetite and saturates with energy. We recommend using orange in the decor so as not to overload the interior with it. In orange, you can decorate: curtains or blinds, apron, lamps, decorative elements.

With beige

This is one of the most successful and functional collaborations for any interior style. Wooden furniture, floors, and decorative items can successfully act as a beige partner. Green will be good against beige walls. Together they create a “natural” balance.

With purple

It is quite difficult to find a really bold and extravagant combination with green until you remember the shades of beetroot, grape and eggplant. It is believed that the green-purple combination awakens imagination and imagination and is therefore ideal for creative people.

With brown

A solution that perfectly fits the classic design. It reminds of nature, and makes the atmosphere in the room peaceful. Brown usually makes the countertop, decor and floor, and green is used for the kitchen set and decoration. Wooden furniture and an apron made of brick will look relevant.

With blue

The green color looks great with classic blue and its shades. Palettes balance and complement each other. Tones similar in saturation and brightness, for example, turquoise and the color of green peas, coniferous and dark blue, are especially successfully adjacent to each other.

With yellow

Brings the effect of sunshine and cheerfulness. Such an environment will seem warmer than it is.


But if the windows face the south side, there will be an overabundance of light, and such a duet should be used carefully.

Selection of furniture and accessories for a green kitchen

When choosing furniture for the interior of a green kitchen, start from the general style.

  • For classics, give preference to dark colors, facades “like wood”, bronze or copper aged fittings.
  • A matte kitchen set of muted tones – mint, pistachio, khaki – will fit well into rustic styles.
  • And for modern kitchens, choose bright glossy surfaces and chrome details. The rest of the furniture can be the same as the kitchen set, or made in contrasting colors. A win–win option is all shades of natural wood or white.

If your kitchen area has greenish furniture, then the walls should shade it.

  • In this case, buy pastel wallpaper or paint.
  • Plain surfaces will be good, but you can also choose a dim small pattern in the form of flowers, plant ornaments, cells or geometry.
  • If you want to decorate the kitchen in monochrome, stop at muted color options and play with its saturation. For example, the walls can be painted in a soft mint, and the kitchen set – in its dark shade.

The kitchen in green colors is very expressive in itself, so the apron should be more restrained.

  • A wonderful option would be a snow–white or cream ceramic tile – it will “make friends” with almost any interior, creating a slight contrast.
  • The working surface of the wall, made using one of the shades of green, looks very harmonious.
  • A juicy apple or emerald kitchen set can be complemented with a bright yellow or purple apron, but this option is not suitable for everyone – it is too flashy.
  • Surfaces imitating the coloring of wood will look good, photo printing on a glass panel is also acceptable if the facades are plain and matte.

If you can “play” with other details of the situation and use original solutions, then the countertop should be made as neutral as possible. It can be made under natural stone or wood, as well as a white, beige or gray solution. In a small kitchen, it is best to make the same color of the countertop and apron.

Curtains play an important role in creating a beautiful kitchen. Choose natural or synthetic materials that are unpretentious in care. Roman and roll-up curtains, blinds are convenient to use, especially in small rooms.

As for the color, curtains in the tone of one of the interior details look great. They can overlap with furniture, apron or decor. If the shade of the curtains and walls match, then this will visually expand the space. Light tulle will always be a good option.

Photo gallery of design ideas

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