Red bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

What is the color red associated with? With energy, passion and aggression. But never once – with peace and contentment, Red stirs up a feeling of anxiety. It would seem that there is no place for such a belligerent color in the bedroom. We will try to challenge these stereotypes and prove that the red bedroom is a great, albeit very bold choice.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, decorating a bedroom in red tones, to put it mildly, is not a trivial solution and is not suitable for everyone. But it’s worth the risk, because:

  • The red bedroom is cool.
  • Red color energizes, increases sexual arousal.
  • Visually warms the room.
  • Gives confidence in their abilities.
  • Helps to wake up cheerfully.
  • Creates a festive mood.
  • Red is associated with royal luxury.

And yet not everyone will decide on such an experiment, because:

  • Active color suppresses, can cause irritation and even rage.
  • It causes anxiety, a sense of danger.
  • When there is too much red, it can visually compress the room and cause a feeling of panic.
  • Can provoke insomnia.

Yes, not everyone will be comfortable sleeping in the red room. Therefore, think carefully about whether such a bedroom is suitable for you and your loved ones personally.

Shades of red in the bedroom

The red color is so multifaceted that it will not be difficult to choose the right shade for any room. Of course, we will not use scarlet in the bedroom, at least in large quantities. But what do you say about such colors as:


  • Bordeaux – a noble and aristocratic color will give the bedroom a royal luxury. This is the color of the aristocracy, a person who decorates a bedroom in burgundy wants to emphasize his high status. Finally, unlike active red, it does not excite, but calms.
  • Cherry is a juicy color, strong enough energetically, but not as expressive as red. It is associated with wealth, prosperity, causes positive feelings.
  • The color of mahogany – does not even need comments. This is the very refinement and nobility. Creates a calm, soothing aura.
  • Smoky rose is a very stylish and at the same time delicate color. Dusty pink color is now at the peak of popularity, a bedroom decorated in such a color is the epitome of elegance.
  • Wine colors – the rich deep color of marsala is very expressive. In the right combination will make your bedroom unique.
  • Brick – a calm, discreet shade. It looks noble.


  • Terracotta is not devoid of sophistication and charm.

All of the above shades look very elegant and aristocratic and will make your bedroom the center of attraction if you choose the right pair for them.

Color combination

Red is not universal, it should be carefully combined with others.

The most successful color combinations:

Combination with white

White color is good in any combination. It will balance the excessive activity of red, besides visually enlarging the room. And the aesthetic effect of such a combination is simply irresistible.

Combination with yellow

This is a very cheerful warm palette. It is hardly appropriate in the bedroom, in any case, it should be introduced very carefully. These colors look good together, create a positive mood.

Combination with green

A very bold, but harmonious combination.

Combination with brown

This is very solid and thoroughness. Brown shade, will make the interior more comfortable for perception.

Combination with gray

This combination will create the effect of tranquility and comfort. Gray, as well as white, neutralizes the activity of a bright color.

Combination with beige

Beige makes a very cozy combination, especially if you assign beige a dominant role, and leave red as an accent.

Combination with black

This combination requires a particularly careful approach. Here it is necessary to add a third, balancing color, for example, white. These two active colors can create an absolutely magical interior.

Combination with blue

Such a combination can be found quite rarely – you need to have a subtle flair to make friends with these two conflicting colors in the interior. An intermediary will come to the rescue – the same white one. And you will get a harmonious palette.

Combination with gold

With golden shades – it’s royal. This combination will give the interior respectability. Although in small rooms it may seem too pretentious.

Of course, a large palette of shades of red can add options to this list. Red with pink, for example, will look too cloying, but with burgundy – quite elegant.

Finishing of the red bedroom

Well, now it’s time to start creating an amazing interior. And let’s start with the finishing materials. Here it is necessary to remember all the time that the red color is very expressive, and its overabundance can have a bad effect on the nervous system.

Muted shade for wall decoration.

Therefore, it is better to choose muted shades for the walls – dusty pink, brick or make only one accent wall bright. In the bedroom, it can be placed behind the bed, out of sight of the person lying on it. But when entering the bedroom, it will immediately attract attention. The remaining vertical surfaces can be painted in calmer tones. The material for wall decoration is traditional: wallpaper, painting, plaster.

Decorative plaster.

As an option – decorative plaster of terracotta color.

The ceiling in the bedroom with red walls is best left as usual white. The interior will not look so defiant. As for the floor, it can be dark, especially if the walls are decorated with thick crimson shades. You can lay, for example, a mahogany laminate.


Red furniture in the bedroom is allowed only if the design of the room is designed in neutral tones. Against the background of bright red walls, it will look ridiculous and not harmonious. But it will become a wonderful accent and enliven the atmosphere if your walls are in calm neutral tones – gray, beige and so on. A red bed on a background of neutral walls will be a great decoration of the bedroom, and if you add a wooden headboard with gilding to it? Is it beautiful? That’s not the word! These accents are quite enough.

Red furniture is acceptable in a neutral interior..


Red textiles will look best against neutral walls. Red curtains will give the bedroom a royal luxury, but with red walls they will be completely lost. A red bedspread and pillows are quite enough to create the right accents. The choice of textiles, its quantity, of course, determines the interior style.

Interior design style

It seems that this rebellious color is not suitable for all styles. But no, remember that red has many shades, both warm and cold, and, therefore, you can match them to any style. This color is most in tune with:

  • Oriental style. Luxury, hot exotic style is adequate to the red color. Burgundy walls with gilding, furniture made of noble wood – expensive, extravagant and chic.

  • Empire style is an exquisite splendor. Here, of course, shades of mahogany and marsala will suit. Stucco on the wall will add elegance.

  • Classic style – restrained warm terracotta tones combined with brick shades – the very elegance. It will also be added by dark furniture with gilded accessories. So we have refuted the postulate that the classics only like beige.

  • Boho-chic style, which is very fond of bright juicy colors. Here you can not skimp on accents, bohemian style loves diversity. The main thing is that it should not be clumsy.

  • Ethnic style, whether Moroccan, Indian or Chinese. These styles are not so common. Modern interiors prefer restraint and even asceticism. But even in them, the red color may well find application.

Moroccan-style bedroom.

  • Minimalist style – why not? Red may well be present in the form of a bright accent. For example, select one wall in this way, it will work to increase the space. Either dark or light shades of red are used, without semitones.

  • Provence style – dusty pink shades of red perfectly suit this style. Warm terracotta will also create a romantic atmosphere.

  • Country style. Red-brown shades are usually a mandatory part of this style. And here, of course, it is better to use deep calm tones.
  • Loft style – the rebellious spirit of red is close to this style. A few bright red spots on the background of a brick wall will add warmth and expression to this urban setting.

  • Marine style – here the red-blue range will find its best use. We take burgundy and cold shades of blue.
  • Hi-tech style. Splashes of scarlet – will suit this modern style.

  • Art Deco with its pretension to luxury. Red in reasonable doses will also have to court.

  • Modern. Wine and cherry shades will perfectly fit into the interior.

As you can see, there are no restrictions on the use of red in the bedroom of any style.


However, in order for your red bedroom not to look sinister, it must be properly lit. This means that the lighting should not be too bright. And it is also better to refuse a large bulky chandelier. It is better to replace the chandelier with a ceiling lamp with diffused dimmed light.

Accent lighting created by floor lamps or sconces will add magic to your bedroom and muffle the excessive energy of red in a classic interior. Use luminaires with adjustable brightness.

The spots built into the ceiling will keep company with the general lighting in the bedroom, decorated in a minimalist style or hi-tech. Decorative lighting, perhaps, will be superfluous in such a bedroom: you have it so bright. However, LED ceiling lighting with the effect of the starry sky will look very advantageous. And, of course, take into account the fact that with natural artificial lighting, your bedroom can look very different.


It is not necessary to decorate the bedroom in red tones. It is enough to place a few bright accents. Active red will immediately attract attention. These can be:

  • Pillows, decorative pillows of different sizes will add energy to the interior.
  • The vase is large, made of maroon glass looks especially great.
  • Paintings depicting sunsets-sunrises, poppy fields, red flowers – these bright spots are quite enough to create an accent.
  • Curtains. Of course, they traditionally play not only a practical, but also an aesthetic role, being an important part of the decor. In the Baroque, Empire, classic style, velour or silk curtains in the floor will put a spectacular point in the interior.
  • A carpet is almost an obligatory accessory of any bedroom. The carpet may well be bright red if your bedroom is decorated in pastel colors.
  • Lamps are an independent element of the decor. A variety of bizarre or simple shapes will add romance and mystery.
  • The bedspread will effectively highlight your bed – the queen of the bedroom.

Bright accents in the decor look very elegant.

The main rule of decor: do not overload the interior. It is better to enter additional colors very carefully. But there are also win-win options. Add to your red bedroom a black decor in the form of curtains, wallpaper pattern, black and white photos and balance this defiant combination with white – this universal conciliator. Impressive? Yes, indeed!

Red is not a taboo for the bedroom at all. But only if you have:

  • A fairly spacious room. The radical red color narrows the space. Use its shades in this case.
  • You take into account the different perception of this material not only by your household, but also depending on the texture. On plastic, the red color will be noticeably brighter than on wood and velvet.
  • You don’t overload the interior.
  • You guessed right with the style and combinations.
  • If you observe a sense of proportion in everything.
  • You are a very energetic and determined nature.

This color is, of course, for the bold.

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