Design of small apartments: 10 ideas for interior design with photos

By | November 17, 2022

In the conditions of growing housing maintenance costs, small-sized apartments have gained particular popularity and are leading in the consumer rating.

The arrangement of a small space has its own characteristics, but this is not a reason to abandon interesting projects. The modest area of the apartment dictates its own rules. Considering them, you can create an attractive and functional interior.

How to efficiently use the usable area with maximum convenience?

We offer some basic ideas for the design of a small apartment.

1. Minimalist interior design

An important point for optimizing the area is to get rid of unnecessary things, excessive decor and everything that you have not used for a long time. The principle of minimalism is fundamental in the interior design of a small apartment.

Minimalist interior design.

2. Visual expansion of space in the design of apartments of a small area

The feeling of air and the optical illusion of a spacious room help to create a combination of factors – light tones, simple shapes, a combination of materials, the use of mirrors.

Living room in a classic style with mirrored tiles.

3. Zoning of space in a small apartment

The layout in a small apartment is the most important factor of comfortable living and creating a personal space for each family member. Different parts of the dwelling may have their own functional purpose.

Simple zoning techniques will help replace expensive redevelopment:

  • use of transparent and sliding partitions;
  • the use of materials, different in color, texture;
  • semantic arrangement of furniture.

Zoning of space.

With the help of zoning, you can divide the living room, kitchen and sleeping area. Functional areas are especially relevant in small-sized studio apartments. Residents can determine their location based on their personal preferences.

4. Organization of storage systems in a small apartment space

The best way to place things is the rational use of floor–to-ceiling space. If the height allows, the second tier will become an indispensable place for their storage.

Living room.

For this purpose, spacious mezzanines are also used. It is important that the built-in storage systems contain everything you need without compromising the appearance.

5. How to organize optimal lighting for a small apartment

For a small-sized dwelling, you should not choose large chandeliers. It is better to use multi–level lighting – spotlights located around the perimeter.

Light design.

Suspended and wall-mounted light sources are used as dividers of spatial zones, they will help to create the necessary atmosphere.

6. Correct color design of small apartments

Light shades are most appropriate, they visually expand the space. Universal white color is suitable for any style.

White color in the interior.

To make the interior look stylish and modern, the monochrome decoration of the walls, ceiling and furniture is refreshed with bright color accents.

7. Hidden reserves of space in small apartments

Even a small dwelling has great opportunities for space optimization. To do this, free areas are rationally used: a window sill as a workplace, corner racks in the corners of the room or racks on both sides of the doorway.

Interior design with sliding doors is suitable for small apartments.

Sliding doors are a time–tested way to save precious space, they can be invisible and match the color of the walls.

8. Which curtains are suitable for small apartments

Instead of heavy curtains on the windows, flowing fabrics or blinds are used, which visually increase the area, give lightness to the interior. Curtains are also used as a dividing screen.

Zoning in the interior.

9. The use of multifunctional furniture in apartments of a small area

In a small-sized apartment, you have to save space, so you need to abandon bulky items and choose furniture with a double functional purpose: a pull-out, folding or bunk bed, a folding sofa, an armchair-bed, built-in wardrobes, folding tables, cabinets, shelves, cabinets with drawers.

Wardrobe-bed sofa transformer.

Today there are many compact models in various modifications that save useful space, so you can choose the right option for any purpose.

10. Optimal arrangement of pieces of furniture in a small apartment

To correct the shape of the room, to give it a square shape, it is important to properly distribute the furnishings. The arrangement of furniture in the apartment should correspond to your lifestyle. In a small area, it is necessary to avoid detached objects. The best option is built–in cabinets from floor to ceiling or a niche equipped for a closet.

Living room with a fireplace.

Creating a stylish interior on a limited area is a real art. With a competent approach, even a small dwelling can be turned into a functional space with minimal costs. The correct selection of compact furniture plays an important role in this.

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