Neoclassical bedroom: design ideas and tips

By | November 17, 2022

Neoclassical style can be called a new look at the classics. From her style took natural materials and an abundance of decorative elements, while household items and furniture correspond to our time. That is, a wide plasma TV and a computer will not disturb the harmony of the interior.

Bedroom design in classic style.

Unlike the magnificent and luxurious classics, neoclassical bedrooms are distinguished by coziness, tranquility and soulfulness. Knowledge of the features and palette of style will help to create such a room.

Neoclassicism in the bedroom interior.

Features of the neoclassical style

  • Comfortable and practical environment, rational use of free space.
  • Exquisite, but simple and discreet ornament.
  • Symmetry and proportionality in the interior.
  • A calm, but at the same time refined palette of shades. The use of steel, gold, silver colors.
  • Luxurious furnishings, expensive materials.
  • Abundance of daylight and artificial light: chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces.

Bedroom decoration in neoclassical style.

Color palette

When decorating the interior, it is important to remember that neoclassicism does not accept chaos and a variety of colors. It is characterized by a soft pastel palette, deep, but muted shades. Among the most popular are beige, caramel, cream, milk, light gray, light blue, delicate tones of purple and brown.

Light shade of the bedroom.

Designers recommend choosing two or three basic colors. Such a solution will not create a riot of colors, and important accents can be put with contrasting colors. The bedroom will be both luxurious and conducive to a good rest.

Neoclassical style in the bedroom.

Light grey and pearl

It is most suitable for walls, floor coverings and textiles: curtains, furniture upholstery, bed linen. It is not necessary to decorate all the walls in gray, just one accent that will add rigor to the bedroom and balance it.

Pearl color in the bedroom interior.

Bedroom in light gray tones.


Suitable for decoration of ceilings, curtains, decorative elements. Shades of beige are suitable for furniture, and brown or chocolate – for the floor, curtains, bed linen.

White bedroom in neoclassical style.

Shades of blue

Ash blue in combination with milky, pale gray, beige creates a unique delicate atmosphere. Romance and peace. The ceiling in this case should be perfectly white.

Gray-blue shades.

Mint shades as accents.

Finishing and materials

In the neoclassical interior of any room, it is important to maintain a sense of luxury and grandeur, so only high-quality materials are used. Finishing is no exception.

Neoclassical bedroom.

Floor covering

Natural wood parquet will be the best option, but there are no restrictions for neoclassical, so other coatings are also appropriate. Laminate flooring, underfloor heating, modern self-leveling floor with a glossy sheen imitating wood or stone.

Finishing the floor with light laminate.

The design of the floor with a “ceramic carpet” looks interesting – it is the allocation of the area under the bed and around it with tiles of different color and ornament. First, the floor is laid out with light or neutral tiles for wood, and then the selected area is filled with contrasting. The “carpet” can be square, rectangular or round, depending on the idea.

Dark parquet tiles.

It is best to choose a tile for a “carpet” with an ornament, which will especially manifest itself after the completion of the cladding. But the opposite option is also possible – without a drawing. To make the design look more elegant, designers recommend making sure to indent from the walls and the bedroom door.

Parquet floor.


Plain coatings or decorated with a small pattern will be the best solution. Dense wallpaper, textile fabrics or decorative plaster with a soft texture will do.

Wall decoration with stucco.

The accent wall is traditionally located at the head of the bed. To create it, photo wallpapers, wooden panels, leather or fabrics are used.

Wall decorations in the form of moldings, moldings, baseboards and half columns are popular. Glass and mirror finishing elements will add splendor and radiance to the room.

Accent wall at the head of the bed.


Plaster gradually fades into the background, as well as painting or wallpapering. Increasingly, preference is given to stretch matte canvases and multi-level models. The latter open up space for additional lighting.

A ceiling consisting of several tiers.

Coffered ceilings complemented by elegant moldings and baseboards look interesting in a neoclassical bedroom, as in the case of walls. The main thing is to choose the right shade.

White ceiling in the bedroom.

If the ceiling height is small, you should abandon several tiers by limiting yourself to one small one or making a choice in favor of a stretch ceiling, otherwise the bedroom will seem lower than it really is.

Interesting design.


Despite the luxury of the furnishings, the neoclassical style appreciates minimalism and practicality of the furniture forms are correct, the lines are smooth and neat, the palette is noble. The fabrics are soft, pleasant to the touch and expensive.

Cozy atmosphere.

Against the background of light finishes, dark wood looks most advantageous: chocolate, wenge. And for an interior with a dark floor, it is better to give preference to walnut or oak.

Neoclassical furniture.

Neoclassicism allows modern models of geometrically correct shape, but requires lightness from them. Open shelves, low-backed chairs, cabinets with fine fittings.

Bedroom furniture in dark color.

The most important thing in the bedroom is of course a wide comfortable bed with a large headboard, forged or soft. The bed frame is made of expensive wood, and the headboard is covered with high-quality fabrics or leather.

Bed with ivory bedside tables.

Bedside tables are located on both sides of the bed, regardless of how many people sleep on it. This is important according to the rule of symmetry, traditional for a classic interior.

Bedroom with work area.

In addition to the curbstones, an elegant dressing table with carved legs, a small roomy chest of drawers, a wardrobe for storing clothes, an upholstered armchair or a couch for relaxing are placed in the spacious bedroom. It is not necessary to purchase furniture with a set, but it is important that it harmoniously combines with each other.

Chest of drawers in the bedroom in the neoclassical style.


Neoclassical style is very fond of light, both natural and artificial. The windows in the houses are large and wide, but in modern apartments this is not always feasible. Therefore, the lack of abundant daylight makes up for the electric.

Massive chandelier and bedside lamps.

The lighting in the bedroom should be local and emphasize every detail of the interior. So the room will acquire a special personality and sophistication. To achieve this effect, lamps of different brightness are placed at different levels.

Bedroom lighting.

A luxurious massive chandelier with suspensions is an integral part of neoclassicism. It can be made of real crystal or expensive high-quality glass. A molded rosette is often decorated on the ceiling for a chandelier, and all other decorations and moldings are selected for it.

Gold-colored chandelier.

Additional light sources are floor and table lamps, ornate wall sconces. Built-in modules with soft diffused light will also come in handy, because neoclassicism is a modern style.

It is not necessary to purchase the same lamps of different sizes, it is enough that they are designed in the same style.

Crystal Chandelier.


Neoclassicism is rich in expensive and high-quality fabrics. Chic multi-layered curtains with pickups, floor-length bed linen, blankets, bedspreads, decorative pillows, upholstered furniture upholstery. Designers advise to pay attention to dense cotton, shiny flowing silk and delicate velvet. Such fabrics form smooth surfaces and create elegant draperies from them.

White and gray textiles in the bedroom.

Fabrics for the neoclassical bedroom are mostly plain, but unobtrusive floral ornaments are also acceptable. It is important that they are not too conspicuous, drawing all the attention to themselves.

Curtains must be chosen in the floor, dense and heavy. It can be supplemented with lambrequins and elegant pickups with brushes. And a small carpet of the correct shape in front of the bed will complete the decoration of the bedroom.

Bedroom interior in beige tones.


In addition to the original designer accessories, the bedroom in the neoclassical style will be perfectly complemented by glossy surfaces, glass and mirrors. Floral ornaments and antique subjects are welcome in decoration and fabrics.

Interior decor in the form of paintings.

Special attention should be paid to the fireplace. It can be real or artificial, but in any case it will add a homey feel to the room. The fireplace portal is decorated with a stone or its high-quality imitation. If the bedroom is small, the fireplace should be abandoned and moved to the living room.

Neoclassical style in light colors.

Original floor lamps with lampshades, wall sconces with frosted glass shades and chandeliers with crystal pendants will add color to the room and help with spot lighting.

Neoclassical bedroom design.

Figurines, vases, exquisite wall clocks and live plants in tubs or planters will become a special decoration of the bedroom. The spacious bedroom will be complemented by a large painting in a massive wooden frame with gilding or a small sculpture.

Emerald color in the bedroom interior.

The bedroom is a special place of relaxation, filling with energy. A properly decorated interior will contribute to this. Thanks to the attention to detail and the right approach to the design of the space, the result will be a cozy bedroom in a neoclassical style. And the use of design recommendations will help to equip even a small room. Although the potential of the style will be fully revealed only in a spacious room: a large apartment or a country house.

Neoclassical bedroom.

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