Brown bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The brown bedroom is very popular and in demand due to the rich color palette. A variety of shades, ranging from dark beige to rich coffee, allows you to create a stylish and interesting interior that looks modern and noble. The brown range can be combined with almost any color scheme, so there will be no difficulties in furnishing the room.

The psychology of brown in the bedroom

This color can be called one of the most cozy, warm and affectionate. Pleasant associations arise due to the natural origin of the brown color. One has only to look out of the window, and we will immediately notice the brown tree trunks, the soil on the flower bed. In the morning, a cup of fragrant coffee invigorates and gives a boost of energy, and on cold winter evenings we warm up with hot chocolate. Brown color means kind pets, a soft blanket and a fire in the fireplace.

Brown color is a symbol of warmth, security and constancy. Its palette is so diverse that you can choose a color for any mood and any character of the owner. The origin of the brown color is quite complicated. It is obtained by merging all colors, resulting in a variety of shades: brown, brick, chocolate, beige, coffee, copper.

Brown contains warm colors: red, orange and yellow. This allows you to create a cozy, warm and warming atmosphere. A brown bedroom seems warmer than, for example, a white one. According to research, brown increases appetite and physical endurance, reduces blood pressure and relieves stress. It is perfect for people who are often in nervous tension. Psychologists have also found out that brown sets up for team activity and helps to open up in an unfamiliar environment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Brown has already become a classic in the design of dwellings, because it is the color of wood. Wooden furniture could be found many centuries ago, and nowadays it enjoys the same popularity.

Since this is a natural color, no ecological or ethnic style can do without it. In general, it can be called universal. Brown is easily combined with both bright and pastel tones, so it is used in almost all styles. Brown color is appropriate in absolutely any room: living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen and even bathroom.

Furniture made of natural wood is quite expensive, therefore it is considered a symbol of prosperity. It makes the interior presentable, luxurious and expensive. However, it is not necessary to purchase expensive cabinets and cabinets. You can also create a pleasant and beautiful interior with the help of imitations of wooden surfaces – such furniture is inexpensive, but it looks decent.

A variety of shades allows you to use it for bedrooms of any size. Designers recommend decorating small bedrooms in a light beige palette, as such shades visually expand the room and fill it with light. And for a spacious bedroom, chocolate, fashionable wenge or dark coffee color is perfect. But it should not be too much: dark walls and furniture should be diluted with light colors, and it is also worth taking care of good lighting.

Color combinations

Brown looks very harmonious with neutral colors such as black, white and gray. This color palette creates a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Combinations of these shades are chosen by reasonable and undemanding people, for whom comfort and convenience are in the first place in the interior. Combining brown with bright contrasting shades, such as rich red or green, makes the bedroom more expressive and charismatic. Creative personalities who love unusual interiors and experiments in their creation often like to play on contrasts.


It is commonly believed that gray is a faded and boring color, but designers know how to turn a gray room into an interesting and stylish one. The gray color will be an excellent background for highlighting brown pieces of furniture and placing accents. It does not strain and does not attract attention, which means it allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The abundance of gray color can depressingly affect the psyche, so brown is often used as an additional. It can manifest itself in wooden furniture, picture frames or in brown decor.


The combination of white and brown turns the bedroom into a cozy room in which you want to spend as much time as possible. The white color symbolizes purity and, like brown, has a positive effect on the human psyche. It is perfect as a third, background color, softening the interior of two bright shades.


Of all the colors, beige is the closest to brown. We can say that this is the simplest variation of it. Beige color looks harmoniously with any shade of brown, as if dissolving into it. This bedroom looks incredibly warm and cozy, combining all natural tones. The combination of a pair of beige-brown will perfectly match the green color, which can be added to the interior with the help of live plants.


If you want to add deep blue to a brown room, it should be done moderately. A large number of dark colors negatively affects the psyche, which is expressed in a depressed mood and loss of strength. It is better to use it only as small accents. But light blue may well serve as the second leading color, diluting brown tones.

Pale blue shades paired with light brown colors promote relaxation and relaxation, so their use in the bedroom is very welcome. Pastel blue tones are used for rooms of any size – they will help to enlarge small rooms, and in large bedrooms they will emphasize the spaciousness and make the atmosphere airy and light.


Perhaps the best pair to brown is green. Such an interior immediately produces a calming effect, because it is associated with nature and is pleasant to the human eye. The natural alliance of fresh greenery and tree bark makes the interior lively and fresh, it feels like even breathing becomes easier in it.


Brown and red are a warm fireplace and the crackling of firewood. The combination will give the owner confidence, perseverance and a surge of strength, because red is the leader color. Also, various shades of red are well suited to brown: scarlet, wine, cherry, ruby, brick, burgundy and pink, close to the red scale.


Yellow and golden shades along with beige are close relatives of brown. Thanks to the presence of yellow, the interior will turn out cheerful, and the overall picture will look harmonious and harmonious. The gold finish of tables, sofas and decor is characteristic of the classical style, which allows you to add a touch of luxury to the interior.

Interior design style

Due to its versatility, the brown range is used for interior decoration in almost all stylistic directions. Most often these are: classical, European and Japanese, Scandinavian, Provence, country, ethno, loft interior design styles. Any of the proposed styles can be used in the interior of both small and large rooms. The easiest way to design them is with the help of a competent designer, but if you want, you can handle it yourself.

Shades of wood are used in all styles, the main thing is to use them correctly. There are areas in which more “modern” materials are preferred, such as metal or glass. The color palette is appropriate: white, gray, black. Such styles include technological high-tech. Of course, brown can also be found there, but its quantity is limited. Most of the brown is used in the following styles:

Classic style

For classic-style interiors, shades of cinnamon, chocolate, bronze and coffee are relevant. They can be used both in the design of walls and floors, as well as in furniture, accessories, textiles, lighting devices.

Classic style.

Japanese style

For the Japanese style, the brownish-reddish gamma is considered classic. But there should not be too many of these shades in the interior.

It is better to design a single object in this color. For example, the main and most open wall in the bedroom, or you can choose a brown-reddish furniture set.

Scandinavian style

The usual colors for the Scandinavian style are white and gray. But modern designers are increasingly adding brown to this basic list. If you want to make your bedroom stylish, original, unusual, then it’s worth remembering the latest fashion trends in Scandi style.

The Scandinavian style color scheme consists mainly of white, gray and brown colors. The first two carry the function of “cooling” the room, which is inspired by the northern origin of the style. But the brown color brings notes of warmth and home furnishings to the interior, so it is often used for the manufacture of furniture facades. For a Scandinavian bedroom, you can choose a set of wooden furniture from a bed, wardrobe and bedside tables.

However, it is worth noting that the brown color in this style is usually light shades: ash, light natural oak, light elm, larch, pine.

Scandinavian style.

Provence style

This style brings you closer to nature, immerses you in a cozy provincial atmosphere. And brown shades in the interior help in this. They will be relevant both in decoration and in furniture.

Bright rooms with delicate purple or pink wallpaper look interesting, in which rough massive brown furniture is placed – cabinets, tables, dressers. It remains only to complement such an interior with accessories corresponding to the general style.

Wooden furniture is a mandatory attribute of Provence, so it can never do without brown. Provence is the most suitable style for the introduction of wooden textures, green and other pastel shades, natural fabrics and floral patterns. All this is due to the fact that the style originated in the rural settlements of France and because of this praises nature and naturalness.

Country style

This is another rustic style that creates an atmosphere of calm measured life. To bring this to life, natural colors are needed: light green, white, apricot, beige, sky, gray. It is not complete without brown colors, which bring natural motifs to the interior. Wood is used absolutely everywhere in the country style: in the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor, in furniture and decorative items, for example, in the frames of mirrors and paintings.

This style of bedroom decoration is impossible without shades of earth, wood, chocolate, caramel, coffee, cinnamon. You can choose any of their saturation. And so that the room does not turn out to be too dark, the basis should be a brown-beige shade.

Country style.

Ethnic style

Creating an interior in an ethnic style, designers strive to emphasize the national flavor and emphasize the origin of the style with the help of characteristic decorative items and furniture. It is based on an ancient interior, when people used exclusively natural materials to make furniture. Therefore, the brown color is more welcome here than ever: all furniture should be wooden.

Designers recommend using light brown and sand shades in the decoration and in the details. For example, brown color often prevails in African-style bedrooms. It becomes central to the design of the room.

Ethnic style.


Of course, it is impossible not to mention the most natural and ecological style. No such interior is complete without brown and green shades, referring to the fact that the owner cares about the environment and loves nature.


Loft style

The main features of the loft style are the use of natural materials in the design, a minimum of furniture and partitions, practical forms of all the objects used. The emphasis is on simplicity and comfort.

Brown color in this version of the interior can be made central. For example, you can decorate the walls, floor and ceiling with this color at once, and only then choose light furniture, adding several contrasting details to it.

Design ideas for bedroom decoration

Brown can be used in the decoration of the floor, ceiling, and walls. Moreover, several options are often combined, for example, wooden panels or the same laminate as on the floor are used for wall decoration.

The brown bedroom hints that the floor must necessarily be plank. You will not surprise anyone with a wooden floor covering, so its choice will not cause difficulties. But it is worth adhering to the rule that the floor should be several shades darker than the color of the walls.

The wallpaper color for a small bedroom is preferably light and unobtrusive. In rooms with low ceilings, drawings with a vertical stripe are recommended to correct this disadvantage. Textured wallpapers imitating different surfaces look interesting.

However, you should not limit yourself to wallpaper alone. Designers have come up with a lot of wall design options that will make the interior original and become its highlight. Brown color can act as wooden and even bamboo panels, which are also used for the ceiling.

Wooden beams and boards are one of the main features of the loft style, but they are also used in other directions. The wooden ceiling has become a fashionable trend in the design of bedrooms, because it looks stylish and also very eco-friendly.


If wood is used in the wall decoration, the furniture must necessarily be of contrasting colors, otherwise it will merge against their background. For dark walls, the best option is a bed made of very light wood: maple, birch, pine, ash. And for a light finish, it is worth choosing interior items in the colors of mahogany, wenge, cherry, walnut.

The most expensive and valuable tree species are sequoia, rosewood, sandalwood and stained oak. However, such furniture is guaranteed to last for decades.

The heart of the bedroom can truly be considered a bed, so it would be logical to focus on it. To do this, you can use the carving on the headboard, and if the owner is an adherent of simple and concise furniture, the outstanding bed linen will perfectly cope with this role.


In the bedroom, it is especially important to organize high-quality lighting.

If the room is zoned, then a separate light source should be provided for each part of it, without forgetting about the main light source.

The sleeping room should not be lit too brightly. It is best to organize a diffused warm light for her.

The only exception is a bright reading lamp on the bedside table. If very dark walls are chosen for the bedroom, then they will also need to be illuminated. The backlight will help in this. The more space there is in the room, the brighter it should turn out.


  • If the windows of the brown bedroom face the non-sunny side, then for them it is worth choosing tulle and curtains made of light light fabric. Preferably – translucent.
  • If there is a lot of light in the room, then it is permissible to decorate the windows with denser coarse canvases.

For a bedroom with a light finish, you can choose dark brown curtains. In the same color scheme, then it is worth making the rest of the textiles. These are blankets, pillows, bedspreads, carpets. Monochrome curtains are considered universal. If it is decided to choose patterned curtains for the bedroom, then the pattern from them should be repeated somewhere else in the interior. For example, on a carpet, a painting, a plaid.

Decor and accessories

In the bedroom, live plants will be very appropriate. Brown color can be used everywhere: in wooden frames, clay vases, carpets, lamps and floor lamps. If you have souvenirs from your travels, they will also perfectly decorate the interior.

With the help of well-chosen accessories for the bedroom, it will be possible to place the right accents in the room, make it more stylish and comfortable.

For decorating bedrooms, live or dried flowers, wood, clay, porcelain, glass are great.

Fresh flowers in the interior.

The walls can be supplemented with paintings or posters.

Modular paintings in the interior.

It is desirable that they be with forest landscapes, stylized portraits in tone, or simply with abstract patterns that intersect with the design of furniture.

Paintings in the bedroom interior.

Both animal skin and fluffy soft carpet will look great on the floor. Both of these options should also be in harmony with the color of the walls and upholstered furniture.

Carpet in the bedroom interior.

Only small accessories are allowed to be bright and contrasting in the design of a brown bedroom. For example, figurines, caskets, book spines on shelves.

Carpet in the interior.

A well-designed and tastefully decorated bedroom will become a place for cozy rest and relaxation in the house. Quality sleep in such a room will allow you to fully gain strength at night and feel great throughout the day.

Brown color is ideal for bedroom decoration. This is one of the most popular solutions, as shades of brown allow you to create a stylish and sought-after interior. In such a bedroom it will be easy to fall asleep and wake up – such a color palette has a beneficial effect on the psyche and relaxes.

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