Orange bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

To use the orange color scheme for bedroom decoration is the choice of people with a creative, extraordinary view of the concept of the house. Orange color will bring an active, positive energy into the bedroom, which will help a cheerful awakening, drive away apathy in the gray days of the off-season. In order for the interior to work for you, without oppressing you with excessive activity, it is necessary to work competently with color: observe the dosage, choose companion colors, determine the most advantageous textures.

There are a lot of shades of this color. Main:

  • signal orange;
  • tangerine;
  • pumpkin;
  • dark tangerine;
  • carrot;
  • canary;
  • mango…

Psychological impact of orange color

This is an energy color. Orange has less aggressive energy, unlike red, but it is also able to excite the nervous system. It invigorates, lifts the mood, gives an incentive to engage in creativity. This is an ideal color for a children’s bedroom, as well as for a room where you need to harmonize communication, make partners more open to each other. A good solution for people who find it difficult to wake up and get down to business.

If you are used to bringing snacks to the bedroom, you should abandon the orange interior – it excites the appetite, and you risk getting weight problems.

Important: if the energy does not find a way out, staying in a room with an orange interior can cause discomfort and irritation. A person may feel a desire to leave the room as soon as possible. That is why psychologists recommend using “diluted” shades of orange for the bedroom – apricot, peach, or a range close to brown – terracotta, ochre.

Interior design style

Designers use orange in almost any stylistic interpretation. The concentration of the color, its shade and the scope of application vary. These can be vertical and horizontal surfaces, textiles, upholstered furniture upholstery, lamps and chandeliers.

The most popular styles built on the basis of orange:

  • eco – style;
  • moroccan, close to it boho;
  • african;
  • hi-tech.

Also interesting solutions in orange interpretation are Japanese minimalism, classics in restrained tones, modern and pop art.

Interior design

What you need to know when designing a bedroom interior in orange:

This color stimulates an increase in concentration. But orange has another property – it optically gives the surrounding objects massiveness and visually “approximates” the surface. It is not recommended for small rooms. If the room is small, it is recommended to stop at the orange color in the form of accents, abandoning the full coloring of the wall surfaces.

For a small bedroom, the following scheme is recommended: an accent wall behind the headboard with a soft orange shade and several accents in the form of posters, textiles or lamps. It is better to paint the remaining surfaces in a neutral companion shade.

The orange optical approximation property is used when a narrow space needs to be corrected. If the walls with a shorter length are painted orange, and those that are longer in length are milky or beige, then visually the proportions of the room will change, it will be perceived as more spacious.

Do not use orange color in rooms with windows facing south. The orange gamma is warm, it “warms up” the room. In summer, you may be very uncomfortable in such an environment. Designers recommend staying on striped wallpaper or with a pattern with orange inclusions to decorate one of the walls.

This color is recommended for “northern” bedrooms, where there is a shortage of sunlight, and the rooms are always colder. Here the walls in the color of juicy orange will help to create a warm, summer atmosphere. Textiles, lamps with a shade, wall posters or paintings with an orange pattern are welcome.

Fans of classics will love the interior in shades of terracotta. This color also carries a powerful energy, but at the same time it looks more restrained and elegant.

Color combination

What colors are best combined with orange? In addition to neutral shades, contrasting colors and bright natural palettes can become companions in the bedroom. The main thing is to choose a balanced concentration and remember about optical effects.


Against a white background, the orange color will catch the eye especially actively. For a bedroom, the contrast of pure colors can be annoying. Designers recommend choosing more restrained shades of white – cream, ivory, the color of melted milk. In general, the combination is perceived as airy, “tasty”, positive. The white color extinguishes the energy of a bright companion and cools the room.


Shades of sand and camel hair. Beige color will also give the necessary contrast and make the perception softer. Orange will lose its aggressive beginning, will become more cozy.


This neutral color has demonstrated its reliability in trend combinations. Gray will also be an excellent basis for the design of the bedroom. It will give the atmosphere stability, calmness, will restrain the fiery energy. On the background of gray, decorative elements in orange will be especially good.


Noble shades of coffee, chocolate, wood. Brown color combined with orange looks natural. For the human eye, such a combination is eco-friendly, and therefore it is considered comfortable. Brown colors are considered stylish, respectable, expensive. It is recommended to add a few white details. A good solution for the bedroom will be furniture made of natural wood or rattan.


In nature, the combination of orange and black can be a danger signal. Since the feeling of anxiety in the bedroom is unacceptable, it is recommended to use black color dosed – it can be accents or edging, fine details. Black is used to give the bedroom environment dynamics and style. Do not choose black for large surfaces. To avoid excessive gloom and associations with Halloween, it is also recommended to use shades of white to bring light into the interior.


This color is already part of the basis of orange, and therefore perfectly combined with it. However, it is better to choose a yellow-orange tandem for a bedroom if the room is located on the cold side of the house. South and south-west windows with active and prolonged sunlight are not suitable for such a tandem. The bedroom will be “sultry”, you will want to escape to a more comfortable place.


For the bedroom, this combination is also favorable. If you want to avoid excessive brightness in a combination of colors, designers recommend restrained shades of green – for example, herbal, olive or pistachio shades.


This combination is one of the options for Mediterranean interior design. The deep blue color cools, while the orange on its background looks as juicy as possible. If you want the bedroom to be brighter, give preference to the diluted options – apricot and delicate turquoise or a shade of sea waves.

Design ideas and tips

How to use orange color correctly in the bedroom interior?

The distribution of this color in the room is largely influenced by the technical parameters of the room: the shape of the bedroom, the area, the ceiling height, natural illumination. If you simply reproduce the interior you like from the picture without taking into account the actual parameters, you can get a result that is very different from the original.

Floor covering

The shade of the floor covering can be either neutral or active. Warm shades of wood are often used as a balancing base for the floor. It can also be self–leveling floors, where a bright color is used – orange or its combination with other colors. Other warm tones are also suitable if you want to use linoleum or laminate.


Given the optical property of orange color to make objects more massive and bring surfaces closer together, a monochrome orange ceiling can be harmonious in the interior only if the walls are high enough.

Also, designers recommend giving preference to orange color in the form of decorative elements, and taking a neutral white gloss as a basis. The lower the ceiling, the higher the proportion of neutral color on the ceiling area.


In order not only to wake up cheerfully, but also to calmly fall asleep, designers recommend making an accent wall in bright orange behind the headboard of the bed, and for the rest of the walls choose a more restrained design. Apricot and peach colors are the most popular. The accent wall will not necessarily be plain, you can use wallpaper with a pattern as opposed to walls with a neutral color.

When choosing wallpaper, give preference to monochrome, striped or floral pattern, where orange is in a duet with neutral shades of white or gray.

To visually expand the bedroom space, it is recommended to place a mirror opposite the accent wall. This way you will duplicate the color accent, add light and create a feeling of increasing space.


For a large bedroom, a chandelier becomes a necessity, and if the room is small, you can limit yourself to wall lamps and LED strip. You can choose any lighting. It is important to remember that soft, warm light is preferred in the bedroom. A good purchase will be a night light or a floor lamp, wall sconces, so that you can read quietly in bed.


If you prefer a modern style, then combinations of orange and white are recommended. For classics, brown tones are more welcome as a companion color. If the furniture is installed opposite the accent wall, it is recommended to give preference to a neutral tone. The color of wenge, beech or light walnut will suit as well as possible. Furniture in cream, white or gray tones will also be good.

If you like eco-style or ethnic motifs, we recommend wicker furniture. Modern manufacturers offer cabinets with bright facades and photo printing. You can choose either a cabinet completely in the shade of tangerines, or a two-tone version combined with a neutral color and mirror inserts. Thanks to the bright shade, the utilitarian piece of furniture becomes a real gem of a colorful interior.


In order for the curtains to not interfere with natural light and at the same time create the effect of the final chord in the interior, it is recommended to choose light fabrics in orange tones for northern rooms. For windows on the sunny side, denser, shading curtains are recommended. Pay attention to the blinds. Among the offered options there are both fabric slats and wooden ones that can give the room a southern flavor.


Since mostly muted tones of orange are used for bedroom decoration, decor and textiles are used for bright accents. Accessories of a rich shade will enhance the energy of color, add juiciness. What can be used:

  • floral arrangements;
  • unusual photo frames;
  • decorative candles;
  • pillows, blankets, bedspreads, chair covers;
  • bright lamps, sconces, lamps with a lampshade or accessories of an orange shade;
  • vases and planters.

Terracotta curtains in the bedroom.

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