Purple kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Modern fashion trends in kitchen design welcome a variety of color solutions. For those who like the ambiguous, mysterious purple palette, experts offer beautiful, unusual kitchen interior designs in this color.

Modern light purple kitchen set with a concise design.

Kitchen set of rich eggplant color and smoky lilac walls.

The richest palette of purple shades

Purple color is undeservedly ignored in interior design. People who do not take the trouble to look at it closer, consider it too gloomy, depressing. Meanwhile, the purple palette contains more than 190 shades, including very light, almost transparent ones. Of these , the following are most often used for finishing and arranging the kitchen:

  • plum, lavender;
  • blueberry, grape;
  • blackberry, violet;
  • brown-purple, amethyst;
  • lilac, thistle;
  • lilac-purple, ultraviolet.

Purple is surprisingly rich and elegant, able to express a lot of emotions, from cool-neutral or brightly playful, to a gentle, romantic and flying-free atmosphere.

Since ancient times, purple, hyacinth and amaranth tones have been the prerogative of kings and emperors. And purple-lilac amethysts were inserted into the rings of cardinals as a sign of humility. This was due to the fact that purple was incredibly expensive. Until the invention of synthetic dyes in the middle of the XIX century, the pigment was extracted from the shells of oceanic mollusks. Today, all the richness of this palette can be used for interior decoration.

To get a really cozy, beautiful room in which it is pleasant to be, designers recommend following a few simple rules:

  • The most harmoniously bright-saturated violet, eggplant, lilac and plum tones are combined with modern styles – hi-tech, minimalism, Art Deco, modern, neoclassical. Such an environment requires excellent artificial lighting with multi-level illumination, large windows into which streams of the sun burst.
  • Light lavender and lilac, amethyst combined with gray, cream, white perfectly fit into interiors in the style of Provence, Scandinavian, rustic, country.
  • For small and medium-sized kitchens, it is better to choose smoky, light pastel, lavender and lilac tones. They visually push the boundaries of space, and glossy, smooth kitchen facades add light. In addition, glass inserts and transparent countertops, chrome elements will be useful.
  • The combination with other colors looks great. It can be a two-tone furniture set, cream, white or gold furniture on the background of painted walls or the addition of accent details.
  • The darker the chosen shade, the more spacious and lighter the room should be. The dark, richly bright color of the facades of the lower cabinets harmonizes well with the light tabletop and the almost white upper tier. Also, when choosing a rich purple, the facades of the kitchen set should be simple, without pretentious excesses and expressive details. The best solution is simple smooth surfaces with a push–open system.
  • If you want romance or peace, then choose airy-light tones. The aura of mystery and magic is created by dark, muted colors.

The perception of space as a whole largely depends on the chosen tone. If the plum or eggplant seem too dark, you can choose a weightlessly smoky or romantic lilac, almost pink, background.

An interesting combination of cream-lilac facades and smoky purple floral print on the wallpaper.

Bright purple high-tech kitchen.

The psychology of purple

As you know, any color affects the psycho-emotional state of people. Sometimes the reaction to a certain shade is so sharp that a person experiences extreme discomfort when being indoors, or, on the contrary, feels great. What are the properties of this color:

  • It is invariably associated with mystery, mystery and mysticism.
  • Purple shades on a subconscious level are perceived as the embodiment of willpower, the ability to set goals and achieve their realization. No wonder since ancient times they were considered royal, imperial. This color is also associated with mystery and high intuition, the ability to create something new, to create.
  • Mystics of the East associated it with the awakening and development of creative abilities. And modern psychologists add that it does not have a negative exciting, exciting effect on the nervous system. It calms the nerves that are torn by everyday problems, acts soothingly, which is the best fit for a family kitchen.
  • It is believed that he embodies both the masculine (blue) and feminine (red) principles. Hence its ambiguity and ambiguity. Depending on which base shade is more, it can be cold or warming, a symbol of spring and the beginning of something new, or heavy, static.
  • Saturated lilac helps to realize yourself, get rid of deep fears and find inner balance.

Exquisitely bright kitchen interior in a modern style.

Color combination

The most harmonious version of the kitchen in purple tones is a combination of basic and several additional shades. Monochrome violet or purple design with the right selection of shades is charming, but to someone it may seem overly saturated, intrusive. In this case, bright accents are maximally diluted with a pastel purple, almost transparent or grayish-purple neutral background.

All shades of this color are perfectly combined with most bright and pastel tones. If you combine the color palette correctly, you can achieve an amazing effect, create a certain mood in the room.

Glossy purple facades on a background of light gray walls, combined with metal elements.

Combination with white

  • In combination with dark, white stands out even more, giving the interior a festive, elegant look.
  • Light, muted grayish tones are organically combined with white, forming a light, light-airy design.
  • Pure white color with light shades of purple is ideal for Scandinavian-style kitchens.

Combination with gray

Gray and purple are a pleasant and quite popular combination for the kitchen. Noble, neutral light gray has an amazing ability to set off the royal luxury of purple, plum and amethyst tones.

To dilute and soften dark purple or bright elements, increase the percentage of gray in the interior. Here it is necessary to follow a simple rule: the darker, richer the shade of purple, the greater the percentage of the area should occupy a gray background.

The interior of the kitchen can be generously diluted with nickel-plated, chrome-plated, steel, silver and glass details. Add white and black accents. So, on a gray-purple background, metal kitchen utensils, a laconic square kitchen table looks amazing.

A combination with purple is a great idea for decorating a high-tech room. Glass surfaces and an abundance of chrome and aluminum parts should be added to the paints.

Combination with black

Do you want to get a kitchen in which the spirit of mysticism and mystery will reign? Combine deep, rich shades of purple with black. The main background in such an interior is light cream, beige or gray walls. The purple-black kitchen is richly decorated with glossy, mirror and glass surfaces and decor details.

High-quality artificial lighting is required without fail. In black, you can decorate a kitchen apron, countertop, hood and part of the facades. It is also a great option for a dining group. The purple set goes well with pure white or marble countertops.

  • For a modern classic design, you can take a three-color version combining black, white and purple colors.
  • The black and purple duo looks harmoniously in a minimalist entourage or high-tech style.

Combination with beige

The beige color itself is neutral. But it perfectly shades any shade of the purple palette, from the lightest to the darkest. This is the most comfortable combination for the kitchen, which can be used in any known interior direction.

The walls are decorated in beige, two-tone kitchen sets are chosen in violet and delicate cream-coffee colors. Beige can be home textiles – tablecloths, curtains or curtains, towels, and even flooring. The violet-beige color scheme perfectly combines with white and black elements, the texture of natural wood.

  • Warm shades of beige create a homely, soul-warming interior.
  • Cream shades soothe, soften bright colors. It looks great in two-tone kitchen sets or as a wall decoration.
  • Lilac and lavender look very gentle and romantic in combination with the color of melted milk, ivory, cream.

Cozy kitchen, combining light wood, olive and plum tones.

Combination with green

A natural combination that leaves a feeling of freshness and purity. It looks great with floral prints, floral elements, a wooden kitchen set.

Light green combined with floral shades of purple create a weightless spring mood in the kitchen.

You can safely sort through various combinations: rich emerald and delicate lilac, bright lavender and juicy greens of meadow grasses, olive and plum, pinkish and dark malachite, rich violet and light green.

If you add to the purple and green base, as a decoration, a few national motifs, carved and painted wood products, clay, you will get a magnificent kitchen interior.

Combination with fiery colors – red, orange, yellow-red

Oddly enough, the warm purple shades perfectly harmonize with all the sunny, fiery colors – red, orange, red-yellow. It looks great in spacious rooms with high white ceilings and neutral colors of floor coverings.

If you want to create a weightlessly light, sunny atmosphere in the kitchen, then a combination of warm pale lilac, light purple and mauve tones with pale lemon, golden ones will be optimal. This palette is used in styles such as Mediterranean, shabby chic and French Provence.

And more saturated, bright lemon and dark purple tones perfectly emphasize the laconic interior of a modern kitchen, giving it a bright juiciness, a sense of celebration.

Combination with blue

This combination requires well-lit large kitchens with huge windows facing south. Creates a feeling of coolness, spacious sky or sea depths.

Violet-blue kitchen with beige elements in Provence style

However, experts advise not to limit yourself to just two colors. Favorite colors can be taken as a basis, diluting them with colorful polychrome or restrained neutral elements.

A combination of dark plum, rich lilac with light tones and metallic color.

Combination with pink

Pink and purple belong to the same scale. However, they are perceived in absolutely different ways. Oddly enough, but the combination of light pink shades and bright lilac, rich purple in the interior of the kitchen are among the most popular.

Pinkish tones are perfectly perceived in oriental national styles in combination with natural materials – wood, natural or artificial stone, ceramics. You can complement the kitchen interior with elegant forged objects made of copper and bronze – candlesticks, lamps, dishes. This color scheme gives the kitchen interior a particularly elegant look and allows you to visually push the boundaries of space.

Kitchen interior design

How to properly decorate a kitchen in a purple palette?

If you follow the recommendations of professional designers, and take the most successful ideas from real photo examples, you can create a magnificent, very special interior that will fully reflect the worldview and tastes of the owners.

Where to start?

First of all, it is necessary to determine in which kitchens the purple range will look the most advantageous.

  • If you are a creative person, a supporter of such popular interior trends as high-tech, modern, pop art, fusion and avant-garde, purple shades are just created for you.
  • Its shades are also suitable for ethnic oriental styles, conservative entourage of the Victorian era, traditional classics, minimalism, romantic Provence and strict Scandinavian.
  • Kitchens in which the sun reigns during the day, whose windows overlook the south side, are decorated in a cool range – royal purple, violet, blackberry, eggplant.
  • For shaded rooms, gentle, warm tones are selected – light plum, pinkish, purple, lavender, amethyst, fuchsia.
  • Purple visually reduces objects, creating the feeling of a more spacious room than it actually is. An indispensable effect for small kitchens.
  • The cold range looks very cozy and warm in combination with pastel light shades.

With purple, grape shades, it’s easy to overdo it, turning a small kitchen into a gloomy abode of a fortune teller or an extravaganza of too saturated colors. That is why experienced designers recommend strictly dosing their quantity in furniture and decor.

What interior details can be expressed in purple?

Purple or lilac can be not only wallpaper, kitchen aprons or facades of a kitchen set. Violet, amethyst gamma serves as an excellent accent, complementing and enhancing the usual, traditional combinations of colors.

Dining and home textiles for the kitchen in purple tones:

  • Dense, heavy curtains and tablecloths can be bright, rich plum or purple.
  • Delicate lavender or lilac pastels are more suitable for light curtains, tulle or napkins.

An excellent combination of beige and purple, with an accent wall, curtains and table textiles.


  • Velvety or leather upholstery of sofas, armchairs or upholstered chairs serves as an original accent.
  • You can also pick up plastic stools or chairs, countertops.

Purple accents in the form of velvet armchairs and a painted brick kitchen apron on a white background.

Decorative elements and utensils in the purple kitchen:

  • Choose fabric lamp shades in rich colors.
  • Plates, mugs, ceramic products and small household appliances.
  • Artificial and real flowers, flowering house plants, pots and vases for them.

Individual elements of the kitchen furniture and finishes of rich plum and grape tones.

An amethyst rug or rug on a light-colored tile or laminate looks original, as well as an accent wall with embossed patterns or hand-painted.

For small kitchens in purple tones, experts recommend the following interior solutions:

  • A darker, brighter bottom and a lighter top for kitchen sets.
  • The floor covering is dark tones – chocolate brown, purple, coffee with milk, the color of natural granite.
  • A light dining group is a table of white, light purple, wood color, made of glass, wood, metal. You can use contrasting colors for chairs or kitchen chairs, corners – yellow, blue, turquoise, pinkish, beige.
  • For small kitchens, it is worth using the most light, gently romantic shades of purple, which visually expand the space, make it deeper, higher. They are in perfect harmony with the color of melted milk, cream, alabaster, light beige.
  • Use glossy, mirror and glass surfaces as fully as possible. They reflect sunlight and electric light, making the kitchen room brighter, more elegant.

Decoration of the window area in the kitchen interior with modern curtains.

It is not necessary to use a lot of decorative, carved, ornate details when arranging a small kitchen in purple colors. They overload the space, create a sense of disorder. This is especially noticeable in a modest area, where every detail is perfectly visible.

The facades of the kitchen set should be laconic, with small handles of strict shape. Purple tones in themselves are a wonderful decoration, so you should not complement them with something else.

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