Turquoise kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Since ancient times, turquoise has been associated with good luck, getting rid of ailments, inspiration and creative uplift. Turquoise color in the interior sets up a positive mood, helps to relieve stress and fatigue. That’s probably why it’s so popular. People almost instinctively choose it to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility at home.

The number of shades of turquoise is amazing, in addition, in a room decorated in such colors, there is always a positive, joy and comfort. The interior in blue-green tones will always look fresh and cool. But if you overdo it with the amount of color, the room will look cold. Therefore, it is necessary to skillfully beat some nuances with the help of lighting. In our article we will consider the styles suitable for decoration in turquoise, we will select the colors and lighting that match it, we will figure out how to stylize the main pieces of furniture and additional decor.

Features of the turquoise kitchen set in the interior

Turquoise is associated with the sea and the sky. The color has many shades – from very light to almost brown. It is obtained from mixing green with blue, which is why it is associated with air and water.


  • It brings a pleasant coolness and freshness to the room.
  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • A room decorated in such colors always looks elegant and impressive.
  • Easily absorbs any interior style.

Combination with white in the interior.

However, the design of the kitchen in turquoise tones requires a professional approach and good taste, because among the disadvantages:

  • Coldness – if you overdo it with this color, the room can become inhospitable.
  • It is difficult to find suitable artificial lighting.
  • A rich turquoise color may seem too active and deliberate, which is not always appropriate.

All this is not so difficult to take into account and avoid these shortcomings or smooth them out.

Color combinations

Turquoise color in the interior of the kitchen will look very decent, if, of course, the shade is chosen correctly. An important requirement when combining colors: one should be dominant, and the other should play only a supporting role. Turquoise looks best with pastel tones, but do not be afraid of purple or bright orange, they will give a creative atmosphere.

Thanks to the variety of shades, the turquoise palette is combined with almost any colors:


Turquoise-white kitchen is the personification of spaciousness and lightness. Creating culinary masterpieces in such a kitchen is a pleasure. However, this combination may seem too cold and formal and may even reduce appetite. This disadvantage can be easily eliminated by adding a few bright details. Such an elegant interior is not conducive to overeating.


Shades of beige are what you need! Most often, beige is used for finishing the floor or walls, choosing delicate pastel shades. Turquoise color in this case is used for the design of kitchen furniture. The combination of these shades creates a gentle and comfortable atmosphere.


A very elegant combination, noble and strict. Turquoise on a gray background does not look very active, and gray does not seem boring. Quite a harmonious tandem.


Turquoise color in the interior of the kitchen goes well with black, provided that there will not be very much black. This is an excellent combination for a high-tech interior in the style of hi-tech. But it is still necessary to use as much white as possible and add juicy accents.


“A little sun in cold water” is an interesting, non–trivial combination. The right combination of two bright and contrasting colors can turn a boring interior into a fashionable one. When combined with discreet yellow tones, a warm but bright interior will turn out. Shades should be restrained, the main part of the room is done in a turquoise tone. It is necessary to choose a third color, which will slightly muffle the combination.


Brown color – perfectly combined with turquoise. The combination of azure and dark chocolate colors is quite bright, and any third color here will be superfluous. However, if you need to dilute too dark a tone, you can use small islands of white or cream in textiles or kitchen sets.


Turquoise and greenery are one of the most gentle and cozy options. When turquoise is combined with the tones of the nearest spectrum (blue, green, purple), the room acquires a soft but spectacular atmosphere. The interior looks calm, unified. The main thing is to carefully select additional shades so that the combination does not look too motley.

A turquoise kitchen set looks good in combination with a bright light green apron. It also looks good to finish in a classic neutral range with the addition of several accents of green, for example in textiles or tableware.


To create a sunny mood in the kitchen, it is effective to choose an orange shade as a color accent. You can choose an apron or a tabletop, use it in the upholstery of chairs or other textiles.


Pink color is quite acceptable and gives interesting compositions. It would seem that this is a rather strange combination for the kitchen. But with the right use of both colors, you can get a great interior. Turquoise remains the main color, while pink plays a secondary role in textiles and decor. The selected shade is dull. “Dusty Rose” is an ideal solution for small kitchens with a classic interior.


Red is an outsider in this company. He is too aggressive and can destroy the aura of freshness.

Interior design style

So, what style of decoration should I choose if the color of the kitchen set is turquoise? Due to the presence of a huge number of shades, this color can be used in the most intricate interior. Here are examples of stylization of kitchens in turquoise.

Minimalist style

Turquoise color will be an excellent accent for the interior in the style of minimalism. The facades of a kitchen set or a wall in any shade will look original, and the absence of additional decor, the lightness of the situation and the clutteriness of the room will not distract attention. The color is still better to choose bright enough so that no additional nuances are required.

The color palette depends, of course, on the overall style of the interior. If your kitchen is decorated in a minimalist style, which is extremely functional and concise, then turquoise and white colors will be the best combination here. The kitchen will look fresh and spacious. This option is especially good for a small room.

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style also likes this combination. Do you want to add heat? Add shades of beige.

Classic style

The classic style allows you to decorate the interior in restrained tones. In this case, combinations with brown, gold and bronze will be good.

Here, the bright azure color will also be an addition and the main accent of the classic interior. A few interesting details against the background of neutral walls and a wooden kitchen set will enliven the austerity and restraint of the classics.

Modern style

Modern style is probably the most convenient, since it allows for the presence of both natural and artificial materials in the design. In the kitchen, decorated in a modern style, there is no need to hide household appliances, it will look quite harmonious. It is also not necessary to bother with the decor. Everything is extremely concise and functional. Turquoise here is combined with white, gray, green.

High-tech style

This style is most often emphasized by silver, white and black colors, but turquoise looks great in combination with them, you can use shades of turquoise to emphasize household appliances, but at the same time, as if to enliven the room.

Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau style is a lot of glossy shiny surfaces, glass, rounded corners, asymmetric furniture, natural motifs. A successful addition will be a combination with black.

The rich tones of purple, yellow and orange in the composition with turquoise in combination with the shiny and elegantly outlined facades of the kitchen will appeal to lovers of the Art Nouveau style.

Provence style

Provence style is a lot of natural light, a lot of wood, decor, pastel colors in the design. Everything creates an atmosphere of harmony and comfort.

Provence style is characterized by light wooden furniture, natural materials and textiles. All this will perfectly harmonize with the pastel shade of turquoise.

Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style allows combinations with yellow and orange, as the personification of solar warmth.

Country style

The most neutral background, dark wood and rare inclusions of turquoise, additional decor in the form of copper, clay and wooden dishes – a modern embodiment of country style.

Design and decor ideas

When choosing materials for kitchen decoration, it should be remembered that withstanding temperature changes, moisture resistance and resistance to odors are the main functions of materials. With all shades of turquoise, wooden surfaces of any color, both dark and light, look great. Ceramic tiles, tempered glass, natural stone, wallpaper of any type, new artificial materials – all this can be used in the decoration of the room.


Turquoise color can be both warm and cold – it all depends on the lighting and shades. If you decorate the kitchen in such colors, it is best to leave the ceiling white. Painting, whitewashing, stretch ceiling, glossy or matte – your choice.

White ceiling in the event that turquoise is the dominant color of your kitchen. If it is only auxiliary and is present on individual details, then a turquoise ceiling will be quite appropriate.

The most common option is a white ceiling of one or more levels. But you can make the ceiling in the color of the sky, if the rest of the room remains in neutral tones and there will be decorative elements of the same sky color.


Turquoise kitchen in a classic style will suit plain wallpaper or with a discreet print. The wallpaper is a calm color, but the apron can be made brighter and more saturated. But don’t overdo it. The classic-style kitchen loves restraint.

The best combinations with turquoise are white, beige or light gray. To further emphasize the kitchen set, you can use textured wall decoration.

Floor covering

Here you can not really bother. Any floor covering will do. The color should not attract attention and destroy the overall harmony.

With bright blue kitchen furniture, the floor should be left in neutral or natural tones. As for the texture and material, it all depends on the chosen interior style: matte or glossy, tile, concrete, natural wood or stone.


Most often, the apron supports the color of the rest of the kitchen set, you only need to highlight it slightly with an ornament. Although contrasting options also look quite interesting. The main rule is not to overload the room with color, but to stop at three shades, reinforcing them with a choice of accessories. The material can be any, the tile in the form of a mosaic or an impression of a pattern on glass looks especially picturesque.

Table top

You can choose any color, starting with simple white and turquoise and ending with non-trivial orange. The material can also be both traditional and special.


If turquoise is your dominant color, then you need to purchase the appropriate kitchen set. What shade will be in this case depends on the style of the room and the nature of its lighting. A large variety of palette will help you. It is better to choose facades of moderate tones, then you will have more options for combinations.

The turquoise countertop will be a natural extension of the turquoise kitchen set. But the apron and walls should be made in other colors so as not to overload the interior. Let it be shades of brown if the kitchen is on the sunny side, orange or pink if the kitchen is dark. Buy chairs, tables and other furniture, adhering to the chosen style. Of course, we do not forget about textiles.

An interesting combination will be wooden chairs and a table and turquoise fabric. You can, on the contrary, leave all attention on the kitchen set and decorate the dining area in white shades, but support the turquoise range in the colors of the dishes.

Cozy atmosphere.


Now about the most important thing – about lighting. In artificial light, this color may look completely different. For a turquoise-colored kitchen, only cold white artificial light is suitable.

Yellow or blue lighting will turn a turquoise kitchen into a muddy swamp or dusty gray. Keep this in mind when buying a large chandelier or spotlights for the kitchen.

Accessories and decor

Every little thing affects the overall perception of the kitchen as a whole. The choice of details depends entirely on the proportion of colors in the interior. If the main color is neutral, then accessories can be chosen in turquoise. If blue shades prevail in the decoration and furniture, it is better to leave the accessories neutral.

When combining the kitchen with the living room, it should be borne in mind that the style should be common. Accordingly, turquoise color can be used in the details of the living room.

Almost any object can be used as a decor, everything will depend on the style of the room design. Seashells and pebbles, sand tones are suitable for a marine-style kitchen. In a classic interior or Art Nouveau style, open shelves or showcases filled with elegant porcelain dishes and thin glass glasses will look great. Ethnic, country or Provence style will make good friends with ceramic and wooden accessories, pottery.

Separately, I would like to focus on textiles as a decorative element. With light colors of the main part of the room, turquoise curtains will look especially advantageous. The type of curtains and fabrics are selected based on the style of the interior and the area of the room.

Turquoise color is a great option for finishing the kitchen. It meets any requirements, is non-trivial, but rather restrained. Having picked up good lighting, original color solutions and relevant accessories, you get a stylish but cozy interior.

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