Green color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

A natural interior is a good choice for your design, because it gives peace and comfort, because it is conceived by nature itself.

It is useful for those who are not indifferent to fashion trends in design to know how greens and other tones are combined, as well as in what textures it can be combined. Let’s take a closer look in the article below.

Living room interior design in green tones.

Psychological aspects of the perception of natural tones

Green is one of the most natural colors: nature, grass, leaves, youth and hope, health, money, fertility. This tone also symbolizes freshness and harmony, peace, tranquility. Vegetation is pleasant to people. Spring, summer – it’s time for new beginnings, new thoughts and achievements, it’s time for new strength and inspiration.

Green palette tone options

Tones of green shades for the interior create a miracle, provided the right choice of depths and saturation of tones. To add coldness to the green, add a little blue, for warmth – a drop of yellow.

The spectrum of shades is quite diverse and can be very similar at one time, but if you add details, it varies by countless colors. Olive and light green are completely different tones, but they are in the same color scheme. Combining them with each other is not an easy task, and with other tones is an ultra-trendy and eco-friendly trend.

The green color in the design is most often given floral names: basil, pistachio, apple, olive, mint, pine needles, grass, pistachio, lime, but there are exceptions, such as malachite and emerald – terrestrial rocks.

Calm green interior

The green color brings a positive and relaxing mood to the design. It is used in spacious rooms where there is a lot of daylight. One of the best combinations is the base colors, such as white, blue and red.

Spot decor will look original – curtains, pillows, dishes, carpets.

Textiles with shades of greenery.

Interior design green forest

All the colors of forests are in this spectrum. The depth and fullness of colors give natural energy and strength.

Wood and dark greenery are the most advantageous alliance for interior design. And if you add beige, cornflower or lilac, the composition will look stylish and original. This combination is ideal for an office or a home workplace.

Shades of lime and light green

Such tones are the result of mixing green and lemon, yellow shades. In this case, such tones cease to be cold and become warm. These shades are perfect for bathrooms and children’s rooms.

Bright kitchen interior.

Olive and pistachio shades

The most common colors in interior designs. Light, calm and warm enough shade is perfect in any design solution.

Olive color can be combined with many tones. It looks good both on the walls and in the decor, furniture. Olive combined with brown, blue, beige is the perfect combination for your design.

Cozy living room.

Mint shade

It will give freshness and comfort, a feeling of cleanliness to your premises. Perfect for bathroom and bedroom design.

Combinations with peach, vanilla, cream soda, coral, lilac and azure shades will be the most advantageous.

Exquisite bedroom.

Emerald shade

Different from all other plant tones, having a blue-green pigmentation. Eye-catching, exceptional, luxurious, used in spot decor and draws attention to individual elements of decoration.

Gorgeous emerald shade.

Application in the interior

Greenery in design is very common, mainly as an addition, because there is a lot of sunlight in houses and you can overload the room with green, which will look pretty boring.

Working surfaces

A unique style is achieved through the correct placement of accents. Accessories of green tones will favorably emphasize the work surfaces of pastel, wooden black and white tones.

Decor in a green interior

Herbal tones are used pointwise. Such tones are suitable for enhancing additional colors and supporting an individual style. The large size of the decor gives balance, and a small one will add zest to any room.

Greenery in the decor serves to attract attention and for a positive impression, it is important not to oversaturate the decor with greenery.

Combinations of tones in a green interior

You can combine emerald tones with almost any shades. To achieve the best solution, it is necessary to combine colors and textures correctly.

Green and white

The most common traditional union. It is difficult to make a mistake here, because all the shades of these palettes complement each other very favorably, despite the cold and warm inclusions.

Delicate snow-white color is especially good in combination with malachite, emerald, pistachio. Creates the effect of muting an excessively bright, multicolored gamut.

White wall decor and dark green upholstery is an advantageous solution for any room, but is most often used in dining rooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

White and green living room.

Emerald and Black

Black is the basis of any interior, but the reverse side of the coin is darkness and despondency. As a basis, the solution is not the most successful, but it can be advantageously supplemented with green.

Combination of black shade with emerald.

Graphite and malachite shades

Elegance and austerity for lovers of classics and restraint in the interior. Such a union gives comfort and tranquility to the interior. It is suitable for the design of strict workrooms and lounge areas with dimmed lights. He will find his deserved place in almost everything.

The interior is in a gray-green tone.

Mint and pink shades

This combination is quite rare, mainly in the bedrooms of young ladies. They create a light, relaxed atmosphere in the correct placement of accents in interior design.

Delicate pastel shades in the interior.

Green and Red

A rather contrasting and expressive symbiosis of colors, which are competitors fighting for the championship. In order for such a design not to look annoying, it is important not to overdo it with details. Suitable for energetic, active people. It can be used for decoration of gaming and sports areas.

Study-library with a red sofa on a background of green walls.

Green and shades of wood

The most popular and ultramodern eco-union, bestowed by nature itself. Foliage, trees, flowers, earth – all this gives an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility, tranquility, unhurriedness. Suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday with a book in their hands and people leading a leisurely lifestyle. It is most often found in the design of halls, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and libraries.

Eco style in the living room interior.

Blue and Green

Such tones often raise a lot of questions, but despite this, such a combination is quite common. Herbal and azure – cool and bright, almost related colors – also complement each other perfectly. They give freshness and expand the space. Dark blue curtains are ideal for olive walls, and gray-blue curtains for a coniferous shade.

A beautiful combination of blue and green.

Green and lilac

Lilac color will add magic to the green interior, make your room original, with a touch of extraordinary. Create a wonderful union with olive and pistachio shades. Suitable for people who like to stand out from the gray mass.

Green goes well with a lilac shade.

Lime and orange colors

An eye-catching, extraordinary union of shades that enlivens the interior. Also suitable for spot decoration, solid will look overloaded and heavy, it will be difficult to relax in it.

Bright kitchen.

Kitchen and dining area in a green interior

The emerald range of various shades is often used for the decoration of kitchens. Such an assortment will not let you get discouraged and contributes to a pleasant pastime, will set you up for cooking delicious gourmet dishes. In addition, it will expand a small kitchen, and for a large one it will add comfort. Buy dishes with foliage, hang sconces of natural shades, add pictures of forests – all this will help you add harmony to your kitchen.

Kitchen interior with a touch of green.

Lounge area in a green interior

The lounge area in floral tones will be a stumbling block for your family. In such zones, you want to spend all the evenings: watching movies together, board games, heart-to-heart conversations. Shades of olive and dark greens, emerald, malachite and light green in combination with pastel-colored furniture will make the recreation area the most comfortable and conducive to a relaxing holiday with your family.

Pleasant atmosphere in the lounge area.

Green bedroom interior

The most successful place for interior decoration with floral colors. It sets up a good nap, recuperate after a hard day’s work. Add textiles, deciduous decor elements, small upholstered furniture, potted flowers and you will not want to leave the most cozy room of your home at all.

Calm green in the bedroom interior.

Green bathroom interior

Bathrooms in the green spectrum look spectacular and original. Give preference to tiles of turquoise, sea emerald shades. It is noteworthy that a mixer of any material can be selected for this color scheme: gold, brass, silver, copper, bronze – they will all favorably emphasize the uniqueness of your interior design.

The bathroom in a green shade also looks good.

Children’s room

Greenery in the nursery – suitable for both boys and girls. It will be difficult for an active baby to get ready for bed, and it may seem too bright for a calm one, so it is important not to overdo the interior design, add smoothing details.

Cool tones of greenery and the sea, snow and apples are suitable for the boys’ bedroom. Add orange color for kids and something calm for adults.

The warm tones of mint and rose, foliage and lilac will be harmonious in the girls’ bedroom. Add tenderness to the baby with textile decor, and geometric furniture to older beauties.

Universal green, suitable for baby girl and boy’s room.

Design solutions of different types of interiors

Greenery is multifaceted and versatile, therefore it finds its application in many interior styles.

Modern style

One of the most common styles of the XX-XXI centuries, which has found popularity in modern design. It is based on the tones of the classic palette, due to this, the greenery will be harmonious in any design.

Harmony of shades in the interior design of the living room.

Country style

This non-standard style is dominated by a warm wooden palette. Log cabins, stones and other natural components that need the freshness of the vegetable color scheme.

Country style living room.

Provence style

The homely atmosphere of country houses filled with warmth and kindness. Olive and pistachio are in harmony in this calm style, furniture and textiles of these tones will fit most appropriately.

In the end, greenery is the most correct solution for any premises, both bedrooms, nurseries and kitchens. A competent combination of tones will help to create a unique design, find inspiration and a positive attitude.

Delicate Provence in the kitchen.

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