Yellow bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Psychologists associate this color with warmth, joy, fun, humor, optimism, sociability. Yellow, like any warm tone, is associated with peace, it opens the way to orange, sand, brown shades. And although he himself refers to warm tones, his shades can have the opposite and even contrasting meaning.

Shades of yellow lift the mood, improve the overall condition of the body. Preparing for exams in a room made in such colors enhances mental activity, concentrates attention, promotes the development of memory, intelligence, curiosity. This color has a positive effect on the assimilation and memorization of the material read.

It suits self-confident people with a sense of honor and justice. But it is completely unacceptable to those who have any mental disorders. He makes them feel anxious. In general, yellow should always be in moderation. Its excess can lead to fatigue, headache, anxiety, and in some cases even cause aggression.

Bedroom design

This color has its positive and negative sides. This gives the surfaces a visual lightness, filling them with light and warmth. A room made in such colors seems more spacious, charges with cheerfulness, lifts the mood.

Do not get carried away with this color in the design of rooms whose windows overlook the side with an abundance of sun. In such a room it will seem hot and stuffy, irritation will increase, a headache may appear. In addition, a bright color can quickly get bored, there will be a desire to change it to another one.

Yellow shades have warm and cold tones, saturated and light. This is one of the primary colors according to the Johannes Itten system.

In such colors it is good to decorate dark and cold rooms. In the atmosphere of yellow, a person feels more warmth than in rooms decorated in other shades. This is due to the stimulating effect of this color on the mental state of a person. Blood circulation is activated in the body, breathing becomes faster, the heart contracts more often.

This color is the least suitable for decorating bedrooms. The brightness of yellow shades has a tiring effect on the eyes, does not allow you to relax, tune in to rest. But we can recommend calm shades of yellow. They do not act excitingly on the nervous system.

Waking up in the bedroom should be nice. Based on the fact that the purpose of any bedroom should be rest, relaxation, pacification, then you need to be extremely careful with the bright color in the design.

The interior of the bedroom should help to feel peaceful, remove negative emotions and thoughts provoking them. After waking up, a person should feel rested, cheerful, ready for labor exploits and activities, and not broken.

The designer, starting to work with the bedroom, should remember that the excessive fullness of the room with bright colors will excite the human mind, will not allow you to relax properly. In a bedroom made in yellow tones, it can be difficult to tune in to a calm deep sleep. In addition, the monochrome interior causes boredom and depression. For a comfortable sleep, it is better to dilute the color with other shades.

Color combination

The bedroom does not have to be all in different shades of yellow. For example, only the sleeping area can be highlighted in yellow. For bedroom walls, pastel colors are more suitable, as the softest and most soothing.

Bright ones will irritate the nervous system. Decorative pillows and textiles can be made in bright light. A painted picture will look beautiful as a bright spot on the pale surface of the wall.

The yellow stripes on the light background of the wall will look original in the bedroom. Vertically positioned, they will visually increase the height of the ceiling. This is especially true for bedrooms with weak natural light. Well-chosen combinations can transform the bedroom, filling it with light.

It is not necessary to decorate the walls exclusively in yellow. Especially if you are not sure how this color will affect your well-being and mood. Boring bedroom design can be varied with yellow upholstered furniture, chairs or an armchair. They will decorate any room.

If you get tired of the yellow chairs in your room, they can easily be replaced by others, thereby changing the design. If you take into account the costs associated with the repair, it will be much cheaper. This also applies to pillows. They are inexpensive, and you can always change the annoying color to another one by sewing or buying new covers.

Combination with white

Shades of white can be combined with any color, including yellow. This tandem is suitable for any bedroom, especially with a small area. Shades of white will visually enlarge the room when the yellow ones fill it with the light of the sun.

Combination with black

Yellow in combination with shades of black is rarely used for bedrooms, although the combination is considered one of the most successful. But if you add any neutral shades of other colors to the duet, trying to minimize black, you can get a unique extraordinary design with a light yellow base.

Combination with gray

The bedroom, painted in gray-yellow colors, always looks exquisite. One of them is a universal and neutral color, the other is bright and refreshing. Together they form a design with a unique charm. A bedroom made in these two colors will act relaxing, while maintaining a sense of comfort and joy.

The walls, painted in dark shades of gray, look both chic and serious. The glamour of small bedrooms can be given by ashy shades of gray, complemented by gold.

Perhaps no bedroom is complete without curtains. With them, the room looks more luxurious, cozy, aesthetic. Curtains in gray-green tones will be a wonderful addition to the yellow design of the bedroom.

The style of the bedroom, painted in gray, with bed linen and pillows of bright yellow color, is radically changing. This method is one of the simplest and at the same time catchy in placing accents on a gray monochrome background.

Combination with brown

Yellow color perfectly harmonizes with brown and beige shades, which are close in spectrum.

The combination with brown is an ideal solution for the bedrooms of those who prefer a classic style. The combination with brown is more suitable for bright rooms.

The combination with beige looks homely, at the same time elegant and sophisticated. The brightness can be smoothed with a soft beige color. This is a good combination for a bedroom with poor natural light.

Combination with red

When combining pairs of primary colors, you need to be extremely careful. Both have an exciting effect on the human nervous system. For a room designed for relaxation, this is not quite the right combination. Using these two bright shades will give the room a feeling of heat. If one of the colors is taken in a muted shade, it will soften the design of the bedroom. But, it’s still better to make one of the colors a background, use the other as an accent.

The furniture of crimson shades looks beautiful on a bright yellow background. Their tone is much softer than the main red. In combination with yellow, crimson is able to give the room a feeling of sun and warmth. The bedroom looks unusual and fascinating, made in terracotta, bronze, melon tones mixed with crimson.

This combination embodies nobility and glamour. This combination is adored by intellectuals from among actors and artists. It is suitable for a special design of rooms, extravagant and original. When decorating a bedroom in such colors, you should weigh the pros and cons well, so as not to redo it later.

Combination with green

The naturalness of the combination of yellow and green suits the bedroom interior more than others. The combination is prompted by nature itself, suitable for all styles. The bedroom, made in such colors, relaxes, invites you to drop all bad thoughts and relax.

But there are nuances here too. A bright palette of yellow is more suitable for muted greens. Two bright colors together will look too variegated, such a contrast is unpleasant to the eyes, capable of exciting the nervous system. Therefore, for bedrooms it is better to focus on soft manifestations of color.

Combination with blue

Blue shades of color can outshine yellow. Therefore, in the interior, made in yellow, attention is focused on muted shades of blue and light blue. Yellow and blue have different temperatures. One of them is warm, the other is cold. They look harmoniously in shades of pale tones. Dark shades of blue are usually used as accents and in small quantities.

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