Gray kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Interior designers convincingly prove the beauty and nobility of gray in the design of residential premises. And in this article we will talk about the amazing gray kitchen.

Bright accents give a special chic.

Features of gray color in the kitchen

Designers love gray for its versatility – it goes perfectly with any colors. Gray interior is elegant and fashionable if you combine colors correctly. Characteristic features of gray color:

  • Dark gray color will not seem gloomy and dull if the kitchen windows face the sunny side.
  • Gray color perfectly balances the rich tones of red, yellow, blue and green colors. In combination with it, they sound softer and warmer.
  • In modern and rustic styles, gray looks very impressive.
  • It is combined not only with different shades, but also with different textures – stone, wood.

Pros and cons of gray in the kitchen

Advantages of gray:

  • Excellent compatibility with both bright and pastel shades.
  • Versatility – suitable for any interior style.
  • Always relevant, at the peak of fashion.
  • Gray color does not irritate and does not bother.
  • A wide variety of gray shades makes it possible to create a non-boring interior even in monochrome.
  • The neutrality of the gray color makes it easy to highlight accents.
  • Practicality – traces of grease and soot are not so visible on a gray background, which is especially important for the kitchen.
  • On a gray background, you can create a beautiful harmonious interior, and designers are actively using it.

Against this background, accents are especially expressive.

The disadvantages of this color are quite a few, and they are easily leveled in the right hands. And yet you need to know them – here they are:

  • For small kitchens, dark gray color is absolutely not suitable, as well as on poorly lit.
  • If there is too much gray, it will make the situation cold and uncomfortable.
  • Gray color can absorb a contrasting shade, if it is chosen incorrectly, then the overall impression of the interior will be spoiled.

Yellow as a bright accent.

Actually, these shortcomings are not the prerogative of gray color. Any shades of the spectrum require a skillful approach. And now we are going to create a stylish, elegant and very harmonious gray kitchen.

Dark color combined with white.

Shades of gray

As already mentioned, gray has many shades. It can be neutral, cold and warm, dark and light. Dark shades of gray are:

Dark color – for well–lit rooms.

  • coal,
  • graphite,
  • wet asphalt,
  • silver-black,
  • steel.

With these shades, it is better not to overdo it even in a large kitchen. But as accents, they will look breathtakingly elegant.

Light shade.

Light shades of gray are:

  • smoky,
  • ashen,
  • metallic,
  • concrete,
  • granite.

They can already be used as the main tone.

Restraint and nobility of the interior.

Nuances of the gray kitchen layout

Gray color can affect the visual perception of space. In a modest-sized kitchen, it is better not to install dark gray facades, as they will visually reduce the room, as a result of which it will become uncomfortable to be in it. In extreme cases, you can abandon the upper cabinets and leave only the bottom row.

Kitchen without upper cabinets.

Or the upper facades can be decorated in a light color, and the lower ones can be left dark. If you still decide to make both the top and bottom dark, the apron should be made in light shades. This way you will dilute the space, and it will become lighter.

Neoclassical style kitchen.

The choice of covering facades for the kitchen in gray

In order for the facade surface to be beautiful and practical, when choosing between glossy and matte coating, you need to focus on the depth and color saturation. If dark gray facades are made glossy, stains and prints will be very noticeable on them.

Modern style.

This is very undesirable on a kitchen set, as it needs to be wiped often. On light gray facades, gloss looks much more advantageous, because the divorces will be less noticeable.

That is why it is better to choose a matte finish for intense dark shades.

Dark shade of matte kitchen.

Interior design style

Gray kitchen will fit seamlessly into almost any interior, because it is a universal color. However, there are certain styles where such a kitchen will look especially stylish and appropriate.

Minimalist style

The austerity and asceticism of gray could not be more suited to this style. No need for any bright details, no decor. Monochrome design can be diluted with either white or black.

Restrained, strict and ergonomic style that preserves spaciousness and combines all the trends of modern space design. Kitchens equipped in this direction are functional and do not strain, because they do not have unnecessary details and catchy decorations.

Minimalist style.

When there is a lack of space, redevelopment is often done, as a result of which the space becomes more free and spacious. Gray combined with white, beige and black will create a laconic atmosphere that does not require additional bright details. You can add a little variety to the interior with the help of live plants or textures for natural surfaces, which can be used to decorate an apron.

Minimalist style.

Hi-tech style

Hi-tech – again, the strict gray color is very much to the court here. Silvery radiance of stainless steel, glossy surfaces of facades. You can add a table with a glass top here.

Hi-tech style.

Loft style

Gray is one of the main shades used in the loft style. This is due to its neutrality and brutality, which are perfectly combined with brick or concrete walls. They can also be executed in a gray scale.

Loft style.

Here, too, do not forget about an important rule: if there is not enough space, it is better to choose light-colored kitchen set or dilute the lower dark facades with a neutral white top.

Loft style.

Gray kitchen facades, both glossy and matte, will look great against a brick or concrete wall. As well as a wooden countertop and a wooden floor.

The brutal loft is organically decorated.

Classic style

Classic – and here gray is very useful, it is perfectly combined with wood and gives the atmosphere the necessary aristocracy. Forged handles and brass accessories will be great for gray kitchen facades.

Classic style.

Neoclassical style

Elegant, classic style, which is one of the most popular today. The combination of traditional motifs and details of the modern trend results in a sought-after and beautiful interior.

Neoclassical style.

Gray shades will be an excellent replacement for the usual beige colors inherent in the classics. Gray-blue, graphite, silver, French gray – all these tones are perfect for a neoclassical kitchen.

Neoclassical style.

A combination of several semitones looks very interesting at once. Classic gold handles will dilute the austerity of the interior, adding sophistication and elegance.

American style

Another option that combines elements of classics and modernity. American kitchens have always been distinguished by coziness and comfort, radiating a peculiar spirit of freedom. There should be a slight ease in the interior, so it is better to choose light gray facades. This style will help solve the problem of lack of space.

American style.

Often in American homes, the kitchen and living room are combined, so this style will be an excellent solution for a studio apartment.

Wooden furniture is preferred for the American-style kitchen. It does not necessarily have to be decorated with carvings: the usual modest set will do.

Country style

This direction is especially loved by urban residents due to the atmosphere of the village and nature, and in a private house it looks especially harmonious and appropriate.

For the design of a gray country-style kitchen, mainly complex shades are used, obtained by mixing gray with other colors: gray-blue, gray-beige, and so on.

Country style.

Do not forget that country is a warm and homely style, so the shades should be sustained in a pastel palette: light gray kitchen sets diluted with white and beige are preferred.

Country style.

Provence style

Provence – soft pastel shades are great for an interior in this style. Let’s take smoke or ash tones as a basis.

Provence style.

Scandinavian style

Gray is one of the favorite colors of this style. A cool shade combined with blue is almost an ideal option for this style.

This color is at the peak of popularity. We can say that it is indispensable when creating a truly modern interior.

Scandinavian style.

Color combinations

Shades of gray get along well with each other, and you can easily make a monochrome kitchen. Combine light and dark tones, cold and warm, glossy and matte surfaces, and the kitchen will not seem monotonous. A monochrome interior can also be interesting.

Gray does not always need bright accents. A monochrome design can look interesting without additional colors, for example, if gray shades of different saturation are used.

Do not forget about the importance of textures and drawings: if the facades are matte, a glossy floor will be an excellent addition. In a gray interior, a marble pattern looks interesting, which can be used to decorate an apron, countertop or floor.

Matte kitchen combined with marble countertop.

To diversify the space, it will be enough to add just one bright accent. When combining different colors of the kitchen set, it is worth remembering that the dark color should always be at the bottom. This will help to avoid “overloading” the space.

Well, now we will combine colors and shades to create a bright and interesting interior.

Gray kitchen combined with white and black

Each of these strict classic colors will add their own touch to the gray interior. If the interior is too bright, white will add tranquility, and if the kitchen turns out to be dark, a light shade will dilute the severity and languor of the room. In addition, the white color will help make the space more spacious and free.

White softens the excessive severity of gray, these two colors are perfectly “friends” and are suitable for those who are not ready for bright color experiments. The white-gray scale is calm and freshness. Very suitable for small kitchens. A snow–white countertop in a gray kitchen is a win-win option.

Combination with white.

A spectacular contrast will result from a combination of light gray and black.

Black and white contrast of the kitchen.

Dark gray and black are well compatible only in spacious kitchens with a sufficient level of lighting. Otherwise, the room will be darkened.

The black and gray kitchen is elegance itself.

Gray and black – this combination will give the kitchen depth and visual volume. Of course, it is suitable only for spacious rooms and not for all styles. On a light gray background, black will be a spectacular contrast. The combination of black and dark gray will darken the room too much, although it is not devoid of a certain brutality. If you have a spacious kitchen and a lot of natural light, you may well apply this technique.

Combination with black and white.

How do pastel shades combine with the gray color of the kitchen

The use of calm tones will help to make the interior discreet, soft and pleasant, while maintaining a color balance.

Pastel tones.

The combination of gray and blue in the kitchen

The union of gray with blue or blue color is suitable for a kitchen with large windows. The result is an unusual gray-blue combination. This is a cold and strict duo. In general, this kitchen looks very aristocratic.

Blue furniture as an accent.

An original and beautiful combination.

It is very difficult to create a contrast with light blue, since it merges with light gray and does not look very nice with dark. In this case, beige or white will help dilute this combination.

Light blue island.

Grey-red kitchen

Gray with red is a luxurious combination. Gray mutes red and makes it comfortable to perceive. You can choose bright or pastel colors. Just keep in mind that red is a very active color, and it should be dosed. The same applies to pink and purple. They are wonderful accents, but you have to be careful.

A lot of red in a duet with a dark gray color will look aggressive, irritating the eye, and can quickly get bored. Such a kitchen is unlikely to be comfortable and cozy. Therefore, the red color should be used only to create accents, for example in the design of chairs, curtains or appliances.

Red accent.

Breathtakingly stylish.

The combination of gray with green in the kitchen

Gray and green are a perfect combination. A variety of shades of green will help to correct and balance the coldness and severity of gray. Greens, by the way, can be present in the kitchen in the form of indoor plants.

The combination of green and its shades with gray is often found in nature, so this combination will look very appropriate and familiar to the eyes.

Light green furniture looks great in the interior.

Plants will fit perfectly into the interior, preferably without bright colors that can distract attention. Such a union looks spectacular in combination with smooth matte facades.

Perfect combination.

Yellow in a grey kitchen

Gray with yellow – looks great as a bright accent. But don’t overload the kitchen with them. 30% yellow is enough to create a harmonious space. Place accents in small portions: it can be curtains, an apron or chairs. These bright spots are quite enough.

Unusual and beautiful.

The colors from the yellow palette are perfectly combined with all shades of gray, adding sunshine and freshness to the kitchen.

The perfect combination.

Pink and purple with gray

How can pink and purple be combined with gray in the kitchen?

Shades of pink and purple as accents should be used carefully, otherwise you can get the effect of a bright color spot. A good solution would be to use light shades, so that the interior will become gentle and calm.

Gentle tones.

Brown in a gray kitchen

Gray and brown are also a very harmonious combination. The warm brown color softens the severity of gray facades. Brown color can be present in the kitchen in the form of wooden surfaces, and this will be the most successful combination.

Wonderful harmony with shades of wood color.

Gray can be combined with both dark and pastel shades of brown, and wooden surface as an addition will look very advantageous. Wooden furniture will fit perfectly into the interior.

Loft style.

Gray with beige is a very warm combination. There are no sharp contrasts, the interior is powdery and very soft.

And this combination will make the kitchen cozy and warm.

Interior design in a gray kitchen

An important part of the successful creation of a stylish kitchen is the competent selection of finishing materials, decor and furniture, as well as the correct location of lighting.

Furniture and appliances

So that the furniture does not merge with the walls, it should be made in contrasting shades. In monochrome design, kitchen set or furniture may differ from the general background. A comfortable soft sofa can be added to a spacious room.

The grey kitchen set is a restraint that never gets bored. It can be matte and glossy. Matte facades create a soft, calm atmosphere in the kitchen. They are suitable for any style, they are easy to care for. Glossy – for lovers of luxury and brilliance.

The glossy kitchen is bright, sparkling and very modern. Just keep in mind that any spots and touches will be imprinted on it. It requires careful cleaning and polishing. Furniture facades of gray color are perfectly combined with gold and silver fittings, wooden or stone countertops.

A great choice is a white-gray kitchen. White top, gray bottom is a classic. In general, when choosing a kitchen set, follow the rules: from below – darker shades, from above – lighter.

Colorful furniture will help add bright colors. The table is most often chosen in a neutral range.

Kitchen-living room.

Household appliances of silver shades will look very harmonious in a gray kitchen. But household appliances of other colors will also be interesting, it will enliven the interior.

The technique can be absolutely any color.

  • For monochrome design, a metallic technique is ideal.

Chrome-plated household appliances.

  • A black refrigerator will add contrast to a bright environment.

Black household appliances.

  • In a small kitchen, household appliances of light colors visually expand the space;.

U-shaped kitchen.

  • Of course, do not forget about the interesting bright technique, which will add freshness and enthusiasm to the strict interior.

A bright accent in the form of a red refrigerator.

Finishing of walls, floor and ceiling in a gray kitchen

It is necessary to choose finishing materials at the initial stage of repair, as they are the basis of design. Since their choice is huge, it is worth following some recommendations:

  • There should be a balance in the colors. If you choose dark gray furniture, it is preferable to make the walls light so as not to overload the space. With a light kitchen set, both neutral and dark walls will look equally appropriate.
  • The choice of colors should be based on what kind of interior should turn out. Study in detail the features of interior design styles and proceed to the selection of shades.
  • Very catchy items should be small-sized. Accents are better done on curtains, vases, paintings, carpets and so on.

Decorative brick wall decoration.

Finishing materials for the kitchen should have the following qualities:

  • wear resistance,
  • beauty,
  • easy to care for.

Floor covering.

High-strength linoleum, ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware are suitable for flooring. If you have light walls and a spacious kitchen, then the floor may be dark. This combination looks very impressive, just keep in mind that it visually narrows the space. The light floor looks no less elegant. In addition, dust and dirt are not so noticeable on it. Light poured floor, laminate, imitating wood. Laying parquet in the kitchen is very impractical, but it’s a matter of taste.

Shelves instead of hanging cabinets.

When choosing a finishing material for walls, follow the rules of coloristics: if you have a gray kitchen set, then decorate the walls in neutral, warmer shades. If you have gray walls, then do not forget about good lighting. The lack of light will create the effect of a dirty and untidy kitchen. The most practical material for wall decoration in the kitchen is wallpaper or simple painting. Brickwork, decorative plaster are also perfect for your gray kitchen. A gray kitchen set will be well set off by white or beige walls. They will also add warmth and comfort. If you like contrasts and experiments – make the wall bright, but only one. The neutrality and balance of the gray color allow you to experiment with the apron. Let a bright apron be the only accent in your kitchen.

White ceiling.

But it’s better not to experiment with the ceiling. Matte white is a universal option, as they say “for all times and peoples”. It will make the kitchen more spacious and brighter.

Textiles and decor

Curtains are an element of the interior that perfectly complements the room. They perform the accent function very well, so you can choose any bright shades. The length and material can also be different – both short curtains and long tulle are suitable.

Curtains in the interior.

Do you want to add a little romance to the kitchen? Then you can’t do without textiles and curtains. It is he who sets the tone for the general mood. Silver curtains will put an original point in the interior. Bright curtains of saturated color can be a good accent, but if the emphasis is already on another subject, then it is better not to draw attention to the curtains. Instead of curtains, light curtains, roll-up, Roman curtains, blinds with a pattern will also go.

The kitchen will be enlivened by a tablecloth on the dining table, dish towels, pillows, capes, covers. The beauty of a gray kitchen is that you can transform the interior with minimal effort, it’s enough to change the decor a little. Paintings in elegant frames, beautiful dishes, wall clocks, flowers, decorative plates – all this can give your kitchen a completely different image.

A few bright accents, light curtains on the windows.

Adding decor is the final touch that creates a homely atmosphere in the room. You can give a flight of imagination and add animating colored objects to the interior. These can be paintings, colored clocks, original carpets or unusual dishes. Do not forget about the flowers, the pots of which can also take different variations. The decor should be spectacular, but there should be a little of it.


Features of lighting

Lighting needs to be thought out at the initial stage of planning. Proper lighting can transform and enliven the interior, it depends on how the room as a whole will be perceived. Additional illumination in the work area will not be superfluous.

Hanging and spotlights.

The lighting in a gray kitchen should be bright, otherwise it will look gloomy. Bright, but not sharp, it is necessary to maintain a balance. In addition to a large central light source, which in this case should be mandatory, it is necessary to highlight the work area, or countertop, sink and stove. At the same time, choose lamps with diffused light, they will soften the gray color and make the atmosphere more cozy.

Let the lighting be multi-level, make a plan, write a whole light scenario, this is especially important if there is little natural light in the kitchen. Lighting should be thought out in the design project depending on the arrangement of furniture and it will become clear to you where the light sources should be located. These can be spotlights, spots, track systems, and classic sconces.

Proper care of the kitchen

The easiest way to take care of a light gray kitchen with a glossy finish. Due to the light color, stains and prints are invisible on the facades, and it is also easy to clean with a regular rag. Matte facades, especially dark colors, are more problematic. You can wipe them with a soft sponge with a soap solution.

In order to avoid damage to facades, aggressive detergents with abrasives and hard sponges, brushes should not be used.

To make the glossy surface so shiny, it needs careful care.

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