Green living room: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The interior of the living room should be versatile and pleasant to please not only the guests, but also, of course, the owner. In this place, households can gather in the evenings to watch a movie or have a family conversation, it’s nice to just relax and unwind here.

An excellent choice for decorating the living room will be green. Loved by many designers, its various shades are easily combined with most of the palette, and have a positive effect on the human psyche. Green soothes, lifts the mood and gives strength.

Advantages and disadvantages of green in the living room

Green shades are associated with nature, freshness, spring, summer warmth and good mood!

Living room.

The main advantage of green is a relaxing effect on the psyche. This color soothes, relieves stress, emotional tension, fatigue and lifts the mood.

The rich shade of the walls is perfectly combined with white furniture.

The light shade is perfectly combined with yellow.

But now let’s pay attention to the disadvantages. Excessive amount of green in the environment can have too relaxing effect, which can cause apathy, loss of strength and unwillingness to work. Such a natural interior should be diluted with bright accents and other leading colors, without overdoing it with green. For the same reason, green is used with caution when decorating workrooms and offices.

A perfect combination.

The negative effect of green shades is especially strong in people prone to anxiety or suffering from disorders of the nervous system. This can provoke a depressed state and irritability. Avoid using bright shades of green in the interior. Of course, they are acceptable, but only as separate accents. They are better to dilute the design, the main colors of which are more calm and neutral tones.

Bright accents in the black and white living room.

Choosing a shade of green for the living room

Those who have firmly decided to use green in creating interior design should get acquainted with all the nuances in more detail. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in the room, you should choose certain shades. In general, they all have the same effect on a person, but each also has its own characteristics both in terms of its impact on the psyche and in terms of its combination with other colors.

Living room.

Light green and pastel shades are suitable for sociable and calm people. Herbal tones create a gentle, relaxed atmosphere in the room. The interior turns out to be light and airy, it does not press and is great for small rooms, as it does not “load” the space and visually expands it.

Living room.

Emerald shades brings touches of luxury and wealth to the interior, it is preferable for large living rooms. Thanks to him, the design of the room becomes stylish and respectable. The presence of emerald and dark green shades in the atmosphere will provide the host with energy and motivation – they excite and make you act.

Living room in a noble emerald shade.

Coniferous shades are preferred by ambitious, self-confident people. They evoke a sense of security and safety.

Coniferous shades in the design of the living room.

Olive tones are stylish and interesting. According to psychologists, light olive represents youth and freshness, and rich deep shades are associated with wisdom and maturity.

Olive shade in the living room interior.

Apple and pistachio shades are the brightest colors, radiating joy and freshness. They are ideal for a children’s room and a living room.

Bright apple shades for the living room.

Color combination

To choose the right combination, designers use the Itten circle. With it, you can determine how two or more different colors will look together. In accordance with such rules, various schemes of color combinations are determined.

With contrasting

If we look at the Itten circle, we will notice that the red color is located opposite the green. At first glance, it seems that they are incompatible, but with the right selection of shades, a perfect combination will turn out.

Combination with red.

Deep green and emerald shades look great together with purple and burgundy colors, and from the palette of red you can take a soft pink and use it together with herbal, light green shades. All turquoise variants are suitable for crimson, as they have a common subtone – blue.

Playing on contrasts, it is better to combine colors that are close in saturation: light with light shades, and dark with dark.

Combination with red in the interior.

The background for such a solution can be neutral white, beige, gray, and the like.

Three colors

On the color wheel, it looks like a triangle, the corners of which connect three contrasting colors. For the green scale, these colors are orange and purple or blue and red. It is recommended to use complex shades mixed with other colors. Most often they are mixed with gray, which helps to “combine” all three shades.

A bright combination with orange and purple in the interior of the living room.

When creating such a palette, an important rule should be taken into account: each color should not exceed 30%. All three colors are leading, so adding another one would be overkill. But still, additional colors are acceptable as accent spots.

Bright combination with orange.

Neutral whites and other light colors will help to soften the atmosphere and link all the shades together.

Four colors

This is the most difficult option, as it combines 4 colors. According to this scheme , green can be used in two ways:

  • with orange, red and blue;
  • with crimson, blue and orange.

Combination with other colors in the design of the living room.

But it will be quite difficult for a beginner to deal with these combinations and choose the right shades. Coloristics is a serious section in the science of color that designers study. If you want to create an original living room using several colors, it is better to contact specialists, otherwise the interior may turn out to be catchy and tasteless.

Combination with wood

Green is a natural color that is combined with other natural shades. The most win-win combination is the various shades of wood and greenery.

Light shades.

Dark shades.

How to use green color when decorating the living room

By adding green to the interior of the living room, you can go two ways. It depends on what percentage of green the owner wants to see. The color can act as an accent or be the leading, main tone.

Base color

The modern interior allows you to roam, so even bright green can be made basic. Expressive wallpaper decorated in this color will become a bright background. It is advisable to choose furniture in lighter and neutral colors, given the rule that the percentage of green from the total number of shades is no more than 30.

An easier way to add green as a leading color is to hang curtains. This option is cheaper and faster. Curtains attract less attention than walls, so in case of an unsuccessful combination they can be easily replaced. Decor and textiles look interesting in the same way as curtains, but in a darker or lighter shade.


The green color can dilute and complement the interior. His presence makes the atmosphere more lively and energetic, if we talk about light and bright colors. Rich and deep options will add solidity and style to the room.

Accents in the living room.

Accent green objects can be presented both in the form of large furniture, for example, a sofa, and as a small decor. Bed linen and pillows with a tropical pattern will perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom, and live plants will diversify the living room.

Interior design style

When planning the interior design of the living room in green tones, first of all it is necessary to determine the style. This will allow you to choose the right shades, because they are suitable for every style. The green color is quite versatile and finds a place in almost any direction, be it strict classics or dreamy Provence.

Classic style

For classic living rooms, it is recommended to choose pastel noble shades. Combining with the white and beige characteristic of the classics, they will create a majestic, but at the same time relaxed and calm atmosphere. Gold and silver inserts, which can play the role of accessories, will help to make the interior a little more expensive and elite. In the classics, green can be found both in the upholstery of furniture and in the design of walls. You can safely use light green wallpaper with discreet patterns and drawings.

Classic living room with pistachio color accents.

Provence style

Green is perfect for romantic Provence style. This French rustic style perfectly combines shades of green with wooden furniture.

The color palette of the Provence style contains restrained colors: white, beige, cream, pale pink, light green, olive, herbal and other pastel tones. They are often found in the form of floral patterns on textiles and upholstery of sofas and armchairs.

Provence style.

English style

A pair of coffee, gray and olive flowers will fit into the interior, decorated in English style. Green colors are more appropriate here than ever, since the English style contains all the shades of noble wood in its palette. A luxurious and practical interior can be diluted with live plants or furniture of pastel green colors.

English living room.

Scandinavian style

This northern style is characterized by the use of white, blue, gray. All cold shades of green are very well combined with them: mint, menthol, gray-green, turquoise, kelly, jade, emerald.

Scandinavian living room.

Modern style

Practical and comfortable modern style puts any shades of green on an equal footing. Here you can experiment with different combinations, patterns and textures. Discreet, plain green curtains, pillows and bed linen with geometric prints, bright armchairs look stylish and fashionable.

Modern spacious living room.

Eco – style

Everything is obvious here. The most natural style must necessarily contain in its interior different shades of green in combination with wooden materials and textures. He welcomes absolutely any manifestations of these colors, the main thing is that all the interior items used are made of natural materials.


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