Gray color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

It seems that the gray color carries a fleur of depression and hopelessness. Bare walls and a not at all friendly atmosphere are immediately presented. But this is not the case at all. It has many shades and successful combinations that make the interior fresh and light, mysterious and even delicate.


Light shade.

Nuances of using gray in the interior

  • Dark gray. In excess, it makes the room gloomy and very strict. In addition, it visually narrows the room and makes it uncomfortable.

Dark shade.

  • Perfect combinations with gray: white, chocolate and black colors.

Combination with chocolate.

Combination with white and black.

  • Gray is a great base for bright and juicy colors. For example, red, orange, green. They will open up in a special bright way with a share of romance.

Combination with green.

Combination with green and purple.

Combination with red.

The influence on the psyche

Gray color increases self-esteem and self-confidence, promotes practical decision-making and increases the level of intelligence. Of course, it’s hard to believe that shades have such an impact on us. But it is. Psychologists consider this color to be the epicenter of calm and balance.

Small living room.

However, with prolonged exposure to dark shades of gray without bright impurities, depressive thoughts arise. Life turns into a dreary road of fatigue. There is no need to talk about the abilities for creative solutions here. But lighter shades relax and help to restore strength.

Light shades create a relaxed atmosphere.

Shades of Grey

Today there is a whole palette of gray tones and interior designers actively use them. Pearl grey, metal color, ashen, flax color, wet asphalt, graphite. Modern people have long appreciated the practicality and charm of these shades.

Variety of gray shades.

Gray tones with a silver undertone look especially advantageous. They enliven and add solemnity to the room, a festive atmosphere and a premonition of pleasant news. A certain mystery in this design. For those who like strictness in everything, the shades of wet asphalt and graphite are suitable. Concise and simple, and most importantly stylish.

Festive silver.

Strict dark shade.


Pieces of furniture in gray tones look magical and create the basis for bold interior solutions. For example, a bed in this design will give an aristocratic room. Cabinets or a rack will become an elegant addition. And a whole set of furniture in the form of built-in modules in the living room will create a sense of the high status of its owners.


A sofa with a matte graphite structure looks especially good. Leather options look no less expensive and stylish. Tables, armchairs and chairs have both a gray tone and any bright one. They are used as accents, which are located next to neutral furniture.

Sofa with matte graphite structure.


Textile elements in a smoky tone add nobility, sophistication and a solid appearance to the interior. Use the technique of contrasts. If the walls are a light shade, the curtains are decorated in dark and deep shades. And vice versa, when the walls are dark, curtains are selected in a silvery light shade. As a rule, in such an environment, they look almost white, which gives freshness and lightness.

Light curtains add nobility.

Different shades in the living room.

Dark curtains.

You can lay a carpet on the floor, which is decorated in a monochrome range from gray to black. Here it is necessary to adhere to the general concept of the interior, otherwise there is a risk of darkening the overall appearance of the room too much.


Interior decoration

The walls, designed in gray shades, give the interior a mystery and nobility. There is an atmosphere of a light mist of romance. To emphasize the color and add variety, natural stone, concrete, textured plaster or brick are used. In any of these cases, the color will look noble and solid.

Living room.

The walls, designed in a dark gray tone, perfectly harmonize with the floor, which has a clear texture. You can choose laminate, parquet board, linoleum or carpet.

Dark walls and parquet board with wood texture.

Gray in the wall decoration is complemented by the design of the doorway. The doors are decorated in a dark gray tone, milk or beige. Decors under light wood look charming. Gray emphasizes this texture gently and unobtrusively.

Dark and light shades.

The staircase in a gray shade is complemented by a hidden LED backlight. This technique achieves an atmosphere of magic and lightness. And thanks to the additional lighting, the steps become more noticeable.



The gray shade promotes concentration of attention. In the kitchen, during cooking, this property fits perfectly. In addition, it evokes associations with a fashionable expensive restaurant. Add warm wood textures in the form of chairs and a dining table to your interior, as well as artificial stone for the countertop, and the interior will turn into a cozy home corner..


Living room

Gray in the living room interior will emphasize your status and good taste. Of course, in a small room it is better not to use gray tones in large quantities. In furniture items and accessories, it will be enough. And for spacious rooms, all the doors for imagination and experiments are open. Be sure to add bright elements of yellow, red, blue, marsala color and others that you are not indifferent to.

Living room.


In the bedroom, light shades of gray look charming and easy. Especially those that have a matte texture or light silky. Add romance with pink and white accents or beige in combination with chocolate. Any of these solutions will fill the bedroom with an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.


In the bathroom, the gray shade not only looks advantageous, but is also a practical solution. There are less visible streaks and wet smudges on it. For each hostess, this will be a significant bonus. When choosing a color scheme, consider the size of the room. In a tiny bath, it is better to choose light shades, use glossy and even mirror surfaces.


Light and dark shades.

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