Gray bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

What is gray – it’s stylish, peaceful and noble. We tend to think so, and therefore this article is dedicated to the design of the bedroom in gray tones.

Psychology of gray and its shades

Psychologically, gray is completely neutral, it does not cause a surge of emotions. Isn’t that why the stereotype was born that this is something boring and not interesting? Gray color is chosen by self-confident, balanced people, for whom inner peace is above all. This color will be a wonderful background for the bedroom, it does not irritate, does not hit the eyes, reduces anxiety and stress, helps to relax. But even here a lot depends on the shades. Dark shades of gray can depress and cause anxiety. You can balance this with a skillful combination. That’s about shades and combinations, and then the conversation will go on. How many shades of gray does it have? We bend our fingers:

  • Silver is a very elegant shade, brings coolness and a sense of spaciousness.
  • Asphalt is a universal shade for modern interiors.
  • The shade of wet asphalt is a deep noble shade.
  • Smoky – in fact, it will create a fleur of mystery.

Bedroom in pearl tones.

  • Pearl shade – the name speaks for itself. Very good in classic interiors.
  • Anthracite shade – can be bright or neutral.
  • Ashen – can also have a lot of shades.
  • Mouse shade – despite such an unromantic name, it looks stylish and expensive.
  • The linen shade is soft and warm.
  • Lime shade.

Marengo color in the bedroom interior.

  • Marengo is an amazing shade, always aristocratic.

Foggy color in the bedroom interior.

We think there is no doubt that with the help of such a palette you can create a stunning interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gray is back in fashion now, and it’s no accident. Designers love it for its versatility, because it’s a pleasure to combine it with other colors. And this is an excellent background for bright accents. And here are the other advantages of gray:

  • It reduces the nervous load.
  • Does not tire the eyes.
  • Creates a relaxing atmosphere for a good rest.
  • With the help of different shades of gray, you can both increase and decrease the space.

Disadvantages, as psychologists correctly noted – it can depress and cause anxiety, and an overabundance of gray in the interior can really make the situation impersonal and dull.

Color combination

In fact, gray color is combined with almost the entire palette, and in each combination it manifests itself in different ways.

Combination with white.

  • With white – a very stylish combination, full of coolness. Such a duet fills the atmosphere with spaciousness and sophistication.

Combination with blue.

  • With blue – the perfect combination for bedrooms. Peace and freshness.

Combination with purple.

  • With purple or pink – a sensual and gentle combination. Relaxation and dreaminess.

Combination with beige.

  • With beige – these two neutral colors will create a very pleasant atmosphere, conducive to a relaxing holiday.

Combination with red.

  • With red – gray will dull the expressiveness of red and give an atmosphere of nobility.

Combination with orange.

  • With orange – an inspiring combination, full of passion.

Combination with yellow.

  • With yellow – a very optimistic combination. On a gray background, the brightness and juiciness of the yellow color reveals itself especially fully.

Combination with green.

  • With green – a soothing combination like nature itself.

Combination with brown.

  • With brown – a strict, calm and thorough palette.

Combination with black.

  • With black – light gray shades combined with black create a noble and stylish interior.

Are you determined to make a bedroom in gray? Fine, just keep in mind that the determining factors here will be the size of your bedroom and its illumination. We immediately abandon dark shades of gray if the bedroom is small and there is not enough natural light.

Interior design style

In what style to decorate the bedroom?

Furniture is purchased according to the chosen style. Styles that are most in tune with the gray entourage:

Hi-tech style

Hi-tech style – favorite materials – metal, stone, concrete, the commitment of this style to gray is undeniable. The silver sheen of chrome-plated steel, the cold sheen of mirror and glass surfaces and all shades of gray are all in this theme. You can add fresh flowers and natural wood elements to this interior to make it more cozy.

Loft style

Loft style – concrete walls, open communications. Therefore, gray is the main palette of this style. And all shades of gray are appropriate here not only in furniture and decor, but also in accessories and textiles.

Classic style

Classic is a restrained nobility of style, inclined to use light shades of gray. A combination with beige, blue colors will be appropriate here. Blue curtains against gray walls will look very elegant.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style – gray color is as traditional for him as white or blue. Light tones reflect the sunny color and create the illusion of a spacious and bright space. Natural textiles, wood and live plants are very well combined here. Dark shades are also acceptable here, but only in the form of accents.

Country style

Country style – actively uses gray color, including as a base background. Preference is given to light shades. They can be present both when painting walls and on furniture facades. Brown is most often used as a second color. You can add some black accents.

Provence style

Provence is close to country, but the palette is a little different. Here, green or burgundy colors are added to the gray walls.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is the main concept – laconism. A minimum of furniture, practical and functional, no intricate decor, simple natural materials. Decorate the bedroom in silver tones – it will become visually larger. If the windows face the sunny side, there will be more freshness and coolness in the room.

Art Nouveau style

This elegant style is very in tune with the gray color scheme. Monochrome design, restraint in details, geometric patterns, a subtle sense of style is guessed in everything.

Design ideas

The bedroom in gray is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Such an interior is chosen by self-sufficient and accomplished people.

Finishing materials

Gray may well be the main and basic color, so we make walls in this color. It can be painting, plaster, wooden panels for painting, textured wallpaper. When wallpapering the wall, try not to make the joints visible.

The floor can be parquet, vinyl tile, carpet or ordinary linoleum. The shade of the floor is chosen depending on the color of the walls. The most common combination is light walls and dark floor. It can also be a laminate of silver or anthracite color. Adhere to the rule that a light floor is better for small rooms, in other cases it may be dark, darker than the walls.

The ceiling is always lighter than the walls. In a gray bedroom, the most logical thing would be a white ceiling – painted, whitewashed or stretched. Multilevel structures have a bad effect on illumination, it is better to abandon them in a gray interior.

A dark floor with light walls is most common.


What should stand in a gray bedroom? The bed, of course. She needs special attention. Against the background of gray walls, a bed with a high quilted headboard will look elegant. We will put gray bedside tables near the bed – they will add aristocracy. If you need a wardrobe, then let it be glossy with a pearly sheen – this will make the interior distinctive. If the bedroom is dominated by dark shades of gray, then the furniture should be light. Brown or black furniture will look very impressive against the background of light walls. Soft watercolor shades of furniture will visually expand the room.

White furniture.

In a bedroom designed in a cold gray scale, it is quite appropriate to use large luxury pieces of furniture. A large original bed, a massive chest of drawers even without additional decor will make the bedroom attractive and finished. The color of the furniture, of course, should differ from the color of the walls.

Functional and presentable.


The selection of textiles for a gray bedroom should be as impeccable as everything else.

  • If the room faces the sunny side, and you decorate it in cold shades of gray, then white curtains will look best here. But this is not the only option.
  • Curtains of the color of wet sand will also be good here. In the warm tone of the interior, sand-colored curtains with a golden tint will look great.

  • Green curtains are good in both cold and warm colors, lighter shades for cool, thicker ones for warm.
  • Blue curtains, plain or patterned, will also create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom.

  • You can also hang red curtains in a gray room. If there is a warm gray palette on the walls, then scarlet curtains or brick color will look very advantageous. For cold tones, we choose cherry, raspberry shades of red.
  • However, gray curtains, slightly different from the color of the walls, are also quite acceptable.

Choose natural fabrics – satin, silk, velvet. To create a spectacular accent, use crystal beads, lurex pickups as a curtain decor.

And a few more recommendations for choosing curtains:

  • If the wallpaper is textured, with patterns, we make the curtains plain and better without draperies.
  • If there are several colors on the walls, we make curtains in the color that is the most, that is, in the base.
  • Curtains with a three-dimensional pattern can be hung to plain wallpaper.

And many more nuances should be taken into account when choosing curtains, which we will not dwell on here. It’s time to talk about lighting.


In order for your bedroom to really not look dull, lighting should be thought out especially carefully. Types of lighting:

  • The central chandelier of light tones with soft diffused light.
  • Additional lighting of important areas – sconces or floor lamps near the bed, mirror illumination.
  • Spot lighting around the perimeter, with an emphasis on specific details.

Multi-tiered lighting is still out of competition. If you place lamps with diffused light near the bed, this will create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Do not neglect colored lampshades and colored light bulbs – they can create incredible accents and completely transform the interior.

Multi-level lighting.


Let’s pay attention to the details. Dilute the gray scale with calm pastel tones, it perfectly harmonizes with them. Add milk, mint, pale pink, sky blue shades. Accessories are made of natural wood or stone.

Bright decor in a gray bedroom.

Of course, a wonderful decor can be a mirror that will increase the space and create interesting optical effects. Bright decorative pillows made of iridescent fabrics, silver decor looks luxurious against the background of glossy textures of furniture.

Monochrome bedroom.

Tips from designers

  • Gray can create a sophisticated and elegant style, but do not abuse dark shades. For example, you should not use it to paint the walls – the situation will become too strict and conservative, even bright accents will not save here. In addition, dark gray shades narrow the room, and this is just killer for small rooms.
  • Choose neutral tones for combinations. Absolutely win-win options: white, black, brown.
  • Cool shades of gray look refined and refined. But if you want to create a cozy atmosphere, then it’s better to choose warm colors here. Dark gray will create depth and intimacy, light will visually expand the space
  • To “warm up” the room facing the north side, choose a gray-olive or gray-beige shade.
  • If you have bright walls, then gray furniture will be the best choice. It always looks respectable and expensive. And more richly than black or beige. Bright pillows will reveal the depth of color. An overabundance of bright color will also help smooth out silver bedspreads, vases, floor lamps and sconces.
  • Gray color goes well with natural materials – wood, pay attention to such breeds as oak, beech, birch, walnut, alder; stone; rattan furniture, natural textiles, fur capes on chairs are very organic.
  • Don’t forget about fresh flowers. Indoor plants or freshly cut flowers will add sophistication and style.

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