Small bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

You may be surprised when you find out that the average person spends from 15 to 30 years in a dream for his whole life! And this means that almost a third of our lives we are in the bedroom. In addition, for many, this room serves not only as a place to sleep, but also to relax: many people like to lie in a soft bed, watching the next episode of their favorite TV series. Therefore, it is important to make spending time in the bedroom as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Many people despair when they have to settle in an apartment of modest size, and say goodbye to the dream of an original and cozy interior. But a small bedroom is not a sentence, because in the hands of an experienced designer, even it easily turns into a stylish and interesting room!

Interior design styles for a small bedroom

When choosing a style for a kitchen or living room, the main criterion is the functionality and convenience of the design. But in the bedroom, personal tastes and preferences come first. Designers consider minimalism, classic, Provence, loft, Scandinavian and modern to be the most successful styles for small bedrooms. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Modern style

The name speaks for itself: this is a stylish fashionable option for lovers of simplicity and beauty, putting convenience and comfort in the first place. This style is characterized by calm shades, clear lines and a minimum of objects. It perfectly combines aspects of different styles. So, here you can find notes of minimalism – modern style does not tolerate excesses and numerous bright decor. Decorations should be simple and neat, and furniture should be functional and reliable.

The ceiling is usually plain and restrained, the same can be said about the walls. In such rooms you will rarely find photo wallpapers, but textures are allowed: imitation of brick, stone or wood. The flooring is also simple, laminate or parquet of strict tones is used. Glossy, mirrored, polished and metallic surfaces strongly reflect light, which allows you to visually enlarge the room.

Accents can be ceramic vases, modern paintings and figurines. Do not forget about the plants: they enliven the room. When choosing a textile fabric, it is advisable to give preference to natural linen, cotton or silk without bright patterns and decorations. Lighting should be cozy and dim, bedside sconces and spotlights are often used.

Classic style

Classics are always relevant and will never go out of fashion. If you are an aristocrat at heart who loves luxury and the atmosphere of the 19th century, this style will definitely help to reflect your character. The color scheme is mainly soft and pastel: light pink, beige, cream, light lilac and sky blue. The furniture is decorated with carvings and golden inserts, silk or leather is used for upholstery. The headboard of the bed can also be leather, and the fabric of the bed linen should be expensive and of high quality. For the bedspread, a jacquard fabric with a large pattern is often used. The windows are decorated with thick curtains made of velvet or satin, from the same fabric you can hang a canopy over the bed.

Important attention should be paid to lighting – one of the most important differences of the classics is the presence of large crystal chandeliers that give abundant light. Properly placed light sources will make the atmosphere truly majestic and royal.

Provence style

Romantic Provence in the design of a small bedroom is ideal for sentimental, romantic and dreamy natures who dream of a measured life in the countryside. With this style, you can bring to the bedroom an atmosphere of peace, presented by French nature. Provence is characterized by natural colors: pink, lilac, lavender, herbal, light brown, beige and blue. Materials should also be natural, avoid anything artificial and unnatural.

Provence-style furniture is made of wood, usually upholstered in cotton or linen fabric with floral ornaments. This print can also be found on wallpaper and in the decor. Interior items are mostly vintage, sometimes specially aged.

Unlike the two previous styles, Provence loves an abundance of diverse decor: these are figurines, cute pillows, various panels and aged paintings in wooden frames.

The lighting should be unobtrusive and scattered around the room, and the light should be warm. Stylized small floor lamps are often installed near armchairs and sofas, adding comfort to the atmosphere.

Loft style

Despite the fact that this style is mainly used in spacious rooms with high ceilings, a small bedroom is also suitable. To add space to the room, you can make a panoramic window, and instead of the classic brick color, use white whitewash or leave concrete panels. Curtains are not welcome here, so blinds or thin curtains are hung on the windows.

The loft style has a great advantage: if communications are usually hidden, for example, pipes, then in this style they become a decorative element and create a special entourage. As for the usual decorative elements, there are a minimum of them here. The exception may be mirrors without frames, unusual lamps and even stairs.

When decorating a loft-style room, it is important to reflect the atmosphere of industrial enterprises in the atmosphere, because the first premises in this style arose precisely on the basis of abandoned workshops and factories. Therefore, a minimum of furniture is used here, and there are no partitions.

Minimalist style

Minimalism can rightfully be awarded the title of the best style for a small bedroom. An abundance of objects and furniture is not welcome here, thanks to which it will be possible to relieve the situation and make it more spacious. The color palette, as a rule, is also quite modest: one leading color and the second additional, similar in hue. You can add some accents to make the atmosphere more interesting.

Everything should be simple and concise: furniture, decor, and lamps. Even the wallpaper is recommended to choose monochrome, but geometric patterns are allowed, for example, stripes. This style is sure to appeal to busy business people who are very tired. After a hard day, a simple unobtrusive atmosphere will help you relax and gain strength.

Scandinavian style

This style is characterized by an abundance of light and cool tones, because it comes from the Nordic countries. Multicolored accents can rarely be found here, light tones are used: light gray, white, blue, coffee. For the walls, it is best to choose not a pure white color, because it will make the situation too cold, but a warmer one, for example, ivory.

Furniture should be practical, reliable and modest. Materials can be any, be it plastic chairs or wooden tables, but the fabric is worth buying natural – wool or fur textiles will be very much in the theme here. The less decor, the better, but it should be meaningful and fit the interior.

Put some memorable souvenirs from the trip, hang creative paintings or decorate the sofa with a couple of fun pillows. The decor should not be strict, but simple and slightly careless. Small scuffs are the main charm of this style.

Interior design of a small bedroom

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the color solution. For the design of a small bedroom, it is highly not recommended to use a dark palette. It will narrow the room even more, and being in such an environment will be psychologically oppressive. There may be a feeling of isolation and isolation, and emotionally sensitive people will feel a decline in strength. Therefore, designers prefer to use light calm tones to create the interior of a small bedroom, thanks to which the room seems more spacious and freer.

They have another plus: if the bedroom is on the sunny side, it will not be so hot in summer, because the light color perfectly reflects the sun’s rays. However, do not limit yourself to just a light palette. A plain room can quickly get bored and become uninteresting, so the original bright decor comes to the rescue here. As a rule, any additional color will fit perfectly into a bright interior, and you can let your imagination run wild: use creative bed linen with drawings, abstract paintings, designer vases or photo wallpapers at the head of the bed. They will attract all the attention and smooth out the first negative impression caused by the tightness of the room.

The decor can carry not only the function of decorating and complementing the interior, but also help to visually increase the area. To do this, install large mirrors or use metal surfaces. A good solution would be to install a wardrobe with mirrored doors. Also, a dark floor covering, for example, in the color wenge, dark oak, mahogany or plum wood, will help to give more space.

The most difficult thing in a small bedroom is the placement of all the necessary furniture. You may have to give up some items. For the rational use of each meter of the room, a lot of furniture has been invented that combines several functions. For example, in order not to take up a lot of space with dressers and cabinets, you can install one large cabinet with many shelves and drawers inside. It is guaranteed to fit all the necessary things. The question of the placement of the bed itself is also relevant – many models are quite large and occupy almost the entire area. If the room is very small, there is still a way out: the option with a folding bed built into the closet will help to save space significantly.

It is worth abandoning large furniture in favor of compact models, decorated in a concise and simple style. Also try to clear the space as much as possible: throw away all unnecessary things. They will not only visually reduce the space of the room, but will also collect dust on themselves, which is very undesirable for a bedroom. The fewer things there are, the easier it is to breathe both psychologically and physically.

Pay attention to the walls as well: bare space will make the interior empty and unfinished. They can also be used usefully, hang shelves or racks on them. If there is a niche in the room, this is a great place to install a built-in wardrobe. Thus, it will take up the minimum amount of space and will not get in the way.

Choosing wallpaper for a small bedroom

When choosing wallpaper, you should be very careful. As it was noted, too dark and saturated colors negatively affect the perception of the room, significantly narrowing it. In addition, waking up in a dark bedroom will be very difficult, and a long stay in it can cause a depressed mood. It is advisable to give preference to pastel light shades. They not only make the interior of the room more cozy and warmer, but also have a positive effect on the psyche.

White color helps to stay in good shape, fills with energy and gives a feeling of purity and freedom. But you should not overdo it with it: a pure white room should be diluted with bright accents, otherwise it will be associated with the hospital and strain. For example, light wallpaper can be supplemented with wallpaper with vertical stripes, which will not only dilute the spaciousness and modesty of the white interior, but also help to increase the height of the ceilings. And if the room is too narrow, you can glue horizontal stripes – they will correct this drawback.

An interesting effect is produced by wallpaper with a different volumetric texture. Thanks to the play of light and shadow, they make the room more voluminous and are ideal for the smallest bedrooms. You can significantly expand the space with the help of photo wallpapers. They will enliven the interior and become the highlight of the interior. The image of a tropical beach at any time of the year will remind you of a summer vacation, immersing you in a relaxed peaceful state. And if you are a fan of large megacities and active life, choose wallpapers with the image of skyscrapers. Photos of plants combined with pastel shades will make the interior of the room gentle and calm.

Curtains in a small bedroom

They are one of the most important elements in the bedroom interior. Curtains not only save from the abundance of light, but also perfectly complement the design of the room. Their appearance is selected based on the style in which the room is decorated. But there is a universal option – plain fabric without patterns and patterns. Natural material will give the atmosphere a homely and cozy atmosphere.

Furniture set for a small bedroom

In a small bedroom, it is worth choosing small furniture that will not eat up the missing space. The number of items should be kept to a minimum, leaving the most important. A bed without legs will add compactness and simplicity to the interior. It can even be without a frame – now such an option as a regular mattress on the floor is gaining popularity. Dressers, cabinets and cabinets should be with the maximum number of drawers.

The heart of the bedroom is undoubtedly the bed. When choosing it, it is important to take into account the size – there should be room for free movement around the room. In a small room, it is desirable to put it against the wall, combining it into a composition with the rest of the furniture. If desired, you can install small bedside tables and hang sconces near the sleeping place.

Small children’s bedroom

A children’s room, which also combines a bedroom, requires a special approach. It is important to implement the correct zoning and allocate space for sleep, rest, games and a workplace. An attic bed will help save space, at the bottom of which you can equip a table for creative activities and lessons.

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