Modern Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The bedroom is a place of relaxation. Here you need a calm atmosphere that disposes and relaxes. Modern style always assumes simplicity and conciseness. Therefore, it fits perfectly for the sleeping area. In this article we will analyze how to design such a design, what needs to be taken into account. And also we will analyze what it would be better to refuse.

Bedroom in a modern style.

Bedroom decoration in a modern style

Modern style is not fussy. Simple materials in decoration and furniture items, textiles without unnecessary details. But sometimes you can see interiors that look like modern stylistics, but are made in disharmony. Even if all the chips of our time are applied there. A lot and more expensive does not mean better. Therefore, now we will analyze the basic principles of building a modern style in the bedroom.

Cozy bedroom in a modern style.

Color palette

To begin with, we will tell you which shades are not recommended to use in a modern bedroom. These are peach, jade and emerald, burgundy, bright pink. The fact is that these colors were actively used at the end of the 20th century. And to put it simply, they are associated with the 1990s.

And now let’s look at the recommended colors. This is the whole palette, except for the above. You also need to understand that they are divided into colors for the background (in large volumes) and accents. In addition to the walls, floor and ceiling, you will have furniture, curtains, bed linen in your bedroom. And it is necessary to see the big picture and choose the right shades for each element so that the interior looks harmonious.

The main rules in the selection of colors: the background is neutral, the details are bright. But brightness is not always needed, and in a modern interior, as a rule, they do without it.

Calm tones in the bedroom interior in a modern style.

The ceiling finish is always light. Or rather, they always choose white for its design.

Fashionable bedroom interior design.

Wall decoration is selected in beige, white, gray tones. Or a dark deep shade of any of the color palette.

It is important to choose a successful combination of the palette of shades.

The accent wall can be of any shade. Very often this color is made muted or dirty.

The atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

The floor usually has a woody texture in light or dark tones.

Laconic, modern design.

The perfect color solution for a modern bedroom

  • Background – neutral.
  • Wood texture.
  • Muted color for accent.
  • Illumination in darkened areas.

That’s the whole recipe. The backlight looks especially cool in a modern style bedroom, because it is characterized by the presence of neon lighting. It is allowed along the perimeter of decorative panels, which pass a strip along one wall or several. This is already 50% of the modern bedroom. The panel may have a dark structure of wood, concrete, stone, bars, plasterboard protrusions in the paint. In the bedroom, this creates a cozy relaxing atmosphere of comfort.

Decorative wall and ceiling decoration in combination with diode lighting.

The atmosphere of romance.

Beige tone in the bedroom interior.

Bedroom furniture in a modern style

The simplest rule is simple and straight lines. Without bends, without radius structures on the ceiling, furniture of a clear shape, without “undulation”. Only the correct geometry. Once upon a time, radii and bends were a fresh unusual solution. Not now. Such techniques cheapen the interior and eat up the whole style.

Strict, clear lines in the interior design of a modern style.

Of course, such an interior can and will be cozy, but not stylish. Smoothness and softening of strict geometry are achieved with the help of textile elements. And there are a lot of them in the bedroom. It should also be remembered that in the modern interior there is a part of minimalism, especially with regard to the decoration of walls, floor and ceiling. At the end of the received interior, you will always have the opportunity to complement it with decorative elements. It is better initially, at the stage of the design project, to leave yourself this opportunity. Because if an overload occurs in the finish, it will be more difficult to fix it.

The practicality of the solution in creating a interior design.

A white color in a modern-style bedroom is like the purity of consciousness.

The woody texture harmoniously fits into the interior of a modern style.

The main directions of styles for the bedroom

We have described the rules for building a modern style for the bedroom. But there will be nuances in each individual direction. After all, modern stylistics is only a general definition.


This style is characterized by a lack of details and decors. Only the essentials are present. But if we consider it as an interior for a bedroom, it is necessary to breathe comfort into it, in the generally accepted sense of the word. Practicality and convenience are important for a modern interior. In minimalism, these points are not always feasible. Therefore, take this style as a basis and simply complement it.

Minimum details – does not overload the interior.

Discreet grey.

Tonal lightness in interior design.

Interior “no frills”.

Minimalistic bedroom design.

More light and air in space.


This style is associated with high technology. Textures such as metal and gloss. Large TV screen, automatic system for turning on lights and opening curtains. The mattress on the bed is the head of the entire interior and its appearance should be given special attention.

Clear filling of the space in high-tech style.

Monochrome in detail.

Pragmatic high-tech design.

Modern high-tech technologies.

Unusual design.

Interesting design of a bed in a high-tech style bedroom.


Non-standard and original style. Now he is very popular and sets his own rules in the decoration of walls, floor and ceiling. He refers to brutal styles without compromise. But at the same time, it can be issued in absolutely different ways. Elegance and comfort also harmoniously coexist with the irrepressible and irascible character of the interior.

Loft Style.

Creative execution of interior design in Loft style.

Brick and concrete covering of the walls is an integral part of the Loft-style interior.

Small cozy bedroom in Loft style.

Brutality in the interior.

Loft-style interior decoration option.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian evokes associations of naturalness, conciseness and simplicity. Natural furniture prevails here, a light range of shades in gray or white tones. Decorative elements without ornament or with a geometric pattern: stars, polka dots, stripes, zigzags. Bright pastel shades feel great here. On a gray background, they stand out especially and give the interior a sense of comfort.

A small bedroom in Scandinavian style.

The atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Functionality in the interior.

A shade of nude in a Scandinavian-style.

Bedroom design in Scandinavian style.

Bedroom decoration in Scandinavian style.

Eco style

100% natural green style. The natural interior is made up of unusual things in the form of lamps made of branches or a chandelier in the form of plaits. Sections of trees are hung on the walls. Furniture and all components of the interior, including decoration, are made of natural materials. Suitable for those who have always dreamed of living closer to nature.

Emotional comfort in eco-style.

Warm colors in the interior.

An environment conducive to meditation.

“Unity” with nature.

Spacious eco-style bedroom.

A special atmosphere.

Classic style

The style of the aristocrats. The interior is cozy and bohemian. It shows the status of its owner and excellent refined taste. A bedroom in this style requires a lot of space. Symmetry of decorative elements, stucco decorations, crystal, porcelain figurines and vases, heavy curtains made of natural materials are integral components of this interior.


The use of stucco in the interior.

A crystal chandelier in a classic bedroom gives a certain chic.

Symmetry in the interior design.

Luxury interior.

The use of porcelain parts is an essential attribute.

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