Black bedroom: design in dark colors

By | November 17, 2022

Black color in the design of an apartment or a country house in the world of modern design has become a popular trend. It emphasizes the elegance and sophistication of the interior created by the designer.

Simplicity, style and comfort in the bedroom in black.

Most often it is used in rooms allocated for the living room or kitchen. In the bedroom, black color is rarely used. And this is not always justified. There is an opinion that such a design move will make a room designed for rest and relaxation of a person gloomy, even mystical.

A little mysticism will only emphasize the sophistication of the interior.

However, studies conducted by experts have found that in such a bedroom, the sleep hormone melatonin is produced faster. A person falls asleep faster and does not suffer from insomnia. So a room that combines a sleeping place and a personal space, which is not invaded by other family members or guests in the house, can not only impress with sophistication, but also add a therapeutic component to the atmosphere of comfort.

Comfort and coziness in the bedroom of dark tones.

In fairness, it should be noted that it is not easy to achieve such an effect. To do this, you need to use some design techniques, be able to accurately adhere to the rules of the chosen style direction. As a result, this will allow you to create an attractive and cozy place for rest and sleep with the help of black. Modernity and rigor, the ability to visually expand the space and correct the geometry of the room – all these are features of black.

Black color in high-tech style.

Experienced designers, developing design projects of a black bedroom in different styles, try to use these qualities most widely.

Rules for finishing a black bedroom

The main of these rules can be considered the use of this extraordinary color only in a spacious room. A modest-sized room for visual magnification is better decorated in bright colors.

Spaciousness is the main rule for using black.

In addition, it should be remembered that it is absolutely necessary:

  • dilute the black color;
  • correctly use the bedroom lighting so that there is no feeling of gloom;
  • use materials of different structures and textures, but at the same time regulate the number of elements of the latter;
  • correctly combine the used black color with pure and saturated tones;
  • create contrast;
  • clearly adhere to the chosen style.

Choosing the style of bedroom decoration, great attention should be paid to the details of the interior. It is they who, when organically fitting in, create a sense of completeness of the overall picture. At the same time, every deviation from the style will become a design mistake and will be more noticeable against the black background of the bedroom than in another color scheme.

All this requires a careful approach to the planning of the work carried out.

Stylistic solutions of the bedroom in black tones

Of course, the best option when creating such a complex design would be to invite a professional. But there are not always conditions for this. When deciding to do this work yourself, it is useful to first determine the style and then get acquainted with the basic rules governing it. Let’s consider several options.

Classic and Gothic

Gothic style.

In the black bedroom, classics are often intertwined with Gothic, which is most organically combined with a dark palette. At the same time, it is necessary to use interior items that are completely suitable for this style. Usually it is almost impossible to buy furniture for such a bedroom in salons and shops, so it is made to order. The cost of such an interior is far from budget. If the financial side of the issue is not an obstacle, then it is enough to adhere to the following requirements:

  • The style requires vertical orientation of objects, which makes the overall picture more expressive.

Vertical orientation of Gothic elements in the interior.

  • The intensity of natural light should be limited. This can be achieved by changing the geometry of windows or window frames: stained glass windows, patterned Gothic layout.
  • The chandelier and candelabra, as the main sources of artificial lighting, are arranged taking into account the requirements of the style.

Massive chandelier in a classic interior.

  • To make the most of forged interior details: candlesticks, floor lamps, poufs. They will successfully complement the overall concept of style.
  • Fill the bedroom space with massive, almost bulky, furniture made of natural materials and metal.

Bed made of natural wood for Gothic style.

  • The main piece of furniture will always be a bed, preferably made of solid oak. A sleeping bed with forged elements also does not lose relevance in this interior.

Wrought iron bed base in Gothic style.

  • Wall decoration with wallpaper, decorative plaster or artificial stone is acceptable.

Wallpaper with a spectacular pattern is a good find.

  • Stone, natural wood, tile – the most suitable material for finishing a bedroom in black.

Bedroom decoration in dark colors.

  • The presence of mirror surfaces on the walls or free-standing mirrors in massive wooden or forged frames is mandatory.

Mirrors – as a decorative element.

  • Textiles are suitable as accents: heavy curtains, luxurious bedspreads.

Textiles for the classic bedroom style.

  • The floor covering in the form of a carpet is selected taking into account the texture of the floor material.

It is worth paying attention once again to the fact that Gothic, as an interior style, involves the use of natural materials that can be combined with other elements of this interior.

Minimalist style

Simple, functional and comfortable.

This is the simplest style for those who want to have a bedroom in dark colors. The motto of the style is form, simplicity and comfort.

The fewer foreign objects, the more functional the bedroom.

For all its practicality and simplicity, minimalism adheres to certain requirements:

  • compliance with the correct geometric proportions;
  • maximum use in wall decoration of simple materials without texture;
  • the floor covering is parquet, laminate, natural or artificial stone in tone with wall decoration;
  • contrasting color of the ceiling;
  • using a partner color, for example, black and gray;
  • minimum amount of functional furniture made of wood or metal;
  • bedside tables, cabinets, beds should be simple without decorative elements;
  • large windows without draperies – as a source of natural light, the use of roller blinds is allowed;

Drapery of windows in the style of minimalism.

  • as artificial lighting, powerful fluorescent lamps, neon illumination of LEDs, wall lamps of simple design are used;

Illumination and separate light sources in loft style.

  • a complete rejection of decor that does not carry a functional load, the presence of large indoor plants, floor vases and paintings on the wall is possible.

The permissible percentage of the presence of black in minimalism is 70%, the rest can be a neutral color. White color as a contrast – no more than 10%.

A combination of styles in the black bedroom

A bedroom in black may well become the basis for several more interior styles, among which the leading role is played by pop art, which has not lost its popularity since the middle of the last century. The abundance of colors inherent in this style will be emphasized by the severity of the black finish.

Pop art style details on a background of black trim.

Elements of pop art on the background of a black bedroom can be successfully combined with the loft style.

A successful combination of pop art with loft style in the bedroom of dark tones.

Pop art framed in dark shades is compatible with contemporary and ethnic styles.

Ethnic style and pop art in the bedroom.

Ultramodern hi-tech can serve as an excellent addition to pop art. The harmony of natural, artificial materials and black color is the highlight of such an interior.

Hi-tech in the black bedroom.

The boldness of pop art requires a creative approach to the design of the bedroom, so black is always complemented with bright color accents. At the same time, small errors in combining elements of different stylistic directions do not violate the overall harmony of the interior.

The bedroom is black with oriental motifs

Monochrome as a background for oriental motifs.

In recent years, many designers have introduced elements of oriental styles into monochrome interiors. Such techniques are now at the peak of popularity. But even in this case there are rules for combining oriental motifs with black bedroom decoration:

  • The main accent in oriental styles is decoration. Its types are diverse: textured plaster, carved wooden panels with an oriental motif, wallpaper.

Wall decoration in oriental style.

  • Contrasting white is used to dilute the basic black.

The white headboard softens the overall atmosphere of a dark bedroom.

  • The dark palette must be balanced along with white with other pure colors: red, purple, yellow.

Japanese style in the interior.

Creating a bedroom in dark colors with oriental motifs, it is necessary to include a carpet, a large amount of textiles in the form of a canopy, heavy dense curtains, thread curtains for zoning the room space in the set of decor elements.

Abundance of textiles in the bedroom with oriental motifs.

All furniture and decor elements should fully support the oriental style. Carving, gilding, metal elements are a mandatory part of the decoration. They can be either a certain symbolism or just decoration.

Yin and Yang in bedroom textiles.

The correct play of light is very important in a bedroom with such a style. Each functional area should have its own illumination. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid cold neon light.

Artificial lighting in the bedroom.

The desired result can be achieved without making significant changes to the existing bedroom in dark colors. It is enough to harmoniously bring decor into the interior that corresponds to the style, and the atmosphere of the east will be present in the room.

Decorative elements in the black bedroom.

Taking into account the recommendations of experienced designers outlined above, you can create a bedroom in black with a unique, unique design, the atmosphere in which will always be cozy and comfortable.

In conclusion, it is necessary to note some negative aspects of creating a bedroom in such a color scheme. For all its originality, stylishness and nobility, black is not suitable for everyone emotionally. For people who are psychologically unstable, unbalanced and constantly in a stressful mode of work and life, this will only add negative feelings.

It is not always a good choice of such a color solution for rooms oriented to the north. If the desire to have a black bedroom outweighs, then experts advise to visually insulate the atmosphere in the room due to warm artificial lighting and combination with other color shades. The presence in the bedroom of black tones interspersed with other colors will only emphasize the advantages of the created interior. The carriers of the partner color can be carpets, paintings, mirrors, textiles. But in most cases, the choice of black color for the design of the bedroom is successful. Creating an image of darkness and nighttime will give you a strong and restful sleep.

In addition, he will emphasize such character traits of the owner of an apartment or house as determination, the ability to make a bold choice in the direction of originality, uniqueness, exclusivity. A black bedroom has a certain magic and can be classically attractive and noble.

Do not be afraid to apply non-standard ideas and advanced design solutions when creating the interior of your own home. Your life in the created comfortable and cozy atmosphere will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions.

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