Blue bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Cornflower field, azure, mysterious indigo, heavenly depth and sea freshness are all shades of blue. When we come to the sea, we experience relaxation and peace. This color has about the same effect in the interior.

The psychology of blue in the interior

From the point of view of psychology, blue is chosen by people who are self–confident, determined, with an inner core and an analytical mindset – on the one hand, creative personalities, philosophers and dreamers – on the other. This color is very much loved by designers because:

  • The limitless range of shades, from cold to warm, provides a wide scope of imagination.
  • It can be used in any room, the main thing is to choose the right shade and choose a combination.
  • It does not tire, gives a sense of space and soothes.

Your bedroom can be airy and refreshing if decorated in light blue tones, or mysterious and respectable if you chose dark blue shades.

Shades of blue in the bedroom interior

Blue is considered a classic for bedroom decoration.

  • Sky-blue tones are good for both spacious and small rooms. It makes the room brighter and bigger. Keep in mind that it is also very good for children’s bedrooms. White, purple, pearl colors are chosen for him with an accent. The interior turns out to be bright and calm.

  • The deep blue color will create an atmosphere of mystery. Deep color requires good lighting. It will perfectly emphasize the geometry of the room. Designers advise warm tones to pair with it, but it will also be good in combination with white.

  • Indigo is a very juicy color, dominant. Suitable for modern interiors. In small rooms – as a bright element, a contrasting detail. Paired with it, purple, beige, peach, green will be good.

  • Turquoise is a delicate shade, suitable for any style. It goes well with white, beige, pink and brown.

  • Aquamarine is a complex color, which also changes the tonality in different lighting conditions. This is a good background for decorative details, will give the atmosphere originality.

Color combination

Blue and its shades are easy to combine with other colors. Let’s analyze the most successful ones.

Blue and white

It is an ideal combination, especially for small rooms. White color will expand the space, emphasize the brightness of blue, which will bring additional coolness and give the room brightness. This combination is not used in vain in all kinds of patterns.

Blue and gray

It’s an elegant classic. It is easy and comfortable to be in such an interior, in a gray-blue bedroom you will have the sweetest dreams. Try to give the atmosphere a chic, using a pearl shade of gray.

Blue and yellow

Both colors are bold and bright, so you can create an unusually stylish interior. Combine cool shades of blue with yellow – for example, aquamarine. There shouldn’t be a lot of yellow in the bedroom.

Blue and brown

A noble combination, very warm, close to nature. The cold blue color is neutralized by warm shades of brown (cocoa, coffee, cinnamon). This bedroom looks very presentable.

Blue and beige

This is a very cozy combination. Beige color brings warmth and comfort to any atmosphere. The blue color will add freshness.

Interior design style

The blue color is also good because it suits almost any interior style.

Scandinavian style

The light coolness of the blue color is very suitable for this style. Use only muted shades. Light white curtains on the windows perfectly match the blue walls. White color can be added to the decoration, for example, of the headboard of the bed, the facade of the bedside table. The third color in the design can be gray.

Provence style

Interior design in Provence style is very pleasant and cozy, associated with the sunny south of France. Warm lavender shades of blue combined with wooden furniture elegantly complement the textiles of olive, beige or gray colors.

Minimalist style

Minimalism – cool shades will give the rigor necessary for this style. The decor is extremely simple and concise. This will give the room the necessary space.

Marine style

A combination of blue, white and brown – and we have a nautical style. This is how the interior is designed by those who like to travel, who are inspired by the fresh wind. Of course, striped prints and decorative elements with a marine theme are used here – anchors, steering wheel, shells. There are light curtains made of natural fabrics on the windows.

Loft style

The blue color is perfectly combined with brick walls, chrome-plated steel. Add a little black for contrast, and decorate with interesting photos to make it more unique. If your room is spacious enough (and the loft style likes just such), then use a rich dark color for finishing the bedroom. This is one of the favorite colors of creative bohemia, from where the style originated.

Classic style

Classic blue combined with gilding is a wonderful color for a classic interior. Against the background of dark blue walls there is a large bed with a white quilted headboard, a chest of drawers with gilded handles.

And you can do everything in beige – the favorite color of classic interiors, and add blue as accents and decor. Your bedroom will be exquisite.

You don’t want solidity, but you want glamour? You are welcome! Against the background of dark blue walls, you can create a very light sophisticated interior. It’s all about the details. Pink, gold, black and white accessories will add luxury to the room.

High-tech style

The hi-tech interior design will look good with the pure blue color and its many shades. Combine it with white, black, gray, silver. Maybe it seems to you that glossy metal surfaces in the bedroom are inappropriate? Not at all, they are quite acceptable within reasonable limits. If you like this extraordinary and very fashionable style at all, you should not be confused by its angularity.

Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau interior design uses a lot of glass and wood. Shades of blue will be appropriate here – aquamarine, indigo. This style loves asymmetry and curved lines. Decorate the interior with unusual shaped lamps.

Modern style

The spaciousness and coolness of the blue color really combine with modern style. The style does not like variegation, the interior is rather monochrome. Favorite combinations with white and beige. They are present as decoration.

Country style

Country – as opposed to Provencal, this style is more ponderous, but also full of rustic charm. The blue walls will immerse you in an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Heavy oak or iron bed. Open ceiling beams, patterned fabrics, blackout curtains on the windows – everything is sound and thorough.

Finishing materials

Wallpaper is most often used for wall decoration. They can be solid deep blue. Just immediately pay attention to the fact that if the sun rarely looks into the bedroom, it’s better not to get carried away with dark blue, the room will look cold and uncomfortable.

Owners of small rooms can be advised to have striped wallpaper – vertical will make it visually higher, horizontal – wider. A good solution would be to combine different shades of blue in the bedroom. Only one wall should be decorated with a deep blue color, and the rest should be made more neutral. Decorative plaster will look no less impressive.

The floor and ceiling of the color of melted milk perfectly balance the blue walls.

The ceiling can be left white, although blue will add originality to the room. A good floor covering in a blue bedroom is a dark laminate under a tree, or a milky white, it is possible with the effect of scuffing – you will not want to leave such a bedroom!

Bedroom wall decoration with 3D panels.


The white furniture in the blue bedroom looks especially exquisite.

In the interior of the bedroom, of course, the main place is occupied by the bed. A dark wood model with a blue headboard will look very noble and respectable. A white bed in a blue bedroom will add style to the interior and lighten the atmosphere. A high quilted headboard will look great – this detail is now at the peak of popularity.

A chest of drawers is also almost a mandatory piece of bedroom furniture. It stores things and bedding. It should echo the bed or the dressing table. White furniture looks best in a blue bedroom. If your bed is brown and your chest of drawers is white, put a dressing table or bedside table in the same shade. Do not overload the bedroom with furniture. If you can do without a closet, do it. Even a white cabinet will make the interior heavier.

A small armchair or sofa, if the size of the room allows, can be put. A brown, white or beige armchair with an accent-colored cape will look very nice. We will talk about accents in more detail later.

Blue furniture against neutral walls – elegant.

You can make the walls light or neutral – azure, gray or beige tones will go. Against this background, the blue bed will look just like a king. A blue nightstand with a white bed is also a very interesting combination. By the way, if you definitely want a closet in the bedroom (or you just really need it), then buy it to match the walls. It will merge with them and will not look bulky.

Textiles for the interior

Textiles are an integral part of the bedroom. You can’t create an intimate cozy atmosphere without it. Textiles in the bedroom are, firstly, linen. Blue or blue bed linen will contribute to a restful sleep and will act as a decor. A bedspread or a cozy blanket of lavender, turquoise or cornflower blue color will make the atmosphere even more comfortable. The bedroom rarely does without a carpet on the floor. A soft long-pile carpet can match the tone of the interior, or it can act as a contrast to dilute the monotony of the situation.

Curtains for the bedroom put the finishing point in the interior. Which curtains you hang depends on the style.

  • Modern styles don’t like heavy curtains, they overload the atmosphere. Therefore, a light organza or veil is suitable here.
  • Heavy blue draped curtains, lambrequins, golden pickups are classics.
  • For minimalism or marine style, roller blinds are best suited.

Curtains can become the third color in the bedroom and effectively complement the interior. If the walls are decorated in light colors, then dark curtains will attract attention and create a contrast.

And what about accents? Let’s talk about them.

Contrasting spots of red are quite allowed in the blue bedroom (for example, in decorative pillows or in the dressing table).

Yellow will look good (for example, in a blanket). Throw a cobalt plaid with a golden pattern on a white armchair – amazing! Golden shades against the background of blue look very advantageous in general.

Focus on the carpet, this has already been mentioned. In the blue bedroom, a red-brown carpet on the floor will look harmoniously. Place accents in different places, play with shades, and the bedroom space will look organic.

The main thing in accents is not to overdo it.


In the bedroom, the presence of a chandelier is very desirable.

You can decorate your bedroom in any style, from classic to modern. But to create a complete interior, you need to think about lighting. This can change the situation both for the better and for the worse. Therefore, we approach this issue thoroughly. Bedroom lighting can be divided into several types:

  • Basic. In the blue bedroom, the presence of a large chandelier is mandatory, otherwise dark walls will make the atmosphere dull. Another thing is that the light should not be bright, but soft and diffused. Place the chandelier in the middle of the room.
  • Of course, accent lighting is needed – near the bed to read before going to bed or work with a laptop. Sconces, floor lamps, table lamps are involved here.
  • Near the mirror – of course, you need it in the bedroom. It is usually present on the dressing table, on which you can put table lamps on both sides or hang sconces. The light near the mirror should be uniform so as not to create shadows on the face.

Decorative lighting – mainly carries an aesthetic load – decorates, but can serve as a night light. So you can highlight the bedside table, wardrobe. Spot ceiling lamps can perform this function.

All lamps should be designed in the same style, their huge variety makes it easy to comply with this rule.


Lamps can become an independent decorative element. But, in addition, as a decoration can act:

  • paintings,
  • photo wallpapers,
  • vases,
  • curtains,
  • bedspreads, blankets,
  • pillows,
  • books,
  • flowers in pots.

Choose the decor according to the style of the interior. In the loft style, for example, massive wooden shelves will be good, in the high-tech style – metal and glass accessories, Provence loves floral attributes. The main thing is a sense of proportion.

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