Black Kitchen: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Why do we need a black kitchen at all? Gloomy, impractical, not at all suitable for small rooms. Something like this may seem at first glance. In this article we will try to dispel stereotypes and prove that this is a great option and, if used correctly, is suitable even for small rooms.

A strict color palette is considered a trend of modern interior design. The black kitchen looks luxurious and very unusual. Owners of large and bright rooms can afford such a color in the design, but not only, even in a small room you can put dark furniture, the main thing is to create the right interior design.

Beautiful and sophisticated interior.

Who can choose a black kitchen?

The main advantage of the dark palette in design is the dynamics that brings a “note” of pomp and luxury to the interior. Many people believe that black cuisine is chosen either by bachelors or very complex and closed people, but this is not the case. This design is great for creative personalities, dynamic color does not distract, but acts as an incentive to new ideas and projects.

A matte black kitchen does not look gloomy if there is enough natural or artificial lighting in the room.

Who is suitable for a black kitchen:

  • Self-sufficient and self-confident people. Such personalities often want to emphasize their individuality and status, and it is the black kitchen that can add a “note” of chic and luxury to the design.
  • Creative people, prone to non-standard solutions. For whom white cuisine is an outdated trend and they are ready to break stereotypes.
  • Owners of large apartments. Such rooms are simply created for a black kitchen, which is able to “push the boundaries” of the familiar and already boring pastel shade.
  • Residents of studio apartments. The black kitchen will be a wonderful addition to the living room in pastel colors, while it will not look provocative and intrusive.

The black kitchen can be made in any style, even in a classic design.

When choosing a dark–colored kitchen set, the main thing is to observe the measure. In large kitchens, blind black facades will look quite appropriate, but if the room does not differ in size, it is better to focus on several details of black. For example, dilute the dark shade with glass doors on the headset, a bright apron or a stylish white dining area, then the room will not seem gloomy.

Advantages and disadvantages

Black color has a huge potential, and if you manage to reveal it, it will be impossible to look away from your kitchen. Therefore, let’s first of all note its advantages.

Pros of black in the kitchen interior:

  • It is neutral, perfectly combined with any colors.
  • It not only combines, but also perfectly distinguishes them. Against the background of black, yellow, red, purple accents will look especially impressive.
  • This is one of the main colors in many styles, for example, in the high-tech, loft style.
  • He brings an atmosphere of aristocracy and nobility.
  • Black color has a positive effect on the psyche, motivates creativity.

Well, now – about the disadvantages, because of which so many myths have formed around the black color:

  • In large quantities, it is depressing.
  • With inept use, it visually narrows the space.
  • It is impractical, especially in glossy design, it is better not to use it in the cooking area.
  • And yet black kitchens are very attractive for their grace and elegance. But only an experienced designer can make such an interior design.

Features and types of kitchen sets in black

The kitchen is the personification of coziness and comfort, it is in this room that the whole family often gathers, and friends are received. A black kitchen set usually has strict forms without frills, the only exception can be shiny fittings and glass inserts.

Depending on the model, dark furniture can look great in different styles and it can be installed in rooms of both small and sufficient area.

Black and white kitchen

Such a harmonious combination will look great in modern finishing directions. High-tech or minimalism style is often found in studio apartments and private houses of sufficient area.

Minimalist style.

A black-and-white combination will be a good solution for small-sized living spaces, but on the condition that a light shade will dominate, and a dark one will become a small accent to create dynamics in the interior.

The black and white combination and decor elements look great in a small kitchen.

When designing a room, the kitchen set often has glossy facades, which are shaded by a white dining area and diverse lighting fixtures.

Kitchen set with black countertop

The dark color will perfectly emphasize the glossy facades. In order not to have an overabundance of black, designers recommend choosing a kitchen set with frosted glass inserts on the facades. The countertop can be made of dark marble or MDF, but it must be combined with an apron. The design of the work area can be light, while having ornaments or a small sprinkling of geometric shapes in black.

A black countertop in a kitchen set is allowed only in large spaces.

Do not forget that a dark countertop needs additional lighting. Therefore, the illumination of the working area in the design of the kitchen is mandatory, which will shade the beauty of the stone on the surface and will not give fatigue to the eyes when cooking.

A dark work area needs mandatory additional illumination.

Matte black kitchen

The facades of such a kitchen set will look good in a large room. It is worth choosing a matte black kitchen with caution for owners of small rooms and studio apartments. The texture is able to show its nobility and luxury only in three-dimensional spaces.

Matte black kitchen will show all its beauty only in large kitchens.

Matte facades dictate the fulfillment of certain conditions in the surface finishing – these are natural materials on the floor and plain walls. It is better to show bright contrasts in details, for example, an apron with a yellow, orange or red pattern in combination with lampshades of chandeliers, sconces and backlights.

The matte facades of the black kitchen will perfectly set off the red apron with a reflective surface.

Glossy black kitchen

Reflective surfaces cannot look gloomy and dull. If the kitchen does not have a large area, then a set with glossy black facades will be an excellent choice.

Gloss is able to muffle the dynamics of a black kitchen.

Often such furniture is made in combination with white, then the nobility of a dark tone is transformed and at the same time it does not look dominant. Bright details can be any kitchen accessories, a dining area of rich green, yellow or red, or a beautiful crystal chandelier that will reflect the sun’s rays.

Bright chairs look quite appropriate.

Color combination

The dark color kitchen set is compatible with all natural shades. It is especially worth paying attention to such contrasts as red, white, yellow and green, but much depends on the style of the room and its size. Designers recommend to observe moderation in the color palette when decorating the kitchen, if there is a black set on it, then it is permissible to use only two additional shades.

Good colors to combine:

Combination of white and black

The color visually softens the black and gives it contrast. If there is a dark kitchen set in the room, white can be present in everything, and it will not seem superfluous.

The combination with white color always looks harmonious.

The best combination with a black kitchen is considered to be a light finish – it can be the color of the floor, ceiling and walls. It is permissible to use small ornaments or geometric patterns on surfaces, but they should be present at a minimum. White is often used in the apron and countertop, and light fittings also look good in a black kitchen.

A perfect combination.

A white table with chairs, including a tablecloth and light curtains, look harmoniously with such a set. You can smooth out the dynamic contrast with indoor plants, which can be placed on any available shelf, table and windowsill.

The white table and chairs fit perfectly into the interior.

Combination of black and red

It will be an excellent contrast for a black kitchen, but the use of a shade should be treated carefully so that the room does not look too expressive. Red color can be used on an apron in the form of beautiful ornaments or mosaic elements, in furniture and dishes.

Individual elements of red color will perfectly remove the element of gloom.

If there is a scarlet shade in the kitchen with a black kitchen set, then lighting fixtures will perfectly complement it. The red lampshade of the chandelier or the lampshades of the sconces, even the illumination of the working area can be done with such lamps.

Accents of red.

Combination of black and yellow

A sunny shade can transform any design and emphasize the black color of the kitchen set. Yellow is often used in the form of accessories, textiles and small elements in the decoration and apron. The sunny shade on the walls looks good in combination with a black kitchen set, and it doesn’t have to be a bright accent, you can use bleached colors.

Small yellow elements will add warmth to the room.

Combination of black and silver

A noble shade will transform any kitchen, it will suit both matte and glossy surfaces of facades. Silver color is often used in black kitchen sets in the form of fittings, sinks and individual furniture elements.

The kitchen looks especially harmonious, decorated with frosted glass inserts framed by an aluminum profile. Additional elements of silver color can be the legs of a table and chairs, dishes and household appliances with a chrome surface.

Design with silver-colored fittings.

Combination of black and gold

The color of luxury and sophistication is simply created for the design of a black kitchen. Gold is used in decorative elements on facades and fittings. An integral companion of the black kitchen set will be a sink and a brass mixer, and the color may also be present on the apron.

Gold makes the kitchen warmer.

To complement this combination will help curtains on the windows with overflows, figurines on the shelves, picture frames and vases. Do not forget about the sufficient illumination of such a design, a black set in a gold frame requires a classic crystal chandelier on the ceiling, beautiful sconces on the walls and an inconspicuous, but bright illumination of the work area.

Gold can be used both on facades and in decoration.

Interior design style

Modern, art deco, high-tech, loft – all these styles are perfectly friendly with black. But let’s take it in order.


Modern style surprisingly combines elements of classics and modern trends, rigor and pretentiousness. Modern is very plastic, loves smooth lines and asymmetry. However, freedom of movement must be observed, so there should be nothing superfluous in the kitchen. Glossy black facades will be appropriate. In the decoration, use metal and glass. Along with natural materials, plastic is quite acceptable. Modern loves contrasts, so add a few bright accents. The second color to black can be red.

Clean tones are welcome, they make the kitchen more cheerful. In black, the wood trim will look great. The main principle of all modern styles is comfort and practicality. This applies primarily to finishing materials.

Art Deco style

Art Deco is a luxurious eclecticism. What is not mixed in it: elements of Empire styles, classics, Indian, African and Egyptian motifs. And all this looks very organic in an incomprehensible way. This is a luxurious style, but without the palace heaviness. Art Deco combines the love of clear geometric lines and natural motifs. He loves contrasts, and the black color sets them off great. Materials for interior decoration in Art Deco style: wood, glass, ceramic tiles, leather and stainless steel. Wood is varnished or polished, Art Deco loves shine and gloss.

In this style, you can not do without luxury elements. A mirror in a baguette, an antique candlestick or some kind of bronze statuette are almost necessary attributes of style. The black and white kitchen is the hallmark of the style. Let these colors be equally, and in addition to them beige, burgundy or terracotta shades. The walls are neutral, they serve as a background for furniture and decor. They can be either plain or with a geometric pattern. In furniture fittings – the radiance of gold and silver. Mirrored surfaces, luxurious lamps – everything is here.

Plastic is not used in Art Deco, he likes expensive natural materials. If the tree is of valuable species. Stone is widely used – natural or artificial, crystal, ceramics. The boundaries of the zones in the Art Deco interior should be clearly marked: working – dining. Art Deco loves space and light. More opportunities for him in the big kitchen. In a small-sized room, use only individual style elements.

High-tech style

The high-tech style is difficult to confuse with any other. Deliberate manufacturability, clear geometric lines, an abundance of artificial materials, multifunctional furniture, smooth chrome surfaces, an abundance of gloss and gloss. At the same time, there is nothing superfluous, no such romantic little things dear to the heart. It seems that the kitchen is inhabited by robots. Cold and formal? Well, in general, yes, for an amateur. Some avant-garde poster or statuette can bring individuality.

But in such a kitchen everything is extremely organic and very convenient. Comfort in everything. Household appliances are the most modern. Plastic, aluminum, glass and steel are used in the design of the kitchen. Favorite colors in high-tech style are black, white and gray.

Loft style

Loft style also likes black color. The main features of the loft style are open communications, brick or concrete wall. In such an interior, walls may not be a background, but an accent. If there is no brickwork, you can make an imitation of it. A brick wall will stand out very effectively against the background of a dark floor. You can also make the ceiling dark, and so that the room does not look too gloomy, furniture facades can be light.

The countertop may be plastic, but the fittings are not, the furniture is necessarily multifunctional and practical, of simple design. Vintage loft-style items are acceptable, but leave them for other rooms. In the kitchen it is better to do without them. Loft style loves space, so it’s better to hang open shelves instead of cabinets.

There’s not much decor here. You can enliven the atmosphere with flowers – live or artificial. Paintings, posters, posters. also quite acceptable. The color scheme is quite monochrome, in those colors that were listed above. The monotony of the interior can brighten up a bright poster or chairs. Accents of rich yellow, red and lemon colors will look great on a black background.

Design and decor ideas

Of course, not everyone will decide to decorate the kitchen in black. This is the choice of self-sufficient, self-confident people.

Finishing materials

Can I use black as the base color? This is possible if the kitchen is spacious enough and well lit. Which finishing materials are suitable in this case.

An accent wall is the perfect backdrop for decor.

  • A black wall is an ideal background for decorative elements, it makes them clearer. Thus, by making one accent wall black, you will add volume to the interior. The wall can be painted, pasted with wallpaper or photo wallpaper with a silver pattern. Of course, you don’t have to make all the walls black.

The glossy floor looks mind-blowing.

  • A wooden floor (parquet, laminate, imitating wood) will look very impressive in a black kitchen. And the black and white tiles laid out in a checkerboard pattern? And a self-leveling floor with a black tint? Cool? Of course!

Self-leveling floor.

  • The ceiling, if you have light walls, can be glossy black with built-in lighting. Wow effect is provided. But this is only with light walls. In all other cases, it is better to leave the ceiling white.
  • An apron can take over all the attention and become the only bright accent. Let it be a mosaic, masonry or its imitation. The color is either in the tone of the furniture, or contrasts with it.

The main rule: black can be the base color, but only in combination with other colors. If you make a black ceiling, then the walls and floor should be light. The same principle applies to the black floor.


When we talk about a black kitchen, we mean not so much the decoration as the furnishings – a black kitchen set. It will emphasize the geometry of the room and perfectly harmonizes with the light finish. The black kitchen set will be perfectly combined with elements made of wood, glass, metal. Lacquered, matte or glossy facades will perfectly set off the wooden countertop. The work surface made of artificial stone will look simply amazing.

Matte facades look no less exquisite.

Cabinets with glass inserts will make the room more open and light. Bronze or gold-plated fittings will give the interior in black even more chic.

Dining area.

The dining table, it can also be black. His company has the same black chairs or vice versa, contrasting. It is good if the table and chairs are made of the same material. Can you put a small sofa in the kitchen? Perfect! This will add elegance and comfort.

Chrome-plated glossy surfaces are especially spectacular.

And how great your steel-colored household appliances will look in a black kitchen! Glossy black furniture facades look amazing, just keep in mind that any speck, any prints on them will be perfectly visible and will give the kitchen a sloppy look. If you are not a fan of frequent cleaning, make a choice in favor of matte facades. They look no less elegant.

Individual elements of the kitchen set in black

Furniture manufacturers provide a wide range of models that will emphasize the design and at the same time not overload the room with a gloomy shade. You need to purchase a kitchen set taking into account the dimensional capabilities of the kitchen. If the room is large, then you can purchase a corner model with blind facades and an additional island.

But in small kitchens, it is worth considering the rules of design, which are dictated by rationality. A corner black kitchen visually reduces the room, a straight one lends space, so the developers offer models in different versions to soften the effect of color on the interior.

Glass inserts can make furniture more airy and elegant, while if the interior lighting of the cabinets is organized, then the black color will become more mysterious than gloomy.

Glass inserts are able to smooth out the effect of color on mood.

It is better to use a black countertop in the kitchen if there is a lot of white in the design of the room, including an apron in the work area. If the entire space of the kitchen set is made in one scale, then you can no longer call it a dynamic and chic design, rather gloomy.

If there is a lot of glass in the kitchen set, and the walls are decorated in a light color scheme, then you can use black in the floor covering. But such a design should be approached with caution, so that the dynamics are present within reasonable limits, there should be a minimum of dark inclusions.

The dining group, regardless of the area of the kitchen, should be decorated in contrast with the kitchen set. It can be any color that complements the furniture: white, green, yellow or silver.

Bright elements refresh the interior and bring a feeling of comfort and warmth into the room.

To muffle contrasts, you can add natural textures to the design. Wood will fill the kitchen with comfort, stone will add nobility and soften the perception of black.

The texture of the wood perfectly harmonizes and makes the room warmer.

Do not be afraid to experiment in your homes. The black kitchen has been used in interiors for a long time and is gaining popularity every year. A dark set, if you choose the right room design, will always look elegant.

Lighting and decor

There seems to be no doubt about the postulate that a black kitchen should be well lit. Light plays a key role here. There should be many and different lamps. There are spotlights, a large chandelier, and a lot of built-in lamps. Choose the design of the lamps according to the chosen style and it is better if they shine with warm light. Blue, green or red backlight will be out of place here. Even if you really want to, it’s better not to.

Light plays a key role.

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