Small living room: interior design ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The layout of modern apartments does not always differ in spacious rooms. Especially budget options for studio apartments, where the living room is forced to combine with the kitchen and bedroom. Owners of such housing have to look for the most acceptable design options to equip a cozy and functional living room.

The interior of a small studio apartment.

If you think carefully about the layout, arrange the furniture correctly and decorate moderately, you will get a wonderful effect.

Layout of a small living room

The layout is being developed at the construction stage, providing for all the little things.

Scandinavian style.

The main problems that owners face are:

  • protruding beams, uncomfortable niches, ledges on the walls;
  • too narrow or passable room;
  • low ceilings.

Modern interior design.

Most of these problems can be solved by using modern design solutions.

First of all, it is necessary to draw up a plan on paper:

  • Draw the exact proportions in compliance with the scale;
  • To “play” with the arrangement of furniture, either by drawing it, or by laying out the interior details cut out of paper;
  • Think about how best to equip the functional areas, if necessary.

Such visualization greatly simplifies the task, allows you to find non-standard solutions, clearly demonstrates the shortcomings of ideas and the best ways to place furniture. Experts advise using standard projects, processing them to suit your needs.

Design of a rectangular living room of a small area

This is a standard version of the living room interior. It usually has one door to the corridor, one or two small windows, or an exit to the balcony. This layout is quite successful, since it is not difficult to create a magnificent design based on it.

Modern interior design.

The main thing is the presence of imagination and the desire to change the interior.

It is not necessary to pull all the cabinets and sofas in one line along the wall. The best solution would be to divide the room into 2-3 parts – for rest, work.

Delineating areas by color.

If the living room is very narrow, the symmetrical arrangement of furniture along the walls will only enhance the effect, turning it into a kind of corridor. In this case, upholstered furniture and cabinets are installed with the letter “L”.

Calm interior in blue and white tones.

Functional areas are often separated by a screen, partition, shelving or other furniture, which allows you to equip two small separate rooms. You can also separate the sleeping or working area.

Modern interior design.

If there is a balcony, then a good way to increase the usable area is to dismantle the window and door blocks, and use the resulting space at your discretion. Usually such balconies are used as a place to relax and a small home garden, a study, a place to study or sleep.

The diagonal arrangement of furniture items, the use of plasterboard and plywood structures, glass sliding doors also looks great.

Design of a small walk-through living room

In a small living room, in which the doors are located on adjacent walls, it is quite difficult to create an ideal layout.

Experts recommend using the following techniques:

  • replacement of swing doors with sliding doors;
  • conversion of doorways into arches, their expansion;
  • zoning with cabinets, screens, decorative columns and walls made of glass, glass blocks, drywall.

Beige and chocolate colors.

The main task of the designer is to separate the recreation area, creating a cozy corner where no one will disturb the vacationing household or guests. To enhance the effect, different wall colors are used, two–level ceilings, podiums and thresholds, different flooring, for example, tiles and parquet, or linoleum and parquet board.

Non-standard layout of a small living room

If the non-standard layout provides niches, ledges, beveled corners, then there you can equip a small sleeping area, a zone for a baby, a workplace.

Design of a small studio apartment with a niche for a bed.

An inconvenient ledge is masked by a decorative column, having equipped there an electric fireplace, a built-in wardrobe, a place for equipment.

Design with ledges and fireplace.

A coffee table and comfortable armchairs are installed in the bay window, and suitable furniture is selected or ordered for the beveled corner, which completely eliminates dissonance.

An interesting design solution.

Zoning options for a small living room

If the living room will be used not only as a place of evening rest for the household, it is necessary to think about the correct zoning of the space.

Usually the following are added to the functions of the living room:

  • bedroom;
  • children’s room;
  • workplace.

Interior design with zoning.

What techniques for dividing into zones are popular?

  • Fabric screens, curtains.
  • Stationary partitions made of glass, wood, plastic, brick.
  • Cabinets, sofas, tables, cabinets.
  • Decorative items – aquariums, plants, openwork designs made of wood, metal.
  • Podiums, completely closed, or behind a partition.
  • Lamps, multi-level ceilings, decorative columns will help to visually separate the space.

Interior design styles for a small living room

In order for a small living room to look harmonious, it is necessary to choose the right interior direction in which the design will be maintained. The style also affects the coloring.

For example, Scandi and Provence like light, pastel notes, and high-tech and art deco are characterized by contrasts.

  • Scandinavian style is a minimum of furniture, light colors and mostly natural materials. It provides maximum light and space, while remaining homely.

Scandinavian style.

  • Classic, romantic Provence or shabby chic will suit refined natures who appreciate comfort and elegant, beautiful things.

Classic style.

  • Modern style and minimalism are laconic, allow you to fully express the character and preferences of the owners of housing.

Modern style.

  • Hi-tech is the maximum saturation with innovative technologies, ease of cleaning, the ultimate comfort of living.

Beautiful interior in high-tech style.

Color solutions for a small living room

When choosing a color palette for a small living room, it is necessary to remember a simple rule: bright colors should be handled carefully.

In small numbers, as an accent, they play a very important role.

Accent in the form of an orange sofa.

But it is worth crossing the line, and a beautiful, original color scheme turns into colorful chaos, which brings only a headache. It’s quite difficult to be in such a room, and it’s not too comfortable to live in.

Neoclassical interior.

That is why it is necessary to observe the measure when making a design, and remember that the total number of colors should not exceed five. Two or three additional shades are added to one or two basic tones that are used as a background.

It is also very important to take into account the features of the room:

  • In a small room with low ceilings, it is better to use light, cream, pastel shades that visually expand the space. If you want something bright, then you can add sunny yellow, orange warm tones.

Interior design in the style of minimalism.

  • Diagonal and vertical stripes, panoramic images visually enlarging the space, glossy white and mirrored facades, glass countertops and cabinet doors are used to decorate a long narrow living room. A dark floor further enhances the effect of light walls.

Lighting in a small living room

A single chandelier for the whole room is the last century. Modern design requires high-quality lighting of each functional area, with the use of various types of lamps.

  • 1-3 ceiling chandeliers and illumination from spot LED lamps or ribbons;
  • wall sconces above the bed, sofa, next to the desk;
  • floor lamp near the sofa;
  • table lamps in the workplace.

Excellent lighting.

For a narrow layout, ceiling lights must be arranged in one or two rows, using long light panels.

In the square living room, the chandelier is located in the conditional center above the seating area.

Lighting options.

If there is also a dining room or a bedroom, they are equipped with separate lamps. Also, the lighting must be mounted on the balcony if the redevelopment has been carried out.

Different types of lighting.

Placement of furniture and household appliances in a small living room

Developing a plan for furnishing a room, first of all determine the central composition. This is usually a recreation area with a coffee table, a set of upholstered furniture and a TV.

Dark wood coffee table.

Depending on the wishes of the owners, it is complemented by cabinets, shelves, fireplace, rocking chair, music center and other necessary things.

Wicker furniture.

Furniture can be located in the center of the room, closer to the window or, conversely, to the wall. According to its design, corner sofa models are ideal, sliding, providing a comfortable sleeping place. Built-in and hinged cabinets, shelves, aquariums.

Combination of white and beige.

The brightest place is usually reserved for the workplace. This is a balcony, a bay window or just a plot next to the window. You can install a table or use a wide window sill, built-in and folding systems, an ergonomic chair is mandatory. Additionally, the workplace can be equipped with a cabinet or a rack for books, tools, accessories.

The bedroom is located in the most secluded place, away from windows and doors, if possible, fenced with partitions or cabinets. There is enough bed, several shelves, bedside tables.

Photo wallpapers make the interior more interesting.

The living room is the heart of the house. Family members gather here to feel family support and take a break from worries. Friends and guests are invited here. That is why such high requirements are imposed on the design.

Wooden folding table.

Competently combining expert advice and your own preferences, you can arrange an interior that perfectly matches your desires.

Eclecticism in the interior.

Photo gallery and design ideas for a small living room

Modern interior.

Pink shade of beige.

White brick wall in the interior.

Neoclassical style.

Beige-brown design.

Interior in cold colors.

Scandinavian style.

Modern design.

The combination of white, beige and blue in the interior.

Live plants create a cozy atmosphere.

Small dining area.

White-gray interior.

Bright elements.

Minimalist style.

Combination of kitchen and living room.

Grey-blue interior.

Curved floor lamp for reading.

The perfect pair is blue and gold.

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