Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Scandinavian style for the bedroom is becoming more and more popular. And it’s easy to explain. Light colors, lightness of the interior and natural materials are a wonderful environment for a good rest. Also, this style is ideal for small rooms and atypical layouts, which makes it versatile. In this article we will tell you the distinctive features of the Scandinavian style and the secrets of bedroom decoration in this style.

Scandi’s bedroom is grey.

Distinctive features of the Scandinavian style

The sleeping area is a special place where you want to feel peace, relaxation and tranquility here. Therefore, to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in this area, you need to follow a few simple rules of Scandinavian style.

  • Light palette of shades.
  • Finishing with natural materials.
  • Minimum furniture. Only the essentials.
  • Lots of light. Open windows without curtains and the maximum number of artificial lighting sources.
  • Decorative elements. There shouldn’t be many of them. They are simple and concise. These can be photo frames, a rug with a print in the northern style, a vase with flowers, ceramic figurines.
  • White ceiling. This technique creates simplicity and lightness of the room.

Scandinavian-style interior.

Bedroom design in Scandinavian style.

Pastel tone.

Scandinavian-style interior design.

Stylization of the interior under the Scandinavian motif.

White and gray.

A small bedroom in Scandinavian style.

Beige bedroom.

Scandi style.

Bedroom decor with a picture.

A minimum of decor.

In the general color palette, all colors are divided as follows: White – 70%, wood – 20%, bright accent – 10%. The last point is very important, it will influence the visual of the interior and give a feeling of freshness. It is used on small pillows, flower pots, picture frames or photos.

Color palette with accents.

Moderate color composition.

A small bedroom in Scandinavian style.

Choosing materials for bedroom decoration in Scandi style

In the Scandinavian style, simplicity and conciseness are appreciated. This is achieved by the following materials: natural wood, stone, leather, fur and suede materials. They look aesthetically pleasing and create a beautiful visual.

Naturalness in the interior.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom wood.

Snow – white Scandi bedroom with contrasting wood floor.

Floor finishing

A typical solution for the Scandinavian style is parquet flooring. It is also easily replaced with laminate with a woody texture. The shade of the floor is naturally light. This is bleached wood or the texture of light warm oak. It all depends on the tone of the interior and the overall design idea.

The floor covering in a light version combined with a white background of the walls and ceiling, expand the space and fill with air. But in this case decors in contrasting warm shades are mandatory to add comfort and harmony.

Light parquet in the bedroom of the Scandinavian type.

Scandinavian-style interior.

Ceiling finishing

A distinctive feature of the Scandi style is the white finish of the ceiling. Ordinary paint is an ideal option. But you can also use a stretch ceiling without gloss, in matte and satin textures. In such a ceiling, lighting of different power and size is immediately built in, which is very convenient and practical.

Scandinavian-style bedroom in the attic.

Warm shades in the interior.

Stretch ceiling in a Scandinavian-style bedroom.

Also in this style, the option of finishing the ceiling with a decorative board is popular, in different variations of color combinations.

Decorative ceiling decoration.

Scandi style.

Wall decoration

It is recommended to decorate the walls with light. This is the main area where the gaze will be directed. Decorative techniques that are used for the design of vertical planes:

  • Designer plaster.
  • Paint or whitewash.
  • Roll wallpaper or murals.

A variant of the unusual design of the walls.

Scandinavian-style bedroom with an accent wall.

Scandi-style interior.

Fresco done in watercolor.

The design looks interesting when one wall is highlighted in a different color. But not flashy and bright, but light and smoky color. Wood finishing is possible in the bed area. Or a geometric pattern on the wall opposite the door. Finishing with imitation stone, white brick, patchwork pattern is welcome.

A wooden wall.

Brick wall in the Scandinavian loft style.

Patchwork in the interior.

Scandinavian-style window decoration

Scandinavian is a northern style. In this climatic zone, people tend to let as much light into the house as possible. In this regard, curtains or even curtains on the windows are not welcome. As a compromise, translucent short curtains are used. It is possible to use blinds or roller blinds without a pattern, in a monochrome scale.

Window decoration with a roll-up curtain.

Blinds on the windows.

A window with a curtain in a Scandinavian-style.

The window design itself is ideally made of natural wood. But adaptation to modern amendments allows the use of plastic windows. With a woody texture or pure white.

Wood texture of windows.

Bedroom design in Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian-style door decoration

Doors, of course, are made in light shades of warm or cold interior palette. High and wide doors with hinged panels are an ideal option. Sliding doors are suitable for small rooms and will also look harmonious. Just do not use metal textures for the profile of the sash compartment.

Sliding doors.

Interior white doors.

The materials for the manufacture of doors are dictated by manufacturers – solid wood, veneer, laminate, paint. Any materials will do, the main thing is that they harmonize in color and texture in the created interior. Choose simple door handles without unnecessary details. In their decoration, a metallic shade is acceptable.

Interior door of light wood shade.

Sliding doors.

Grey doors in the interior.

The design of the children’s room in the Scandinavian style

A calm and cozy Scandinavian style is what you need for a nursery. In addition to a light and beautiful visual, you also get the practicality and safety of the room, since natural materials are used for decoration.

Children’s room in Scandinavian style.

Materials that are used to decorate the walls of the children’s room:

Painting the walls with waterproof paint. Each wall can have its own shade.

Scandi interior in the nursery.

Painting with slate paint selected parts. You can leave drawings with crayons on it.

Wall decoration with graphite paint in the Scandinavian style nursery.

Wallpaper for the nursery. As a rule, it is recommended to use paper wallpaper. They are safe and eco-friendly.

Cozy children’s room in Scandi style.

Highlighting the color of one wall. Floral or anchor print is acceptable for children. This way you can set the dynamics of the children’s interior.

A bright accent wall in a Scandinavian-style nursery.

Wooden decorative panels for a wall or a wall that turns into a ceiling. This is an interesting and original solution that your child will like 100%.

Decorative wall decoration with wood in children’s Scandi style.

In general, the design of the nursery differs only in the use of safe materials and the use of various children’s prints. The other features of the Scandinavian interior remain unchanged.

The design of a small bedroom in Scandinavian style

The advantage of the scandi interior is that it is ideal for small rooms. A light palette of shades and the absence of clutter of furniture are good tools. Let’s see what is necessary for a small scandi bedroom.

Finishing of walls and ceiling in white shades.

Bedroom in Scandi style.

Light wood texture on the floor.

Wooden texture of the floors.

Light headboard by the bed.

A bed with a headboard in a small Scandi-style bedroom.

Accent wall.

An accent wall in a Scandinavian-style.

Large mirror.

A small Scandinavian-style bedroom with a large mirror.

Instead of cabinets – open shelving.

Open shelves in Scandinavian style.

There are blinds and roller blinds on the windows. Or even their absence.

The presence of roller blinds in the Scandinavian-style.

Color combinations for a Scandinavian-style bedroom


With the help of this color, they embody the northern interior in warm shades. It is softer and more cozy.

Beige tone in interior.


This color gives brightness, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Against its background, all the colors become denser and richer.

Grey shade.


In the case of this color, pay special attention to its brightness. It should be foggy, with a slight haze. As a rule, it is used for children’s rooms.

Cozy Pink.


Of the green shades, olive and the colors of young greenery are suitable. Remember that not every shade will suit the Scandinavian interior.

Olive tones.

Scandinavian interior ideas for inspiration

Interesting wall decoration.

Black and gray.

Scandinavian interior.

Gray walls combined with a bright carpet.

No curtains for natural light.

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