Scandinavian Hallway Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The hallway is the first impression of the apartment as a whole. And every owner of the house wants it to be cozy, bright, stylish and comfortable. The Northern style fits this description perfectly. He will bring a touch of grace and inspiration to the hallway. It will make the space cozy and spacious, which is especially important for this functional area.

Scandinavian-style entrance hall.

Distinctive features of the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is a direction that came to us from the north. And in this climatic zone there is a clear lack of light and heat from the sun. These factors have caused people to need spacious and bright interiors. Let’s highlight the main features.

Lots of free space. This means that it is unacceptable to unnecessarily overload the interior with details and numerous decorations. Furniture also applies to this rule. It should be compact and functional. Simplicity and conciseness is the motto of the Scandinavian style.

Functional hallway in Scandi style.

White is the basis of the color scheme. It’s no secret that light shades expand the space and make it airy. That is why white is the main color. Additional shades are muted and pastel shades of pure bright colors.

Design using black color.

Natural materials. They bring comfort and warmth to the cold northern interior. Solid wood furniture, natural stone wall decoration or a leather pouf is what you need for this style.

Finishing of wooden furniture in Scandinavian style.

Leather ottoman in the hallway.

Furniture. In order for the furniture to fit into the Scandinavian style, it is made of natural wood. Or imitate a light wood structure using artificial materials.

Modular hallway Scandi.

Scandinavian style color palette

Scandinavian interior is a bright palette of colors and shades. It is based on the white color or its numerous shades, which makes up 70% of the interior. The second mandatory element is a wood structure also in light colors, which make up 20%. The remaining 10% is given to a bright color that sets the dynamics and mood of the hallway. Bright means muted pastel shades of bright colors. Remember that pure and acidic colors have no place in the Scandinavian interior.

Wall decoration with wooden decorative panels.

Scandi hallway in gray shades

Entrance hall with textured gray floor.

Gray is a noble, strict and calm color. It has many shades. But for a Scandinavian-style hallway, it is better to choose a light smoky gray. This shade is perfectly combined with the woody texture. Successfully emphasizes white furniture on its background.

Smoky gray tone in the northern interior.

You will get a visual expansion of the space by making one wall in gray and the rest white. And in order to visually make the ceiling higher, use a trick – the lower part of the walls is painted gray, and the upper part is left white. This option is also very practical. After all, the gray pollution of the hallway will not be noticeable.

Design of a small entrance hall.

Well, in order for the hallway to become more lively and cozy – place accents. A patchwork rug or a painting with a geometric pattern that runs like a red thread through the entire interior. Photos in colored frames, vases with flowers, figurines and candlesticks – with the help of these cute little things you diversify the monochrome of the hallway.

Bright accents in Scandinavian style.

Patchwork in the hallway interior.

Laconic entrance hall in Scandi style.

Scandi hallway in a shade of olive

For the Scandinavian style, only smoky shades are allowed. Accordingly, olive should be light and muted. This color blends very fresh into the style of Scandinavia, looks cozy and atmospheric. White furniture looks especially good against the background of an olive wall.

Olive tone in Scandinavian style.

If you want to add a more juicy olive shade, do it in a white-gray interior with small inclusions. But do not overdo it, remember the restrained tone of the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian-style hallway with a touch of olive on the wallpaper.

A bright accent in the Scandi style.

Scandi hallway in black tones

Of course, black, can not be muted in any way, as it is necessary for this style. But still it looks interesting in its juicy absorbing form. At the same time, it completely fits into the Scandinavian style. It is important to stop here in time. Very carefully distribute the black accents in the interior on the photo frames or the entrance mat. It can even be furniture handles. Such a bright contrast will add freshness and novelty to the Scandinavian style.

Black accents in the Scandinavian-style.

Accent elements in the Scandinavian interior.

A very bold idea in this direction is a black floor. In combination with smoky gray and white, it will perfectly refresh and set the dynamics of the entire interior of the hallway.

Black color in the interior of the Scandinavian-style hallway.

Scandinavian-style hallway furniture

Simplicity and conciseness – we have already sorted this out. But let’s take a closer look at this nuance. Furniture in wooden decors, with thin legs is what you need for this style. It is important to pay attention to the fact that there should be a minimum of furniture. Only the most necessary things – a hanger, a pouf or a chair, an open rack, shelves, a table. No pomposity. Furniture made without grace, in a rough design is what is needed.

Scandinavian lightness.

It so happens that the hallway is the only area where it is possible to put a closet or organize storage of things. In this case, it is better to make a built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors. The mirror will visually expand the space and will not confuse the Scandinavian style with its appearance. In this case, the mirror will only help in the additional perception of the interior.

Scandinavian style interior design.

Light and decorative elements

Although the Scandinavian style is characterized by simplicity and a minimum of details, yet you do not have to give up the trinkets dear to your heart. The ultimate goal of the interior is coziness and comfort. Just don’t force all the free spaces with accessories and small details.

Cozy and warm Scandi hallway.

Decorative ceiling lamps in Scandinavian style.

Wooden painted floor in the interior of the north hallway.

Scandinavian-style decor on the walls.

Decorative elements will be small pillows on the bench, colored (muted) photo frames, a rug at the entrance with a bright geometric pattern print, ceramic figurines. A vase with bright flowers will also harmoniously fit into the Scandinavian interior.

Decorative elements in the Scandinavian style.

Decoration of the entrance hall in the Scandi style.

The lighting in the hallway compensates for the lack of natural light. This means that the overhead lighting alone is not enough. Add wall sconces and LED lighting around the perimeter of the mirror. A light floor lamp near the bench will be an additional cozy touch in the interior.

Hallway in light shades.

A new look at the Scandinavian style.

Small entrance hall in Scandinavian style

In such conditions it is worth choosing a white background for the walls and ceiling. And experiment with the floor already. Make it woody or light gray. The white color will push the walls of the hallway apart, and the warm floor will outline the interior with a neat frame. There should be a minimum of furniture. This, of course, was understandable. But in conditions of total lack of space, it becomes not easy to create space. Therefore, limit yourself to a rack and shoe rack or a small chest of drawers. The less furniture, the better.

Small entrance hall in Scandinavian style.

Organization of space in a small hallway Scandi.

Design in Scandinavian style.

Be sure to use a mirror. A full-length mirror surface or a mirror application on the entire wall is ideal. Surprisingly, you should not get carried away with light sources. Let there be a few of them, but they should give a comfortable bright light. Suitable overhead lighting and mirror illumination.

A small entrance hall with a Scandinavian-style interior.

Scandinavian-style Hallway design ideas

To help you, we have made a selection of particularly successful combinations of colors and design solutions for different hallway layouts. So that you can easily choose a comfortable color scheme and a set of furniture.

Design in white.

Scandinavian entrance hall.

Interior design in bright colors visually expands the room.

Scandinavian-style interior.

Combination of white, gray and black.

Black and white ornament on the floor.

An interesting design option.

An interesting option for lighting the room.

The interior in Scandi style.

White walls combined with a gray floor.

White-gray entrance hall with pouf.

The interior in the Scandi style.

Black and white.

Scandinavian-style entrance hall.

An interesting variant of the design of the floor covering.

Bright accents.


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