Scandinavian Kitchens Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Fresh and concise interior, nothing superfluous. Elegant and simple at the same time. Today, such qualities are highly valued. But let’s dig deeper and consider how practical this design option is. After all, the kitchen is a place of cooking, which means that functionality and convenience are in the first place. In this article we will analyze in detail what visually defines this style and how convenient it is to use.

Scandinavian style.

How do we know that we have a Scandinavian interior in front of us

The ratio of colors. This style uses white – 70%, wood – 20%, bright accent – 10%.

Scandinavian interior.

Bright accent. For this purpose, only muted “dirty” shades of primary colors are used. In its pure form, these colors are not suitable. That is why the Scandinavian style is very recognizable.

A bright accent in the Scandinavian interior.

Design interior with bright accents.

Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house.

Slight negligence. This style assumes “imperfection” and this is embedded in its structure. The mess that occurs in the kitchen during cooking fits very well into the style and does not spoil the overall perception of the interior.

Scandinavian motifs.

Kitchen interior design.

A repeating element. The shape or geometric pattern running a red line through the entire interior is an inseparable part of the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style, geometry.

Simplicity is a feature of this trend in interior design. For the Scandinavian style, the use of expensive decorative elements and interior decorations is not acceptable.

Scandinavian-style kitchen decoration.

Simplicity and comfort in the interior.

The elegance of forms. The supports at the table, chairs and all furniture end in an elegant narrowing. This rule does not affect only the kitchen set itself.

Scandinavian-style interior.

A mixture of classics and modernity. Light elegance in visual perception appears when there are elements of strict classics. And we are told about modernity by simple lines without unnecessary intricacy.

Scandinavian style.

Finishing of the floor and walls. They are as simple as possible and sometimes even approach the loft style. A brick painted wall or an old floor covering is very suitable for this direction in the interior.

Scandinavian kitchen.

Open storage systems for kitchen accessories. Hanging shelves, rails, open shelving and the absence of upper modules are the basis for the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style.

In general, these are the main distinguishing features of the Scandinavian style. We have decided on visual perception, and now let’s move on to practice. Let’s analyze how to perform this interior in our real apartments.

How to implement the interior in an apartment

Open shelves. Practical?

For the Scandinavian style, it is the norm when, instead of the upper modules, there are open shelves and rails. In the picture it looks nice and fresh. But for 90% of people, practicality and usability are still in the first place.

Scandinavian style.

Why open shelves are not practical?

You can not put a built-in hood. There is simply nowhere to put it. Meanwhile, it is compact, the cost is low, it does not collect dust on itself. It remains only to put a separate hood. In some variations of the Scandinavian style, the hood is not provided at all. Is this a thoughtful decision?

Kitchen design with a Scandinavian-style extractor hood.

There is no place to store clean dishes. Elementary rules of convenience tell us that the best place for dishes is a module directly above the sink. But if there is an empty wall, what to do? Put the dryer directly on the working surface of the kitchen or hide it in the lower module. And this will take up extra space at the bottom.

Inability to carry out illumination. It’s not just a design whim. Of course, with the backlight, the kitchen will look more interesting due to the light from the apron and the creation of deep glare. Additional light is simply necessary. After all, if there is only overhead lighting, during cooking, the work surface will always be in the shadow of your silhouette.

An interesting lighting option.

The ends of the apron. Usually the upper modules cover the joint between the apron and the wall. But if they are not, you will have to think about how to arrange them beautifully.

Charming Scandinavian-style cuisine.

Reducing storage space. Since there are no upper modules, all kitchen utensils will now be hidden at the bottom. Do you have enough space to fit everything? And one more nuance: you will have to constantly bend down to get the necessary thing.

A small Scandinavian-style kitchen.

What conclusion can be drawn. Blindly following the rules of creating a Scandinavian style is not worth it if practicality comes first. It is better to make the upper modules and partially leave the shelves open. At least over the sink. There is another option, forget about this rule. And save only the visual based on the materials.

Scandinavian-style kitchen with open shelves.

How to design a kitchen combined with a living room in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is ideal for small kitchens. And if you have such a kitchen combined with a living room, there are nuances. Firstly, the kind of mess and slight negligence in the kitchen is not too pleasant to watch from the living room. And secondly, let’s remember the dust. There is practically no such thing in the kitchen, but in the living room sofas, carpets and curtains are its source. And the dust, accordingly, will settle on open shelves and storage systems. This means that tidying up becomes a regular and joyless activity.

Scandinavian style in the interior..

If you intend to fulfill the Scandinavian style according to all the rules, then we recommend making an L-shaped kitchen layout with a high module on the edge. And all the open shelves should be made in this corner, so that kitchen utensils and clutter could not be seen from the living room.

L-shaped Scandinavian-style kitchen.

If you plan to “forget” about this rule, then make a fully equipped kitchen and do not complicate your life.

Fully equipped kitchen-living room.

Kitchen-living room options with an open top

Just remember that in life all the mugs and plates are not in perfect order.

Spacious kitchen-living room.

Small kitchen-living room.

Kitchen-living room with a bar counter.


Light colors in the interior.

Large windows for good room lighting.

Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian white cuisine.

Kitchen-living room options with a closed top

Corner kitchen in Scandinavian style.

White color goes well with gray.

White-gray kitchen-living room.

A combination of white and gray.

White interior with bright accents.

Kitchen with a bar counter.

Shades of Grey.

White color in interior design.

Kitchen to the ceiling in Scandinavian style

A kitchen to the ceiling is always practical and beautiful. You should not blindly follow the canons of the Scandinavian style and leave yourself without spacious and comfortable upper modules. This is done only in kitchens that are set up for beauty.

From a practical point of view, it is always possible to put a kitchen with a top to the ceiling.

Bright Scandinavian style.

The ceiling is up to 2.5 meters – increase the height of the upper modules.

White gloss.

The ceiling is 3 meters – add a second line of modules above the main ones. This line can be of greater depth and hang over the main ones, creating a beautiful frame for the kitchen. Or be in line with them.

Single row Scandinavian style kitchen.

Kitchen with a second line module in Scandinavian style.

The ceiling is higher than 3 meters – you create a false niche for the kitchen and build furniture into it.

Cuisine with high ceilings.

Scandinavian style interior.

Scandinavian cuisine with a bar counter

For the Scandinavian style, the bar counter is the exception rather than the rule. But we already know that for the sake of convenience and practicality, you can slightly adjust the rules.

The bar counter and Scandinavian style.

Place the bar counter without departing from the visual range of the interior and pick up chairs with elegant legs. Done. Even in a small kitchen, you can design a kitchen with a bar counter, because it is convenient and functional. And most importantly, it does not contradict the visual perception of style.

A small kitchen with a bar counter.

Scandinavian design with a bar counter.

Scandinavian cuisine.

A variant of the Scandinavian-style design.

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