Scandinavian Nursery Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Scandi style is ideal for children’s rooms. The bright, cozy, warm interior will not leave you and your children indifferent. Children’s interiors in this style are very cute and original.

Scandinavian-style nursery interior design.

In addition, the interior is made using natural materials. This ensures the safe presence of your child in the room. And the most interesting thing for parents is that this style adapts to age and grows with your treasure.

Distinctive features of a Scandi-style children’s room

The basis of the Scandinavian style is white. 70% of the interior is done in light shades. Due to this, lightness and lightness are achieved. Bright colors make up only 10%, and 20% is given to wood decorations. But this ratio is not a strict regulation. The main thing is that visually the room is bright without acid bright spots.

Stylization of the nursery in Scandinavian motifs.

Scandinavian style does not like cluttering with furniture. Only functionality, nothing superfluous. If you plan the interior correctly, there will be a lot of storage space and space for games in the nursery.

Cozy in Scandi style.

Choosing materials for a children’s room

Naturalness is a feature of the Scandinavian style. This is especially necessary in the children’s room. Eco-friendly and safe materials will not harm your baby’s health.

Wooden furniture.

The floor covering is parquet, boards or laminate. The boards are usually painted white, which is very typical for northern interiors. We recommend choosing a laminate with a chamfer around the perimeter. So it looks more like a natural tree.

White floor covering.

Wallpaper or paint is used to decorate walls for children’s rooms. It is better to use paper wallpapers – they are safe for health. Of course, compared to non-woven, they have a disadvantage – they cannot be cleaned. And when your child leaves magical drawings on the walls in a burst of creative enthusiasm, it will not be possible to wash them. A more practical solution in this regard will be paint. And you can easily choose the right shade, and then apply geometric drawings using stencils. The children’s room will be more lively and original.

Original design.

Another material for wall decoration is decorative boards. Usually they are not used independently. They are combined with wallpaper or paint and highlight their functional center.

Decorative wall made of boards in a Scandinavian-style nursery.

There is also a slate paint. It is applied selectively. You can draw on this surface, which will delight your child.

A slate in the interior of a Scandinavian-style nursery.

Color palette for the scandi interior of the nursery

Many people will think that the Scandinavian interior is not suitable for a nursery. Light and pastel colors are fine, but the child needs bright colors in order for him to develop properly. The good news for you is that bright colors can and should be used. After all, this is a children’s room and its own rules and laws apply here.

You just need to choose the right shades and place them in the interior. Then you will be able to create a cute nursery in Scandi style with bright accents.

Pastel colors in the Scandinavian style nursery.

Decorating with paintings on the walls.

Bright accents.

Furniture for scandi-nursery


The most important thing in the nursery is a crib. It is obvious that the option with rising sides is suitable for children up to 2-3 years old. A canopy in the form of a wigwam is suspended from above. Often these are monochrome options, but you can choose a fabric with a simple and concise pattern – stripes, polka dots, stars or zigzag.

Scandinavian style.

A Scandi-style room for a newborn.

Older kids choose beds in the form of a house or a wigwam. There are also classic models of a separate bed. Soft lanterns in two colors or garlands with flags are used for decorative decorations.

The interior of a Scandinavian-style children’s room with a wigwam.

Crib in the form of a house in the Scandi nursery.

If the nursery is designed for two children, a bunk bed is installed. Or a single bed with a pull-out extra bed. There are a lot of variants of crib designs.

Bunk bed.

Storage of things.

There are a lot of toys and small details in the nursery. Therefore, special attention is paid to the planning of the storage system. After all, the well-groomed appearance and order in the nursery depends on it. In order not to overload the common space with furniture, open racks with textile drawers are used. Open shelves and suspended storage systems are also worth taking into account.

Open shelving in a Scandinavian-style nursery.

Compact shelving.

Open shelving.

Scandi furniture.

All furniture is designed based on the convenience for the baby. The height of the racks is not more than 1.5 meters. There are modular systems that can be changed in height during use. Change their location and order.

Convenient storage system in the nursery.

Textile design

Since in the nursery we slightly deviate from the strict rules of compliance with the Scandinavian style, then in textiles you can turn around in full. Choose them in interior shades or contrasting monochrome bright colors. There are also bright fabrics with a scandi-style print.

Place a small accent rug on the floor, which performs more of a decorative function. Or choose a large printed carpet with a treasure map or an image of cartoon characters. Recommendation from us – for the nursery, choose carpets with a small pile. It’s more practical.

Printed carpet in the Scandinavian style nursery.

Accent rug in the Scandinavian style nursery.

Curtains can be hung on the windows, unlike other Scandinavian-style rooms. Bright tulle or Roman curtains will perfectly fit into the interior. Choose the drawings according to your preferences or in compliance with the geometric theme of the style.

Roman curtains in the interior.

Accent Roman curtains in Scandi style.

Bright tulle.

Scandi-style children’s toys

Even in toys, the style of the interior can be traced. They are made of natural wood and are used in their original form or they can be painted. Of course, you will not be able to observe this rule in children’s toys. Such an ideal picture exists only in the photo. So just take note that such toys exist. This is a wooden railway, an airplane, a children’s kitchen, pyramids and much more. Soft dolls and various animals in the style of gingerbread men are made from natural fabrics.

Emphasis on children’s toys in the Scandinavian style nursery.

Children’s toys in the room.

Cute Scandinavian-style children’s room decoration.


Kids really like to model adult life. And almost every child has a house in the nursery. Why not make it in the form of a teepee. This will suit the style, and the child will be delighted with its unusual and originality. There will be something to tell your friends about.

A teepee in a Scandinavian-style nursery.

A teepee in the interior.

Light in the scandi nursery

In the Scandinavian style, special attention is paid to lighting. Usually several levels of light are used: overhead, wall or desktop and floor. In the nursery, bright lighting is simply necessary. Make the overhead light the most powerful and bright. Make additional light sources more diffuse and soft. In the evening, such light will create comfort and relaxation.

Cozy atmosphere in the Scandinavian-style nursery.

To read books or lessons, put an additional lamp with a directional light. Soft garlands can act as a night decoration. Kids love them very much, because they are beautiful and they emit a soft cozy light.

A comfortable Scandinavian-style nursery and good lighting.

Decor for the nursery

The decor for the children’s room is a garland of flags or balls, pictures and prints. Decorative balls are made of soft materials in a combination of two colors: pink-gray, blue-white, blue-gray, etc. They are very cozy and serve as a night light in the evening.

Wall decor made of glowing balls.

Decor of flags on the wall.

Interesting drawing on the wall.

The garland of flags is not limited to colors. And they are mostly made multicolored. This element brings a touch of festive atmosphere and pleases the eye with brightness and originality.

Bright decor.

Next, we present to your attention a selection of Scandinavian-style children’s rooms.

Scandi style.

Children’s room for two.

Light colors combined with dark.

Scandinavian style in the nursery.

Light colors.

Nursery Interior Department.

Bunk bed to save space.

Scandinavian nursery for two children.

Teen bedroom in scandi style.

A bright carpet makes the interior more interesting.

Children’s room in Scandinavian style.

White and gray in scandi style.

Lighting in the Scandinavian nursery.

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