Kitchen design 2023: trends, ideas, photos

By | January 13, 2023

What does the coming year have in store for us in the world of interior design? What style will be at the peak of popularity? We offer you a selection of the most promising interior solutions that will definitely find their fans in the new year. Let’s analyze the subtleties of fashion trends, the secrets of unusual color combinations.

Minimalist style.

We have selected a photo gallery of the most interesting and creative design ideas. You will be able to take your time to look at the photo and learn for yourself the ideal options for arranging a practical, safe and attractive room.

Fashion trends

Experienced designers and developers of kitchen furniture expect next year to strengthen the trends that have emerged this season towards complete freedom from style restrictions.

The interiors of the rooms are becoming more and more concise, discarding unnecessary tinsel from pretentious details that complicate the life of the owners too much, as in this photo:

Modern style in light colors.

The original approach, individuality and own character in every detail are appreciated.

What are the prospects for the development of modern kitchen style?

An open kitchen combined with a living room is becoming increasingly popular. And the point here is not only a chronic shortage of precious spaces, but also in comfort, including psychological.

The absence of partitions in the kitchen-living room stimulates active communication of family members with each other, and a spacious, full of light, room has a beneficial effect on mood. The kitchen, built into the interior of the living room, without sharp borders and division into zones, becomes almost “invisible”. The photo shows how harmoniously the furniture set and the dining area fit into the living space.

Beige color fits perfectly into the interior.

A simple, concise interior style is relevant, and without rigid binding to any direction. It can be minimalism, eco or scandi, a gently romantic retro style, or an arbitrary combination of elements taken from different designs. The main thing is that the atmosphere in the kitchen brings peace, is comfortable and relaxing.

Kitchen sets with multi-tiered cabinets and mezzanines to the ceiling continue to break records in popularity. This design allows you to easily place all the necessary kitchen utensils and equipment, does not overburden the interior.

If you choose the right color and texture, the cabinet-wall is visually almost invisible. In addition, dust does not accumulate on the upper covers of the headset due to their absence, as in this photo:

Modern design.

Ecodesign has become a feature of recent years and is not going to give up its positions. People are attracted to natural materials, they want their rooms to be enlivened by plants and natural shades that are pleasing to the eye.

Wicker furniture and kitchen sets, wall and floor finishes, solid wood countertops are relevant. Indoor plants in flowerpots, green walls, hedges are widely used for decoration. Such a kitchen is a corner of wildlife among the stone jungle, in which you can relax your soul.

Eco-style design

Green, white and woody shades.

And here is the green wall in the room:

Designer wall decoration: moss, stone and barn boards.

Original plant vases are also eco-friendly design:

An interesting design solution: miracle ceiling lights in the form of inverted planters.

Another idea for a kitchen-living room with eco-style elements:

Minimalist style.

Natural materials and textures:

  • Floor coverings made of stone slabs, solid wood, parquet.
  • The walls are decorated with wooden panels, marble and granite, sandstone, river boulders.
  • Laconic brickwork and concrete.

The same applies to countertops for kitchen sets, islands and dining tables. Products made of natural wood, stone, and glass continue to be in fashion.

Modern interior design.

Fashion trends dictated by time.

Minimalist style.

Unusual design option.

Design of white kitchens

White color does not give up its position, thanks to its versatility.

  • Along with black, gray and natural wood texture, it is used in most modern room interiors.
  • It is easiest to choose additional color accents, decorative elements, household appliances for white glossy or matte facades of a kitchen set.
  • This design makes the room brighter, more spacious, creates a feeling of cleanliness and perfect order, which is clearly visible in the photographs presented.
  • The only disadvantage is that any dirt is clearly visible on the white surfaces, so you will have to try with cleaning.

Kitchen design with metal in the interior

Metallized furniture facades are in favor. If earlier metallic was used in the direction of high-tech, today it is used for the design of a variety of interiors. The designers also paid attention to the noble shine of golden brass accents, which gives the room a rich, respectable look. The photo shows the stylish design of a modern kitchen:

Black color combined with metal bar stools.

Modern appliances in the kitchen

Another mandatory attribute is the interior, saturated with cutting-edge technology and electronics, which can be controlled remotely using smartphone applications. As well as “smart” hoods, which independently choose the mode depending on the saturation of the air with vapors and odors, climate control, equipment capable of preparing a full dinner for the return of family members from work and school.

And, of course, a variety of little things that simplify life: a shredder of household waste in the sink, a wine cabinet, cutting boards with electronic scales.

Cozy minimalism.

Modern design of kitchen aprons and countertops

Increasingly, when choosing an interior design, owners prefer countertops and aprons made of the same material, in the form of a solid monolith. Often their coloring does not differ from the shade of the facades of kitchen furniture, which creates an amazing effect of a solid space. Here are photos of several elegant interiors:

Minimalism style in interior design.

The room looks like a single ensemble, the kitchen set is almost invisible against the general background:

Gray-coffee range.

The countertop and marble apron literally transform the room, creating an atmosphere of wealth, respectability.

“Touch to open” systems are gaining popularity. In stylish modern interiors, cabinets are widely used, whose doors open and close with one light touch. This method of fastening is suitable for any type of furniture.

Light gray color combined with black.

The absence of handles has a great effect on the perception of the interior: the room looks solid, as the eye freely glides along the furniture facades. You can arbitrarily combine different types of finishes, visually combine walls and cabinet doors, place furniture anywhere.

Another sign of the new age is elegant, maximally thin countertops for kitchen furniture.

Light grey with white.

Due to the strength characteristics of modern materials, property owners have a unique opportunity to abandon massive models. New products give the furniture a weightless, airy look. The design of the rooms looks absolutely fantastic.


Lighting gives the room dynamics and volume, creates a feeling of a large, open space. Next year, there is expected to be increased interest in light accents on the upper tiers of hanging lockers. For this purpose, track and pendant lamps with metal lampshades, spots are used.

Two-tone kitchens will continue to delight the owners with their magnificent colors. You can choose a more traditional version, with a white or cream, grayish top and a saturated bottom. Or take a chance and combine two bright accents that will create a juicy, fashionable design in the room for many years.

Another unconventional solution will be a separate block-an emphasis on one of the walls of the room. Usually it is highlighted with a contrasting color, on a quieter general background. You can also choose an original solution for a dining group or a comfortable sitting area with a bright corner, sofa.

Interior sliding doors of a monorail compartment.

At the peak of popularity there are also sliding glass doors that separate the kitchen from the living room or dining room. Here you can choose from a great variety of options that become an original decoration of rooms, from completely glass canvases with a matte, mirror effect or with applied patterns, to retro-style doors with bindings.

When choosing a kitchen apron, preference should be given to natural materials, bright, unusual patterns, mirror coatings, complex textures.

Photo gallery of interesting ideas for inspiration

And, in conclusion, we offer you to admire the photo gallery of interiors and, perhaps, choose a suitable option for yourself.

Classic interior design.

Turquoise color.

Minimalism style.

Modern kitchen design with island.

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