Eclectic Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Eclectic style in the interior of a house or apartment is an artificial combination of different styles. Thanks to this, a unique atmosphere appears.

To achieve perfection, the style requires a competent approach to the choice of finishing materials, furniture, decorative items. Then the outwardly disorderly chaotic interior will acquire meaning and order.

Living room.

Style History

A new direction in interior design was born at the end of the 19th century. In search of inspiration, European architects combined different elements of classical styles. They wanted to find an unusual solution for their time, based on the well-known and familiar.

Living room.

The development of eclecticism was promoted by colonialism. Europeans brought unusual things from the continents. Household items, exotic jewelry filled their homes. Gradually, it became not just a desire to leave something in memory, but a separate kind of trend in design.

The fusion style is closest to eclecticism. But if eclecticism combines elements of classics in the interior, then fusion prefers more modern solutions: high-tech, country, ethnic.

Recreation area.

Features of eclectic interior design

Eclectic spaces include elements of two or three design trends with a common origin, ideas and principles. Therefore, before starting the design, you should decide on the choice of styles, the details of which will fill an eclectic interior.

Combining several design styles, the room looks balanced and harmonious. This effect is achieved thanks to a neutral background – light floor, ceiling and walls. Furniture is chosen in more contrasting, but matching colors. It is important that pieces of furniture, accessories and textiles not only harmonize, but also unite with a common idea.

Living room.

The setting of an eclectic space is not just a set of different objects, but a thoughtful idea. In order not to lose the uniqueness of the interior, designers advise combining no more than 3 styles. Neoclassical or Scandinavian minimalism can be used as a basis. Directions appreciate a bright space that is easier to fill with bright accents. In a traditional eclectic interior, classicism becomes the base, and it is quite difficult to combine it with Baroque, Gothic or Rococo.

Living room.

Characteristic features of an eclectic interior:

  • Contrasts of shades, shapes, different styles and even eras.
  • The scale of the space is an interesting effect achieved due to the harmony between objects of different sizes. The big one is put back, the small one is put forward. So the interior acquires depth and fullness.
  • “Bridges” between details – combining different time, texture and color in the interior, designers advise choosing suitable accessories that connect them together. For example, lace napkins or sofa cushions will become a “bridge”.

Kitchen-living room.

  • Emphasis on the walls – a variety of paintings, photographs, posters and posters on the walls attract attention. At the same time, the interior is perceived more holistically. The same frames will help to combine the composition.
  • Originality – handmade items, elements of different cultures and peoples will help to make an eclectic interior more cozy and atmospheric.

Living room.

To fill the room with dynamics , two techniques are used:

  • Contrasting repetitions – when one color is repeated in furniture and decor. For example, burgundy sofa upholstery, curtains of a similar or the same shade, a tub of flowers, a carpet, a picture frame.
  • Repetitions of shapes – square coffee table, chest of drawers, sofa cushions, photo frames, mirror.

Dining area.

Finishing materials

Eclectic style allows you to choose different materials, mainly in light colors.

Wood, laminate, ceramic tiles and even linoleum are suitable for the floor. The walls can be painted or wallpapered. Wall panels, textured plaster, ceramic tiles are also suitable. Depending on the idea, you can decorate the wall with natural brickwork or imitation.

The ceiling is plastered, painted or multi-level structures are created. A stretch fabric will do. Stucco elements or wooden beams are used for decoration, then the interior will resemble a country style.

Living room.

Color palette

The style involves using almost the entire palette. But still, it tends to some especially. So for walls, floor and ceiling, light shades are usually chosen: white, cream, milk, light gray, ivory or beige.

Color scheme in eclectic interior design.

Contrasting colors are suitable for textiles, furniture, decorative items and accessories: burgundy, chocolate, dark brown, emerald, wine or indigo. The right combination of shades helps to better perceive the integrity of the interior.

But do not combine more than 5 colors and too sharp transitions in one space. Otherwise, one of the main principles of eclecticism is violated: the harmony of the palette.

Barberry wallpaper is perfectly combined with a red sofa and a black shelving.


Furniture comes to the fore in an eclectic interior setting. Therefore, when arranging a room, it is necessary to take into account the practicality and convenience of objects.

The peculiarity of the eclectic style lies in the combination of elements of various styles and time. So modern plastic chairs, Victorian dressers, tables in the Baroque style or cabinets of classicism successfully coexist in the space.

Eclectic furniture.

The main thing when choosing furniture is that it should be combined with each other. Not necessarily a form. It can be a color or an ornament of the upholstery. Designers advise to start furnishing from the center of the composition – a rococo sideboard or a classic-shaped sofa. And then select furniture by appearance or shade.

Living room with fireplace.

Decor and accessories

Eclecticism in the interior offers the use of a wide variety of decorative items, united by a single thought. Tubs with live plants, paintings in wooden frames, gilded or lacquered, vases, figurines. Decorative sofa cushions, antique trifles, family photos and posters will perfectly complement the interior.

Living room.

Sconces, floor lamps or table lamps from different eras, decorated with woven lampshades with fringe or modern models of unusual appearance will emphasize the uniqueness of the room. And forged and modern candlesticks will serve as additional lighting and an original accessory.

Living room.

The pastoral landscape is harmoniously combined with a modern bright poster. Coarse textiles – with flying fabrics. Chairs with metal legs – with a wooden coffee table. The eclectic interior allows for an abundance of decor. The main thing is to observe harmony between the elements and not overload the space.

Living room.

Eclectic interior design in different rooms: description and photos

Eclecticism allows you to bring an idea to life with minimal costs. Budget pieces of furniture, decor and finishing materials are suitable for eclectic interior design.

Eclecticism in the interior of a small apartment.

Living room

The mood of the living room is set by the upholstery and the shape of the furniture. In the center of the composition are armchairs and a sofa. Leather or velvet upholstery will do. Large objects are taken to the background, and small ones are taken forward. So the room acquires the necessary depth.

The living room usually combines high-tech technology and boho home comfort. Loft minimalism and pop art. Classicism and Baroque splendor.

Eclecticism in apartment design: a bright contrast of opposites.


When furnishing a bedroom, it is important not to overload it with elements, shades, shapes of objects. Otherwise, it is unlikely to be possible to fully relax and unwind before going to bed. The decor for the bedroom is paintings, photographs hung on the wall above the bed. Original table lamps with a lampshade on the bedside tables.


Of the furniture in the bedroom, a wide bed is mandatory, regardless of whether a single person or not. Suitable options made of wood or forged, decorated with ornate rounded elements. A vintage model with a soft velvet headboard will be appropriate.

A lacquered chest of drawers or a wardrobe is suitable for storing things. You can hang a mirror in a beautiful carved frame on the wall, if it corresponds to the idea of the situation.



If the kitchen needs to be divided into a cooking area and a dining room, then the floor can be covered with various materials. For example, ceramic tiles and parquet or laminate. Paint or ceramic tiles are suitable for walls. The apron can be decorated with tiles with an ethnic pattern.


A kitchen set in a classic style or French Provence is suitable. A massive wooden table, neat simple chairs without carving. A wrought-iron chandelier with imitation candles or frosted glass shades is hung above the table.

All coverings, furniture upholstery, surfaces, textiles for the kitchen should be chosen easy to care for. Eco-leather and natural fabrics are welcome: cotton, linen.

Eclectic interior

The eclectic interior is suitable for those who like experiments. The style successfully combines a variety of shapes, shades, and moods of objects in one space. Thanks to this, the most beloved objects of different directions are painlessly combined in one space. As a result, you will get a unique and comfortable space reflecting the inner world of a person.

Living room.

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