Light green color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

Bright, saturated, obtained from the combination of green and yellow, light green color is very popular. Life surrounded by such a palette cannot be boring and monotonous. Combinations with light green color are so diverse that there are fantasies where to turn around.

Psychologists about the light green color

Imagine a bright yellow color, striking in the eyes, blinding. For sure, it is difficult to withstand such paints for a long time. Add a little green to it, and that’s it – the unpleasant sensations immediately disappear. There are many shades of light green. It is believed that people who have fallen in love and chosen such a palette have an irrepressible thirst for life, the desire to explore the unknown all the time and give joy to the whole world.

The green color in any of its variants is very close to nature, a natural and healthy lifestyle. Getting into a house where the predominant tone is light green, you realize that generous, responsive, purposeful people live here, with whom it will be warm, calm and cozy next to them.

Features of the use of light green color in the interior

You can decorate the entire apartment, each room with the help of a light green color, and it will not get boring, because the shades make up a real rainbow of colors. Lime, the color of grass and young foliage, juicy greens – and this is not the whole list. Light green is so special that it is suitable for both men, women, and children. It plays its calming role everywhere. Designers really like to use it, because it is easy to apply in any style direction, it can withstand a combination with many shades. No wonder it is called the “color of harmony”.

Observing the main principle of the color scheme in the interior, do not use more than three colors, often light green is chosen as the base. It can be on:

  • walls;
  • facades of kitchen furniture;
  • upholstered furniture upholstery;
  • textiles;
  • decorative elements;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • ceramic tiles.

The abundance of indoor plants will harmoniously support the color.

Combinations with other colors

Of course, we are talking about all kinds of combinations, but there are more successful and less.

Let’s start with white. White color is like a blank sheet of paper on which you can draw anything, embody the most daring ideas. The combination with light green will give a feeling of not only spring freshness, but also purity, the absence of negativity. The palette will help to get rid of disturbing thoughts. Light green walls will serve as a good background for placing white accents. The dark brown floor will emphasize all the elegance of light shades.

Living room of a suburban high-tech house.

Imagine that you are on the bank of a river at the hour of dawn. Pink rays break through the greenery of young foliage, dissipate and connect with the surrounding beauty. So it is in the interior. The combination of light green and pale pink is allowed to be used in romantic design. For example, in the bedroom, decorate the wall above the bed with a painting on the background of the main light green color. If the headboard of the bed is made high from soft materials in pure pink, and a pleasant natural-colored bedspread with pink inclusions is spread on the surface, then you will get an unforgettable atmosphere offering to indulge in the wildest dreams.

The light herbal color goes well with the pink palette.

Light green in combination with orange will help to recharge with positive energy for a long time. Diluting and complementing each other, they will give only bright and joyful emotions.

The combination of green and orange in the interior of the nursery.

At first glance, the combination of two complex colors will seem unusual: light green and purple. But this is only at first glance. Connect these two shores, for example, wallpaper in a small alternating stripe. And then we will expand the boundaries of each color in separate details:

  • purple on the facades of the kitchen set and a light green apron;
  • the windows have tulle of the same texture, but two colors;
  • purple ceramic tiles in the bathroom with patches of greenery, and snow-white plumbing on this magnificent background;
  • decorative Venetian plaster with imitation treasures of a malachite casket and a chic sofa with purple upholstery and gilt-inlaid armrests.

The combination of light green with purple in the interior of the living room.

Light green and turquoise. Apply it in the nursery, especially if the children are a boy and a girl. This combination will reconcile, encourage them to play together, create and try never to quarrel.

The combination of blue and green in the interior of the nursery.

It is not necessary to use a light green color in a monochrome version. There are a great many finishing materials where a whole story unfolds against the background of a particular color. Always fashionable geometric shapes, flowers and floral ornaments, golden or silver monograms will look great against the background of natural natural color.

Color features in different rooms

The light green color as the color of nature will create the feeling that you are often on a picnic around lush vegetation.


So that the color does not get tired and does not become annoying, it must be diluted. A kitchen set with a glossy surface in a two–tone version is an excellent way out of the situation. It is quite possible to add a third color, for example, a glass apron with a seascape image. Light curtains in the colors of furniture will complement the natural atmosphere.

Small household appliances of other bright colors can become accents among the monotonous greenish-yellow scale, since manufacturers offer a large selection of color models.

Here are some examples of a light green interior in the kitchen.

A kind of light haze is created by combining a juicy light green color with more muted white-green colors. The kitchen set with built-in appliances is made in the same two colors. But the interior does not seem boring and annoying due to bright yellow inclusions in the form of individual details: the original hanging chandelier, upholstery on chairs near the dining area. Decorate the room with a collage of drawings with a plant theme.

Different shades of green in the kitchen interior.

Here is an example of a situation where light green is not the predominant color, but only places accents. But how wonderful is the combination of the same natural light brown tone with bright yellow-green spots. The modern classic of a large enough space in the kitchen with its strict lines and a minimum of decor is made more fun with an apron, chairs, countertops in light green color.

Wooden kitchen combined with light green accents.

The photo shows a simply gorgeous kitchen, which many housewives only dream of. The non-standard layout, truly huge size of the kitchen could not go unnoticed by designers. An unusual semicircular kitchen set of bright light green color against the background of an equally bright lilac wall. A round island, in which a sink and cabinets are built around the entire circumference, more yellowness is added to the color of the facades.

Purple green cuisine: from emerald spring greens to malachite.

Living room

Do not be afraid to decorate even a small living room in bright green colors. As the color closest to the natural environment, light green loves the company of wooden surfaces.

How do you like the interior of the living room offered in the following photo? Eco-style in modern processing. Pay attention to the delicate pale green shades repeated in the sofa of rounded shapes, light tulle on the window, round carpet in the center of the room. The eco-style is complemented by a waterfall chandelier in the recess of the multi-level ceiling, exotic plants in pots and planters on the wall. A photo wallpaper depicting a beautiful landscape with a waterfall becomes an eye-catching element. By the way, the motif of the waterfall can be seen in lambrequins on curtains, climbing plants, chandeliers in the form of hanging droplets. The color scheme fully corresponds to the relaxing effect that water gives us in any form.

Beautiful living room.

The following photo presents us with an English-style living room. Proportionally arranged furniture, consisting of two corner sofas placed opposite each other, upholstered in natural fabrics of a deep dark shade, coffee tables in the form of chests, a fireplace made in strict black, the same strict and laconic cabinets with open upper shelves – all this speaks of the brutality of the room, which does not tolerate any sentimentality. But this is not the case. Bright green spots in the form of curtains on the windows, carpet on the floor, pillows on the sofa, and differing from each other in shades, but with similar prints, dark, juicy color on the back wall of cabinets dilute the rigor and conciseness, adding cheerfulness to the overall interior.

Living room.


According to psychologists, green and all its types have a calming effect on the human psyche. Where, if not in the bedroom to apply such knowledge. It is here that we are looking for peace and quiet after difficult everyday life.

We offer several options for the design of the bedroom in light green color.

Do not be afraid to use a lot of light green color. Furniture and accessories will smooth out the monochrome and monotony. Here is an example of a minimalist bedroom design. The walls are painted in a light green color, close to lime. The bed is without frills, very simple lines, with contrasting black and white design. The bedside table is made in the same style. Natural light coming from a large window is complemented by a desk lamp with a simple shade. The walls are combined with a white ceiling and beige floor. Minimalism emphasizes a simple snow-white carpet without a single hint of ornament or pattern. The decorations of the room are a large potted plant on the floor and a picture above the headboard of the bed, emphasizing the naturalness of the basic color of the interior. Nothing superfluous, but a successful combination of colors without unnecessary decor and accessories creates a free, airy space.

Bedroom in a modern style.

And again, the classic combination of light green in different shades with beige and light brown. Minimalism, but how pleasant and elegant. A large panoramic insert above the bed in the form of upholstered upholstery with decorative buttons-rivets, creating a geometric pattern of diamonds. A very attractive bright shade of green is an accent spot in a rather calm interior. Deeper tones on curtains, in chair design and textiles. A soft shag carpet on the floor in a brown color scheme confirms the comfort of the room.


Ethnic style in the bedroom interior in the photo. The combination of not only colors, but also different textures gives originality to the whole design. The unique sleeping place is located in an unusual place for this – in the corner. A thoughtful round shape with a headboard in the form of a holder for a large canopy bowl. The light green color is present in a variety of variations that are perfectly friendly with each other: a bright green canopy with transparent curtains, an almost yellow fleecy carpet. The color scheme is complemented by beige cabinets, almost orange walls, the color of wood. The ethnic ornament is repeated on all the main surfaces. Numerous decor in the form of colorful pillows, striped bedspread, a large mirror on the wall in a mosaic frame. With all the variety, there is absolutely no feeling of discomfort or bad taste.


Children’s room

Joy, cheerfulness, fun promotes the green color in the nursery.

In the photo, the interior of the children’s room in lilac-olive colors. Only three shades are taken as basic: white, olive and lilac. White still prevails, and the other two tones are only scattered around the room with bright cheerful spots.

White nursery with purple and light green accents.

There will be a lot of green color if you decorate a children’s room in a thematic design: jungle, zoo, forest clearing, dinosaurs and much more. Examples in the photo.

Children’s room with eco-style decor.

Yellow-green nursery.

Jungle wallpaper in the children’s room.

Cartoon characters or painting on a mural for a children’s room.


Everything connected with nature evokes thoughts of rest, relaxation, a real paradise for the soul and body. Why not create a similar atmosphere in the bathroom using all the same natural colors. Competently combining shades of light green with each other, you can build and equip a very stylish and cozy bathroom, especially since all snow-white plumbing, lockers, accessories look spectacular against the background of such a palette.

See how organic the space is created almost with just one green. Small details become accents: a brown rug and towels.


The following example of a luxurious bathroom is built on the contrast of light tones and brown.

Accents of juicy green tones will bring a highlight to the bathroom.

Strive to bring at least a drop of bright colors into your life. All worries, worries and aggression will quickly fly away when you enter your home and get straight into the atmosphere of fresh air, nature and a friendly environment of pleasant shades to the eye.


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