Choosing a color for the kitchen: ideas and tips

By | November 17, 2022

Getting down to the design of the kitchen, first you need to understand exactly what it should be: comfortable at home, stylish-newfangled or defiantly original. In order for the result to exceed all expectations, and you would like to live, create and relax in the new kitchen, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and recommendations of designers. And also, see photos with the most successful color solutions for kitchens.

Kitchen color scheme

When planning the kitchen, the choice of colors in the interior is of great importance.

A combination of colors or monochrome can do a lot:

  • You can create the illusion of a spacious, bright kitchen or a small, cozy corner.
  • They set the mood, increases or, conversely, reduces appetite. They act invigorating, or soothe, pacify.
  • Shades support, enhance or smooth out, shade the interior style.
  • They are crucial in creating the right atmosphere – festive-bright, gently romantic, restrained-strict.

Following fashion trends and designer advice in the design of the kitchen, of course, is wonderful. However, when choosing colors for the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account their impact on the psyche and mood of a person.

The general gamut should pacify, give rest to the eyes and calm nervous tension, since stressful conditions are not uncommon in modern life.

How to choose the right color scheme for the kitchen?

Psychologists give the following recommendations:

  • Light, calm tones for finishing walls, ceiling, floor.
  • Wide application of the natural palette – warm wood, various greens, light and dark brown shades, sand, light blue and turquoise.
  • In the dining area, brighter color solutions will not hurt – natural fruit and berry and floral tones of yellow, red, orange, lilac. They increase appetite, create a positive, festive mood. The main task of the decorator at the same time is to observe the measure. A vase with fruits, flowers, a beautiful painting or a bright countertop is enough.
  • If the owners are concerned about maintaining a slim waist or a strict diet is prescribed for health reasons, colors come to the rescue again. By decorating the dining area of the kitchen in gray or powdery pink, you can noticeably reduce your appetite.

A well-chosen color palette transforms the room, creating an individual flavor that vividly demonstrates the character and attitude of homeowners.

Choosing a color for a small kitchen

Small kitchens require a particularly subtle approach when choosing a color scheme.

There are several basic rules that will help you make the right decision:

  • The main color should be light, very light. These are white, blue, yellow, beige, peach and pink colors, light wood. The photo shows how much color shades affect the perception of space.
  • You can use no more than three colors in the kitchen at the same time.
  • The key, dominant background occupies 60% of the surface. These are walls, ceiling, floor, furniture facades. The most calm, neutral color is chosen. The remaining 40% are given to additional tones and expressive accents.
  • For the walls and kitchen apron, the colors of the same scale are used, it is possible with a small print, a geometric pattern.
  • In order to visually change the proportions of the kitchen with the help of colors, expand or, conversely, shrink the space, horizontal and vertical stripes are used, not only monochrome, but also containing drawings.

Small kitchens made in pastel colors can look boring. To add impressions, designers use interesting, original elements.

It can be a colored apron, a bright countertop or a chair seat, a yellow or emerald refrigerator, as in the photo.

The color of the floor, wallpaper and ceiling in the kitchen

Starting repairs in the kitchen, it is necessary to immediately choose the most suitable color scheme for the main background in the room.

If the traditional white ceiling does not suit, you can use a variety of options, with several conditions:

  • Dark, matte tones make a small room even smaller.
  • Multi-level ceilings in a dark range absolutely do not look.
  • In spacious rooms, it is better to mount multi-colored multi-level or stretch ceilings.
  • Colorful stretch constructions with drawings and patterns look amazing.

The floor covering can be different:

  • Multicolored ceramic tiles or linoleum in the form of parquet, national patterns, carpet, panels. It looks unusual, bright, stylish.
  • Light wood, gray and white, milky, beige tones are ideal for small rooms, serve as an excellent contrast for saturated red, blue, malachite tones.
  • Dark wood, black, coffee and chocolate are immortal classics that create a sense of respectability, prosperity. But you should be careful with them – any traces and specks of dust on a dark surface stand out strongly.

And finally, tips on the final finishing of the walls. Ceramic tiles, washable and photo wallpapers, plaster for painting and decorative plaster, wooden panels are widely used in the kitchen.

  • If the room is small and there is not enough sunlight in it, it is better to take warm, light tones for the surfaces – golden, soft beige, light peach, agave.
  • If the windows face the sunny side, white, bluish, cold beige, gray and green shades are perfect.
  • For a number of modern, rustic and eco-styles, it is appropriate to use painted or varnished brickwork, natural stone, wood sections.

It is better if the walls are plain, or with a discreet small pattern. You can highlight accents with the help of beautiful panels, paintings, mosaics, curtains, cabinets and shelves, and other decorative elements.

Choosing the color of the kitchen set

What do experts say about the kitchen set? Plain facades are easy enough to fit into the overall composition.

Basic rules:

  • The color shade should match the overall style of the kitchen.
  • It is desirable that the tone differs from the wall and floor coverings.
  • The most pleasant are a variety of natural shades, from light beige and cream to cherry, burgundy and dark brown.

A plain kitchen set is the best option for small rooms.

But with multi-colored facades it is more difficult:

  • The maximum number of colors in the kitchen set is two. An exception can be made for fittings, glass and mirror surfaces.
  • Hanging cabinets should be several shades lighter than the bottom row of cabinets.
  • The basic tone should prevail, filling 60-80% of the facade surface.
  • Shades should be harmoniously combined with each other. It is better if one of them is neutral – white, beige, gray.

If preference is given to a kitchen set of soft, pastel colors, then the walls and decor should be saturated, with catchy accents. And, conversely, juicy colors of furniture “ask” for a calmer range for walls and floors.

The color of the countertop and kitchen apron

A kitchen apron is the space between the bottom surface of the cabinets and the countertop. It protects the walls from splashes, soot, moisture, and performs another important function – aesthetic.

Choose it depending on the color of the kitchen set or countertop.

  • White is a classic, perfectly combined with any shades.
  • Chocolate, burgundy, natural wood texture look rich and create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
  • The apron looks amazing in the form of an original accent: mosaic, curly tiles, honeycombs, various images and prints, contrasting shades, silver and gold, brick and stone masonry, glossy panels.
  • The gray and beige palette is an excellent background for interesting decor and accessories. This apron is combined with the boldest shades.

The countertop is an integral part of the kitchen set. Accordingly, choosing a color for the countertop, you should focus primarily on the shades of other interior elements:

  • ceiling, walls;
  • curtains, furniture upholstery;
  • apron, floor.

The most practical are lightweight countertops made of artificial marble stone, solid wood. They fit harmoniously into any interior. The sink is matched to the tone of the countertop or furniture facades.

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