Modern Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Modern style is characterized by what originated in our time. And now this particular direction is very popular. He has some clear rules and restrictions, he is still in the process of being created, just like once the classical style, Provence, Empire, Scandinavian. The task of each direction is to recreate the spirit of its time. In the case of the modern direction, you need to listen only to yourself and create your own oasis of comfort and coziness, as it seems to you.

Kitchen in a modern style.

Conciseness in the interior of a modern style.

Scandinavian motif in the modern style.

Fashionable kitchen design in a modern style.

Distinctive features of modern style

Despite the fact that your imagination is not limited, some features are present in the modern style.

Smooth facades without milling. Very often glossy or decorated with wood. The handles are chosen chrome-plated without unnecessary details in one line. Or even put the system without them. The doors open when they are slightly pressed, or they are made slightly below the module and they are opened for the formed ledge.

Snow-white kitchen in a modern style.

Refined taste in the interior design of the kitchen in a modern style.

The combination of style and conciseness in the interior.

Unusual kitchen design with an island.

Modern materials. Facades made of MDF, covered with PVC film in a variety of decors, which in salons are more than a thousand options. They are also decorated with acrylic plastic, this material has a mirror-smooth surface. The third material of the cladding is paint. Its advantage is that you can choose any shade, you will be selected for the interior color. Veneered facades are also used, which are covered with a thin layer of natural wood on top. They are cheaper than solid facades.

The cozy atmosphere is conducive to warm conversations.

Bright kitchen with bright accents.

Spacious and comfortable kitchen in a modern style.

Ergonomic design in a modern style.

Gloss can be on all surfaces or selectively. Facades, countertop, floor, kitchen apron, sink and mixer. You just have to choose where to apply it.

Practical use of glossy surfaces.

The competent use of gloss in the interior attracts the eyes.

Glossy facades look great in the interior.

Systems for smooth closing of facades. Drawers and doors are now very pleasant to open by installing a system of closers. This miracle hardware will make sure that everything is quiet and comfortable. Depending on the design of the kitchen set, 10 – 50% of the cost of the kitchen is added for these amenities.

Stylish design.

Functionality and aesthetics in a modern style.

Beautiful kitchen in line with the island in a modern style.

Kitchen combined with living room. This is rather not a feature, but a trend that is actively developing. The modern rhythm of life sets its own rules. Freedom of speech, freedom of style, freedom of expression.

Kitchen-living room in pastel colors.

Comfortable and interesting pastime in the kitchen-living room of modern style.

Kitchen-living room with a bar.

Spacious kitchen-living room in a modern style.

Choosing a modern style

Modern cuisine is a symbiosis of several directions. All interior styles are intertwined. In 20 years, the modern style will be called in an original way, and the main features will be written to embody the spirit of our time. But still, we will name styles that are often repeated and stand out especially strongly in modern cuisine.


Hi-tech in the modern style.

Corner kitchen with a bar.

Kitchen with bright accents.

White-gray high-tech kitchen interior.

Implies innovative household items. Appliances, furniture, lighting, decors. There is a lot of metal and gloss in this style. He loves cleanliness and strictness. There is no place for unnecessary decorations, only what is necessary without chaos and emotions. This direction is suitable for rooms of any size.


A variant of finishing a modern kitchen in minimalist.

Minimalist in the interior.

Kitchen with island.

Kitchen set with a bar counter.

A monochrome palette that echoes high-tech. Minimum details and maximum functionality. In this style, the main background is usually white.


Attractive energy of modern loft kitchen design.

Corner kitchen in loft style.

Brick wall decoration in the kitchen.

Gray shades in the kitchen interior.

Requires a lot of space. Panoramic windows, high ceilings and plenty of air. Natural textures in the decoration of walls and floors, such as brick wall, plaster in relief form. The loft is also distinguished by the absence of a visible division into functional zones.


Nowadays, natural materials are no longer in trend. Simply because most manufacturers use only artificial ones. They are in demand because they look attractive and modern.

Wall decoration. In modern stylistics, all the energy is directed at practicality. Because there is simply no time to take care of materials that require special attention. Such as matte surfaces with a non-uniform texture. In the kitchen, this is especially important. Therefore, finishing materials have properties such as moisture resistance, resistance to mold and chemicals. It can be moisture-resistant paint or tiled. The main requirement is less time for cleaning.

A deep combination of shades in the interior of the kitchen in a modern style.

Interesting design of the kitchen in a modern style.

Design of an L-shaped kitchen with an island.

Ceiling decoration. A stretch glossy ceiling is mainly used. It visually expands the space and is very practical. Lighting in the form of small spots is immediately built into it. In the kitchen, it is stretched before installing the kitchen set. This is due to the fact that to install the ceiling, it needs to be heated very much, and the facades may not withstand such a temperature and the cladding material on them will simply burst.

Kitchen decoration with stretch ceiling.

Elegant interior decoration of the kitchen in a modern style.

Bright kitchen in a modern style.

Ergonomics and practicality of modern design.

Floor finishing. Any moisture-resistant material is chosen for the floor covering. Ceramic tiles, moisture-resistant laminate, porcelain stoneware. All materials have their pros and cons. For example, the tile on the floor will give off cold, but the moisture resistance is at the highest level. The laminate will be a warm soft coating, but there is such a possibility that over time it will swell from moisture.

Conciseness of modern design.

Warm tone of the kitchen in a modern style.

Unobtrusive kitchen design in a modern style.

The yellow shade dilutes the atmosphere of strict gray in the interior.

Choosing furniture facades

Facades are the front part of the kitchen, which creates the overall impression of the interior. For their manufacture, chipboard, MDF, coated with film, plastic, paint are used. Glass inserts, if there are showcases. Facades made of MDF, covered with veneer, i.e. a thin layer of wood. And finally, wooden facades. The most budget-friendly here are MDF in film and chipboard facades. Then comes plastic, paint, veneer and natural wood.

The exterior of the facades is simple without unnecessary details. In particular, it is very popular now to do without handles on the kitchen set and it is very practical. Firstly, cleaning of such facades will not take much time. Secondly, you can easily open the facades with the back of your hand or elbow, which is very convenient when you bake a pie or butcher meat. And thirdly, it’s just beautiful, unusual and concise.

The texture is chosen glossy, it additionally gives volume, which is especially important for small kitchens. Colors and textures are also often combined. For example, a glossy light top and an accent matte bottom.

An interesting combination of shades in a modern style.

Coziness and comfort in a modern style.

Choosing household appliances

Of course, if we are talking about a modern style, there can be no question of any classic models of technology. The hob and oven come in three colors: white, black and ivory. Be careful with white, it often comes with a greenish tint. 90% of kitchens are equipped with black appliances. And in a complete set with a sink and mixer. It is practical, because even in an untidy state it looks decent. This color is suitable for any kitchen color scheme. On snow-white – it will become a bright accent, on dark it will complement perfectly. In general, the option is a win-win. The hood is also selected either in the color of the entire technique, or under the color of the upper facades. But as a rule, built-in models are now preferred, and they have only one strip 40-50 mm high visible. And it’s usually chrome-plated.

Retro models are suitable only if you want to bring the style closer to the loft direction. This is where classic ovens and faucets will come in handy. But basically, a modern kitchen is simplicity, conciseness without unnecessary details, clean and shiny.

Maximum space filling.

All the equipment is built in.

A spectacular combination of dark red color.

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