Classic Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The classic-style kitchen is cozy, luxurious, refined. And there are many more epithets to list. After all, classics are the mother of all styles and trends in interior design. Here, every detail has its own meaning. It is important that everything is balanced. And the cozy, luxurious classics did not come close to the grotesque. In this article we have collected detailed information about the features of this style and you can easily implement it in your home.

An example of a kitchen design in a classic style.

Classic style combined with a mirrored ceiling.

Everything is strict and balanced.

Distinctive features and features of the classical style

The color base is in gentle calm shades. In this direction of design, every detail and overall impression breathe nobility. These are chocolate colors and its sub-shades, cherry, burgundy, sandy, golden. And of course all shades of white: milk, ivory, smoky white, ultra white and many others. In a classic interior, it is permissible to use contrasts, but it is better to do them with soft transitions.

Excellent cherry kitchen design.

Rich combination of colors.

Simplicity and elegance in the ivory color scheme.

Summer mood combined with a sandy shade.

Golden color will give your kitchen the effect of luxury.

It looks strict and noble in combination with Bordeaux.

Smoky white color will create a morning awakening.

Dining table and chairs. A mandatory element in the kitchen in a classic interior. This is the center of the whole composition, so this area is additionally highlighted with light and carpet. It is clear that the table itself is made in a massive classic frame made of natural wood, complete with chairs.

Classic design with a wooden table in dark colors.

Pistachio combined with white.

The presence of a carpet definitely creates comfort in the dining area.

Symmetry in everything. In order to withstand this rule, determine the center around which the symmetry will unfold. As a rule, this is a hob and an oven in a classic design. We know that not every room can be decorated with ideal proportions. Therefore, it is important to observe the correct lines and a few repetitive elements.

Rigor and symmetry in the arrangement of the interior and furniture.

Moldings and baguettes. An integral part of the classics, but it’s worth remembering that this is not an Empire style. It is not necessary to fanatically paste decorative bas-reliefs and rosettes everywhere. It is important to maintain balance and refinement. Evaluate the amount of decor used in the photo and you will understand what we are talking about.

Interior decoration.

Vintage interior items. If you are lucky and you still have your grandmother’s buffet, do not rush to throw it away. Restore it and put it in the kitchen. Such things have their own special energy. This is an optional item in the design of kitchen classics, but a pleasant addition that will create a unique atmosphere of comfort.

Vintage items will certainly give your kitchen a cozy and good mood.

Kitchen in white tones

Luxurious, clean and fresh – this is how this color is always visually perceived. And in a classic interior, it looks especially noble and refined. White is the most popular color in this style. It makes the interior lighter and more airy. But do not think that all interior items and decors are decorated with one shade of white. It is mandatory to use several tones. From dark cream to snow-white. This will give dynamics and freshness.

Purity and oblivion in the design of the style.

Shades that are used for the interior in white tones: champagne, light pink, pistachio, milk and the colors of melted milk. But remember that there should be more snow-white white. On its perfect background, all other shades will stand out and look especially bright.

The use of different shades will give expressiveness.

A milky shade will give a little romance.

Kitchen in cream shades

It can be shades of white. But they are all muted, gentle and romantic. Pastel pink, vanilla, chocolate shades are also used in the interior. This color composition looks cozy, with exquisite elegance and grace.

The cream shade is conducive to a protracted conversation.

Kitchen in shades of chocolate

It can be not only monochrome colors, but also textured wood. In such a color scheme, this is even a rule. Furniture facades with a noble pattern of natural wood look especially impressive. You can make drawings on them and apply patina or other decorative elements, but with restraint.

In order for the kitchen to be light and fresh, it is better to use cream shades for the background, and use chocolate ones in a dosed manner. Then they will stand out more and emphasize their status of elegance.

A bit of classic European style.

Kitchen in shades of gray and white

French elegant combination of basic colors. It is in France that interiors in such shades are very popular. The background here is light gray or white and additionally pastel tones of blue, sand, golden are used.

The overall tone of the room is executed in matte textures, without contrasts and sharp transitions. Restraint and nobility in everything. It is allowed to use stained glass windows, unusual glass products, photographs in beautiful elegant frames in the color scheme of the interior.

A pastel tone always has a place to be in your kitchen.

Kitchen in shades of white and gold

Gold inclusions in the interior are like jewelry on a woman. Complement the interior and emphasize the status of the owners of the house. The golden color represents wealth and luxury. The most successful combination is considered to be white with gold. But wood decors, burgundy and black colors are also used.

“Rich” execution with shades of gold.

Where to use gold in the kitchen:

  • Kitchen set. Patina on the facades, handles, hinges, rails, mixer, pattern on the apron.
  • Textile. Curtains in the dining area and gold tassels on them, upholstery of chairs, drawing on the table.

In the interior of the kitchen of a house or apartment, you should not get carried away with gold inclusions. It will be enough to emphasize the main zones with thin elegant lines. If there is a lot of gold, the comfort of home will disappear and the kitchen will turn into an oriental restaurant, where the golden background is the basis.

Nuances of the classic interior

Using decorative tiles to highlight the dining area.

Furniture selection

In a classic interior, the ideal option would be furniture made of natural wood in the appropriate style. Or a more budget-friendly analogue with compliance with all the requirements for form and texture. Remember about household appliances, now there is a wide range of classic ovens, cooking surfaces, refrigerators and even kettles.

Classic kitchen in dark colors.

Textile color scheme

In the color of the base shade. If the overall background of the interior is light, in white tones. Then the furniture is selected in milky, pink, golden shades. In maximum harmony with the decoration of the floor and walls.

Classic kitchen in bright colors.

Darker than the base color. This solution will give more dynamics to the interior. But be careful. The main thing here is to choose the right color contrasts. For example, furniture in shades of dark chocolate will look perfect against a background of beige and sand shades.

Cream and beige will perfectly complement each other in combination with a chocolate shade.

The basic palette is gold. For a golden finish, furniture in milk and cream tones is suitable. It will emphasize the elegance and grace of gold.

Kitchen decoration in a golden shade.

All the smooth lines in the furniture have a clear shape that is immediately visible. To do this, classic chairs and a sofa are framed in a solid wood frame, and textile trim goes in the center.

Clarity and smoothness of lines.


Each functional zone has its own lighting installed. For the working part, directional bright light. The space between the dining area and the kitchen is darkened. There are soft spotlights around the perimeter of the kitchen. And the dining table stands out with diffused cozy light.

Classic lighting combined with diode illumination.

Photo gallery for inspiration:

Classic-style dining area.

White kitchen with an island.

Crystal chandelier in the interior.

Classic kitchen set.

Straight white classic kitchen.

Lighting above the dining table.

Corner beige kitchen in classic style.

Plants in the interior.

Kitchen with separate bar.

Red and white kitchen set in classic style.

Combined lighting in the interior.

Kitchen area in classic style.

An unusual apron for the kitchen.

Dark kitchen set in classic style.

Lighting above the dining area.

Classic Blue Kitchen set.

Oval table with classic chairs.

Bright kitchen in a classic style.

Crystal chandelier in the kitchen interior.

Brown kitchen in classic style.

Light colors in the interior.

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