Light blue color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

The state of rest, relaxation, serenity, vacation, the sea, the azure sky – these are the associations that the spectrum of blue tones evokes. It is intermediate in the blue and white palette and fits into all rooms. This tone is cold and symbolizes flora and fauna, calms, creates a trusting environment, stimulates the brain. If you make a mistake in choosing a shade, the design will lose its taste and personality, cause fatigue and depression.

Living room in a classic style.

Palette of shades in the interior.

The gamma of the blue spectrum includes a wide variety of tones, such as turquoise, cornflower, sky colors, cyanide and others. They add coolness to the room, visually expand the space, due to which they will be advantageous in small rooms with low ceilings.

Color solutions

When mixing tones, you need to remember that pastel tones need to be combined with pale shades, and saturated with bright ones, creating a contrast.

Shades of azure and white are most often used in the decoration of bathrooms, creating weightlessness, a sense of relaxation. They make the room bright and airy, especially where there are not enough natural light sources. It is better not to dilute such a mix with bright colors and decor, otherwise the feeling of lightness and airiness of space will disappear, and nude and pinkish shades will enhance the coziness and comfort.

Bright living room in a private house.

Children’s room.


This combination creates an airy atmosphere.

This combination creates a feeling of coolness. Light graphite will make the interior fresh and soft.

Combination with dark gray.


Combined with graphite color.

The combination of light blue and nude colors is a classic example of interior design, most suitable for the guest and kitchen areas. The light blue ceiling harmonizes pleasantly with the ivory walls, visually enlarges the space, adds warmth and lightness.

Delicate classic interior.


Gentle and airy.

Light blue and brown tones give the interior design harmony in any combination. The tone of the sky color is used as a base, and the tones of the wood color will help to focus attention. A large living room and a spacious work area are best decorated with deep shades, they will make the zones presentable.

Dark brown interior with accents.

Children’s room.

Combination with gray and brown.

Light blue and green tones prevail in the finishes of children’s, play, sleeping and guest areas. Associations with soft grass and a cloudless sky make such a mix in demand, the main thing is to use light shades, in order to avoid overload and despondency. Rich blue tones are complemented by emerald and herbal, and light – olive and pistachio.

Bedroom in calm tones.

Saturated colors in the interior.

The perfect combination.

This color scheme gives the space a chic look, visually enlarges the room, it is important that the furniture solution differs from wall panels.

A mix of azure and pale pink shades will create a unique decor in the bedrooms and boudoirs of gentle young ladies of any age. Any pink tones, from the coldest to the warmest, harmonize with the blue spectrum. Pastel enhances a pleasant comfortable interior, and the balance of tones will not become dull.

Living room.

Gentle and romantic.

Shades of aquamarine and orange enhance the sense of naturalness and harmony. The most appropriate will be in kitchens and areas for children.

Dining area.

Orange-colored textiles.


Shades of light blue and lemon blend perfectly, creating a unique space for creativity and new ideas. Cool light blue tones make a juicy lemon soft, giving a sunny warmth.

Yellow accent in the bedroom.

Lemon shade gives brightness and juiciness.

Indoor use

The right combination of palettes and a perfectly matched furniture group will emphasize the functionality of the room.

In the living room areas, such a palette will make the room cool and cozy, which accurately determines the chosen shade. A cozy and comfortable living room will help to create a combination of pale blue and nude, woody shades. The restraint of the interior can be emphasized by a bright saturated textile decor with bold textures. A competent selection of tones will help to zone the room.

Living room.

Furniture with a hint of cinnamon will make the room spiritual and conducive to a pleasant pastime.

You can expand a small space in width with an accent light blue wall, and in order to visually increase the height of the ceiling space, it is painted in bluish tones. But they need to be applied separately, either on the ceiling or on the wall panels.

Charming and gentle living room.

In the kitchen, the presence of light blue walls gives freedom to the flight of imagination through the use of spot decor. Experts recommend using a light blue tone in narrow rooms with sufficient lighting. Bright accents of orange, green and pink shades will help to create a unique design that will appeal to even the most capricious hostess.


It is most applicable in rustic style, Provence and shabby chic, matte textures, light-colored wooden furniture and cotton textiles will help in this. Blue tones combined with purple, pale green, gray, beige and light pink scales will help to create a neutral kitchen. And yellow, red and orange will help to create a beautiful, bright, unique kitchen, where it is pleasant to spend time on dark, cold evenings.

Vertical stripes on the walls visually enlarge the room, and flowers on the wallpaper of light blue tones will give harmony and warmth in the kitchen area of a country house. Wallpaper of white, gray tones favorably distinguish the facades of the kitchen set in a bright, saturated blue color. Curtains can be striped, checkered, with patterns and colors.

In sleeping areas, this tone helps to relax, adjusts to a healthy sleep, gives space and freshness. If the sleeping area is overloaded with the main tone, then it will be cold and uncomfortable in it, this can be corrected with the help of a bright decor. The combination of white, gray, beige and brown colors will help to create a neutral bedroom. Such tones will be an ideal solution for a sunny room – a light blue tone cools it.


Lavender, blue and purple colors create a monochrome interior that will appeal to calm people who love to be alone. To avoid boredom, you can add paintings, carpets, textiles and decor in calm tones.

A wonderful addition will be furniture equipment in gray and brown tones, a low glass table and mirrors in smooth frames. Red and black shades for furniture are not the best solution, it is better to abandon such an idea.

For bathroom interiors, the most popular solution is to use a blue shade to create both a neutral and defiant design. The use of light shades will help in this. A good idea would be a dark stripe at the bottom of the wall, and a light blue or whitewashed one on top.

The green-blue tones will be pleasantly in harmony with the snow-white sanitary ware. Light gray metal and blue tone perfectly harmonize in high-tech style.

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