Black color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

The most controversial, mysterious color in the interior is black. There are no indifferent people to him and he is never left without attention. It is present in every interior.

Living room.


Psychology of color

Black in the interior is a bold decision. For many, this design seems gloomy and depressing. This color is filled with mystery, a magical haze of the unknown. In addition, it causes associations of fear and grief for some. This color is contradictory and not clear to many. That does not prevent him from looking luxurious and elegant.

Luxurious and elegant.

If you do not take into account the symbolism, you will see that this color embodies an atmosphere of restraint, elegance, sexuality and efficiency. The perception of this shade is influenced by various color combinations. Black color has the property of making them brighter, revealing their potential and multiplying their charm. However, psychologists do not recommend getting too carried away with this color. In large quantities, it will act depressingly and put pressure on the psyche.


Remember that this color “knows” how to absorb space and absorb light. This means that any room will become smaller in his presence, especially if the lighting is already very dim.

Living room.

Interior decoration

Black looks great in large volumes, so it’s not necessary to limit yourself to accessories only. Walls, floors and ceilings can and should be decorated in this tone, the main thing is to choose the right shade.

Kitchen-living room.


The black wall will definitely become the center of attention. And the competent use of this tone will hide all the geometric flaws of the room and can completely change the perception.

Living room.

Nuances of using black on walls:

  • This design is suitable for any style. From classic to restrained and eclectic Scandinavian.

Classic style.

  • Black requires bright lighting. Therefore, it is worth using it in rooms that face the south or east side.

Suspended metal chandelier.

  • The interior gets cold, so be sure to add warm accents.

Warm accents in the interior.

  • Black will be a wonderful background for light furniture and textiles.

Woody texture.


The first thought that comes to mind: the black ceiling will press down and look very low. But in fact, the saturated dark color turns it into a bottomless abyss and visually it looks high and even inaccessible.


However, if the darkness overhead scares you too much, complement it with wood trim in the form of slats. Or decorate with luxurious stucco, which will look especially exquisite and unusual on a black background. It is not necessary to make black ceilings in the entire apartment. Often this technique is used in the bedroom or bathroom.

Ceiling with wooden slats.

By the way, there are stretch glossy ceilings in black. Thanks to the reflective structure, such a ceiling will visually expand the space.

Floor covering

Classic style.

The floor covering in black has its advantages and disadvantages. In everyday terms, this color is the most capricious. Any speck of dust is visible on it, not to mention more significant pollution. For example, you will definitely not like such a floor in the hallway. This will require constant care and attention. All in order to look luxurious and sophisticated.


If you do not touch on the practical side, then the black floor is universal. It is suitable for decoration of any style. With its help, it is easy to achieve harmony in design, since according to the rules of color construction, the floor covering is the darkest part. Therefore, if you are not concerned about the question of practicality, feel free to choose a dark floor color.


Classic chest of drawers.

Black pieces of furniture look noble, expensive, original and very solid. Such a bold decision is a rarity, which means you will definitely be able to surprise your guests. Dark furniture will look especially advantageous on a white background, and for the most daring, the option is suitable when both walls and furniture are in the same color.

Corner sofa.

The black sofa looks most advantageous in leather trim, but velvet trim will compete with it. After all, this is a royal textile. But let’s get back to practicality again. If you have pets that leave wool everywhere, then know that you will have to constantly clean the sofa, armchairs and everything that will be upholstered with pile fabric.



Window decoration with black curtains is a universal solution. They will be combined with the general concept of the interior in any case.

Decorative elements.

Small decorative pillows in black design will add elegance to the pieces of furniture. A fluffy soft blanket will follow the same goals.

Color Combinations

Black is combined with absolutely all shades, because it is a neutral color. We have selected the most striking and winning solutions for you.

  • Black and yellow. This sunny, bright and positive color looks great next to black. They complement and neutralize each other, which makes bold interiors.

Combination with yellow.

  • Black and pink. Here, a delicate and pastel shade of pink is most suitable, which will reveal itself in the presence of a dark one from a completely different side. It will give him brutality, but at the same time it will remain gentle and refined.

Combination with pink.

  • Black, red and blue. This combination looks solid and noble.

Combination with red and blue.

A combination of dark and bright shades.

The red sofa looks great against this background.

  • Black and emerald. A charming and mysterious combination. The interior looks mysterious, but at the same time brightly and openly attracts attention.

Combination with emerald.

Living room.

Green accent.

Living room and bedroom.

  • Black and white. Ageless classics. This combination will always be relevant and popular today. And if you add a shifting gray, the interior acquires nobility.

Modern interior.


Combination with woody shades.

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