How to choose a color for the hallway: color combinations and features

By | November 17, 2022

Designing the overall design of an apartment or house begins with the hallway. The overall perception and mood depends on the choice of color for this zone. This is the first thing you will see when you come home.

Color selection criteria

Interior in the coffee palette.

Small entrance hall

Most of the hallways are small, it’s not a secret for a long time. And a recipe for creating a harmonious interior in such rooms has long been revealed. Choose cool gray, blue or silver shades.

White and blue design.

Gray design.

This design will refresh the interior and visually make more. However, make a choice in favor of any pastel, smoky and muted shades. Milk, powdery, coffee, ivory. Choose any one. In the case when the room has low ceilings, choose a monochrome light finish, which is combined with the main color concept.

Design in the coffee palette.

Long narrow hallway

For this type, light shades are used. White is often chosen with a warm or cold undertone. We strongly recommend that you abandon any drawings and geometric lines. Imagine that after the renovation you will fill the space with furniture. And then all your family members will leave outerwear, umbrellas, hats, bags in the hallway. They are all of different colors and textures. If you add wallpaper drawings to this ensemble, you will get chaos. Opt for plain coatings. Such a solution will look stylish and noble.

Design of a long narrow corridor.

Wide entrance hall

In such a room there is an opportunity to show imagination, experiment with color and shapes. Use dark shades in combination with light ones, contrasts are always in fashion. A calm palette in milk and coffee shades or in charcoal black is up to you.

Design in milky tones.

Design in light and dark shades.

Large entrance hall

In a large hallway, the main thing is to follow the basic rules of building a design. Choose a style and implement the most daring ideas. Red, orange, apricot, yellow, green – any colors are at your service. If you have a window in the hallway that faces south, it is better to cool the interior with fresh and cold tones. The color of the sea wave, blue, emerald, purple will perfectly complement the warm and bright interior.

Large entrance hall in pastel noble colors.

Coffee and nut palette.

Dark tones in the hallway

Dark shades give the room a certain mystery and nobility. With their help, it is easy to correct the perception of the interior and shortcomings in the form of protruding columns or projections. And even turn them into advantages, a highlight that will make the interior brighter and more holistic.

Dark tones.

Walls and floors in dark colors will make a wonderful background for light furniture. It will look lighter and more elegant. In addition, on a dark background, all decorative elements look more clearly, which sets the dynamics and makes the interior alive.

The dark interior looks mysterious.

Dark walls emphasize the lightness of light furniture.

Dark shades look especially harmonious in fusion and art deco styles. Where playing on contrasts is their basis and highlight. Just remember that dark colors can narrow the space and make it smaller. Therefore, in small hallways, this solution will not be the most optimal.

Spacious entrance hall in dark gray design.

Spacious hallways in dark colors, with properly selected accessories and a combination of other complementary colors, look expensive, noble, solid and very stylish.

Shades of dark have an aura of mystery, and therefore are distinguished by special beauty and aesthetics. Today, cobalt colors are popular, deep blue, complex lilac, which fill the interior with a deep idea that you want to unravel.

Dark blue walls.

Hallways in a light tone

Light colors look light and airy, fill the room with bright positive energy. It’s no secret that such a design visually pushes the walls apart and raises the ceiling. Most people are very comfortable in such a room.

The interior looks light and airy.

The light palette is combined with any shades from the color spectrum. Any decor and unusual elements will look bright, easy and stylish. The overall perception of the interior is associated with tranquility, cleanliness and freshness. Especially if you use delicate pastel colors. Pale blue, lilac, light green, milk. Such colors always look well-groomed, warm and create a magical cozy atmosphere.

Cream tones in interior design.

Chocolate tones in the hallway

Chocolate shades look delicious and create an atmosphere of warmth. Often this tone is used in the textures of natural wood, which gives the interior nobility and speaks of the high status of its owners. This color is traditional and has long been considered a classic, which always looks respectable, expensive and stylish.

The nobility of chocolate shades.

The walls are in a chocolate shade.

The chocolate tone looks respectable.

Gray tones in the hallway

Gray shades have a rich palette. They are perfectly combined with other colors. Gray is basic, which means it will highlight other tones on its background, emphasize their depth and other advantages. This tone creates a calm atmosphere of relaxation and harmony with yourself. In addition, it is the most practical shade of all existing. It is ideal for the hallway, even for small rooms.

Gray shades.

Gray walls in the interior.

Use light shades of gray. For example, the color of metal, graphite, pearls. These colors will make the interior lively and dynamic, moderately strict, simple and concise. Do not be afraid of this color, your interior will not be dull and faceless, as is commonly believed.

Metallic shade of gray.

Gray shades in interior design.

White tone in the hallway

White always looks amazing. It fills the room with volume, comfort and cleanliness. Against its background, it clearly highlights dark objects, which looks elegant and elegant. This color hides the shortcomings of the room, expands the space and fills the interior with freshness. He is simply imbued with a positive atmosphere. Especially if combined with bright and warm colors. For example, yellow, orange, green. These colors on a white background look amazing.

White furniture in the hallway.

Entrance hall in white.

And now let’s talk about practicality. The white one in the hallway, of course, will not remain like this for long. Very quickly it will lose its gloss and grace. Therefore, instead of snow-white color, use cream tones, for example, ivory and ivory. The color ivory is very popular today.

White hallway in a modern style.

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