Art Deco Style Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Bright and original Art Deco is not really an independent, but a collective style. There are elements of Art Nouveau, classics, heraldry, plant and ethnic motifs in it. But even taking into account so many components, Art Deco interiors are not overloaded with details.

The Art Deco bedroom is elegant and cozy. Comfortable furniture, soft diffused light, pastel shades combined with a glossy and luxurious palette create an excellent atmosphere for relaxation and relaxation.

Characteristic features of the Art Deco bedroom

Interior design in this style requires taking into account the nuances:

  • abundance of textiles and fabrics;
  • intricate patterns with silver and gold;
  • symmetry of furniture in the bedside area;
  • geometry in the finish;
  • natural materials.

Decoration of a small bedroom in Art Deco

Art Deco, like any decorative style, requires free space. Then he will be able to reveal himself in all his splendor. But designers say that if desired and a competent approach, even a small bedroom can really be beautifully decorated in this luxurious style.

The main thing is to focus on the abundance of light. Glossy surfaces and mirrors will especially help in this. In combination with the right lighting, all this will help to visually expand the room and fill it with air.

A dark palette in a small bedroom should be abandoned. The basis is pastel shades and universal – white, sand, beige, cream. Black and dark brown are used to highlight borders, and contrasting colors are used as accents.

Fabrics and furniture for a small bedroom are also chosen elegant, but not bulky. Heavy velvet will replace satin or silk, and natural stone – artificial or wood.

Art Deco Shades

The choice of a style palette implies a harmonious combination of all interior elements. It is important that one shade emphasizes the other. So the light furniture will resonate with the dark wall decoration. The emerald-colored bedspread will set off the silver bed linen. Beige bedside rug goes well with lavender curtains.

Each piece of Art Deco interior corresponds to the traditions and canons of style. Therefore, when decorating a bedroom, professionals often work on the design, complementing the room with original items.

The ideal palette for Art Deco will be black, gray, shades of beige, brown, milky and white. Coral, terracotta, lilac, wine, olive, emerald are used as contrasting accents.

The main palette is used for finishing walls and furniture. Contrasting colors are used as decoration and in ornaments. Gold, bronze or silver glitter adds luxury to the style. These can be threads in upholstery, blankets or curtains, as well as chest handles, candlesticks, chandelier details.


Combinations of any shades of beige add peace to the bedroom, fill it with warmth and love. In addition, it is a good background for a brighter palette.


Greatness and grace, power and energy are contained in this color. Burgundy is combined with almost any other shades. Of the materials on its background, light marble, silver or gold will look the best.

Emerald or malachite

A deep and rich color is best used with caution. It looks organic in combination with a warm beige color scheme. Gives the room a touch of aristocracy. It is appropriate in the design of the floor, walls and textiles: curtains, bed linen.

Combination of black and white

It may seem surprising, but such a harmony of colors is perfect for an Art Deco bedroom. The severity of black compensates for the freshness of white, but instead they create an atmosphere of reliability and tranquility.

The combination of warm gold or cool silver will complement, depending on the wishes and the side of the world on which the windows overlook. Gold to the north, silver to the south.

Ceiling, wall and floor finishing

At the very beginning of the creation of the style, only natural expensive materials were used for it. Valuable tree species, bronze, ivory, etc. Over time and the development of production, they were replaced by qualitatively stylized artificial analogues.

The Art Deco style, like many others “breathing” splendor and luxury, is most suitable for spacious bedrooms. In a small room it is impossible to show all the versatility and originality of the style. A decorative niche with artificial lighting looks interesting. The wall behind the bed is often accentuated, then all the other details look richer.


Multilevel, with stucco and elegant borders, the ceiling will be most welcome. Rounded or rectangular shapes of levels are used to divide the bedroom into zones. An elegant plaster rosette under the chandelier will complement the look.

Today, manufacturers offer a choice of stretch cloths or suspended structures. Local built-in lamps around the perimeter will fill the bedroom with comfort and elegance. And thanks to several levels, the room will visually become higher.

Mirrors and painting will help to decorate the ceiling. But if the latter option is not particularly distracting, then the first one can have a bad effect on the quality of sleep. Plant ornaments, geometry and antique subjects are perfect for painting.


Designers recommend choosing natural materials for finishing the floor. Suitable parquet or laminate, stone. Modern self-leveling floors or ceramic tiles stylized as marble are also appropriate. The coating will be complemented by soft carpets with long pile.

A more traditional version of the design of the Art Deco bedroom floor is polished valuable wood. The natural pattern of the tree will complement the carpet with a similar color. It is important that all the details of such an interior are on top and harmoniously combined with each other.


Wide walls serve as a kind of foundation for everything else. Therefore, when choosing the texture and shade of the material, it is worth stopping at the golden mean: wallpaper, because they are diverse. The combination of silk wallpaper with frames and panels will also look original.

A worthy replacement for the canvas is decorative plaster. Thanks to the wide palette, you can choose the right shade, and the characteristic light shine will add sophistication and splendor to the bedroom.


An Art Deco bedroom implies wide windows to the full height of the wall, but in reality this is not always the case. Especially in apartments. Therefore, the absence of abundant daylight complements the electric light.

Lamps can be of different sizes and shapes. Do not limit yourself to one or two options. The main light is represented by a large chandelier. Table lamps are placed on bedside tables or sconces are hung over them. A floor lamp is needed in the recreation area.

The decoration is mainly glass and copper, but matte options with fabric or plastic lampshades are suitable. Niches, paintings and mirrors should be highlighted separately. For this, an LED strip or built-in lamps will go.


The main asset of the bedroom is a wide bed. In the Art Deco interior, it is magnificent. A large, but at the same time elegant headboard with a carriage or forging, upholstered in leather or velvet. High bed legs. The frame is decorated with bronze or gilding.

The wardrobe in the Art Deco bedroom is distinguished by elegance. Modern tall and faceless models will be out of place. The style requires carved doors, refined fittings, glossy shine. Smooth lacquered models are also suitable. The best solution would be to replace one cabinet with neat dressers and cabinets.

It is not necessary to maintain all the bedroom furniture in a single shade or purchase a set. Art Deco allows for the harmony of different details. Therefore, an upholstered armchair of the original shape and a vintage dressing table are perfectly combined with each other.

An important point of furnishing: a light tone to a dark finish and vice versa. Then the room will remain balanced and cozy atmosphere.

Decor, accessories, textiles

Art Deco is the complete opposite of minimalism. This style requires many different details, including wall-mounted ones: fans, paintings in gilded frames, amphorae and vases. But a large number of details are suitable for spacious rooms. In small rooms, accessories will hide the usable area and create a feeling of crowding.

The decor will be figurines of different sizes, animal skins, draperies, tapestries depicting landscapes. Forged elements, regular or refracted geometric shapes – for example, frames with paintings or mirrors.

Mirrors are one of the important components of the style. They expand the space and multiply objects. Gold, copper luster, floral ornaments and designer decor becomes several times more. This effect adds luxury to the room. Designers recommend paying special attention to floor-mounted mirrors decorated in massive frames.

The most suitable textiles for an Art Deco bedroom are satin, velvet and silk. Bedspreads and curtains are necessarily heavy,. The bed linen is gorgeous, silk or satin. A golden cornice and massive pickups with tassels will complement curtains or drapes. And decorative pillows of different sizes are placed on the bed.

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