Art Deco Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Art Deco perfectly fits into modernity, thanks to its dynamics and brightness. For the design of premises, it should be chosen by those who prefer to spend their whole life and even rest time on the move.

Style History

French artists of the early 1920s were looking for a new direction of painting, experimenting with an eclectic style. This period is considered the beginning of the birth of Art Deco.

However, the style did not receive recognition immediately. His popularity increased by the mid-1930s and subsided with the advent of wartime. But later, interest in Art Deco returned, surviving to the present day.

Living room.

Bright colors, strict features, luxury of crystal and expensive wood, pretentiousness and excess of style filled the canvases of painters, ladies’s clothes and interiors.

Over time, instead of precious and natural materials inherent in Art Deco, mass production focused on less expensive products. This is how the use of aluminum and plastic for interior decoration began. Art Deco has become widely available. However, glamour and luxury remained its main features.

Dining room.

Throughout its existence, Art Deco has undergone several crises and still has reached modernity largely due to its simplicity, brightness and eclecticism.

Living room.

Characteristic features of the style

Art Deco is characterized by stepped and geometric shapes. Circles and squares, rhombuses and ovals, zigzag lines with clear angles.

In interior design welcomes diversity. The overlapping of shapes on top of each other, the interweaving of geometry – that’s what is natural for him. This also applies to furniture. Simple rectangular dressers or a round mirror will not meet the style features. But a chest of drawers with a geometric ornament or several multi-level doors will perfectly fit into the interior.

A distinctive feature of Art Deco is the Sunburst element. It can often be seen in the decoration of premises.

The Sunburst element.

Dining room.

The color scheme of Art Deco, like its lines, is modest. Often even monochrome. He doesn’t welcome semitones. Only clear tones: black, white, bordeaux, chocolate, beige and gold. But at the same time, the style is full of brilliance.

When decorating Art Deco interiors, they are decorated with crystal and mirrors, and the furniture elements are chrome-plated. The brilliance from the ancient times of Art Deco filled the room with a festive atmosphere.

Ethnic motifs and elements of ancient cultures distinguish Art Deco. In addition, animal motifs are inherent in it – tiger or leopard prints.

Ethnic motifs in the interior.

Natural materials were welcomed – marble and velvet, leather and ivory, glass and granite, chrome and brass. And yet, over time, designers have moved away from expensive and natural materials, preferring more affordable aluminum and plastic.

Art Deco is considered a bohemian style for its luxury and pretentiousness. When designing interiors, it will look as advantageous as possible in wide rooms with high ceilings. Then all the elements will take a clear place in a strict order and far enough from each other. And the original floor lamps and figurines will add elegance to the design.

A bed with a high headboard.

Bright kitchen with island.

Living room.

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