Shabby Chic Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Shabby chic style is a direction for romantics and aesthetes who adore cozy rooms breathing antiquity. A kind of “grandmother’s house” in an elegant, almost doll-like performance gives incomparable peace and tranquility. The abundance of self-made decor gives the rooms an individual character. Especially successful options are passed down from generation to generation, creating a special, family style.

The style allows you to fully unleash your creative potential, not limited to simply buying the right things in the store. It develops imagination, allows you to realize girlish dreams of a cozy “princess castle”. That is why each house has its own shabby chic, unlike the others.

Shabby Chic interior.

Cozy bedroom with vintage furniture.

Romantic Design Shabby Chic.

Living Room.

How did the style of Shabby chic appear

The style originated in the 80s of the last century. The main features of the direction were old, vintage things “with a history”, frankly shabby life, look.

Kitchen in pink-milk and turquoise tones.

If there are no really old things at hand, the owners artificially “age” the new ones that they just bought in the store. Since the style has gained popularity in recent years, pseudo-vintage interior items can be bought inexpensively in specialized stores.

Living room with fireplace and vintage elements.

The ancestor of the style is considered to be a British citizen living in California, Rachel Ashwell. She started with the arrangement of her own newly bought house with furniture. The woman changed the decoration, restored old furnishings, decorated the rooms with her own needlework.

Exquisite bedroom interior.

Having appreciated the magnificent and unusual result, she began to look for old, unnecessary things. She bought them for a song, returned a decent appearance, and sold them in the shop she opened. The style appealed to housewives, owners of small houses in “low-rise America”. After that, shabby chic began a victorious march across the planet.

However, the origins of this style are in the UK. It was there that historically there was a tradition to purchase houses with furniture that has not changed for the last hundred years. Thrifty Englishmen actively buy up old things with cracks, peeling paint, crooked doors at flea markets and “garage sales”.

There you can also buy handmade bedspreads and pillows made of good-quality flowered damask. Cheap to buy old family heirlooms that have become unnecessary to the heirs. All this is put in relative order, and is used for the next 10-20 years.

Wicker baskets, frames and bouquets for shabby-chic interiors.

The interest in second-hand things, as opposed to the new-fangled gloss and minimalism, was supported by the fashion for classic antique interiors. The new models, made according to ancient technologies, stood out for their inappropriate, fake novelty.

But the old, great-grandmother’s, or artificially aged, with the effect of patina, things, people liked. A whole industry was born, with specific techniques that allow you to give new furniture a shabby look.

Nursery for a girl in a romantic design.

Modern shabby chic is almost universal, it can look different.

It has a lot of nuances characteristic of a particular country:

  • In France, they prefer a romantic-light mixture of Provence, Louis I and shabby chic.
  • In England, they gravitate more towards the ponderous thoroughness of the Victorian and colonial trends.
  • In Spain, shabby chic is complemented with Tuscan delights.
  • In Russia – Russian Art Nouveau, art Deco and romantic styles of the 60s.

With the development of technology, the style began to mix with eclecticism and techno trends. And in the last time, in the wake of the fashion for self-determination and national characteristics, the trend of shabby-ethno.

Palette of shades in shabby-chic interiors

The style is based on gentle, warm and muted tones, mainly pastel. Milky, light beige, cream, smoky pink, pale lilac, pale blue. All the colors seem to have faded from time or faded a little in the sun. Because of this effect, the space turns out to be airy and light.

Living room with fireplace.

Accents are placed with contrasting, but not bright shades. Light olive, lavender, pink, mint. Gold and patina are allowed on carved wooden furniture. Black is almost not used – only in the elements of cutlery, decor, appliances.

Of the darker colors, chocolate, wine, deep blue, dark green are suitable. To finish the floor, take a shade of natural dark wood.

Features of shabby-chic interiors

Sincere and light, truly homely, this style is created for a family nest, with obligatory tea parties, curious baby faces and pets. It is often used by young ladies living separately from their parents, and newlyweds full of romantic feelings. The interior is able to flexibly change over time, acquire new features, with the advent of children or changing tastes and hobbies of homeowners.

Charming shabby chic in the living room.

The following features are characteristic of this direction:

  • Fabric and high-quality paper wallpaper with floral prints.
  • Flowers and angels, natural motifs in the design, mandatory fresh flowers in vases, indoor plants.
  • Airy-light color palette – pastel shades of pink, lilac, peach, blue. Dusty rose and noble, restrained greenery fit perfectly. White and cream tones are mandatory. It can be supplemented with golden shades and noble, heavy luster of gold, copper, bronze. One of the characteristic color combinations is muted pinkish, sky blue and grassy green.
  • The effect of patina and vintage, old wooden surfaces on cabinet furniture, decorations, wall panels, wall and floor decoration, metal elements (frames, lampshades and chandelier frames, door and furniture handles).
  • Pronounced antiques, household items, furnishings, antiques, things “with history”.
  • Lace tablecloths, napkins and capes for furniture made by hand by family members or craftswomen.
  • Patchwork quilts and panels.
  • A mandatory piece of the interior of the bedroom, living room is a luxurious carpet on the floor.
  • There are a lot of draperies, home textiles in the rooms, all tables and dressers are covered with tablecloths, capes and napkins.
  • Ornate photo frames, frames of paintings with rural landscapes and floral still lifes, and frames of mirrors.
  • Numerous frills of lace, satin, velvet and other types of fabric on bedspreads, curtains, pillows, curtains and tablecloths.
  • Bent backs of chairs, furniture legs of fancy shape, streamlined, smoothly rounded and spiral lines are welcome.
  • Sofas and armchairs are covered with beautiful fabric covers, and chairs are selected with soft seats, or equipped with individual pillows.
  • Antique, vintage and antique items are appreciated – furniture, household items, wicker boxes and figurines, vases, chic wool blankets, chests.
  • Clear geometric shapes and patterns, minimalism, acid-flashy tones and black color are not recommended.

Pronounced rural accent in the style of shabby chic.

Most furniture and decor items are not bought in stores. They are created with their own hands, inherited from grandparents, distant relatives, found by acquaintance.

Small bathrooms in the style of shabby chic.

The special color of the rooms is given by hand-made shelves, wicker and knitted gizmos, products made of vines and straw, embroidery and panels. Almost every thing in the shabby chic interior has its own history, often eventful and very interesting.

Features of shabby-chic interior decoration

To maintain the right atmosphere of the “village house”, use natural materials, or a high-quality imitation of them. It is desirable to have elements and finishes made of natural stone, ceramics, solid wood.

The walls are usually finished in a light palette. Suitable paint, decorative plaster, relief wallpaper stylized as vintage, worn by time. Organically fit into the interior of the canvas with the image of chubby angels, birds, flower buds, bows or a cage.

But instead of wallpaper with a printed pattern, you can use ordinary ones for painting. They often have a rough surface and will fit into the general idea of the interior. In the bathroom and kitchen, the walls are tiled or ceramic tiles. The main thing is to avoid bright contrasting shades. Stucco elements, medallions, cornices at the junction of the ceiling and wall are used for decoration.

Interior of the living room with fireplace.

The ceiling is painted, laid out with wood or plastered. The perimeter is often decorated with gilded stucco elements. The shade is white, milky or ivory, but with the imprint of time: scratches, scuffs, abrasions. The history of objects shown in our time is the main value of the style.

Wooden or decorative beams of natural color look original. But if desired, they can be painted in the color of the ceiling. Tension and suspended structures are also allowed. A large chandelier with forged elements and crystal or glass pendants is often installed in the center of the ceiling.

Living room in the romantic style of a private house.

The classic version of the floors in the style of Shabby Chic is natural wood of natural color or parquet with artificial aging. Ceramic tiles with the effect of cracks and chips are laid in the kitchen and bathroom.

Ceiling decoration for shabby-chic interiors

To give the interior a special “spirit of bygone times”, antiquity, ceilings pay special attention. The main palette is shades of white – grayish, yellowish. Milk, vanilla or ivory, avery will do. The surface is not smoothed to a perfectly smooth state, leaving noticeable areas of “peeling” paint.

A mixture of luxury and romance in the style of shabby chic.

Along the perimeter, you can lay out the same white stucco, highlight the place of attachment of the ceiling chandelier. Decor with gilding is necessarily aged. In this case, shabby is very reminiscent of the classics. This direction is favorable to the abundance of decorative elements.

The mixture of shabby with rustic styles is complemented by open load-bearing beams made of wooden beams, planking, clapboard. The decorations are old chains, jute or hemp ropes, garlands of flowers and antique lanterns. You can also fix hand–forged items – horseshoes, various decorative details, antique bronze and metal keys.

How to decorate walls in a shabby-chic interior

The ideal option for this style is painting walls with visible defects, in light, pastel colors. Also, rough sanding of wood trim is used, with clearly discernible cracks, irregularities. They can be varnished or painted in grayish-white, yellowish shades. Such wall decoration, even made with completely new materials and modern technologies, simply breathes antiquity.

A variety of wallpapers are popular – fabric, silk, non-woven and paper, made of natural plant materials. Prints are chosen floral, with images of birds, cute angels, garden architecture. Large roses and peonies look especially colorful and fresh.

Natural shades and lavender accents in the living room in the style of shabby chic.

If you do not like floral and romantic themes, then neutral drawings – polka dots, charming bows, non-contrasting cells and vertical stripes are at the service of the owners. You can choose wallpaper that imitates cracked plaster or paint.

Painted walls, as well as mixed solutions with wallpaper and painting, are often decorated with stucco, in the form of squares and rectangles with rounded corners, intricate patterns. Molded medallions and rosettes are in demand.

Modern shabby chic with loft and classic elements.

The bathroom, toilet and working area of the kitchen are best decorated with ceramic tiles. It can be monophonic or have characteristic images, a relief texture:

  • flowers, ethnic ornaments;
  • angels and birds;
  • imitation of natural materials – aged wood, marble, sandstone, rubble stone.

The simplest finishing option is vertical panels or sheathing with boards, clapboard, which are then painted in white, milky or pastel tones. The main requirement for wall decoration is a soft pastel, smooth, not flashy palette, without sharp contrasts and transitions.

Floor coverings for shabby-chic interiors

The most suitable floor decoration option is solid wood boards, varnished or painted with translucent paint. Before applying a protective coating, they are artificially aged. Also, parquet, parquet board and laminate with a design “for wood”, “marble” are used.

Shabby chic dining area.

Floors made of ceramic tiles, plain or with light patterns imitating a carpet look great. Floors made of granite or marble slabs, porcelain stoneware are relevant.

Decoration of walls and floors in the style of shabby chic.

Features of lighting in shabby-chic interiors

In the process of planning, high-quality, multi-level lighting is provided.

In the Shabby Chic interior, an abundance of natural light complements the warm artificial one. The lamps are placed locally, creating soft diffused lighting. Chandeliers with fabric lampshade and fringe, models with large matte shades or crystal pendants are suitable for decorating the room.

Bedroom in the style of Shabby Chic.

In addition to a luxurious ceiling chandelier with a bronze or gilded frame and crystal pendants, the rooms are equipped with additional lighting:

  • colorful wall sconces with lampshades made of fabric or frosted, milky glass;
  • hanging lanterns and lamps with long suspensions made of brutal chains;
  • table lamps that can be placed not only on tables, but also on the mantelpiece, shelf or console, dressing table, wide window sill;
  • floor lamps with fabric lampshades and metal racks.

Crystal chandeliers in the bathroom in the style of shabby chic.

Lamps in the form of candelabra with candles, fabric lampshades with floral ornaments or made of light, gray or beige dense fabric are popular. Such lampshades perfectly disperse light streams, providing pleasant, eye-safe lighting.

Hanging chandelier in the dining area.

Interior textiles for shabby chic style

Textiles in shabby chic play a huge role. Natural fabrics are used for decoration – brocade, cotton-jacquard, satin, linen, silk. The products are trimmed with ruffles and lace, tied with bows, make beautiful draperies. Hand embroidery with threads, pearls, beads is appreciated.

Shabby Chic interior is represented by an abundance of textiles. His task is to create a light and elegant atmosphere in the space. Satin ribbons, expensive natural fabrics: satin, silk, linen, upholstered furniture upholstery, decorative pillows on the sofa and armchairs. Textiles are decorated with lace, ruffles, ruffles, beads and real pearls.

Shabby Chic Interior Design.

All textiles in the room, with the exception of dark furniture, are made in white, cream and light pink tones. The windows are curtained with the lightest curtains and thick curtains. The ornament is floral, but stripes or cells are also appropriate.

  • Covers and capes are sewn or knitted on furniture. Decorated with small decorative pillows.
  • Curtains are hung on the windows to the floor, decorating them with tacks, lambrequins, brushes.
  • Beds are covered with tapestry or lace bedspreads.
  • Tables are covered with chic tablecloths with fringe or lace, tables, dressers and mantelpieces are complemented with napkins, fabric bows and flowers.

Shabby chic bedroom in a private house.

Carpets, rugs and woven mats are laid on top of the floor coverings. Do not buy a wall-to-wall carpet. The style of shabby chic involves zoning of space and a lot of decorative items. This means that small carpets marking a certain area look perfect.

They are complemented by round and oval rugs scattered around the room, rectangular and square rugs made of textiles. For children’s rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, woven mats made of vegetable raw materials are suitable.

Decoration of interiors in the style of shabby chic

The special charm of this direction is that most of the decor elements are made with their own hands, picking up unnecessary, outdated, sent to the barn or attic, things.

Shabby chic interior decor.

Decorative decorations for the room can be found at an auction or the nearest antiques store. These are carved wooden boxes, vases, antique wooden clocks, faded paintings in wooden frames, household items. Modern paintings and statuettes will have to be abandoned.

Shabby-chic mirror.

Shabby Chic style not only allows showing defects, but also brings them to the first place. Artificially aged accessories, worn upholstery of upholstered furniture, hand-made slightly asymmetrical clay pots for flowers will perfectly fit into the interior. Forged candlesticks, porcelain sets, reproductions of paintings are also appropriate.

The interior of the living room in bright colors.

A little handwork, imagination – and exclusive jewelry is ready:

  • bottles braided or covered with stones, mosaics, shells;
  • mirrors and photos in old frames, lace frames;
  • vases in decoupage technique;
  • paintings on canvases made with oil paints, embroidered or assembled from pieces of ceramics, glass;
  • a variety of romantic figurines, bouquets of artificial flowers and bows;
  • lace decoration of caskets, boxes;
  • antique-style clocks, wooden and bronze candlesticks;
  • atmospheric ceramics, including decorative trays, plates hung on the walls;
  • painted chests, wreaths and wicker boxes.

The interior is complemented by antique-looking fabric screens, antique clothes and family rarities.

What impression do shabby-chic interiors make?

The style was called “shabby” chic for a reason. The interior really does not look new, but somewhat worn by time. There are faded shades and objects with traces of use, antique furniture, floral patterns and an abundance of lace. But in general, the room is filled with lightness and a romantic atmosphere.

Finishing in the bedroom interior.

Nuances of furnishing shabby-chic interiors in different rooms

The basic rule for shabby chic is the effect of antiquity. The rules and laws of a harmonious combination of furniture and decor do not play any role here. Diversity is welcome, the absence of perfectly identical, like a carbon copy, modular blocks. Each item is individual and unique.

The rooms are usually furnished with antiques. The facades of cabinets, chair legs and sofa armrests, sideboards and tables are decorated with fancy carvings: angels, roses, lace patterns. You should choose models made of natural wood, metal or braided. Forged elements and scuffs from time are also allowed.

Shabby Chic offers homeowners a little trick: with the help of simple techniques, antique furniture can be turned into a real treasure of antiques, and the interior can be made more representative.

Shabby Chic style in furniture design.

You will need to repaint the pieces of furniture in white and add patina or gilded paint. Increase existing scuffs and chips, add new ones to them. Decorate the furniture with elements in the style of craquelure or decoupage. Covers for armchairs, sofas and other textiles should be aged artificially, having decorated all the furniture in the interior with them.

It is important that there are practically no glass or mirror elements in the Shabby Chic interior. For example, a coffee table with a glass surface will be out of place. Glass is more suitable for decorating cabinet or sideboard doors.

Dining area.

Furniture can be purchased at auctions and sales. Or transform a typical cabinet yourself by painting it in the craquelure technique, with delicate colors. Also, you can paste over a modern chest of drawers with gypsum or polypropylene stucco. Even interior doors are not left monotonous – floral patterns are painted on them, stickers with angels or stucco are pasted on them.

Shabby Chic Interior Design.

In the kitchen-living room, dining area or kitchen put sideboards in the old style, with glass doors in the classic style.

Antique chest of drawers and original sink in the style of shabby chic.

For bedrooms, beds with wrought-iron, patterned backs, painted in pastel color are purchased. Also, beds made of carved and bent wood are in demand.

A small bedroom in the style of shabby chic.

In the living rooms there is an abundance of upholstered furniture, from miniature banquettes with elegant legs, to solid sofas and armchairs. Niches and bay windows are equipped with sofas, couches or a couple of armchairs with a coffee table. Comfortable chairs with upholstered seats are placed around the dining table.

Modern shabby chic living room with bay window.

In the bathroom, preference is given to ceramics, natural stone and metal. Antique cast-iron bathtubs with curved legs, wrought-iron racks and racks under the sink create a special atmosphere of an old mansion. A mirror with illumination is necessarily placed on the wall, and fresh flowers are placed on an elegant table or a wide wing of the sink. Faucets, taps should be made of antique bronze, copper. The use of wood in this room is undesirable because of the increased dampness.

Bathroom with tiled finish and gilded frames.

Furniture with gilded, time-worn elements looks especially chic. You can complement the interior with wicker baskets and carved wooden caskets, bronze and copper, brass details with a noble patina.

Shabby Chic Interior Design.

Fresh flowers in table and floor vases, flowering indoor plants, a well–groomed small garden in front of a private house or a greenhouse are one of the characteristic features of the style. They organically complement the floral decor in the interior, fill the rooms with a subtle aroma and give an excellent mood.

A characteristic combination of colors for shabby chic.

Shabby chic style in the interior of different rooms: photos and description

Shabby Chic looks equally harmonious in the living room, hallway or kitchen, but especially gentle and soothing – in the bedroom.

The design of a romantic interior.

Entrance hall in the style of shabby chic

The basis of the composition is a vintage cabinet painted with patterns and decorated with fine carvings. The walls can be decorated with small paintings, and for outerwear, put an old hanger or fasten beautiful forged hooks.

Entrance hall in the style of Shabby Chic.

Living room

The floor is finished with aged wood or antique-styled laminate. Put a carpet. The guest room is furnished with a sofa and armchairs in covers with floral ornaments, a coffee table on bent legs, open bookshelves.

Original furniture and lamps in the style of shabby chic.

As a decoration, vintage vases with fresh flowers, pots with plants, paintings of different sizes are suitable.

Beige living room with fireplace.

Bedroom interior in the style of shabby chic

Designers recommend decorating the bedroom in bright colors. Then it will turn out to be gentle, romantic, filled with an atmosphere of calm and peace.

Shabby chic in the interior of a bedroom with a fireplace.

The bed is wooden or with a forged frame and a headboard. Bed linen should be chosen according to the style: plain in a delicate range or with a small floral pattern. The windows are curtained with a light fabric and complemented with dense curtains – after all, the bedroom area is intimate.

Table lamps in the bedroom.

Next to the bed, the curbstones are placed symmetrically. You can put table lamps or hang sconces. If the area of the room allows, you can install a wardrobe or chest of drawers for storing things and a dressing table.

Forged bed in the bedroom interior.

Shabby chic style in the kitchen

In this room, Shabby Chic is especially reminiscent of country or Provence. Wooden unpainted kitchen set. Pastel shades. Checkered curtains on the windows. A wide dining table and simple wooden chairs or, conversely, carved, with a soft seat.


The decor will be beautiful dishes behind the glass of a carved sideboard. Openwork tablecloth, decorative pillows on chairs. The apron can be decorated with ceramic tiles with a floral pattern.


Shabby Chic allows a person to show imagination and not waste the budget. Today, the style allows you to show your own imagination and turn your home into a cozy room, adding a touch of “home” accessories.

Shabby Chic living room in the interior of a country house.

The interior direction of shabby chic is perfect for self-expression, creativity. It looks great in any room, in apartments and private houses, in dachas. The style acquires a special flavor in combination with family heirlooms, homemade decor and furnishings.

Custom decor with your own hands.

It is in demand among people who have devoted their lives to art, among dreamy people. In addition, if you try and connect your imagination, furnishing in this style will not require huge expenses. Most items can be redeemed at bargain, minimum prices, or found in the attics of old houses.

Photo gallery of beautiful interiors in the style of Shabby Chic

Interior design in the style of Shabby Chic.

Living Room.

Simplicity and elegance.

Living room with fireplace.

Pastel colors.

Lighting in the living room.

Light tones.

Shabby Chic Interior Design.

Decoration with flowers.

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