Loft-Style Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Loft is an unusual and original style that is gaining popularity. He is alive, without deception and without filters. In our time, this is very lacking. It seems that this style is too brutal for the bedroom, but it is not. You can choose the version that you like. In light and delicate shades or in dark and bold. How to implement such a stunning style, we will tell you in this article.

Loft-style bedroom decoration.

Loft Style History

The loft appeared a long time ago, it was not residential warehouse factory premises. This style began its rebirth in the direction of design when the entire industry began to move outside the city, and the vacant premises began to be rented. It so happened that huge rooms with high ceilings and windows attracted creative people who did not have a large permanent income. And the loft appeared in its first brutal and careless form. After that, wealthy accountants and brokers began to use this direction. And today loft is a trend direction for extraordinary personalities.

Rough and effective.

Distinctive features of the loft style

The most important feature of this style is the abundance of light and space. It is also important to have beams that mimic the supporting structures of the building. But since we are talking about a loft-style bedroom, this aspect should be taken into account and bring more comfort and warmth to the interior. After all, this room is designed for a good rest. Here’s what to consider:

No partitions inside the room to separate functional areas. To do this, use light and different wall and floor finishes.

Combination of light and dark shades.

Minimum furniture, maximum functionality. There is a part of minimalist in the loft, so that there is a feeling of freedom and a large space.

The room is divided into zones.

A combination of styles. For example, ultra-modern lamps and retro-style furniture.

Panoramic windows, aging furniture, an iron bed – all this is for true connoisseurs.

On what areas is it possible to implement a loft style

We have already found out that the loft requires an abundance of free space, high ceilings and large windows. Therefore, it will not be possible to realize the loft in full in a very tiny room, and it is not necessary. But it is possible and necessary to introduce a few basic elements that will not weigh down the overall situation. After all, the loft is so beautiful that your imagination can unfold and no one will say that it is “not right”.

You can highlight a strip on a wall with a decor like concrete or a brick wall and decorate it with pop art posters. Integrate the floor finish with scuffs and put only the most necessary furniture. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in this environment. And the size of the room will not be able to stop you from embodying a loft in the bedroom.

A lot of artificial diverse lighting.

It looks very cozy.

An interesting option for finishing the room.

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

Walls. Brickwork or bare concrete is chosen for wall decoration. Also, part of the walls are painted in the right shade. Wallpaper that depicts a brick ornament and PVC or MDF panels are not suitable at all.

An example of the design. The wall is made of brickwork.

Moped on the wall.

The decoration of the walls with photographs and paintings is very family-like.

Paul. The ideal option would be parquet, which needs to be aged and make an imitation of the coating with its own history. It is also allowed to use laminate with the effect of scuffs and flaws of the floor.

Interesting design for extraordinary people.

The zoning of the room is done with the preservation of style.

Ceiling can be decorated with wooden structures. These elements are also performed in a metal version for a more brutal effect. It is also acceptable to leave the ceiling concrete, as the developer left it, just prime it so that dust does not fall from it.

Use of metal beams.

Wooden beams – quite even at home.

Design in nuances

Loft is an original style for creative people who love freedom in everything. Therefore, the design elements are free and are not based on a stereotypical perception of society.

Bare walls. Or rather, its imitation. It is important that it looks natural, without deception. If you paste wallpaper with the texture of plaster, the substitution will be immediately noticeable.

Bare walls, painting by panoramic lighting.

High ceiling. Additional elements to it are open ventilation pipes and wiring, visible load-bearing supports or ceiling beams.

A room with high ceilings.

Interesting decor and lighting.

Panoramic windows. Curtains on them are inappropriate, but since this is a bedroom, it is necessary to close it. Do not forget about the convenience in the priority of style. Therefore, blinds or roller blinds are used so that they are as invisible as possible.

Panoramic glazing.

Blinds are matched in the color of textiles and furniture.

Street effect right in the room.

Who is suitable for the loft style interior in the bedroom

This style will suit everyone who loves originality. In particular, the loft will be an ideal option for teenagers. The spirit of inner rebellion is revealed in full force here. A woman’s bedroom in this style will appeal to a lady with a non-standard view of things. The spirit of elegant simplicity and a bit of brutality will come in handy. The loft is perfect for a man’s bedroom, naked determination and non-binding atmosphere is the dream of any man.

Bedroom decoration for women.

A brutal bedroom is what you need for a man.

A Loft-style room design option for a teenager.

Zoning of the space and allocation of the sleeping area

The walls contradict the character of the style. Therefore, it is not recommended to make a separate room with a sleeping area. But putting the bed on public display is not an option. What to do? For this purpose, stylized partitions in the form of a screen or sliding compartment doors are used, which can always be hidden in the wall, if necessary.

Zoning of a room using a partition and color design.

The zoning is done in contrast.

Exclusive shelving as an example of easy zoning.

Wooden beams as part of the partition looks stylish.

Color palette

The choice of color for the loft style depends on what kind of interior you need.

Monochrome colors

A more relaxed and conservative style. It involves white, gray, brick color, matt metal, black. The latter is used only pointwise to place accents. The interior comes out heavy and therefore it is necessary to take care of good lighting in the evening. The background color is usually gray, or rather the gray texture of concrete, which is imitated on the walls. Brickwork will bring a bright vividness to set the dynamics.

Design in black and white.

The white ceiling in relation to the walls and the design is quite compatible.

Decoration in dark colors with contrast elements.

Bright colors

In the modern version of this style, deep dark tones of red, bordeaux, green, blue, purple, yellow are used. They make out an accent textured wall, which will become the center of the composition. And the same colors are introduced into decorative elements: metal painted lampshades, posters on the walls, empty frames without paintings, retro-style bar stools, pillows.

Bold red color – bright accent.

Interesting lighting option.

Yellow color in contrast to all color shades.

Blue color in the interior – peace.

The creation of contrast can also be provided in the presence of textiles.

Olive color.

The shade of bordeaux in the interior always looks noble.

Choosing bedroom furniture

In the loft style, the principle of furniture arrangement is borrowed from minimalist. Do you remember the history of the loft? Poor artists lived in the premises. They just didn’t have the means to buy something that wasn’t much needed. Therefore, the rule applies: minimum furniture, maximum functionality. There must be a bed, that’s for sure. Curbstones and lamps are added to it. Wardrobe. That’s the whole set.

Sometimes the cabinet is superfluous and it is built in such a way that it looks like an ordinary wall from the outside. But these are the tricks of the modern world. In fact, we are not obliged to follow the rules of discomfort, it is only important for us to create the appearance of a meager environment, which creates the feeling of a large space.

Nothing superfluous.

The wardrobe is made in the appropriate style.

Sleeping area in shades of gray.

Photo Gallery

Enjoy a selection of cool loft-style bedrooms. We are sure they will not leave you indifferent.

Cozy atmosphere.

Shades of Grey.

Bed on the podium.

Proper lighting creates comfort.

White-brown shades.

Gray and beige shades.

A bright accent in the form of a bed.

Loft style bedroom.

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