Eco-Style Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The modern rhythm of life sets its own rules. There are a lot of things to do, time is short. People now do not have the opportunity to relax even at home, because the daily fuss accumulates and turns into nervous stress. In this state, most people live for years, thinking that this is how it should be. And only nature, its tranquility and its unshakable confidence give a feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort. So why not put a piece of it in your bedroom, where you are supposed to recover your strength and fully relax. With the help of eco-design of the room it is possible to do this. But how to implement it and what needs to be taken into account, we will tell you in this article.

Eco-style bedroom.

The history of the emergence of eco-style

No one knows exactly when this natural style appeared. Its development began gradually when people began to think about nature and ecology. Most likely, eco-style is an echo of the Scandinavian trend with an emphasis on respect for natural resources. The founder of this style is considered to be Alvar Aalto, who is a bright representative of it. In his works, for the first time, houses built around tree trunks appeared. They were not only natural, but also functional. With this, Alvar showed that nature does not interfere with comfort at all, but on the contrary, actively helps a person to immerse himself in a relaxing atmosphere.

Eco-style gained great popularity in the 1990s and at the same time received the status of a design direction. Natural materials are used in its interiors, starting with the decoration of the room and ending with handmade decorative ornaments. This is how this direction arose, which began with the idea of caring for and preserving natural resources.

Bedroom interior.

An interesting idea with a floating bed.

Accent wall.

Bedroom decoration option.

Bedroom with high ceilings.

Eco bedroom design.

Naturalness in design.

The atmosphere of relaxation.

Materials for wall, floor and ceiling decoration

This is the most important issue in the conditions of urbanization and stone jungle. It is clear that it is necessary to recreate the natural benevolence, freshness and comfort. To do this, the entire finish should not only look natural externally, but also be such in composition. For this purpose, wood, bamboo, stone, clay, twigs, algae fibers, jute, rami, rattan weaving are used. In general, everything that reminds us of nature and creates an atmosphere of unity with it.

Laconic interior design.

Shades of nature in the bedroom.

A wicker rattan chest fits perfectly into the interior.

When choosing finishing materials and design concepts, consider the size of the room. Eco style does not tolerate overload. He needs space, lots of air and light. Therefore, you should not fanatically decorate the walls and floor with different materials and textures. Everything should be in moderation. Let’s take a closer look at the issue of finishing each of the bedroom surfaces.

Cozy bedroom.

Finishing the ceiling

The simplest thing in the decoration of the bedroom. There is no need to be wise on this surface. The main task is to make it light color. After all, it happens in nature as well. The sky is always lighter than the earth. It is allowed to use blue, green and beige shades. But we strongly recommend not experimenting and making it white. This is the most win-win option, which will visually make the ceiling lighter and higher. Even professional designers rarely decide to use a different shade for the ceiling.

Small bedroom design.

Panoramic windows.

If the ceiling is high, then wooden beams are used, which will give an attic look to the bedroom and add comfort with their wooden structure. Also, sometimes the wooden surface is partially “let” on the ceiling. Very often, to extend the decorative elements from the wall to get the effect of volumetric projection.

Wooden beams complement the interior.

Finishing of the ceiling with wooden beams on the attic floor.

Bedroom on the attic floor.

Wall decoration

You can already use complex decors in wall decoration, but don’t get carried away. In eco-style, a touch of minimalist, cleanliness and order should remain.

  • A living wall. To do this, use live plants or stabilized moss, which are arranged in a green stripe from floor to ceiling. It looks stunning.

Plants enliven the interior.

Stabilized moss in interior design.

  • Decorative wooden panels. Designers even manage to lay parquet on the wall. All for the sake of beauty and living energy. The energy of the tree is soft, warm and cozy. We highly recommend the use of such a material for the wall.

An excellent option for finishing with a wooden panel.

  • Paper-based wallpaper. As a rule, they are used as an accent. Choose them with natural prints, so that they make up a whole picture of a tropical forest, palm leaves or fern leaves.

Fashionable bedroom design.

  • Rice paper. Originally from Japan, therefore, there are motifs of the same name in the assortment. Natural and beautiful.

Bedroom design with Japanese motifs.

  • Fibrous wallpaper. They have a weaving structure of jute, ramie or rattan. Very atmospheric.
  • Paint. The easiest option to implement. It can be used to cover all the walls using different shades.

Olive shade of the walls.

Combined shade of the walls.

This is not the whole list of what you can decorate the walls in the bedroom. It can also be textured plaster, clay, cork wood, river pebbles, round sections of trees, plaits, twigs. It all depends on your imagination and preferences. Create your own unique natural interior.

Decorative panel of cut trees on the wall.

Cork wood wall decoration.

The option of finishing the wall of natural stone.

Finishing the floor

To finish the floor in the bedroom, warm materials are usually used, which give and retain the energy of comfort. But sometimes you can experiment.

  • Parquet. A classic option for this direction. It is made muffled, like sand underfoot in nature. Light wooden parquet will perfectly complement a cozy bedroom.

Parquet flooring.

Cozy and warm atmosphere.

Beautiful bedroom interior.

Spacious bedroom.

  • Granite tiles. This is a cold material that will cool the temperature and create an atmosphere of natural shade under the trees. Or even the aura of a cave. Such a tile is a practical solution. And if you don’t like the chill coming from it, you can always install a floor heating system.

Granite floor covering.

  • Bamboo coating. Atmospheric, unusual, eco-friendly. Ideal for a bedroom interior in a natural style.

Bamboo in the interior.

Color palette

Surely, you have already guessed that the main eco-style colors are green. Give preference to its natural shades, which are associated with the foliage of different tree species, flowers and grass. Also, the comfort is complemented by heavenly, sandy colors, shades of wood, colors of tree bark. We intentionally don’t say the names of the shades. After all, nature can be different, it depends on the climatic zone. Therefore, choose the atmosphere of nature that is close to you. But be careful, remember the note of minimalist. Do not overload the interior with diverse shades.

Pastel shades in the bedroom.

Photo Wallpapers.

Creative designers admires.

Bed made of natural materials.

Accent elements.

Bold combination of shades.

The atmosphere is conducive to a meditation class.


Bedroom furniture is selected in simple shapes, without unnecessary details. Mainly made of natural wood. Bed, bedside tables, dressing tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers. Everything is made of natural materials. And the design is chosen as simple as possible. Sometimes there are products in the form of forest stumps, which looks very atmospheric. Textile elements of furniture are also selected from natural materials. Cotton, linen, ramie, jute. Elements of weaving are possible. Your imagination is not limited in the choice of eco-friendly materials for your cozy and relaxing bedroom.

The use of natural materials in the interior.

Coziness and comfort.

Unusual interior design.

Ergonomic design.

Interior design of a bedroom in a country house.

An accent wall with photo wallpapers lifts the mood.

Wall decoration with stabilized moss.

An interesting idea of designers when creating an interior.

The use of wood products in the interior.

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