Country Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

It would seem that the popularity of the country style, lost not so long ago, is rapidly returning. Perhaps this is due to fashion trends for naturalness and environmental friendliness. In a city apartment, a space designed in this direction allows you to feel closer to nature, in a country house it looks appropriate and creates harmony. However, there is not as much information about the features of this stylistic direction as we would like. In this article there will be a lot of rules, tips that will help you design a country-style kitchen.

Green color in the interior.

Combination of white and dark shades.

Kitchen set with “island”.

Kitchen in blue shades.

Corner kitchen in green.

The shape and size of a country-style kitchen

It should be immediately realized that the rustic style does not have strict rules on the size and shape of the room. But there are certain design features that should be taken into account when choosing a design solution.

Dining area highlighted by chandelier lighting.

Kitchen in light shades.

Kitchen-dining room.

Corner kitchen.

Kitchen in woody shades.

Small country style kitchen

A small kitchen is not a sentence. This space can be organized not only stylishly, but also comfortably. Experts advise at the time of registration of a small-sized country-style room:

  • Give preference to compact solutions.
  • Remember about the techniques of visual expansion of space (light colors, surfaces with a glossy effect, mirror coatings, abundance of light).
  • Remember about furniture with the possibility of transformation.
  • Choose “multitasking” pieces of furniture and structures.

Do not try to fit everything in a small area. If it is impossible to organize a dining area within the country kitchen, it is better to move it to the living room. In addition, you can expand the room due to the balcony or hallway. You should carefully consider the need for each element in the room and give up unnecessary items.

Combination of white and dark shades.

Kitchen with stone floor.

Kitchen with wooden floor.

Medium-sized kitchen

In modern apartments, the kitchen is usually medium-sized. This makes it possible to place a convenient cooking area in the room, as well as spaces with additional functional load:

  • A zone for eating.
  • Organize the storage of dishes, appliances and various kitchen appliances.
  • Provide a small recreation area.
  • If necessary, install furniture for the workplace.
  • Or a special place for a pet.

Pastel shades.

Large kitchen

Contrary to public opinion, the organization of ergonomics and the adoption of a design solution for a large room is not easier than for a small room. However, it is important to take into account the following nuances:

  • Initially, think over the functional content, the number of necessary zones for the room.
  • Provide for the logical arrangement of zones in the room (for example, it is better to be near the dining room headset and other features).
  • Distribute zones, both physical and visual.
  • It is important to remember that the passages between the zones should be free (there should be no obstacles along the route).

Kitchen with dining area.

Interior decorated with green plants.

White kitchen set.

Brick walls in the interior.

Tile flooring.

Beams on the ceiling.

Which kitchen set to choose

Often the owners have difficulties with the location of the kitchen set. It is important to understand that it is worth making a decision based on the features of the room and the preferences of the owners.

Linear shaped

The obvious advantage of such a solution is compactness. With such furniture, you can organize the kitchen space harmoniously. However, when choosing such a kit, the “working triangle” is lost, which reduces the ergonomics of the cooking zone.

Corner shaped

A corner kitchen set is not suitable for individual modern apartments. However, for the country style, it is not a contradiction. The advantage of such a solution is compactness, functionality, the possibility of ergonomic organization of space. Plus, such a kit allows you to use it even in case of an unsuccessful shape of the room.


Such a kit will allow you to organize a large work surface, ensure the presence of many storage niches. In addition, if desired, complement the headset with a bar counter.

Kitchen set with island

This option is suitable for large rooms. It includes an extensive work surface and additional storage space. Such a headset will be very useful when zoning space. With its help, you can create an alternative to a kitchen table and a bar counter.

Unusual designs

For rooms of non–standard shape, for example, with a bay window or an indirect angle, unusual variations of the kitchen set are the ideal solution. The advantage of such a kit is the ability to use the entire space. The disadvantage of such a solution is the high cost, since it will need to be made to order.

Color accent.

Wooden decor.

Blue tones.

Textile decor.

Light tones.

Lighting in the kitchen.

A combination of country style and loft in the kitchen.

Pale blue tones.

Types of country stylistic solutions in the kitchen

Often, when choosing a solution for decorating a country-style room, the owners are lost. After all, interiors in this stylistic direction vary greatly. This is due to the fact that country style has many directions. There are the most common:

Rustic country style.

At first glance, it may seem simple, but it is very viable. Today it is quite popular.


Country-style reminiscent of the characteristic features of a village in the French province. It is extremely in demand due to elegance, abundance of air, femininity and comfort.

Country loft.

Modern trends in the field of design have also burst into the rustic interior. The combination of stone, metal elements, an abundance of secondary use of furniture and interior items organically fit into the country style.

Scandinavian direction in katri-style.

Scandinavian interior trends harmoniously intertwine with the characteristic features of country style. They bring more light, lightness and add practicality, as well as ideas for transformations.

Modern country style.

Today’s transformation of the country style for the organization of the kitchen space allows you to add notes of contemporary, neoclassicism, the Mediterranean and others.

Russian village.

This variation of the country style has captivated designers outside of Russia and has been at the peak of popularity for many seasons. It is characterized as bright, textured and expressive.

Country and classic.

It may seem strange, but classic elements look organically in a rustic interior. This is especially true for country-style cuisine in combination with eclectic American classics.

Color scheme

The country style assumes a natural color scheme and its classic combinations.

Dark shades.

Bright shades, unusual or experimental color solutions are not suitable for him. Experts advise choosing the following variations:


This shade is not the most typical for a rustic kitchen. However, this color may look organic for a solution in the style of the Scandinavian direction.

Black color.

Country kitchen in black tones is an unusual choice. However, given the basic trends for kitchen furniture in dark shades, this is acceptable for variation with loft style.

Green shade.

This is the most harmonious solution for a country-style kitchen. The owners will be provided with a spring, sunny mood and a feeling of freshness.

Blue tones.

Sky shades are also a suitable choice for country style. They will contrast with the warm colors of wooden furniture and textile elements.

Blue colors.

Since the blue color refers to natural shades, it is also suitable for country cuisine.

Bright solutions.

Pastel shades of a neutral undertone are relevant for country cuisine. In a rustic style, they look easy, harmonious. Bright country-style kitchens are suitable for wooden houses, especially for those that do not have enough light.

Gray shades.

This is a rather ambiguous decision. It is preferable to choose gray-blue or gray-beige tones.

Beige color.

For country style, shades of beige are preferable, which are not basic. It can be the color of flax, caramel.


It so happened that the country style does not set strict requirements for lighting design. However, modern realities bring their own conditions. The main recommendation is a preference for diverse light:


With the help of a single chandelier, you can create an accent over the dining area and complement the general lighting. At the same time, there is no need to choose a lamp in a rustic style.

Working light.

Lighting of the work surface is an important stage. It is worth using high-quality lamps and considering the convenience of the design.

Sconces and other lamps.

Country style involves the use of sconces, lamps and even spotlights.

Lighting of the dining area.


When decorating a country-style kitchen, curtains are used. At the same time, it is allowed to choose both modern options and products characteristic of the stylistic direction. You can give preference to short country curtains. It should be remembered that the rustic style involves a large amount of textiles


When decorating the walls, wallpaper can be used as the main and accent material:

  • they are allowed to design a wall that will attract the main attention;
  • pasting of the insides of cabinets and sideboards is allowed;
  • apply wallpaper as an alternative to posters, paintings;
  • design a niche with them;
  • decorate lampshades, storage jars and other accessories with their help.

You can also decorate the walls with paintings, posters in the country style, plates. At the same time, it is important to remember that it is better to choose stylized or minimalist appliances and kitchen appliances. It is also worth carefully choosing accessories, sockets, switches so that they do not conflict with the main interior solution.

The floor finish should be simple, natural and wear-resistant. It is allowed to use porcelain stoneware, stone, ceramic tiles, wood and cork material.

Similar conditions are relevant for the design of the ceiling. At the same time, space for design is allowed. It can be a flat or, on the contrary, a specially uneven ceiling of white color. Special beams, a beveled ceiling, a domed surface are used.


Design solutions should be chosen depending on the location of the kitchen area. Country style involves combining several functional areas in a single room. Thus, a small kitchen can accommodate a kitchen-dining room. If the room is spacious, then organize a kitchen-living room dining room or kitchen-living room-bedroom. Often, a mini-office for work, a place for a pet or a corner for games can be placed on the same territory.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the country style is very demanding of furniture. The decoration and material of the furniture does not involve the use of artificial raw materials. It is better to give preference to classical solutions. Painted products, wood, glass and stone are well suited for this direction.

Country-style kitchens are distinguished by a special atmosphere of comfort, fullness, excess air, environmental friendliness. Textiles, natural materials, and homemade flowers are used as decor. This style is democratic and allows combinations with other stylistic trends.

This solution is suitable for both a city apartment and a country house. The versatility of the direction does not affect the coziness, comfort and atmosphere. It is these qualities that allow the style to win more and more new admirers.

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