Which wallpaper to choose for the bedroom: design ideas and tips

By | January 22, 2023

The interior of any room and its atmosphere largely depend on the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling. The background for furniture and accessories is mainly the walls. Therefore, their design should be carefully thought out.

When it comes to the bedroom interior, this issue needs to be taken seriously. As a person will rest, so he will spend the next day, so he will be active and energetic. One of the main ways to relax in a cozy bed is to calm your eyes. Wallpaper in the bedroom plays an important role in this.

They are easy to care for and are available in hundreds of different variations: shades, texture, patterns. The right choice of canvas will fill the room with energy and allow you to fully relax at the end of the day.

Types of wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, we must not forget that they will have an impact on the overall design of the house or apartment. But which ones to choose? Many important factors will have to be taken into account.

The choice of wallpaper is so diverse that it will take time and patience to decide.

According to the composition, you can select options:

  • on a paper basis;
  • vinyl wallpaper;
  • non – woven;
  • textile wallpaper;
  • liquid wallpaper;
  • acrylic;
  • wallpaper made of natural materials;
  • glass-wallpaper.

You should carefully study the features of each type, find out the features, find out the advantages, not forgetting that the final choice is influenced by the overall design of the bedroom.

Paper wallpaper

The easiest to glue and inexpensive in cost. A significant disadvantage is the density of the material. Paper wallpaper is too thin, so it is easy to damage them during the repair process.

In addition, they quickly fade in the sun and are not resistant to moisture, so they require careful handling. After all, it will not be possible to simply erase a child’s pencil drawing from them.

Suitable for cosmetic repairs, which are planned to be updated soon. An important point: the walls should be perfectly smooth and smooth, otherwise all the cracks will appear under the wallpaper.

This type attracts first of all an inexpensive price. Important factors that determine the choice are environmental friendliness, excellent breathability.

Disadvantage! They quickly fail, the impact of any nature leaves visible traces on them.

Non-woven wallpaper

It is especially worth paying attention to this option if it is necessary to hide uneven wall surfaces. The advantageous advantages are elasticity and the possibility of repainting, which also affects the economy.

With the same wallpaper in the base, you can repeatedly change the interior of the bedroom. It is impossible not to note the acceptable cost and sufficient strength to physical impact.

Non-woven wallpaper is dense and elastic, so it will last a long time. For care, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Vinyl wallpaper

A popular material for interior decoration. They are available in a single-color version or with different ornaments. Even with a different texture, imitating crumbs or decorative plaster.

Easy to care for, moisture-resistant. For gluing, a certain skill is required, and when choosing a material, it is necessary to take into account the features of the walls. Since vinyl wallpapers produce different densities, too thin will emphasize all the surface irregularities, as well as paper ones. And with the help of a durable canvas, they will be able to hide.

They are made on a paper basis or on a non-woven fabric (non-woven material for strengthening), covered with polyvinyl chloride on top. Therefore, the wallpaper is well washed, without getting wet from contact with water, and has a long service life. Vinyl products are easy to paste.

Disadvantage! This is not an ideal option for a bedroom, since it is important for a person to breathe fresh air during sleep, and vinyl wallpaper is practically airtight.

Acrylic wallpaper

The composition is identical to vinyl wallpaper, only an acrylic coating is applied to the paper, and then the image. Such canvases have a long service life and are environmentally friendly.

Textile wallpaper

Great for a bedroom. This is a multi-layered version: it consists of paper or non-woven fabric, a fabric of artificial or natural origin is added, which will serve as the face of the canvas. Popular materials are cotton, silk, linen.

Textile wallpaper is often used as an accent. They are framed and placed on one of the walls, without even closing it completely.

They have obvious advantages:

  • long service life;
  • the environmental component influences the choice;
  • beauty and presentability.

Fabric cloths will successfully hide the flaws of the walls, add originality and color to the bedroom and also help to strengthen sound insulation.


  • The cost is quite high.
  • When choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, it is important to remember that sunlight penetrates into the room and the coating can burn out. Therefore, dense curtains are purchased as a set for them.
  • Among the disadvantages of textile wallpaper, it is noted that they attract dust, absorb all odors, so systematic wet cleaning is necessary.
  • In addition, it needs to be taken care of, and if there is no time and effort for this, you should not give preference to fabric canvases.
  • Textiles are difficult to care for. Conventional wet treatment, as in the case of vinyl or non-woven fabric, will not be enough. You need a soft brush, special tools, and accuracy in handling textiles. And if the treatment is carried out often and in the same places, then the shade of the wallpaper will change. This will spoil the overall look of the bedroom.

Liquid wallpaper

This material continues to gain popularity. Pleasant to the touch, velvety wallpaper. They are easy to apply. They shimmer beautifully in the sun and do not fade.

This type works on the principle of plaster: it will correct irregularities, roughness, close seams. This is facilitated by the composition of the material. Liquid wallpaper is a kind of solution based on an adhesive substance, fibers and dye. It is applied to the walls, leveled. A surface is created that is perfectly smooth.

Due to its antistatic properties, liquid wallpaper does not attract dust, but it still requires care. However, it is impossible to wash them with water. The material is based on easily soluble fibers and glue. It will literally melt from the water, so only dry cleaning is allowed.

But the manufacturers of liquid wallpaper took care of the comfort of the client and created a colorless acrylic varnish. It binds the coating particles and makes it available for wet cleaning. Wallpaper coated with this varnish will last about 10 years or longer.

Fiberglass wallpaper

Modern durable material that is not afraid of moisture, resistant to sunlight, environmentally friendly, safe and durable. Such a decorative element is a godsend for allergy sufferers.

Fiberglass is used both independently and for painting. The wallpaper is easy to install.

Of the disadvantages, only the high cost of coverage can be distinguished. But there are much more advantages, and they will last longer than paper or other materials.

Wooden covering

Wallpaper made of cork or veneer will give the bedroom elegance and solidity. These are thin plates with a smooth or textured surface. They are attached to the wall with glue and fastened together according to the principle of a puzzle.

The wood is resistant to moisture, sunlight, easy to care for. Yes, the cost of such a coating is an order of magnitude more expensive than several rolls of wallpaper and at the same time it is much more durable.

Natural coating is the most eco-friendly option for wall decoration in the bedroom. The unusual design attracts everyone’s attention. Wooden panels and slats will give the bedroom elegance, serve as its decoration.

Attention! They must be protected from physical exposure and high humidity.

Photo wallpapers

Suitable for accent wall. They are available in various versions: beach and forest motifs, as well as wallpaper with an ornament of large flowers in artistic technique. Depending on the style of the bedroom, you can choose a canvas depicting geometric shapes, feathers, silhouettes of birds and animals, or wallpaper with a 3D effect.

Color palette

What color wallpaper is better to choose in the bedroom?

The color should also not stand out from the general style. However, the main function is to calm down, relax at the end of the day.

The preference for light shades for a bedroom is understandable, especially since they visually expand the space:

  • the color of the blue sky;
  • green grass color;
  • cream tone.

The light blue tone in the bedroom soothes, helps to have a good rest. The room seems spacious, free, nothing constrains or oppresses. The green color serves to calm the nerves, relieve stress, which is inevitable during the day.

In a room with green shades, negative emotions are replaced by positive ones, the mood rises.

Neutral light shades, as well as a cream tone in the bedroom are favorites. In addition to the soothing effect, they are indispensable if you want to dilute the interior with bright and saturated details.

Colors that are not suitable for the bedroom:

  • Red and orange. They cause the effect of irritability, lead to sleep disturbance. To relax in such a bedroom will not work.
  • Saturated yellow is very invigorating. If the problem is that a person falls asleep easily, but hardly gets out of bed, then elements of this shade can be added to the bedroom.
  • The purple tone causes anxiety, evokes disturbing thoughts, so it is not appropriate in the bedroom.

Turning to psychology, it is recommended to choose wallpaper based on your own temperament. Choleric people love red and shades of beige will help cool their ardor. The bedroom will respond to sanguine people in a warm range, melancholic and phlegmatic – in a palette of green and blue. White, milky, pearl are considered universal for everything and are suitable for almost any interior style.

Bedroom in dark colors

This solution is suitable only for spacious rooms and should be carefully thought out. Dust and stains are less noticeable on dark shades, but at the same time they fill the bedroom with a special atmosphere of mystery and mysticism, and not everyone is ready for this.

In addition, the dark color visually hides the space, so there should be a lot of light shades and shiny accessories in the room to shade it.

Designers recommend choosing a saturated blue or green color for the bedroom. This will create a peaceful atmosphere and promotes relaxation, as blue is associated with space, and green with nature.

Brown and bordeaux are suitable for a dark bedroom. The first one will fill the bedroom with positive energy and charge the owner with good emotions. The second one will set you up for calm, but in this case it is important to think through the rest of the interior details with special care, because bordeaux is the color of kings.

Bedroom in a light color scheme

Pastel shades visually expand the room, so even a small bedroom will seem more spacious. To make it warmer, it is worth giving preference to a light, soft palette, and a cold one will help add air and lightness.

Rooms in shades of light green, pale blue, pale peach, beige, and sea wave look especially interesting and cozy. But when choosing, it is important to remember the side of the light on which the windows overlook. The southern bedroom needs coolness and freshness, and the northern bedroom needs warmth and sunlight.

The main rule of the design of any bedroom is the comfort of the owner and harmony in the details. We spend a huge part of our life in the bedroom, so it should bring maximum pleasure from being there.

By combining materials and playing with textures, you will be able to create a cozy, unique room that you want to return to. At the same time, the design of the bedroom is a difficult and responsible task, so simply combining the remaining pieces of wallpaper on one wall will not work.

Pattern and texture

Manufacturers offer a variety of materials for every budget and taste. They differ in the quality of the canvas, its strength and coloring. There are plain wallpaper or with a pattern.

To choose the pattern and texture of wallpaper, you need to focus on the features of the bedroom: area, shape, lighting. All these factors must be taken into account when choosing.

  • Textured. Even in a small room, such wallpaper looks exquisite. It is easy to choose accessories for them, the light plays and leaves reflections and shadows on the walls.
  • A large pattern will visually reduce a large bedroom, and a small drawing will further narrow a small bedroom. Small rooms look great with wallpaper of neutral shades.
  • A drawing placed vertically will visually increase the space up, raise the ceiling. The horizontal pattern will expand the room. Wallpaper on the walls with a reflective effect will correct any small room.

If wallpaper with a complex or repetitive pattern is chosen for the bedroom, designers advise buying one or two more rolls, because when pasting, you will have to “adjust” the canvases so that the pattern continues each other. Otherwise, instead of a stylish bedroom, chaos and confusion will result.

Design tips

  • For a small room, wallpaper should be chosen in light and cold colors. This will visually increase the space. In a large bedroom, it is better to use warm and saturated colors for comfort.
  • The horizontal pattern on the wallpaper is ideal for visual expansion of the walls.
  • Using an optical technique that shifts the viewing angle and perception, correct the irregularities and roughness of the walls in the bedroom with wallpaper with a diagonal pattern and print.
  • Wallpaper works perfectly if it is necessary to divide the room into zones. You should pick them up with different drawings. Multicolored stripes look great, combined with the shades of the main background of the bedroom.
  • A hot bedroom will be perfectly “cooled” by wallpaper of a blue shade, aquamarine color with a smooth surface and shine.
  • It is easy to visually reduce the height of the ceiling by pasting it with the same wallpaper that the bedroom is decorated with.
  • Visually, you can raise the ceiling with the help of canvases with a vertical pattern.
  • Do not glue the wallpaper to the very top, leave a small strip and paint in the same color as the ceiling. So the walls will visually increase even more.

The influence of bedroom furniture on the choice of wallpaper

The color scheme of the walls and furniture should be combined.

  • The furniture is white, gray, beige. It is easy to choose wallpaper, as these are universal shades. It must be remembered that the tone of the wall and the bed or closet should be different so as not to merge into a single whole against the general background.
  • Dark-colored furniture. The wall covering in this case should be bright. Avoid strong polarity.
  • Brown furniture items. Beige, golden, blue wallpapers are appropriate here. Shades of pink and burgundy will fit well. The green color is also suitable.
  • Colorful furniture. Here pastel shades will come to the rescue when decorating the walls. You can combine wallpaper by gluing decor items similar to furniture in color on certain areas.

Attention! To create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom, you need to select wallpaper and furniture so that they emphasize the advantages of each of them. When the walls serve as the basis, they should stand out against the background of neutral-light furniture.

Interior design style

How to choose wallpaper for the style of interior design?

The style of interior design is an important criterion for the design of walls. Its features will prompt both the color design, and the choice of pattern, and textural preferences.

Before choosing canvases, a shade of liquid material or looking closely at the prices of wood options, it is worth deciding on the choice of interior style.

For a small bedroom, minimalistic Scandinavian, high-tech or loft are best. And in a spacious room you can reveal the splendor of classics, Art Deco or modern. Provence, country or vintage are especially close to a country house.

Classic style

The classic interior prefers pastel wallpaper: cream, beige, milky or other soft shades. In such a room, light shades with a pattern are advantageous. It can be combined with wallpaper of a darker color.

Country style

Bedroom in warm colors with a pattern in a cage or a flower. You can’t overdo it with small details. Wooden surfaces are great for country style. Rustic country is suitable for natural shades: pale yellow, blue, green, olive.

Modern style

For a modernist bedroom, dark carved furniture should be chosen, which looks great against the background of sand or beige wallpaper. This style requires the use of high-quality coating on the walls using natural materials. Color preference is given to a light tone. It is not recommended to use a lot of drawing.

High-tech style

Such a bedroom assumes that gray, black or white wallpaper, metallic shade will be used.

Scandinavian style

Collected and practical Scandinavians furnish the room with transformer models of predominantly white color, so the wallpaper is also white or light gray.

Provence style

The French romance of Provence involves floral ornaments, shades of pink, green, beige and light yellow.

Mediterranean style

The maritime and Mediterranean style, in turn, will emphasize the blue, light blue, blue-green, sandy tone.

Ethno style

An unusual and fascinating effect in such a bedroom is created due to natural materials and colors. The decor item looks impressive, which repeats the pattern of animal skin.

Japanese style

Such a room is minimalistic, wooden surfaces and wallpaper with an ethnic pattern are used. The shade is selected in a neutral color.

Loft style

A brick laid out on one of the walls will look harmoniously with light wallpaper with a missing pattern or an abstract little-standing pattern. Designers recommend abandoning the cold palette by replacing it with wooden panels or leaving the walls untouched with brick.

Secrets of combining

With this method, a unique atmosphere is created and all the shortcomings are hidden.

  • Highlighting the headboard of the bed. The walls are covered with monochrome wallpaper of a neutral shade, and the place behind the bed is decorated with contrasting colors or drawings.

  • Combo horizontally. Horizontally expand the room. The combination starts just below half of the wall. At the top, plain canvases are usually used, less often a pale pattern. If the bedroom has low ceilings, you should add a vertical pattern to the place near the ceiling. At the junction, the wallpaper is glued with a border that unites the elements.

  • Vertical connection. The method is good because you do not need complex measurements, curly cutting. This combination increases the room in height, helps to clearly divide the bedroom into zones.

  • Combining using contrasts. In small rooms, it is good to combine a dark color with a light shade. This technique will make the space in the room more spacious.

  • Using companion wallpapers. In such canvases, the colors are perfectly combined, as well as the characteristics of quality and smoothness coincide.

  • A combination of wallpapers and photo wallpapers. With their help, it is easy to visually enlarge the space, the light is reflected and plays with shades. Landscapes look more profitable than others.

  • Creating niches and panels on the walls. Inside the panel, the wallpaper with the original pattern and high-quality texture looks presentable. This technique focuses attention on the place where it is located. For example, you can highlight family photos. Plasterboard niches covered with wallpaper of contrasting colors are also a successful decorative element.

  • Mosaic. An extravagant picture in a frame, created from sliced pieces of different colors, looks interesting on a neutral monochrome background.

The bedroom is a place where every day begins and ends, a place where you can completely surrender to feelings. It is important to create an environment in which it will be warm and good.

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