A full-fledged table instead of a windowsill: saving money and space

By | July 12, 2022

In apartments and houses decorated in the usual traditional interior design, window sills are practically not used. Large areas of space either stand idle in vain, or serve as a shelf for a pair of pots with indoor flowers. At most, the owner will put a stack of books on the windowsill or put a beautiful vase.

Meanwhile, most apartments and houses cannot boast of an abundance of free space. In small rooms, each horizontal surface should work to the maximum. And the windowsill is no exception.

Interior solutions, in which the window sill space is used as fully as possible, replacing the usual dining and writing tables, are gaining popularity. A countertop installed instead of a window sill allows you to equip a comfortable work area or a compact recreation area.

The choice depends on many factors:

  • practical necessity;
  • functional purpose of the room – kitchen, bedroom or living room;
  • the presence of an open space with a free layout.

Property owners get the opportunity to save on the purchase of traditional pieces of furniture and feel like artists and designers. Experts offer a lot of ideas for using a windowsill table, you just need to choose the most suitable option.

Design of a bright studio apartment with a bar counter window sill.

Today we will look at the pros and cons of window sill conversion, get acquainted with the basic design solutions, learn about some tricks that will help achieve the desired effect without unnecessary costs.

How did window sill tables appear and what are their advantages

The modern fashion for arranging functional areas under the windows appeared in the last century. Soft mattresses and pillows for rest began to be placed on wide window sills.

Later, instead of window sills or plastic structures, they began to install wide countertops. Consumers appreciated the convenience of multifunctional window sills.

Their advantages are undeniable:

  • The surface is perfectly illuminated in the daytime, thanks to natural sunlight, which allows you to protect the health of the eyes. Artificial lighting of the countertop is required only on the most cloudy days and in the evening.
  • The productivity of work increases, since from time to time you can switch your attention to the picturesque view outside the window. This is very important for schoolchildren and students, people doing work at home.

Wooden window sill-countertop for an apartment.

  • A relaxation corner or a dining table with a magnificent view from the window of the park or garden, a green lawn with flower beds or city streets, bring great aesthetic pleasure.
  • A room with an original interior solution acquires a completely unique look, from romantic to stylish and business, depending on the surrounding surroundings and the materials used.
  • Since the heating batteries in the apartments are located under the windows, in winter the legs of people sitting at such a table are well heated and do not freeze.
  • The owners save money and room space. There is no need to purchase a separate table and look for a free place for it.

Table-window sill made of artificial stone in the bay window.

This technology also has minor drawbacks that can influence decision-making:

  • A wide countertop disrupts the free air circulation around the heating batteries. However, if the room is equipped with underfloor heating, this minus does not matter.
  • The countertop-window sill allows you to use only short curtains, blinds or Roman blinds. Fans of floor-length curtains and tulle curtains will not like such a replacement.

In general, the countertop built into the windowsill has more pros than cons.

How can the surface of the windowsill-table be used

A variety of functional zones can be placed in the window sill space. It all depends on the needs of the owners of the house or apartment and the purpose of the room.

1. Window sill table in the kitchen

The window sill built into the kitchen set is an excellent solution for small kitchens. It is made from a countertop of the same color as the other surfaces, and at the same height.

How can this space be used:

  • As an additional work surface.
  • Places to install small household appliances.
  • To accommodate various desktop storage systems, organizers, edible greens.


Very often, a sink is installed opposite the window, allowing the hostess to rest her soul in the process of washing dishes.

The bar counter with high stools allows you to spend time with your loved one or friends, enjoying a pleasant conversation and views from the window.

Dining table-window sill in the interior.

To use the space as fully as possible, elegant storage systems for wine glasses, plates for sweets and fruits can be equipped on the sides and above the counter.

The wide window sill perfectly plays the role of a dining table for two or three family members. It doesn’t have to be strictly rectangular. There are various variants, from semicircular to elongated-teardrop-shaped.

Semicircular countertop instead of a window sill in the kitchen.

In addition, part of the countertop can be made folding, on a retractable metal or wooden support. In case of arrival of guests, this design increases the area of the countertop by half.

If the window is large, then a table with built-in storage systems will replace several kitchen cabinets, providing additional storage space for food and kitchen utensils. The only caveat: there should be no batteries under the window.

A full-fledged table instead of a window sill.

2. Windowsill table in the living room

The living room quite often requires a place for a study or an additional area for receiving guests.

These functions may well take over the window sill.

A desktop with a computer and several drawers for stationery is conveniently placed on a wide tabletop. For convenience, shelves, hanging lockers, organizers are fixed on the walls around the perimeter.

Workplace on the table windowsill.

A transformer table top with a descending and rising lid is perfect for organizing a feast. Thanks to the sturdy legs-supports, this design is reliable.

And you can complement the set with comfortable folding chairs that do not take up much space. They can be stored under the same window sill.

The table by the window is a very good place for a rest and relaxation area. It is enough to put a soft couch or a couple of armchairs, and turn the countertop into a tea or coffee table, decorating it with candlesticks or a vase of flowers.


3. Window sill table in the children’s room

The main headache of parents is the equipment of a comfortable table for a teenager. It should be well lit, spacious enough for the child to place notebooks and study supplies. In addition, the modern educational process requires a personal computer for the child, and even with video communication.

The countertop-window sill meets these requirements:

  • the student is comfortable and warm;
  • daylight from the window is good for the eyes;
  • the view of nature allows you to arrange “five minutes of rest” in order to tackle tasks with renewed vigor;
  • the space on the sides of the window opening and under the table allows you to install the necessary storage systems with drawers, shelves, racks.

Table window sill in the children’s room for two.

In addition, children can use the tabletop for creativity, as a convenient platform for board and educational games.

4. Table-window sill in the bedroom

In a woman’s bedroom, a small dressing table is vital. But there is not always a place for him, since preference is given to more important things – a bed, a wardrobe or chest of drawers, bedside tables.

A women’s corner can also be organized on the windowsill.

What’s left to do? Sacrifice your comfort? The windowsill table will help! A wonderful small table comes out of it, which accommodates all women’s “things”, and allows you to apply makeup during the day without using artificial lighting.

Situations when one of the adult family members works from home are happening more and more often. Remote work and freelancing have become firmly established in our lives. In this case, a separate corner for the study is required. You can equip it in the bedroom by using a wide window sill instead of a table.

If the room is very small, it is worth considering a folding or extendable option.

What materials are used to make countertops built into the window sill

Thanks to the assortment of a wide variety of countertops, buyers can choose a product that is ideally suited to the interior and decoration of the room.

  • Natural wood is strong and durable. Its texture creates a very special atmosphere of warmth and closeness to nature in the room. Natural wood gives the interior respectability and a sense of prosperity. Among the disadvantages – low resistance to moisture, temperature changes, mechanical damage.

Built-in countertop in the windowsill.

  • MDF panels are lighter and cheaper than wooden ones. They are wear-resistant, they are not afraid of spilled water and condensation accumulating on the glass. It offers consumers a huge selection of various colors, including a perfect imitation of natural stone and wood.

A countertop for a window sill as a desk.

  • Artificial stone is characterized by durability and luxurious appearance. The characteristic glossy shine and unique texture serve as a decoration of the room. Such countertops serve flawlessly for decades without losing their beauty. Their colors do not fade and do not fade. In addition, the stone is quite difficult to damage.

Table-window sill made of artificial stone.

  • Quartz agglomerate gives the room an aristocratic look and testifies to the impeccable taste of the owners. It is undemanding in care, very durable and environmentally friendly, its service life is estimated for decades.

Quartz agglomerate window sill table.

  • The most affordable, budget option is wide plastic window sills. They are perfectly combined with metal-plastic windows and slopes made of the same material. They are easy to install and easy to replace. Despite the light, porous structure, they are quite strong and withstand significant loads. Of the minuses – over time, traces of tea and coffee, fruit juices remain on them, ugly yellowish spots from ultraviolet rays form.

What colors to choose for organizing a table on the windowsill: designer tips

Of course, homeowners have the right to choose any shade they like.

However, it is worth following a few simple rules:

  • The table on the windowsill, despite its somewhat isolated position, is part of a single interior design. The shape, color and texture of the countertop are matched to large elements in the room – to the decoration of walls and floors, furniture sets, cabinets or dressers, mantelpiece.

Window sill table in the bay window in the nursery.

  • It is allowed to choose a tabletop to match the color of curtains or carpet, a blanket on the bed.
  • If calm, pastel shades prevail in the room, the countertop can play the role of a bright accent. This requires saturated colors – blue, red, black, emerald, yellow.
  • The white, glossy surface allows you to visually expand the space next to the window, makes the room brighter. However, it is worth remembering that glossy surfaces are capable of reflecting sunlight. This is not a very good solution for the desktop, as it negatively affects vision.

Window sill with window frame of the same color.

  • The most common color option is the same tone with the window frame. That is, all shades of white are suitable for standard plastic window blocks. For laminated wood or wooden frames – window sills with a wood structure.
  • For other shades of the coating, choose the appropriate color of the countertop material.

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