Choosing the color of the kitchen countertop: tips and design ideas

By | November 17, 2022

No kitchen can fully function without a countertop, and therefore its selection is a responsible process during its design. The modern furniture industry offers a large selection of materials and solutions for this kitchen element.

Selection of the color of the countertop for the kitchen

The color of the countertop should be harmoniously matched to the interior of the kitchen. There are no clear recommendations and algorithms for its selection. The main criterion for a properly selected countertop color can be considered the absence of a feeling that it is out of place in the kitchen. This means that it should create a harmonious ensemble with furniture facades and an “apron” on the wall.

Dark in combination with a woody shade.

The procedure of searching for “your” color can be facilitated if the concept of the future kitchen and its color scheme are defined. In this case, it is necessary to be at least approximately guided by a combination of different colors and permissible symbioses. Of course, the owner of the kitchen can have his own vision of the room.

The surface is made of beige tiles.

Rules for selecting the color of the countertop for the kitchen

Design experts recommend paying attention to five key tips for choosing the color of the countertop:

  • For a harmonious interior, it is important that the shade of the countertop is similar to one, and preferably two elements of the kitchen.

Of course, this is not a strict rule, but this approach will definitely allow you to get an excellent result. For example, you can choose the color of the countertop, under the facade of kitchen furniture, window sills, apron headset, etc.

The color of the work surface can repeat the shade of any interior element in the room. Moreover, this principle also works in the opposite direction: you can buy a countertop you like and choose wall paint, furniture color or laminate shade for it.

Combination of gray.

If you want the shade of the countertop not to be repeated in the interior of the kitchen, then this is also possible. But it’s better if the kitchen is white. Otherwise, it is still better to use the advice of professionals.

  • The contrast of the countertop with the apron or the facade of the kitchen set looks very beautiful. But it is difficult to create such a combination if you do not use an obvious contrasting combination of black and white.

Combination of contrasting colors.

For the rest of the shade, you will need to use a color circle, the shades located in it opposite each other will be contrasting.

Contrast of dark and light.

So, an orange countertop is suitable for a blue kitchen set. And if the furniture is green, then it is better to make the work surface in red tones.

Contrast of light green and light gray.

If you want to choose the most practical work surface, then you should not give preference to dark options. For some reason, it is customary to believe that these shades are the easiest to care for. In fact, they show the smallest dirt, dust that has settled on the surface, they are covered with spots from dried water droplets.

Practical beige.

It is better to give preference to the most practical shades. Among them, there are countertops in beige tones, the color of bleached wood, brown, gray, matte white.

A win-win combination of white and gray.

All dark colors are very difficult to care for. But the black work surfaces are the worst in operation. If you still want to get a dark countertop, it is better to give preference to a surface with light streaks or inclusions.

Dark color.

  • When choosing the shade of the work surface, it is worth having samples of floor finishing materials, apron, wallpaper and other items that will be adjacent to the countertop in the interior.

Practical surface.

So it will be much easier and more accurate to choose a shade to match. Or you can ask for samples of countertops in the store and at home to “try on” them to the existing interior elements.

  • The most versatile shades of countertops are white and gray. If there are difficulties in choosing the color of the work surface, it is better to give preference to one of these tones. The white countertop will be the most versatile.

Light granite-colored surface combined with wood.

Moreover, it can be plain or with a natural pattern. Grey work surfaces are practical and perfectly combined with silver household appliances.

Combination of white and dark.

These recommendations will help you make winning combinations. They are especially relevant for those who find it difficult to choose the shade of the countertop.

Light wood combined with cherry color.

How to choose the right shade and color of the countertop for the kitchen interior

It is best to choose the color of the work surface, focusing on the elements of the situation in the room.

Gray combined with white.

The combination of the color of the countertop and kitchen furniture

There are two ways to select the color of the countertop for a set in the kitchen:

  • in combination with the shade of the facade;
  • in combination with the color of the bottom of the furniture or individual lockers.

Black and white.

It may seem that it is easier to choose a work surface to match the facade. However, in fact, it is often difficult to find the color of the countertop, which exactly repeats the shade of the facade of the kitchen set. This is due to the difference in the texture of the material, as well as the limited color gamut of the work surfaces. With the exception of white and black colors, in this case it will not be difficult to achieve a 100% match.

Countertop matching the color of the kitchen floor.

But it should be noted that the most similar shades can also look decent. In such a situation, it is advisable to compare samples beforehand. In addition, if the countertop and facades are made in a single color scheme, it is worth diluting them with a bright contrasting decor.

Marble surface.

In the case when kitchen cabinets are of different shades, it is better to choose an accent countertop. Then the interior of the kitchen will look harmonious and original.

The combination of the color of the countertop and the kitchen apron

In this case, you can choose products from the same material, in which case the combination of colors and textures will be harmonious. An apron with a countertop can create a single central composition.

White combined with dark brown.

In this case, this combination will be orderly, and will not split the interior. In addition, it is not difficult to choose the color of the apron according to this principle. If the apron is lined with bright tiles with ornaments, then the countertop can be selected in the shade that is present in the pattern.

The combination of the color of the countertop and the kitchen floor

Choosing the shade of the countertop in combination with the floor finish is also a good option, it can be done in such combinations:

  • laminate flooring and work surface;
  • parquet and countertop made of the same wood (or a similar shade);
  • floor tiles and a stone work surface.

You can also choose the color of the countertop in combination with window sills or a dining group. Then the combination will look harmonious and unobtrusive.

The color of the surface is “natural stone” in combination with a woody shade.

It is impossible to exclude the choice of countertops in combination with decor. In this way, you can advantageously emphasize and shade a beautiful work surface. This technique is suitable for a bright interior.

Countertop and kitchen apron made of light stone.

The countertop can be combined with any interior elements. It does not have to be furniture, a combination with textiles, lamps, wallpaper print or decor is allowed.

Trending colors of countertops for the kitchen

Minimalism, eco-style and natural materials are in fashion. Therefore, neutral shades are suitable: white, gray, cream, graphite color. It is best if they are with a matte finish.

Dark surface combined with wood color.

Imitation of high-quality natural raw materials is relevant. Thin work surfaces in the color of the kitchen set are also in trend. They merge with the design, and the furniture looks solid, monolithic, unified. This will create a fashionable, modern interior for the kitchen.

Top tips for choosing the color of a kitchen countertop

According to coloristics, each color has an impact on people, whether they want it or not.

When choosing a color scheme for your kitchen, you need to remember the basic principles:

  • To increase appetite and good mood, you should choose orange or turquoise color.
  • To create a natural environment, preference should be given to blue and green shades, which also have a calming effect on those present.

Emerald color.

  • To visually increase the kitchen space, it is necessary to provide a countertop in light colors: they are perfectly combined with cold shades and are ideal for kitchens whose windows overlook the sunny side.

“Artificial stone” material.

  • If the kitchen room is located in the north side, you should choose beige shades or peach color for the countertop.
  • To create a classic design in the kitchen, you need to choose a white color that creates an atmosphere of cleanliness. However, it needs to be diluted with other colors so that the room does not seem sterile.
  • The yellow tabletop will attract the attention of all those present, which will definitely cheer everyone up.

Countertops for kitchens of neutral color

For a white kitchen, it is necessary to select a work surface of a neutral shade, without flashy colors. A drawing that imitates natural materials – wood or stone – looks spectacular. If you choose a “stone” countertop, then you should give preference to gray or black. If you choose a wooden imitation, then you need to choose a light shade, otherwise dark wood will deprive the kitchen environment of elegance.

White kitchen with white countertop.

A beige kitchen set will perfectly set off the countertop, made in the form of a dark or even chocolate tree. The same scheme can be used in reverse order: brown furniture – beige countertop. These shades complement each other favorably and create a unique exquisite composition that will fit into the design of any style.

A white or beige kitchen will look weightless and fragile if you choose a countertop of approximately the same shade. It should be a couple of tones darker, but the overall picture will not become rougher and will not lose its visual lightness. Such a kitchen can be safely called “feminine”.

If the purpose of the kitchen arrangement is to create a brutal atmosphere, then a dark countertop should be installed in a bright kitchen. This move is designed for a contrast of colors. This move will make the kitchen set more spectacular, brighter and bolder.

In this case, the installation of a black countertop is recommended in perfectly white furniture. Despite the gloomy color, it is considered a luxurious option for those who like to experiment. The kitchen in this interpretation will look exquisite and very expensive.

When choosing a work surface for the kitchen in white and beige tones, it is necessary to take into account the coloring of the “apron” in the work area. If everything – the kitchen set, the work wall and the countertop – turns out to be of a similar shade, then the overall impression of the kitchen will be fuzzy and blurred, since the elements will merge into a single whole and borders will be erased between them, contours and lines will be lost. In the event that the shade of the kitchen set and countertops is irrevocably selected, then it is necessary to highlight the “apron” with contrasting colors.

White kitchen with a practical beige surface made of artificial stone.

Black kitchen furniture is a little gloomy for the kitchen, however, such a decision has the right to life. The only condition here is the selection of a countertop, which should not be in the tone of the furniture.

If this is not discussed, and the owner of the kitchen insists on a black countertop, then it is necessary to install a lighter “apron” on the wall in the work area. Otherwise, the kitchen risks turning into a shapeless black spot.

A win-win option for fans of monochrome will be a black kitchen with a white work surface or vice versa. This solution will make the room luxurious and refined. Also, the countertop looks in harmony with the black kitchen set, the coating of which imitates the texture and color of light wood or gray stone. In the first case, the kitchen will acquire warmth and home comfort, and in the latter – high cost and chic.

Grey kitchen furniture is usually equipped with black, grey or white countertops. When choosing a gray shade, it is necessary to focus on tones lighter or darker than the facades in order to avoid the effect of “blurring”. Countertops imitating the pattern of natural stone will look interesting in such a kitchen.

White combined with a woody shade.

Kitchen sets with facades imitating wood create a harmonious composition with white and cream countertops. Wooden countertops also look interesting, the color of which differs from the facades by a couple of tones. It is allowed to use a black top, but such a combination is risky and requires competent decoration to create a stylish design.

For neutral kitchens, there is another option of configuration – colored countertops. It’s quite unusual, but quite impressive. Moreover, there is no shortage of palette in the modern market of materials for kitchens.

The most ideal basis for creating a stylish kitchen interior is considered to be white furniture. You can choose any color for it, based on your own preferences. The only limitation in this case is the lack of the right color in the supplier’s warehouse. Usually such design solutions require custom-made countertops in the chosen color.

Countertops for colored kitchens

The abundance of color variations of kitchen sets is able to satisfy the needs of everyone, even the most demanding customers. For such furniture, it is advisable to choose countertops of a neutral shade. The most popular are white, beige, wood and marble colors. Less often, black cloths are used for the manufacture of countertops.

Combination of orange and black.

When selecting a countertop, it is customary to take into account the saturation of furniture shades.

  • Cream and brown shades are ideal for facades of warm tones – yellow, orange, red.
  • The “cold shades” of blue, green, lilac, pink perfectly combine the working surfaces of gray and marble colors.
  • Do not forget about white and black countertops, which are suitable for facades of any colors. White gives the kitchen a feeling of cleanliness and lightness, and black – brutality and luxury.

Countertop for two-tone kitchen

Currently, kitchen sets that include two different colors are very popular. Usually the upper parts of one color are executed, the lower parts of another. However, sometimes facades can have both colors in the same row. More often this combination is used on the doors of the upper cabinets. In this case, it is very important to choose the countertop of the “right” color, because the overall picture of the room depends on it.

When the kitchen set has two neutral colors, the countertop is selected in shades close to the tone of the top row. At the same time, it should contrast harmoniously with the lower cabinets.

Granite surface combined with a woody shade.

For example, in the scheme of a black-and-white kitchen, where the top row is white, a white countertop is appropriate, which perfectly balances both parts of the furniture set. Similarly, the color of the top is selected in a beige-brown version.

It is not necessary that the countertop be the same tone as the facades of the upper cabinets. For it, you can choose a color that is something in between the two colors. For example, the facades of the upper row are cream-colored, the lower row is brown, and the countertop has a shade of coffee with milk. It is not forbidden to choose a countertop to match the bottom row. If the owner is not confused by the merging of the countertop with cabinets, then this option has the right to life.

Kitchens combining neutral and spectral shades should not be equipped with a countertop of contrasting or dominant color. This is the case when it is desirable to make a work surface of neutral shades that does not catch the eye and does not attract the attention of those present.

As a spectacular option: it can be made of the same color with the lower row of cabinets. In this situation, it is important that the “apron” is not flashy, because in two-tone headsets the emphasis is on the facades.

Recommendations for choosing the color of the countertop for the kitchen

When searching for a countertop, there are many questions that are difficult to solve. If it is impossible to determine the most suitable color of the top, you should choose a universal option that fits perfectly with any headset. We are talking about white and gray countertops.

Here you can focus on the style of furniture. If the emphasis is on black and white technique, it is worth choosing a white countertop. If the design is designed in the style of minimalism, Art Nouveau or high-tech, contains metal or aluminum elements and decorative ornaments, then a gray countertop will fit perfectly here.

White color combined with dark wood.

When choosing a white, gray or black countertop, you should not choose a uniform color. Imitations of natural stone with streaks and inclusions resembling small and large fractions will look much more profitable. Even at a short distance, the coating looks smooth and monochrome, and when viewed closely, it surprises with its pattern and texture.

Kitchen with a bar counter.

This option has other advantages: mechanical damage, scratches and ingrained dirt will not be noticeable on such a countertop. For housewives who cook a lot and often, this color option is as ideal as possible, since it will greatly facilitate the process of cleaning the work surface and keeping it clean.

The color of the countertop must be synchronized with the characteristics of the room. Light work surfaces look massive, which is inappropriate in small kitchens.

An interesting design option.

Dark countertops are visually more compact, but they absorb a lot of light, which is also not suitable for small kitchens. The most preferred color will be the “golden mean” – a moderately light and not too dark shade.

Dark wood combined with white color.

I would like to remind you that choosing a countertop, as well as a kitchen set, is not an easy process that does not forgive haste. It is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons, and even better to contact a specialist for help, who will not only be able to offer spectacular options for the kitchen, but will also advise high-quality durable material.

Various color options.

The kitchen and countertop are installed for more than one year, and therefore it is necessary to take into account all possible design options, the features of the room and the wishes of the owner.

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Marble shade.

Universal grey.

Dark looks very organic.

An interesting design solution.

Woody shade.

Multicoloured decorative mosaic of yellow-green flowers.

Dark Wood.

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