Sage color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

The shade of sage, or more specifically, “Desert Sage” (“desert sage”) is a finding of the Pantone Color Institute, which has not lost relevance since 2016. It is characterized as “gray with a green undertone”. Sage in the interior allows you to create a universal base by using a palette of colors from light to saturated tones that are in harmony with a large number of textures. This solution is energetically strong, but at the same time delicate, allowing you to make the space comfortable.

Sage Color.

A universal range of shades that will suit any room of your home – from the kitchen to the living room and bedroom. Such a background base will become an impeccable base for various furniture and textile designs. You can choose solid objects or bright colors – you will get a wonderful result.

Sage color in kitchen design

The kitchen space is a combination of a working and dining area. Here it is important to create a working mood and a welcoming atmosphere for communication. Sage color in kitchen design is the optimal interior solution that meets both challenges:

  • Neutral gray base – sets the working environment.
  • Green in the subtone psychologically promotes benevolent communication.

Wood, metal surfaces and forged details, natural and artificial stone will be in harmony with the shade of “Desert Sage”. Open shelves with dishes, flowers in hanging pots, kitchen textiles will look beautiful on its background. Kitchen sets for the kitchen, painted in sage color, can be mint or green – these are the most advantageous options; neutral and pastel shades have proven themselves perfectly.

Provence style kitchen.

A nice bonus of choosing shades of sage in the interior will be the possibility of a wide selection of tiles – both wall and floor. Light and dark tones, mosaics, colored ceramics, glossy and matte surfaces – everything will be harmoniously combined, even if you do not have the skills of a designer. The color of sage has an amazing property of linking individual elements into a single whole.

Sage color in the living room interior

The shade “desert sage” allows you to create an interior design in any of the selected styles, including eclectic techniques.

  • Both textured and smooth fabrics will look good.
  • Furniture can be with monochrome and multicolored upholstery, with clear geometry or smooth lines.
  • The sage color will emphasize the geometry of the designs of large wardrobes with mirrored surfaces or the abundance of open shelving.
  • This is the perfect background to place framed or poster-like photos on walls and surfaces.

Living room.

Shades of “Desert Sage” will allow you to perfectly zone the space in a single scale, against which you can experiment with decorative elements and accessories. Even if you purchase modular solutions for the living room, any changes in the arrangement will look good.

Bedroom decoration in sage tones

The place where we literally spend 1/3 of our life is the bedroom. It is important that the interior maintains not only the style, but has a good rest and a pleasant awakening. The combination of shades of sage in the coloring of the bedroom walls will make the room comfortable and safe, you will be able to relax and have a good rest without any problems.

Such a color scheme is a good idea when further choosing bedroom furniture. Photos of interior design examples clearly show that the sage color is an impeccable basis for a large selection of materials, textiles and lighting. It is good in smooth textures and draperies, stuffings and embroideries.

  • The items of the bedroom set will go well with the shade of the walls in daylight and artificial lighting.
  • You can choose the tone for both the brightly lit and shaded side.
  • This color will refresh the space in the warm season and create comfort with the onset of cold weather.

Shades of “Desert Sage” are universal in relation to the age of the owner of the bedroom. Both young people and a mature person will feel good and calm in such an environment. It is suitable even for a nursery, becoming universal for a growing child.


Choosing furniture in shades of sage, you get the opportunity to build the environment around you according to your own mood, but at the same time you do not lose the integrity and harmonious basis that creates the very coziness and comfortable atmosphere in the house.

The energy of space will have a beneficial effect, regardless of your activities at a particular time – cook, socialize, work, relax. The interior will literally balance thoughts and feelings, help to concentrate or, on the contrary, get rid of unnecessary emotions.

Photos of interiors in sage color

Interior design options.

Cozy interior of the living room.


Bedroom in pastel colors.

Different shades of green.

Plants will look very good in the interior.

Sage-colored walls.

Design of different rooms.

This shade of the walls is very soothing.

Interior in the style of minimalism.

Choice: furniture or walls in sage color.

Sage-colored bed linen.

Interior design of the living room.

The combination of red and green in the living room.

Sage-colored home textiles.

Pastel green kitchen set.

Floral print in the interior.

Provence style kitchen.

Wicker chairs in the living room.

A combination of beige and sage color.

Dining area in light colors.

Green bedroom with gold details.

Design elements are always important.

Crystal chandelier in the bedroom.

Palette of green shades.

Scandinavian-style living room.

Gray, white and sage color in the interior.

Eco-style in the living room interior.

Plants in the bedroom.

Lighting options in the living room.

Gray-green shade of the walls in the living room.

Delicate interior with mint walls.

Green walls, white furniture.

Dark green design of the living room.

Photo wallpapers in the form of a tree.

Cozy dining area.


The interior of the living room.

Bedroom design in soothing tones.

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