Tiffany Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Tiffany’s charming style conquers with its restrained extravagance. Its popularity is growing every year and is filled with interesting features and features that do not leave indifferent people from all over the world.

Charming style.

History and description of Tiffany’s style

The Tiffany-style interior is distinguished by a non-standard and elegant approach to design. Her color palette is based on blue and turquoise tones, and in addition to them, the decor in the form of stained glass windows is used. Tiffany’s style will appeal to everyone who loves notes of tenderness and absolute harmony in the interior. Those who like to be alone and to be in their thoughts.

This style appeared in the late 19th century in the United States of America. Its name is the surname of a famous decorator, who was also the son of an equally famous jewelry creator. His name is Louis Tiffany. He invented and patented an amazing method for making stained glass and colored mosaic panels. Louis proved to be a pioneer in the use of elegant decorations for interior decoration. This idea was first liked in Europe, and then found many fans around the world.

Today, not only stained glass windows are used in the direction of Tiffany style. Natural materials are especially popular:

  • Noble and rare wood species.
  • Marble tiles.
  • Silk fabrics.

The most important feature of Tiffany’s style is the combination of turquoise and blue shades. They underlie and fill 70% of the interior. This direction looks like a combination of modern vision with a touch of vintage in the form of beautiful lace stained glass windows. It is characterized by fabrics in black and white striped decor, a lot of decorative panels and photographs hung on the wall.

Living room in turquoise shades.

The design of the attic floor.

Room decoration

You definitely won’t make a mistake if you choose the Tiffany style for decorating your home. The most important thing is to choose the right materials and plan the right lighting.

Bright kitchen with living room.

Wall decoration

In the design of the walls, the advantage is given to smooth and even coatings. Such as paint or wallpaper. Plaster or liquid wallpaper will not work here. For a small room, choose one wall and paint it in a mint tone, complementing it with an elegant pattern in a geometric style. Floral motifs are also suitable. And the design of wallpaper on a natural basis will give a special charm and charm to this interior.

Wall decoration in accordance with the style.

Floor finishing

Parquet or natural stone tiles are used as a floor covering. The priority will be a light shade. It is allowed to lay a carpet, but so that most of the space is open.

Panoramic windows make the room even brighter.

Ceiling finishing

The ceiling is decorated with frame structures using stained glass windows. In addition, lighting is installed and exquisite drawings are applied to their surface. A stretch ceiling or simply painted one will also work. To do this, use a light color palette.

The Tiffany-style interior loves space and plenty of light. When you plan lighting, use lamps of unusual shape and design. The design with the use of colored glasses, which are arranged in a mosaic order, is perfect. This will add a touch of elegance and luxury.

Window openings are decorated with light translucent curtains. This is done in order not to interfere with natural light to penetrate into the room and illuminate every corner.

Walls and ceiling in the same colors.

Color scheme and successful combinations

The main shade in Tiffany style interiors is turquoise. It looks great next to other colors, but still some people think that this tone is not very practical. This does not prevent it from remaining beautiful and transforming the interior. Its use adds a touch of exclusivity, in addition, its properties “cool” when it’s hot outside. And on frosty winter days, add a holiday and contribute to the creation of an upbeat mood.

This color palette helps to relax and fully relax after a hard day. In combination with it, silver, brown, white and black, emerald, bright blue and bordeaux colors look good.

The creator of the Tiffany style pursued the idea of a design that combined modernity, restrained elegance and luxury. Louis created original combinations on the wallpaper and used original bright pieces of furniture.

The use of blue shades in the design and decoration.

Contrast in color.

Charming style.

Selection of furniture items

Tiffany-style pieces of furniture are chosen with smooth curves without sharp and right angles. At the same time, it is not necessary to subordinate it completely to a turquoise or blue tone. A few items in this range are enough.

The furniture made of natural wood will look harmonious and elegant. For this style, it fits best.

Properly selected furniture will add sophistication.

Decorative interior decorations

Decorations in Tiffany’s interior are an important and significant addition.

  • Floral ornaments in jewelry and textiles.
  • Three-dimensional mirrors in massive frames.
  • Stained glass vases, lamps with a lace shade, forging elements for various small lighting sources.
  • The central chandelier and local illumination of special areas that need to be emphasized.
  • The use of stained glass sets the dynamics of the interior and gives it more liveliness. Their are used as inserts in doors, window openings and on ceiling structures.
  • Cute trinkets that add comfort and tenderness to the design. For example, photos in small wooden frames or paintings.

Despite the fact that decor is given a special place and a lot of attention is paid – do not overdo it. The main thing is that the whole interior as a whole looks harmonious.

Mandatory decor.

It looks very gentle.

The presence of romance.

Tiffany-style living room

This design for the living room looks luxurious, modern with a touch of elegance and grace. The stained glass elements emphasize the status of the apartment owners and their excellent taste.

The turquoise tone looks very expressive and perfectly combines with the original furniture compositions and lamps, which are decorated with elements of wrought iron.

To give lightness to the interior of the living room, a touch of carelessness is given. So that the room is warm, homely and gives an atmosphere of comfort. For example, accidentally left wine glasses on the coffee table or a blanket that was forgotten on the windowsill.

Living room furniture is suitable in the best traditions of Tiffany. Expensive, elegant and, of course, made of noble woods. The use of gilding and spraying of light bronze is welcome. A cozy fireplace decorated with natural stone and a small shelf on top for decorative candlesticks will also fit perfectly into the interior.

Example of a living room design.

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