Vintage Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The name of the style, oddly enough, came from winemaking. From the French “vintage” is literally translated as “refined aged wine”. Vintage style in the interior is a harmonious combination of modernity and elements of a bygone century. As cozy as possible and decorated with things from the past. Interestingly, the style is suitable for items no older than 50 years and no younger than 20, conveying the fashion trends of that time.

Vintage interior design.

History of the style

According to one version, at the end of the 20th century, American architect Patrick Willis designed the interior in vintage style for the first time. Patrick built the house according to his project, but before the presentation of the building, the finances ran out. Then an ambitious architect bought antique furniture and accessories at a flea market for a song. Having restored and cleaned the unique things, he was able to furnish the room on time. The presentation took place and America learned about a new style in interior design: vintage. Willis’s idea appealed to his colleagues. Today, the style is experiencing a peak of popularity.

Vintage bedroom.

The main idea of the style

The basis of the vintage trend is to carefully and thoughtfully introduce objects of the past into the interior, preserving the harmony of the composition. The style resembles classicism, contains notes of retro and French Provence, but does not deny the development of technology. Therefore, in vintage-style rooms, functionality and elements of modernity look organically.

Vintage interior.

The main idea of the vintage: externally, objects should remind of a bygone era, evoking a feeling of slight sadness. The ideal result will be achieved by studying in advance the era introduced into the interior. Watch old movies, photos, read memoirs. Such knowledge will help to easily transform the situation and not overload the room with unnecessary things.

Vintage living room.

Features of vintage style in the interior

A distinctive feature of the style in antiques. Unlike the close retro or Provence, vintage focuses on a specific era. Objects of the past, a rocking chair or a floor lamp, will add romanticism and comfort to the interior. Elegance and delicate taste will be emphasized. And if it is not possible to find real antiques, designers advise not to despair and choose those that are stylized in the antique.

Living room.

But although vintage presupposes the presence of antiquities and artificially aged, the style is still different from antiques. And the first is the age of things. If vintage is limited to the 1950s and 1960s, then everything that was created before the 19th century is considered antiques.

Kitchen-living room.

Vintage interior can not do without textiles. A fluffy plaid casually thrown over the back of the sofa, rugs with flower buds, openwork napkins, capes on chairs. Ideally, all textile elements should be made by hand, and not by a soulless machine.

Designers recommend choosing natural fabrics for vintage textiles: linen, satin, cotton, wool and thinking about their combinations with other elements. Vintage welcomes the ornament, but it should be in moderation.

Vintage interior design.

Interior decoration

Having decided to design an apartment or a house in a vintage style, you should carefully approach the choice of materials – they also carry the spirit of the past. But it is important to remember: vintage does not create a new one, it corrects the existing one. For example, it brings nostalgic notes to the Empire, modern or classic.

For finishing, designers recommend using natural materials, not imitation. Only artificial aging of parquet boards is appropriate, but not replacement with laminate and linoleum. Otherwise, there will be discord in the general outline of the design.


The floors are covered with parquet or small ceramic tiles. The effect of scuffing will look good on the tile. When decorating ceilings, they usually choose whitewash, light plaster or water-based paint. Vintage is not perfect, which means it allows chipping and cracking of the coating or plaster molding.

In the design of the walls, you should start from the final idea. If rare furniture is planned to be placed in the room, then it is she who attracts the eyes. In this case, neutral monochrome finishing options will suit the walls: paint, decorative plaster, wallpaper. If the decor is supposed to be modest, then preference should be given to wallpaper with floral ornaments, brickwork, bright patterns or stripes.

Living room with fireplace.

Color scheme

Vintage style in the interior is distinguished by the calmness of shades, not a riot of colors. Pastel options are suitable: pale green and light blue, pale pink and beige varieties. A competent combination of colors will allow you to better reveal the style.

Bedroom with dressing table.

Pastel ash-pink looks equally harmonious in the room of a little girl and a young girl. And gray-blue and gray-green will give the interior the comfort and warmth of the past, creating the effect of scuffing. However, designers do not recommend getting too carried away with the latter combination. The abundance of gray creates a visual illusion of dusty greenery.

The beige range in all its manifestations seems to be specially created for vintage. Elegant caramel, coffee with milk, sand perfectly harmonize with patina, bronze and copper. And the bedroom of a married couple of any age is complemented with dark gray and chocolate tones.

Vintage interior.

Textiles abound with floral ornaments in delicate shades. Sofa upholstery, bed linen, curtains and ottomans with roses add sophistication to the vintage style.


Vintage does not tolerate bright cold light. On the contrary, you should opt for diffused and warm lighting. A chandelier with large glass shades. Bedside lamps with woven lampshades and fringe at the edges. Floor lamps, lamps with bases of unusual shape cast from bronze or copper.

An important detail: the lighting in the rooms is necessarily local and multi-level.

Table lamps.

Living room.


Furniture conveys the spirit of a bygone era best of all. Antique and artificially aged. With small scuffs, cracks, but still strong and elegant.

Perhaps the most popular piece of furniture of the style by which it is easy to convict is a rocking chair. It was most often found in the houses of the past time, and now it has reached the present. In addition to the chair, a pier glass made of wood decorated with carvings is common. A painted sideboard for dishes, elegant dressers with patinated carvings and antique chests.

Vintage furniture.

The kitchen set from the past will be complemented by an antique cabinet and a slide with a coffee set. Household appliances should be chosen stylized antique or really come from the right era. And the modern one will need to be disguised. A special highlight of the kitchen is the door handles made of copper or bronze.

Vintage style kitchen.

When choosing furniture, you should carefully consider its combination with each other, otherwise you can get a museum hall instead of a cozy room.

Vintage style.

Decorative elements

Vintage furniture itself serves as a decor, but accessories still need to be added. Each item in the room serves to decorate and create a special atmosphere. He did not accidentally get into the interior.

An attribute – necessary for any living room – an object from the past on which the main emphasis is placed. A gramophone with vinyl records, a worn bookcase with shiny metal handles, a collection of suitcases.

A porcelain service and an antique alarm clock. Knitted napkins and dolls sewn by hand. Carved jewelry boxes and leather suitcases. A walking clock with a pendulum and a cuckoo.

Decorative elements.

The lightest embroidered curtains and black-and-white photos in simple or patterned frames will help to recreate the atmosphere of bygone years. Heavy curtains with fringe and tassels and a cast iron iron. Sewing machines and crystal. Posters and posters of the last century will complement the design.

Popular materials for vintage accessories are wood, porcelain, ceramics and copper. A fresh bouquet of flowers in summer and dried ones in the cold season will add originality and comfort to the premises.

Vintage dining room.

As with furniture, it is worth choosing decor elements thoughtfully, avoiding cluttering the room.


Vintage in the design of rooms: photo examples

The interior decorated and furnished in vintage style will appeal to the self-sufficient and creative, with a sense of beauty and aesthetic taste. Vintage interior is lightness, warmth and home comfort. And thanks to some carelessness of style, modern elements and the luxury of antiquity look harmoniously side by side.

Vintage in a country house.

Living room.

A variant of the bedroom design.

And here’s how you can use old things to recreate a bygone time.

Bright bedroom.

The dining room furnished with different chairs. Vintage allows for slight negligence.

Elegant living room.

Absolutely different things are suitable for interior decoration.

Living room.

Blue tones in the interior.

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