Boho Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Boho is about dynamics and comfort, bright colors and a good mood. The style combines joy and fun with eclecticism in an incredible way. The boho-style interior is decorated not according to the planned plan, but with some inner artistic flair. It is always individual, elegant and has no framework.

Bohemian Bedroom.

Distinctive features of the style

The name of the style originates from the French “La Boheme”, which means “Gypsy”. Menno, this people gave boho to the world. Their nomadic life, rejection of social principles, protest manifested in bright clothes, creativity and freedom formed the basis of the style.

Bohemian living room.

Boho is truly unique. There are no identical rooms decorated in this style in the world. Even interiors similar to each other in design differ in one element or another. You will not be able to create two twin interiors in the boho style.

Boho style is filled with freedom in every sense. Freedom to live without restrictions and strict rules, to create, to combine incongruous and to put things dear to the heart on the shelf. In boho, only a person decides what is possible and what is not and is free to refuse the generally accepted choice.

Boho fills the interior with the spirit of adventure, celebration, magic. With him, it is possible to travel without leaving home and be yourself.

Bohemian style.


In the boho interior, the style has combined completely different objects that are intricately combined with each other. Pillows of different sizes with colorful prints, exotic fabrics, oriental decor, unusual furniture and lamps fill the room. A collection of ceramic elephants juxtaposes with a bright shawl on the sofa. Stained glass windows with grotesque ornate floor lamp. Paintings and dream catchers with African masks.

It is impossible to get bored in such an interior. And because of the abundance of antique elements adjacent to modern ones, a sense of a leap in time is created.

Color scheme

Boho style in the interior gives free rein to contrasts, but does not look too colorful. Designers recommend choosing the main shade, and a couple of additional ones to it. Crimson with beige, burgundy, blue or mustard will fit seamlessly into the style. Sofa cushions with bright ornaments and gold thread, patchwork plaid.

For boho, it is natural to mix bright colors or add color spots to calm tones. The style allows you to safely experiment with textures, shades and motifs of different countries.

Bohemian decor.

Contrast of materials

In addition to experiments in the boho palette, the style in the interior offers to create a contrast of materials. Expensive ceramics on the floor are adjacent to whitewashed brick walls here. Simple forms of furniture – with fancy plaster stucco. Freedom to choose materials creates harmony and comfort of boho.

And yet, designers recommend giving preference to natural materials that embody vintage luxury, characteristic of rural country and the like. There is almost no plastic and synthetics in the boho design. The neighborhood of leather and fur, silk and cotton, stones and wood, metals and bricks is more common.

Living room with carpet.


Colorful and comfortable style creates an atmosphere for relaxation, relaxation, friendly gatherings and creativity. Therefore, boho furniture involves wide soft sofas, coffee tables, deep cozy armchairs.

Bohemian style furniture.

Another boho principle is that when decorating the kitchen, you will have to minimize or completely remove household appliances. Alternatively, hide it behind screens or cabinet doors.

Vintage furniture is perfect for furnishing. Wooden sideboards with glass doors, rocking chairs, antique shelves and dressers. Forged elements give the furniture a zest and fit into the boho interior. So a wrought-iron chandelier or a table on forged legs will perfectly complement the interior.

Wooden furniture.

Accessories and decorative elements

The Gypsies who influenced the creation of the boho style were distinguished by boldness, intemperance, and nomadic life did not involve maintaining an ideal order. Therefore, the style is characterized by creative chaos. Pillows on the floor, a stack of books on the table or windowsill, decorative items on the chest of drawers, candlesticks with candles of various shapes and shades.

Bohemian decor elements.

Seashells from the beach, crystal threads, retro posters. Kramic figurines or wooden figurines. Paintings painted by street artists. Oriental lanterns. Caskets and many other trinkets will complement the interior. In the kitchen, you can hang bundles of bulbs, and dry flowers under the ceiling.

The main thing for boho is not to be afraid to experiment with juicy colors, original and distinctive patterns, incongruous materials, shapes and textures. The boho-style room reflects the inner world of the owner, his uniqueness.

Bohemian Bedroom.

Colored textiles

Although the style does not have a clear list of rules, there are elements without which it is difficult to imagine a boho interior. Among them is a variety of textiles. In addition to curtains, upholstered furniture and sofa cushions, boho suggests fluffy carpets and blankets. It is important to choose textiles that differ in both color and fabric. Cambric and silk, velvet and fur, half-wall tapestry and cotton sheets. Whatever seems appropriate.

Boho style has a positive attitude to what is made by hand. Knitted bedspread, wicker baskets or self-embroidered pillows will complement the interior and emphasize the lifestyle of the owner.

Bohemian textiles.


There are no clear rules here either. Designers recommend not to focus on the central device, but to place the devices locally. Mismatched floor lamps, wicker lampshades, vintage lamps will help to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Bedside lighting.

Varieties of boho style

The boho style, despite all the diversity, still has directions that appeared thanks to the rules of the line-up of objects, combinations of textures and contrast of colors. Although the meaning of boho is preserved in them: experiment and freedom of action.

Interior with decorative elements.

Classic Bohemian style

All these colorful pillows, vintage furniture, antique chandeliers and hand-made things make up the classics of the style. Gypsy motifs, oriental elements, eclecticism and bright colors!

Retro faucets and sink bowls in the bathroom, a four-poster bed in the bedroom or nursery, chairs of different shapes and styles in the kitchen or living room, bright towels, cabinets in the country or Provence style. A variety of objects and textures – that’s what a boho classic is.

Classic Bohemian Interior.

Ecological style

Individuality here is emphasized not by the abundance of textiles or contrasting objects, but by calmness, natural materials and a lot of green plants. They hang from the walls, stand on shelves and cabinets. The furniture surprises with its simplicity, it is preferable even to make items with your own hands. For example, a pallet table looks original.

Ecological Bohemian Interior.

Shades of eco-friendly boho are closer to natural: white, blue, green, beige, brown. The decorative elements are woven mats and baskets, ceramic or clay dishes and creativity in any manifestations.

The basis of such boho is to protect life and nature, find harmony with the world and develop sensuality.

Ecological Bohemian Interior.

Boho chic

Perhaps the most sophisticated and planned of the boho variety. The style does not imply the shabbiness of a vintage armchair and antique decor. Only high-quality decor and furniture items, precious metals, expensive fabrics and luxury accessories.

The color palette is bright, but the shades are softer and the transitions are smoother than in the classic version. All items are carefully selected and combined with each other.

Boho chic.


The relaxation and carelessness of hippie culture has found a vocation in the boho style. Decorative elements from all over the world. Fringe and macrame. Dream catchers. Bright beads. Shawls with oriental patterns, zoning the room. Candles and plant motifs. Hippie-style accessories are the key to interior design. Hand-made in this style will also be appropriate.

Hippie direction.

Scandi boho

Functional and simple Scandinavian style does not tolerate clutter. Boho unobtrusively complements such an interior, but requires thinking through every detail. An unpainted bookcase, multicolored planters for flowers on a background of white walls, a chandelier made of laminated glass in a minimalist setting. Such boho elements will dilute the Scandinavian seriousness.

Scandi boho.


Freedom of choice and individuality of the owners of the house are combined here with the luxury of glamour. Vintage and juicy shades of the palette, precious metals and fresh modern solutions are in harmony with each other. The interior will be complemented by a chandelier decorated with sequins or a fur cape on a chair. The decor element can be curtains made of beads or beads, lace and feathers, figurines and shiny crafts.

Glamorous Bohemian Interior.


Musicians and artists who have fallen in love with lofts have also transferred the boho style to them. Such interiors are distinguished by bright accessories, cozy textiles, and an abundance of metal elements. The walls are often left brick or minimally finished. So the urbanism of lofts acquires creative notes and bohemian chic.

Glamorous Bohemian Interior.

Who will suit the bohemian interior style?

With such a rich selection of accessories, materials and directions, boho will satisfy almost everyone. The style will definitely appeal to creative personalities who are ready to constantly experiment, open to mischief and recklessness. Those who are not afraid to combine shape, color and many objects of different countries and times in one space.

Another plus of the style is that it fits into a room of any size. Even a small apartment decorated in boho style will look harmonious.

Bohemian style living room.

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