American Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The main features that make it easy to recognize this style in the interior are wide rooms, island furniture, contrasting colors and an abundance of natural light penetrating through large windows. The American style in the interior combines comfort, practicality, presentability and elegance. At the same time, it allows you to design not only a spacious country house, but also an apartment.

American-style living room with fireplace.

Color palette and characteristic features of the style

American originality and versatility are unique. Every nation inhabiting this country has contributed something of its own to it. The simplicity and naturalness of Africa closely coexist here with the elegant features of Victorian England.

The American style is characterized by natural colors. From white, neutral beige, brown and burgundy to gray, black and blue. And smoky shades of khaki, purple-gold or bluish help to blur some rigor.

American living room.

Here are the main features by which it is easy to distinguish the American style:

  • Functionality and comfort – Americans are rational and will not use useless decor in the interior. Therefore, the style is characterized by mezzanines and dressers, shelves and cabinets.
  • Lighting – Americans tend to large windows and natural light, but they prefer to save the light of electric lamps by placing them point-by-point. An original floor lamp or sconce will be the highlight of the interior, and a large chandelier is suitable for the living room.
  • Furniture is placed not around the perimeter, but from the center – as around the island. Sofas, armchairs and poufs should be of uncomplicated shapes and, most importantly, easy to care for.
  • Zoning of the room – arches, niches or partitions are often used for this. So it is possible to combine a living room and an entrance hall or a dining room and a kitchen in one space.

Living room with fireplace.

Such different interiors

The geography of America is vast and each corner of it has its own peculiarity. That is why the American style is divided into several types.


American classics in the interior have existed since the time of the resettlement of the inhabitants of Old England and the aristocrats. It is characterized by light tones of decoration, symmetry and spacious paired furniture, mainly armchairs.

Classic interior.


Allows you to combine American classics and modern technical achievements in one room. This is especially valuable, because the world does not stand still. Sophistication and naturalness are intertwined here. The use of fake fireplaces and plastic panels is typical.

Bedroom in neoclassical style.


Exotic vases, reminiscent of the peoples of Africa, and magnificent paintings. The brightness of the shades and the rigor of the palette. Modern American style combines features of different eras. Classic furniture allows for unusual shapes, and spot lighting – loft lamps.

Modern interior.

Country style

Country houses are usually decorated in this style. Country is peculiar to finish with varnished or painted wood not only the floor, but also the walls, and even the ceiling. Wallpaper is chosen less often, preferring small floral patterns.

Designers recommend decorating the living room or kitchen with beams in the color of natural dark wood. This will allow you to visually zone and expand the space.


How to design an American-style interior

It is allowed to use wall panels, stone, wood trim or plaster. The furniture is often oversized, the cabinets are roomy and high. Poufs and sofas complement matching pillows. And yet, for each room, whether it’s a bedroom or an entrance hall, there are rules of the situation.

The combination of white and blue in the interior.


Light tones, tiles, granite, repeating the surface of the parquet, paint – all this is applicable for the kitchen area. It is recommended to choose a straight or angular kitchen set – L-shaped, solid matte, not glossy. Without bright accents.


Living room

A room for gathering guests, celebrations and friendly gatherings. It is characterized by bright colors. Rich bordeaux, deep blue or sunny yellow will help to place the necessary accents. And American-style furniture for the living room is a large sofa with rounded corners, a vintage chest of drawers and a coffee table.

Windows for the living room are chosen wide, curtained with straight curtains without a pattern or Roman curtains.

Living room with sofa and armchairs.


Important parts of the furniture are a high classic bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables. As a floor covering, carpet or wood will look great here. Designers recommend finishing in bright colors. It goes well with dark furniture.

High classic bed.

Children’s room

Strict, but practical furniture in the style of English classics will be very useful here. The bed is more often placed in the center of the room, and dressers, racks or shelves are located along the perimeter closer to the center. The shades are dominated by turquoise pink and gray tones.

American-style children’s room.


In a small area, the bath is replaced by a shower cabin. The floor is finished with plain ceramic tiles. Less often patterned, with a pattern of geometric shapes, the walls are paneled, painted in light shades or decorated with mosaics.


Accents will be placed by towel holders, hooks of unusual shapes, various jars and mirrors.

Bathroom with window.

American style in the arrangement of a country house

American interiors of country houses offer a combination of kitchen and living room in one room. But at the same time, it is important to remember about powerful exhaust and ventilation.

Arches and columns, as well as niches and wooden beams help to visually separate the rooms.

American interior design.

If the living room is spacious enough, shelving and armchairs are placed in it, even a fireplace is installed. Real or artificial. It reminds of the importance of the family hearth and maintains comfort in the house.

Kitchen-living room.

Bathrooms in a country house are made wide. The bath itself is usually installed in the center or on a special podium.

Bath near the big window.

American style in the decoration of rooms

Private house or apartment – it does not matter, the furniture and decoration in both cases are almost the same. Materials are chosen inexpensive, but high-quality, more often plain. Sometimes with a small pattern.


They are paneled, often under wood, plastered or painted in one color. Wallpaper is used less often, preferring textile or paper with a relief pattern. As a rule, plant and flower themes prevail.

American interior design.


As a coating, wooden flooring is suitable – parquet or laminate – more often in light shades. Beige and brown tones are preferred. In rooms with high humidity, ceramic tiles are laid.

Floor covering.


As a rule, they are painted or whitewashed. Decorative geometric stucco molding is allowed over the entire surface, and along the perimeter finishing with moldings in tone. The ceilings of the living room and kitchen, especially in country houses, are usually decorated with wooden beams.


Interior doors

The color of interior doors is usually combined with the shade of the window, not the floor. Depending on the premises, wooden or glass doors are chosen.

Interior door.

Characteristic features of the furniture

American style is distinguished by restraint, elegance and freedom, which can be traced even in the arrangement of furniture – from the center to the edges. Massive pieces of furniture are chosen for the living room – wide sofas and deep armchairs, and small banquettes are suitable for the hallway.

It is important that the texture of upholstered furniture and the design match. Therefore, designers recommend purchasing items from the same collection or combined in style and color scheme.

Patterns on the cabinet doors and small tables of unusual shapes give the interior a special feature.

American-style furniture.

Choosing curtains

It is customary to make windows in living rooms, especially private houses, panoramic. Long curtains made of natural fabrics look great with them. Plain or with a large pattern – squares and stripes.

When decorating the interior in the American style, you should abandon fringes and lambrequins. And a worthy replacement for the usual curtains will be blinds or Roman curtains.

In the presence of carpets, designers recommend choosing curtains in combination with their shade.

Curtains in the living room.


A rational approach permeates the American style in everything. Nothing superfluous and meaningless. Even lighting devices not only perform their direct function, but also act as a decoration.

Sconces, chandeliers and floor lamps are installed locally and turned on if necessary. Forged candelabra with candles, woven lampshades and classic shapes will emphasize the individuality of the interior.

Interior lighting.


Framed paintings, photographs, posters act as decorative elements in living rooms and bedrooms. And various figurines made of wood or ceramics, fresh flowers and products made of natural stone are suitable for any premises.

Interior decor.

Photo Gallery

American style harmoniously combines loose modern features and timeless classics. Allows you to replace expensive natural materials with similar, but low-cost, artificial ones. Why the interior design becomes more accessible.

Living room in the house.

American Bedroom.

Bathroom for two.

American bathroom.

Children’s room.

Youth Bedroom.


White and blue kitchen.

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