Modern Living Room Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Today, the modern style is characterized by a harmonious interior, without unnecessary details and maximum functionality combined with practicality. The main rule in the interior of a modern living room is convenience, and after that the aesthetic component. All functional zones have a clear separation and there is a corner for each family member. The choice of colors is the most important element of the interior. It is on him that we will focus today. And we will definitely give photo examples.

The design in a modern style.

Bright living room in a modern style.

The use of yellow in the design.

Classic colors in the design.

The importance of choosing a color scheme

It has been noticed that color has a huge psychological impact on a person’s perception. An incorrectly selected palette of shades can irritate and even depress. On the contrary, if harmonious colors are selected, it will be a pleasure to be in such a room. It will act calming and the nervous system will thank you.

Warm colors.

Living room with sea shades.

Design in a modern style.

Beige shades combined with white.

How to choose a color palette

The choice of color depends on several factors, but the main rule remains the personal preferences of the residents of the house. Now we will analyze the main points.

Natural light. We cannot influence this factor in any way, we will not be able to make it brighter or dimmer. Therefore, it is worth considering this nuance when choosing a color palette. If natural lighting is in short supply, it is worth giving preference to light tones, this will help to lighten dark areas. In case of an excess of light, it is better to choose a calm palette in cold colors.

Predominance of gray.

Light gray combined with beige.

Beige in light colors.

Personal ideas of the owners about the color scheme. Of course, you always need to start from your vision and adjust it to the existing factors. After all, it is you who live in the house and enjoy the atmosphere.

Lots of light combined with a diverse interior.

Decorating a space in a color style.

Living room with dining area.

Living room space. If the room is large, then it is possible to implement several mini-projects using bright and bold solutions. At the same time, the overall tone will remain harmonious. In addition, functional zones are also highlighted in color and you can also play with their palette. In the case of a limited area, it is not recommended to go for bright experiments. Only if as accents.

Correct filling of the space.

Lots of free space.

Maximum of necessary things in the interior.

It is not necessary to use only one tone in the wall decoration. Due to the color, you can visually highlight one wall and make it the semantic center of the room. Of course, the entire color scheme is thought out in advance, at the stage of developing a design project.

Cardinal directions and their influence on color choice

It’s no secret that the same color scheme looks absolutely different in interiors facing different sides of the world.

South side. In such a room, natural lighting is in excess, so it is necessary to reduce the degree of heat. In such an interior, we recommend using a cool range of shades: white, blue, sea, gray.

Light interior design.

Modern design in blue tones.

Lighting in the living room.

Living room with fireplace.

West side. On this side, the room is especially sunny during the day. Therefore, colors are also used here that will cool the room. Such as: mint, deep blue and sea, saturated gray, chocolate.

Interior in a modern style.


West side.


Living room interior design.

Types of lighting in the living room.

East side. In such a room it is very sunny in the morning and dark in the afternoon. Pink and brown tones will look great at sunrise and complement the interior in the evening.

Spacious modern living room.

East side.

Interior with panoramic windows.

Modern living room interior.

Kitchen-living room in a modern style.

North side. The coldest side and there is a clear lack of light and heat in the room. Accordingly, warm tones are used here to make it cozy and light. Preference is given to such shades: beige, coffee, green, yellow.

North side.

Modern classics in the interior.

Cozy living room in a modern style.

Brick wall decoration.

Artificial lighting also plays a role in choosing a color palette. It should complement the interior, be diffused or directed, bright or softer, warm or cold. If you are doing repairs and do not plan to change the lighting system, then you will have to adjust the color choice to the existing lighting.

Chandelier combined with interesting diode lighting.

The lighting is done around the perimeter.

A variety of different lamps to get the desired effect.

The lighting highlights the color choice.

Color solutions for the living room

The choice depends on individual preferences.

Predominance of gray

Gray is a universal color that looks great in any style, not just modern. But nowadays it is very popular. He is loved for his calmness and restraint. In a modern interior, decors of unusual geometric shapes are added to such a palette. It can be used in the interior of any area.

Combination of grey, white and black.

Gray shades in a modern interior.

Predominance of yellow

This color scheme looks charming in pastel colors. And complemented by bright yellow accents. It has a positive effect on the psyche, calms, warms and relieves nervousness after a long day. It is used as a base or accent shade and is used in living rooms of different sizes. Including for small rooms.

Yellow in the interior.

The predominance of yellow.

Predominance of brown

It is considered a standard and win-win option. The interior is filled with warmth and it is very comfortable to be in it. In modern living rooms, light shades are used for the background and sometimes they are allocated a floor or one wall. We recommend buying furniture in light colors if a dark saturated shade is chosen as the background. It will look good in contrast.

Beige-brown interior.

Brown tones in a modern interior.

Predominance of olive color

Olive color has always been valued for its natural basis. Perfect for the background of the room, has a calming and relaxing effect. It looks noble and refined.

Green interior in a modern style.

Living room with light green elements.

Predominance of orange

Juicy summer color will cheer up and make up for the lack of brightness in everyday life. Perfectly combined with turquoise and gray shades. But be careful. An excess of orange can tire and eventually start to irritate. It is used in cold rooms facing the north side. Orange will add warmth and make up for the lack of natural light.

Orange accents in the interior.

Freshness in the interior thanks to orange.

The predominance of beige

One of the standard win-win colors that look great in both large and small rooms. In cold and warm living rooms. Suitable as a background, in light colors. And for accents, in more saturated shades. The interior is soft and fluffy. It has a positive effect on the human psyche.

Beige and white.

Modern interior in beige colors.

The predominance of turquoise

Turquoise is a fresh and light color that gives a feeling of spaciousness. With its help, the rooms facing the south are gently cooled. It is perceived as a light breeze on a hot day. It does not overload the interior and is used in different color palettes. Both warm and cold. It is very popular in the modern living room.

Turquoise wall in the design of the living room.

Deep turquoise shade in the interior.

Predominance of white

A neutral base color that is suitable for rooms of different sizes and thermal tonality. It refreshes and gives a feeling of cleanliness. There are a huge number of shades of white and bright colors look good on its background, not overloading, but complementing the interior. In addition, white visually makes the space bigger and there is a feeling of freedom and spaciousness.

White living room.

Modern style in the white interior.

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