Modern Hallway Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The hallway is an important functional area and solves several tasks at the same time. It creates the first impression of the apartment, should be functional and compact at the same time, as well as practical. In this article we will look at how to make a cozy and functional interior of the entrance area.

Example of hallway design.

Small entrance hall.

Minimum space – maximum functionality.

An entrance hall in combination with a wardrobe.

Choosing a style for the hallway

The final result depends on the choice of design direction. Colors, accessories, furniture and lighting are already being selected for this direction.

Classic style in the hallway

The classics presuppose the presence of a spacious hallway. But in apartments, as we know, not everyone can boast of a voluminous space. Rather, on the contrary, the space is limited and needs to be done beautifully and compactly. Some elements can be taken from classical techniques and embody this interior in a small room.

Let’s decide on a set of mandatory components for hallways in any chosen design direction.

Classic style in a modern style.

Neatness in the design.

Bright hallway.

Interesting design.

Furniture items

  • A place to store things. It can be a built-in closet or an open storage system.
  • Shoe storage system.
  • Mirror surface.
  • Banquette or bench for changing shoes.

The presence of a cabinet, mirrors, cabinets.

An open storage system in combination with a closed one – in the hallway.

Classic design of the hallway.

A variant of the hallway in a classic style.

Mirrored cabinet doors fit perfectly into the style.

Interesting design of mirrored cabinet doors.

A banquette will perfectly complement the hallway.

A small banquette in a small hallway.

Next, we choose decorative elements characteristic of the classics.

Polyurethane profiles for wall decoration.

Closet in the hallway with a seat.

Classic interior design.

Moldings on the ceiling.

Moldings on the ceiling in the hallway.

Marble floor.

Art paintings.

Paintings in the hallway interior.

The interior of the hallway in the classic style.

Porcelain figurines.

Mirror at the entrance.

Interior decoration in a modern style.

Candle-shaped lamps.

Hallway lighting.

Modern entrance hall.

The use of crystal and bronze elements.

Crystal chandelier in the hallway.

Beige-brown hallway.

It is the decor that determines the character of the classic interior. Complementing and making it more elegant. They bring with them the spirit of aristocracy and nobility. Not every hallway has a place for paintings. But you can replace them, for example, with a wall mural. Decorate the mirror with a beautiful gilded baguette and repeat its elements on the cabinet. Be sure to observe the symmetry. Place elegant sconces on the sides of the mirror. On the facades of the chest of drawers, perform a classic drawing. And a light large tile with a gold or silver ornament will look perfect on the floor.

Decor in accordance with the style.

Sconce in the form of candles in combination with a mirror in a gold frame.

Fresco in the interior of a classic hallway.

Lighting is made multilevel. Top, wall, floor and desktop. You can combine them. It is not necessary to point floor lamps and lamps at each other. Classics love space and freedom. Start from the dimensions of the hallway and organize the space so that there is a sense of spaciousness.

Large chandelier combined with spot lighting and wall sconce.

Variety of lighting.

Interesting lighting options.

The walls are decorated with liquid wallpaper, paint, wallpaper. And be sure to put molding in the form of rectangular arches on top. The bottom of the wall is decorated with a different color or decorative wooden panels are applied.

Photo of the hallway in a classic style:

Light tones combined with dark green.

Dark shade in the interior.

Banquettes in the hallway.

Black and white.

Minimalist style in the hallway

Minimalist is characterized by the absence of decorative elements. Simple lines without intricacy. Order, cleanliness, minimum furniture. Simplicity of design requires imagination and here you can often find original ideas that save space without compromising functionality.

Distinctive features of the minimalist style in the hallway:

  • The color palette consists of white, black, brown, beige, gray, red shades.
  • Interior design on contrasts. Or vice versa, in a monochrome version.
  • Clear shape of interior items.
  • Lighting is combined, directing to the accents of the interior.
  • The ceiling is decorated in bright colors.
  • Glossy surfaces.

Now it is very fashionable to combine the hallway with an adjacent room. This creates a single space with a sense of spaciousness. Often the hallway is combined with the kitchen or living room.

A bright characteristic feature of modernity is the visual zoning of the room without the use of partitions and walls. If you have such an opportunity, do it. The minimalism of the hallway will be emphasized by its compactness, compared with the surrounding space.

Furniture for this style is chosen in a non-standard form. A hinged cabinet with a bottom light and an open space at the bottom for shoes. Next to the panel with hooks. A small hanging cabinet with drawers and a mirror above it. The main thing is conciseness and functionality. Only the most necessary things without unnecessary difficulties. The combination of colors is not limited to the above, you can experiment with contrasts and the use of unexpected colors in your hallway.

Photo of the hallway in the style of minimalist:

Modern minimalist.

Entrance hall in the style of minimalist.

Black and white.

Brown shades in the interior.

Entrance hall in the style of Provence, country, chalet

All these styles are aimed at creating a homely and even slightly rustic comfort. Decors with a woody texture are welcome here.

In the style of the chalet, wood is present on all surfaces. Floor, ceiling, walls. Due to this, a warm and pleasant atmosphere is achieved. The original storage and arrangement systems also prevail in this style.

Country is also characterized by the use of woody shades, but here the main background is a light palette of colors. The spirit of this style is the use of natural materials or a good imitation of it. Facades and finishes imitating boards. It’s like you’re in a wooden house. The furniture design is used modern.

Provence is a rustic classic. Elegance is combined with rustic simplicity here. Soft lines with graceful curves, textiles in a small floral pattern, elements of forging, lamps with fabric shades – all this characterizes this style. Elegance and comfort.


Entrance hall Provence in a modern style.

Another country performance option.

The entrance hall of the chalet in a modern style.

The option of finishing the hallway in the style of a Chalet.

Entrance hall in the style of fusion, art deco, pop art

All these styles belong to the category – eclectic. This word means a mixture of styles, colors, ideas and views. Therefore, these interiors are filled with fresh ideas and are suitable for creative extraordinary personalities.

Fusion. Everything is simple and complicated at the same time. A mirror in a classic frame, but in red, a checkerboard black and white floor, the presence of retro elements. In this style, everything mixes into a harmonious symbiosis of creativity.

Art deco. A classic touch of bohemianism prevails in it. Modern elements and elements of classical style are harmoniously combined here. A light palette of shades is used. Sometimes metal is added.

Pop art. The brightness and riot of colors of the 1980s. Modern furniture in unusual bright designs, paintings of rock stars and artists of the 1960s. Abstraction and impressionism. This interior does not leave anyone indifferent. And the hallway in this style is simply stunning. Literally. Rate it yourself according to our selection.

Pop art in a modern style.

Fusion in a modern style.

Fusion implementation.

Art Deco.

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